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Williamsburg Convention resolves that the united colonies be independent from England...

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June 12, 1776

THE CONNECTICUT JOURNAL, New Haven, June 12, 1776 

* Fifth Virginia Convention - Williamsburg
* Pre-Declaration of Independence
* American colonies to be independent

Just a wealth of interesting content from three weeks before the Declaration of Independence.
The ftpg. has an address to the King from the London politicians, including in part: "...We humbly conceive that no people can be bound to surrender their rights and liberties as a return for protection. The Colonies have fought our battles with us..." and so much more. This is followed by the King's response which begins; "I deplore with the greatest concern the miseries which a great part of my subjects in North American have brought upon themselves..." with more.
The ftpg. also has a report from the Convention in Annapolis of May 15, 1776 which concerns the pledge of loyalty oaths during this period of: "...the unhappy differences with Great Britain. Resolved, that the said oaths be dispensed with during the said differences...". Much more from the Convention as well.
Also on the ftpg. is a report from Baltimore beginning: "Whereas his Britannic Majesty King George has prosecuted & still prosecutes a cruel & unjust war against the British Colonies in America..." with more.
Inside has a report from Williamsburg concerning: "...that Lord Dunmore's motley army, after dismantling their entrenchment at the mills & setting fire to the barracks...had retired on board the fleet..." with much more. Also more on this in a letter from Elk, Maryland.
Then a letter from Montreal concerning the military events there, mentioning: "Gen. Arnold is in pursuit of them with 900 men...a report that General Arnold has beat the enemy but no account is yet arrived from himself...".
Also a letter from Virginia, and then a report from Canada which begins: "Col. Beadle, with 200 men was attacked at the Cedars on his way from Montreal & the whole party except the Colonel and 19 others killed & taken prisoners...General Arnold was immediately dispatched in pursuit of the enemy..." and more detail. Also mention that: "...Thursday afternoon his Excellency General Washington arrived in town from Philadelphia."
Then a: "...Letter from General Arnold dated Montreal May 28, 1776 concerning his situation.
The back page has much from what became known as the Fifth Williamsburg Convention, noting: "Present One Hundred and twelve Members, May 15, 1776." An extremely historic report, as it includes: "Resolved unanimously: That the delegates appointed to represent this colony in General Congress be instructed to propose to that respectable body to declare the United Colonies free and independent states, absolved from all allegiance to or dependence upon the Crown or Parliament of Great Britain..." with more. It includes 3 acclamations including: "1. The American independent states. 2. The Grand Congress of the United States..., and 3. General Washington, and victory to the American army."
More great reading as well, too much to document here. See the photos.
Four pages, some fold rubbing to the front page, scattered foxing or damp stains, otherwise never bound nor trimmed, good condition.

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