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Trying to draw Washington into battle... Failed hopes of Capt. Cook's expeditions...

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September 01, 1780

THE EDINBURGH ADVERTISER, Scotland, Sept. 1, 1780 

* American Revolutionary War
* General George Washington
* Captain James Cook

Inside includes: "...letter from Sir Henry Clinton...very full...& explicit on our affairs in America...account of Sir Henry's several times reconnoitering Washington's lines & he has given it as his opinion they are so strong & judiciously formed that unless he alters his position it would be hazardous to attack them. He has tried several manoeuvres to draw Washington out but all without effect...the grand American army has never made an attempt to act in any other than on the defensive."
Another page has nearly a column of news from America, including a bit noting: "...that the rebels in that province are planet struck; they imagined that Carolina was impregnable...". Further on is news from events at Long Island, and that: "...General Clinton had returned to New York not being able to bring Washington to an engagement. Gen. Clinton was...prepared to resist any attack from the French. An expedition was talked to Virginia...Some of the skirmishes in the Jersies were obstinate..." with more concerning military events in New Jersey, etc.
A nice item concerning Captain Cook notes: "...The present voyage of the circumnavigators will put an end to the hopes of discovering the north-west passage which has been so often sought in vain. The unfortunate loss of Capt. Cook and Capt. Clarke, we are afraid, will more than balance any advantage that may be gained by this expedition..." with more.
Eight pages, 8 1/2 by 11 1/4 inches, very nice condition.

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