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Much on the Battle of Gettysburg from a soldier involved...

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July 17, 1863

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, July 17, 1863 

* Battle of Gettysburg - Pennsylvania
* Great reporting from rebel eyewitness (soldier)
* The turning point of the Civil War

Not only is this a nice newspaper from the Confederacy, but it is from the Confederate capital.
The front page has various war-related content, including items headed: "The News" and a lengthier report: "Spies In The South" and other related items, but certainly the prime front page content is the report headed: "The Invasion of Pennsylvania--The Battle Of Gettysburg--The Retreat To Hagerstown"  which features an eye-witness account of the retreat, prefaced with: "...the only connected, intelligent and intelligible account that has yet been given to the public of the movements of General Lee...after the Battle of Gettysburg." This lengthy & detailed accounting by one of the soldiers begins with the Confederate advance from Virginia into Maryland on June 18, than continues with: "On Friday, 26th, we took up the line of march through Chambersburg on the Harrisburg road. The splendid band in the 4th Louisiana brigade...proceeded the column playing 'Dixie" and the Marseillaise...We passed through Shippensburg to the sound of martial music again & went on to Carlisle...Harrisburg was in a panic..." with so much more, proceeding to give nice details of the three days of fighting at the Battle of Gettysburg. It continues with the retreat, noting: "On the night of the 4th the army began quietly to fall back by Fairfield towards Hagerstown...The march back to Hagerstown, some 24 miles, occupied three days!...marched quietly and with dignity back. No defeat to the Confederates was shown in that proud, invincible tread...The morale of our army was utterly unaffected; but Meade dare not say so much as he points to his terrible loss & his enforced retreat...We shall not cross the Potomac, I believe. Our army is yet numerous & perfectly defiant...The battle of Gettysburg was a most remarkable conflict. It is strange that Lee attacked Meade where he was...We say many a Pennsylvanian tired of the war..." and more (see).
The front page also has a report from: "The Hospitals" which begins: "About fifteen hundred of the wounded in the Gettysburg battles have been received in Richmond..." (see)
The back page features an editorial concerning Gettysburg, including: "General Lee has recrossed the Potomac. With this announcement, it is supposed, the second invasion of the United States is at an end...This war...might have been gloriously terminated in a month, had Gettysburg witnessed the annihilation of the Federal army...But that battle was fought in a position which rendered success impossible...Many persons now blame General Lee for attacking the enemy there...The Confederacy has lost several thousand able officers & brave soldiers; but war cannot be made without such losses. The enemy have lost more...The Confederacy can defend itself forever if necessary..." and more (see).
Also on the back page are: "Casualties At the Battle of Gettysburg" (see), "Pemberton's Great Mistake" & "Fears of Yankee Raids Into Georgia".
A terrific issue, always great to have newspapers with eye-witness accounts of major battles, or comments from those involved in the battle.
Complete as a single sheet newspaper, minor loss at the blank spine margin not into text, some light staining, generally nice.

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