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First practical typewriter... Forerunner of the 'Ouija Board' game...

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July 08, 1868

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, July 8, 1868 

* Christopher Latham Sholes
* Patent for 1st practical typewriter

Near the back is a lengthy list of the: "Official Report of Patents and Claims Issued by the United States Patent Office for the week ending June 23, 1868." 
One of these is the patent for the very first practical typewriter, given to C. Latham Sholes, headed:  "Type Writing Machine" with some descriptive text (see the photos for the full report). An inconspicuous yet historic report, and a keystone issue for any collector of early typewriters.
Also of note is a front page article: "What Is Planchette?" with a print of one. Planchettes were used to produce mysterious written messages in the belief that such devices foster communication with spirits. The devices were popular in séances during the Victorian era, before their eventual evolution into the simpler, non-writing pointing devices for Ouija boards that eclipsed the popularity of their original form.
Sixteen pages, there are library stamps at most of the prints, otherwise very nice condition.

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