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From colonial Pennsylvania...

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September 04, 1769


* Rare Colonial title

A notable title from the colonial period, that has an ornate royal coat-of-arms engraving in the masthead. Content includes a lengthy ftpg. letter addressed "To the Printer" that is signed in type: Atticus.
Pages 2 & 3 has news and other content from "London", while page 4 has a lengthy letter from a "committee of merchants in Philadelphia, to the committee of merchants in London" discussing the differences between the two groups of merchants, particularly the imposition of duties on items such as "...glass, paper, &c...". The letter concludes on pg. 5 (see).
There is also news from "Charlestown" "Halifax and "New-York". The last two pages have various ad and notices.
Complete in 8 pages, 11 1/2 by 9 1/4 inches, various light foxing, generally nice.

This newspaper was a primary means in voicing the anti-British sentiment that was rapidly spreading throughout the colonies prior to the American Revolution. The paper gained much notoriety when Goddard printed an article voicing his support for the Boston Tea party. The paper's sympathies and general revolutionary message were a cause of great concern to the British. Soon the newspaper was heavily taxed for its delivery by the Crown Post (the colonial mail system in use at the time), and later the Crown Post simply refused to deliver the publication, driving the newspaper out of business in 1773. This prompted Goddard and Benjamin Franklin to establish an alternative mail system independent of the Crown Post authorities. This alternative system ultimately became the basis of a postal system that would later become the US Post Office. (Wikipedia)

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