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Rocket engines for earthly travel...

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May 27, 1928

NEW YORK TIMES, section 3 only, May 27, 1928 Page 4 of this section has a very interesting article: "Transport By Rocket" sees the possibility of using rocket propulsion for more earthly travel, noting: "...Out of Max Valier's dram of rocketing from star to star comes this entirely new automobile & the promise of experimental railway cars and planes capable of making speeds well over 400 miles an hour...von Opel keeps his feet on his native earth & lets others romance about interstellar voyages. He sees a definite commercial future in the rocket principle. New York to Berlin between breakfast and luncheon at a speed of 1,000 miles an hour...The experiments made some ten years ago by Professor R. H. Goddard at Clark University with rockets intended to hit the moon..." and much more (see).
Complete section 3 only with all 8 pages, light toning, some margin wear, should be handled with care.

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