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British response to the Declaration of Independence...

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October 09, 1776

THE CONNECTICUT JOURNAL, New Haven, Oct. 9, 1776  The front page has a letter from Portsmouth, Virginia, noting in part: "The people of South Carolina have beat the Indians in the third skirmish..." "Gen. Lee's movement towards Georgia has secured the Creeks in our interest..." "...Colonel Parry, of this state, who fell on Long Island the 27th of August last, nobly contending for the freedom and independence of his country."
But the best front page content is the terrific response of the British to the American Declaration of Independence, headed: "Declaration", and beginning: "Although the Congress, whom the misguided Americans suffer to direct their Opposition to a re-establishment of the constitutional Government of these Provinces, have disavowed every Purpose of Reconciliation, not consonant with their extravagant and inadmissible Claim of Independency, the King's Commissioners think fit to declare...". This is followed by an: "Explanation of the above" which is another very similarly written response to the Declaration of Independence, signed in type: W. Howe (see).
There is much war content on pg. 2, so much that it's easier to show the contents by photos (see) rather than detail here. Some war content on pg. 3 s well, but note that about one-eighth of pg. 2 has wear damage, including some perforation at the folds. War content continues on the back page which is not affected by wear although there is a slight bit of loss from the fold perforation.
Four pages, some rubbing wear to the upper one-eighth of the ftpg. plus the mentioned wear to page 3, otherwise quite good, never-trimmed margins, and great for display with the ftpg. response to the Declaration of Independence.

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