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Rick Mears wins fourth...

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June 03, 1991

THE SPORTING NEWS, St. Louis, Missouri, June 3, 1991.

Certainly the premier newspaper/magazine for the sporting world, its 40+ pages are simply filled with the latest news in American sports, including a front page photo which was the highlight of the week. The top names and events of all American sports eventually found their way in the pages of The Sporting News.

The front page photo of this issue shows "Four of a Kind - Rick Mears wins his fourth Indy 500 Championship". 
Additional content within this issue relates to Barbara Hedges, Todd Van Poppel, and much more.
You get the complete issue, measuring about 10 1/2 by 13 1/2 inches.

A nice displayable issue for any sports fan!

Category: The 20th Century