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Inauguration Number..... Woodrow Wilson.... In Two Parts.....

Item # 177366

March 08, 1913

HARPER'S WEEKLY, from New York City, dated March 8, 1913.

This issue has a color cover sheet over it. Also, this issue is in two parts which are separate from each other looking like two separate issues. They each have a front page and are about the length of a full issue. The front page of the first part has an article called "Public Service and Public Journals."

In the first part of this issue there is a letter called "To Woodrow Wilson: Greetings!" and there is a photo of "President Woodrow Wilson." There is also a photo of "Thomas R. Marshall--Vice- President of the United States" and a photo spread of "The Informal Side of President Wilson." Also in this issue is a photo of "The New Mistress of the white House" and "The New White House Family." There several illustrations, one called "Lincoln's First Inaugural Procession", another is called "The First Inauguration of Lincoln, March 4, 1861" and the double page illustration is called "The Last Democratic President and Cabinet." There are several more photos as well including "Two Memorable Inaugurations"; "One Hundred Years Ago and Yesterday"; "The Last Democratic Inauguration" and there is an illustration called "After His Twenty-Year Sleep" plus much more.

The second part of this issue is titled "The Triumph of an Idea--Beginning and Conclusion of Seven Years of Public Service" and there is an illustration of "Woodrow Wilson." There is another illustration of Wilson called "It Takes Grit to Remove Grime" by Kemble and the double page illustration is called "Governor Woodrow Wilson and His Secretary in the Executive Offices at Sea Girt" by T. de Thulstrup. Also in this second part there is a illustration from November 9, 1912 in a Harper's Weekly called "Two American Gentlemen" drawn by C. J. Budd plus much more.

Other advertisements of the day are included as well, helping to portray life at the turn of the century. This issue is in very good condition.

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