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On the Mountain Meadows Massacre... The 'Bloody Benders'...

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April 07, 1877

DAILY MORNING CALL, San Francisco, April 7, 1877  

* Mountain Meadow Massascre

* Mormons - Mormonism

* Bloody Benders family

* Serial Killers arrested ?

Page 2 has: "The Bender Family", the Kansas family of serial killers known as the "Bloody Benders", the report beginning: "The Kansas detectives think they have the Bender family this time, certain. These are... See More  

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Regarding John D. Lee's confession on the Mountain Meadows Massacre...

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April 11, 1877

THE SAN DIEGO UNION, California, April 11, 1877 

* John D. Lee confession (execution)

* Mountain Meadows Massacre

Among the front page articles: "The Mormons--John D. Lee's Last Confession" which mentions in part: "...in regard to the last confession of John D. Lee, the Mountain Meadows murderer...The affiant also says that in the confession as published by Howard, s... See More  

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Mountain Meadows Massacre... Pike's Peak gold mines...

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August 13, 1859

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 13, 1859  A nice front page illustration 'The Scene of the Mountain Meadows Massacre, Utah Territory' with article as well. Nice full page with 3 illustrations of: 'The Pike's Peak Gold Mines'. A full page illustration of "The 'Battle of Magenta' at Jones's Wood, New York". A full page illustration is comprised of... See More  

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John D. Lee of the Mountain Meadows Massacre...

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August 14, 1875

HARPER'S WEEKLY, Aug. 14, 1875 Full front pg. Nast illus. of "The British Lion Loose in the House of Commons." Inside is a full pg. Nast illus. entitled "Off the scent." Full pg. illus. of "A Seltzer Water Cart-A Street Scene in Berlin, Prussia." Full pg. illus. of "Morning on the Moors." Full pg. illus. of "Up in the Crow's Nest-The Look-Out of... See More  

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