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Frederick Douglass gives a speech celebrating emancipation...

Item #698418

August 02, 1865


* Frederick Douglass speech

* Emancipation of slaves

The back page has: "Emancipation Jubilee" "Gathering of the Clans--Arrival at the Park--A Sable Beauty--Jeff. Davis--Orator of the Day--The Oration--Badge Distribution--A Pleasant Time". This takes over half the page & includes a brief speech by Frederick Douglass in which... See More  

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Emancipation remembered...

Item #697831

January 04, 1902

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Jan. 4, 1902 (reduced price - see below re: condition)  Frontpage photo "A Memory of Emancipation Day"; Ice Hockey and Its Players; a colored print "Jan Kubelik - The Bohemian Violinist Now Touring The United States"; a page of photos of Marconi's Latest Experiments in Wireless Telegraphy; a page of photos Winners at the First annual Sow ... See More  

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Jeff Davis' address, and much more...

Item #697226

January 23, 1863

WESTERN SENTINEL, Winston, North Carolina, January 23, 1863  This is a very rare title from the Confederacy. According to Brigham only four institutions in the United States have any holdings of this title from the Civil War, most just a few scattered issues. The American Antiquarian Society has no issues recorded from this era.

The front page includes some items relating to the Civil War in... See More  

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Charles Carroll & the Declaration of Independence...

Item #697002

July 19, 1828

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, July 19, 1828  The front page has: "Charles Carroll" which gives details of the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence presenting a copy of The Declaration to the mayor of New York City, along with a copy of a letter written in his own hand which states in part: "Grateful to Almighty God for the blessings which, through J... See More  

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Charles Carroll & the Declaration of Independence...

Item #696998

July 19, 1828

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, July 19, 1828  The front page has: "Charles Carroll" which gives details of the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence presenting a copy of The Declaration to the mayor of New York City, along with a copy of a letter written in his own hand which states in part: "Grateful to Almighty God for the blessings which, through J... See More  

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Charles Carroll & the Declaration of Independence...

Item #696996

July 19, 1828

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, July 19, 1828 

* Charles Carroll of Carrollton

* Declaration of Independence signer

The front page has: "Charles Carroll" which gives details of the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence presenting a copy of The Declaration to the mayor of New York City, along with a copy of a letter written in his own hand which state... See More  

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Slaves fleeing into Union camps...

Item #696871

January 31, 1863

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Jan. 31, 1863  The full front page is a print: "Army Beef" showing soldiers shooting cattle, with 2 smaller vignettes.

Inside has a full page: "Contrabands Coming Into Camp in Consequence of the Proclamation", referring to the recent Emancipation Proclamation. It shows many African-Americans and presumed slaves. Also a full page with 2 print... See More  

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Emancipation illustration... A letter on Frederick Douglass...

Item #696447

January 12, 1867

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Jan. 12, 1867  The front page is taken up with a print: "Isaac Watts and His Mother at the Prison-Gate" which has an accompanying article.

The feature of the issue is a letter to the editor headed: "Frederick Douglass" which provides some detail of a man who encountered him as a passenger on a railroad train. One portion notes: "...I be... See More  

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Official newspaper of the American Anti-Slavery Society... Celebrating the 13th Amendment...

Item #694654

February 18, 1865


* 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

* Slavery banned - Emancipation of slaves

* Rare Anti-slavery publication

* American Civil War era

This newspaper was the official weekly newspaper of the American Anti-Slavery Society, established in 1840 & was published continuously until the ratification of the Fifteenth Amendme... See More  

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President Lincoln's appeal to the border states... Brady's photographs...

Item #693807

July 19, 1862

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, July 19, 1862 

* Abraham Lincoln appeal to border states

* Pleads for emancipation of slaves - slavery

The back page begins with a very notable address by President Lincoln headed: "The President's Appeal To The Border States". 

On July 12 Abraham Lincoln invited the senators and representatives from the border states to hear his offer of compen
... See More  

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A wonderful report on the famous Latimer case, the fugitive slave...

Item #693281

March 02, 1843


* Fugitive slave George Latimer

* Escape - trial & emancipation

As the title would suggest, this is an anti-slavery themed newspaper, and a great name for a newspaper with this focus.

Certainly the most notable report is that found on pages 2 and 3, headed: "The Latimer Case", being the controversial case of fugitive... See More  

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Confederate reports from Charleston...

Item #693154

February 27, 1863

CHARLESTON DAILY COURIER, South Carolina, Feb. 27, 1863 

* From the origin of the Civil War

This was one of just a few newspapers which printed: "Confederate States Of America" in the masthead.

Among the small heads on the front page are: "Yankee Iron-Clad Gunboat Indianola Captured--The Capture Made with Confederate Steamers Queen of the West & Webb--Her Officers &a... See More  

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Grenada Confederate newspaper... Battle of Antietam...

Item #691873

October 15, 1862

THE MEMPHIS DAILY APPEAL, Grenada, Mississippi, Oct. 15, 1862 

* Very rare Confederate publication

* Publisher on the run

* Battle of Antietam

If the title and city of publication seem to be in conflict, they are not. This newspaper had a fascinating history during the Civil War. Memphis was a Confederate stronghold up through the Battle of Memphis on June 6, 1862, at which time the Y... See More  

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Last state-of-the-union address of the Civil War...

Item #691090

December 07, 1864


* President Abraham Lincoln

* State of the Union Address (last)

Beginning on the front page and taking most of page 2 is: "The President's Message", being what would be Lincoln's final state-of-the-uinion address to the nation. It is signed in type by him at its conclusion: Abraham Lincoln.

The top of the first column has: "T... See More  

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John Wilkes Booth appears at Ford's Theater...

Item #690433

November 10, 1863

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Nov. 10, 1863 

* Actor John Wilkes Booth

* Ford's Theatre performance

* Rare appearance w/ advertisement

* President Abraham Lincoln assassin

A terrific issue with one of the more ironic twists of history, and only to be found in a newspaper from Washington, D.C.

Near the top of the front page is a great article headed: "Ford&... See More  

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Lincoln repeals Hunter's controversial order emancipating slaves...

Item #690313

May 20, 1862

NEW YORK WORLD, May 20, 1862 

* General David Hunter order

* Emancipation of slaves

* Abraham Lincoln rebuffs

The front page begins with column heads: "PRESIDENT'S PROCLAMATION" "Gen. Hunter's Proclamation Void" "The Power of Declaring Slaves Free Belongs to the President" "An Appeal To The Border States" "Gradual Abolition of Slave... See More  

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Anti-slavery newspaper...

Item #689789

August 12, 1846

EMANCIPATOR, Boston, Aug. 12, 1846  A newspaper focused on emancipation: the freedom for slaves. Articles include: "Another Suicide by a Slave" "Results of Emancipation" "Law vs. Philanthropy" "The Great N.W. Liberty Convention" "Texas" and much more.

Four pages, good condition.

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The Monitor versus the Merrimac... Lincoln's strategy for emancipation...

Item #689605

March 15, 1862


* Abraham Lincoln on Emancipation

* Battle of Hampton Roads, Virginia

* Battle of the Monitor and Merrimack (CSS Virginia)

* Civil War ironclads

A wonderful issue on the historic naval battle between the Monitor & the Merrimack, with much on other war reports as well.

The front page has a nice Civil War map: "Field Of Operations On th... See More  

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The Emancipation Proclamation... Lincoln suspends the Writ of Habeas Corpus...

Item #689603

September 27, 1862

NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE, September 27, 1862 

* Emancipation Proclamation

* President Abraham Lincoln

Page 2 contains the full texts of the Emancipation Proclamation, perhaps the most significant Presidential pronouncement of the entire Civil War wherein Lincoln declared all slaves free.

Headed: "A Proclamation By the President of the United States" the document begins at the... See More  

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Kit Carson fights the Navajo Indians... Lincoln's famous rally-letter endorsed...

Item #689176

September 04, 1863

NEW YORK TIMES, Sept. 4, 1863 

* Kit Carson

* Abraham Lincoln

Although much of the front page is taken up with reports from the Civil War, perhaps the most interesting item is the brief page 5 item headed: "Victory of Kit Carson Over the Indians", reading in part: "...had a fight with the Navajoe Indians beyond Fort Canby. The Indians were defeated with the loss of 13 ki... See More  

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Condition of the 'colored race'... Planning for the railroad...

Item #687865

June 16, 1853

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., June 16, 1853  Among the page 3 articles are: "Surveys For the Pacific Railroad" which reports on the work being done to find an appropriate route for an Atlantic-to-Pacific railroad, not to be completed until 1869.

Also: "Condition of the Colored Race" which has interesting commentary, including; "...condition of the f... See More  

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On slaves defecting north, after the Emancipation Proclamation...

Item #687506

November 18, 1862

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Nov. 18, 1862  Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "Rebel Evacuation of Snicker's Gap" "Cavalry Expedition to the Shenandoah" "The Blockade of Charleston Harbor" and more.

One report: "The Proclamation--The Contrabands--White Slaves in the South" which refers to Lincoln's recent Emancipation Proclamation. S... See More  

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On emancipation in Kentucky, and the gold in California...

Item #686987

May 05, 1849

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington D.C., May 5, 1849  The top of page 3 has: "Emancipation In Kentucky" which has a report from the Convention of the Friends of Emancipation. This is followed by: "Late From California" which has half a column of reports concerning events related to the gold rush.

Four pages, very nice condition.

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Horace Greeley with Abraham Lincoln...

Item #683219

February 09, 1861


* Horace Greeley

* Western tour return

* Abraham Lincoln

The front page has: "The Destitution In Kansas - Terrible Suffering - A Call For Aid". Page 3 has nearly 2 columns on: "The Pro-Slavery Rebellion - From Washington - Emancipation To Follow Secession".

Page 5 has: "Important From Springfield" which notes in p... See More  

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A Memphis newspaper from Jackson... Jeff Davis' annual address...

Item #683046

January 22, 1863

THE MEMPHIS DAILY APPEAL, Jackson, Mississippi, January 22, 1863  This newspaper had fascinating history as it was chased around the South. Note that this "Memphis" newspaper was published in Jackson, Mississippi. See the information below concerning its history.

The front page is mostly taken up with the: "PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE" which is signed in type: Jefferson Davis... See More  

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Lincoln's last public speech and last proclamation...

Item #682496

April 12, 1865

NEW YORK HERALD, April 12, 1865   

* Civil War is over speech

* Abraham Lincoln's last public speech

* Presidential proclamation 128

* Just 2 days before his assassination

This issue was printed just 2 days prior to Lincoln's assassination, with the front page containing what is noted as Lincoln's last speech.

The front page heads include: "OUR VICTORIES" ... See More  

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Creating the Montana Territory... Missouri slave emancipation bill...

Item #681584

February 13, 1863

NEW YORK HERALD, Feb. 13, 1863  Among there front page column heads on the Civil War are: "News From Fortress Monroe" "The Rebel Privateers" and page 5 has: "The Missouri Slave Emancipation Bill Also Passed" "Organization of the Montana Territory" & page 8 includes: "All Able Bodied Negroes to be Drafted" "Disloyal Persons to be Sent ... See More  

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The Texan revolution for independence has begun...

Item #680080

November 21, 1835

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Nov. 21, 1835  Inside has a report headed: "From Texas" which includes: "...confirm the fact of the Texians having captured the garrison at Golish [sic: Goliad], but attribute it to a forced march on their part at midnight during the absence of general Cos & the sleeping of the Mexicans...". Included as well is a letter from Grego... See More  

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Reports on Jeff Davis' annual message...

Item #673723

January 16, 1863

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Jan. 16, 1863  Among the one column headlines on the Civil War are several with comments on: "Jeff. Davis's Annual Message" "He Will Accept Peace Only With Independence" "Statement of His Retaliation Orders" "He Insists Upon Killing Butler" "His Opinion of the Emancipation Proclamation" He Threatens the Extermination of t... See More  

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Confederate title from Richmond...

Item #671520

February 10, 1863

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, February 10, 1863 

* Capital of the Confederacy

The ftpg. includes: "From Fredericksburg" which begins: "The path to Heaven is not more straight & narrow than that of a correspondent from the seat of war...The indications of activity in the Yankee army still continue..." and much more. Also on the ftpg: "City Intelligence&q... See More  

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Making fun of Missouri and Maryland as "free states"...

Item #671353

January 16, 1865

DAILY EXAMINER, Richmond, Virginia, Jan. 16, 1865 

* Making fun of Missouri and Maryland as "free states"

* Rare Confederate publication from the rebel capital

The front page begins with an interesting editorial which has near the beginning: "A body termed a 'State Convention' in Missouri did on last Wednesday...pass an ordinance of Emancipation, declaring all sl... See More  

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Focused on eliminating slavery...

Item #670085

October 17, 1845

NATIONAL ANTI-SLAVERY STANDARD, New York, Oct. 17, 1857  As the title would suggest, an anti-slavery newspaper from four years before the Civil War.

Among the articles: "The Tennessee Negro-Torturer" "Slavery In Brazil" "Prospect of a Free State In Texas" "The Pedigree of The Panic" "The American Abolition Society" "Compensated Emancipat... See More  

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1874 Lincoln Memorial Tower in London...

Item #669587

July 20, 1874

NEW YORK HERALD, July 20, 1874

* Lincoln Memorial Tower of London

* Cornerstone laid in Lambeth

* Gothic Revival architecture

The top of page 3 has one column headings: "THE LINCOLN TOWER" "The Memorial Stone of the Monument Laid in England" "Honor to the Memory of the Emancipation Chief" (see)

Other news of the day. Complete in 10 pages, a little irregular ... See More  

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Abolishment of slavery, and the backlash from Jamaica...

Item #667090

June 15, 1833

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, June 15, 1833  has over half a page headed: "Slavery in the British West Indies" which reports on the: "...deputation in favor off the immediate emancipation of negro slavery within the British dominions..." which includes the full text on the 5 "Resolutions", signed in type by: Samuel Gurney as the chairman. The same page h... See More  

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Iceland... The Emancipation Proclamation...

Item #656759
HARPER'S NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE, New York, February, 1863  Towards the back of the issue under the "Monthly Record of Current Events" is content pertaining to the newly enacted Emancipation Proclamation.

Other items within the issue are "A Californian in Iceland" which includes several illustrations; "The Gun-Boat Essex" and many more articles and illustration... See More  

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Victory at the Rappahannock... Lincoln letter to the ladies...

Item #650768

November 12, 1863


* Second Battle of Rappahannock Station

* George G. Meade vs. Robert E. Lee

* Abraham Lincoln letter re. emancipation

The top of the ftpg. has column heads on the Union victory at the Battle of the Rappahannock: "From Gen. Meade's Army" "Official Report of the Passage of the Rappahannock" "Presentation of Battle Flag... See More  

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From the Confederate Congress...

Item #645701

January 27, 1862

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, Jan. 27, 1862 

* From the Confederate capital

A nice newspaper from the capital of the Confederate states with the front page taken up various advertisements and news, including; "The Northern Congress" "The Emancipation Question" "The Only Compromise With the Rebels" as well as "Notes Of The War".

The inside pa... See More  

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First African-American President of the United States...

Item #629582

November 05, 2008

USA TODAY, November 5, 2008  This 48 page newspaper has a nice two line banner headline on the front page: "America makes history, Obama Wins! " with subheads and nice color photo of Obama with family. Much more on the inside pages in the 1st section. (see)

Nice condition.

Our post on the History's Newsstand Blog:

Regardless of your view on the recent U.S. election, one

... See More  

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Virginia's governor and the former slaves...

Item #615538

July 12, 1865

NEW YORK HERALD, July 12, 1865 

* Georgia Emancipation

* Slaves and Masters

The front page has: "Georgia: Address of Provisional Governor Johnson, His Views On Emancipation." which takes over a full column. Other reports inside include: "VIRGINIA", "Governor Pierpoint and the Negroes", "Their Late Rebel Masters Trying to Get Rid of Them&q
... See More  

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The manumission of slaves... Marquis La Fayette...

Item #600170

November 15, 1788

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, November 15, 1788 Page 5 has nearly two columns with various reports from American regarding American Indians, as well as a brief article from New York from: "...The Society for promoting the manumission [freeing]of slaves, and protecting such of them as have been or may be liberated...", which mentions the presence of Marquis La Fayette among others.

Eight pages, ... See More  

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Emancipation of slaves anniversary...

Item #599761

April 17, 1872

THE NEW YORK TIMES, April 17, 1872

* Emancipation of slaves

* District of Columbia

* Slavery anniversary

The front page has one column headings: "Emancipation Proclamation" "Celebration of the Abolition of Slavery in the District of Columbia"

Other news of the day. Complete in 8 pages, nice condition.

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Yankees move towards the rebel capital...

Item #597290

May 21, 1862

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, May 21, 1862  Among the front page first column heads on the Civil War are: "ON TO RICHMOND" "The Progress Towards Richmond, Virginia" "The Rebels will Defend their Capital--Their Pickets Driven in by Gen. Stoneman's Advance" "A Battle Impending" "The Emancipation Proposition In Missouri" "Late From New Orleans&... See More  

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Existed for just 2 1/2 years...

Item #586547

September 15, 1849

THE EXAMINER, Louisville, Kentucky, September 15, 1849  A quite scarce newspaper which lasted but 2 1/2 years, from June, 1847 thru December, 1849. Page 2 has a rather lengthy: "Address of the Central Committee of Louisville to the Emancipationists of Kentucky ! ", "Georgetown College", "Late from Texas", "Later from Santa Fe and Los Vegas--Indian Fights, et... See More  

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Barack Obama becomes America's first African-American president...

Item #552589

November 05, 2008

CHICAGO TRIBUNE, Illinois, November 5, 2008

* Barrack Obama elected President of the United States

* Hometown newspaper of first African-American president

Presidential election newspapers have always been a mainstay of any historic newspaper collection, and ideally collectors try to find such an issue from the victor's hometown.

This newspaper is special for three reasons: 1) it is ... See More  

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Early shark fishing...

Item #548067

July 13, 1827

BOSTON RECORDER & TELEGRAPH, Massachusetts, July 13, 1827 

* Early shark fishing

Page 3 has a report: "A New Haven papers says, that 17 large sharks were taken in that harbor July 2d, at one haul in a seine for taking white fish..." plus mention that most of the white fish escaped because of the damage to the nets caused by the sharks.

Other news of the day includes: &quo... See More  

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Cipriano Castro....

Item #177522

May 15, 1909

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, May 15, 1909  There is a color cover on this issue.The front page of this issue has a photo of "The Man Without a Country", Cipriano Castro.

This issue has a photos of "Chips From the World's Workshop" and a portrait by S. Muller Ury of "Mrs. Clark Williams, of New York." There is also a double page illustration spread o... See More  

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Frank Marshall White... W. J. Biggs... Kemble...

Item #177521

May 08, 1909

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, May 8, 1909  There is a color cover on this issue.The front page of this issue has a photo of "The New "Sick Man of Europe"--Mahomet V."

This issue has a photos and an article on "Fostering Foreign Criminals" by Frank Marshall White and "The New Order in Turkey." There is a photo spread of "The Opening of the ... See More  

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Henry W. Longfellow Poem 1849....

Item #215386

May 04, 1849

SALEM GAZETTE, Salem, Mass., May 4, 1849.

* Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

* Front Page Poem
The front page has a poem: Resignation. By Henry W. Longfellow. News of the day includes: "Kentucky Emancipation Convention" "Cholera at New Orleans" "California Emigrants" and much more. Interesting advertisements as well. First leaf is trimmed close at t
... See More  

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Famous anti-slavery newspaper...

Item #214122
THE LIBERATOR, Boston, 1861-65 (first rate)  See the photo below for the terrific masthead of this famous anti-slavery title. The ornate woodcut in the masthead features three scenes: a slave auction, an image of Jesus breaking the bonds of the oppressors, and a family about to depart for their journey to emancipation. Much of the content concerns slavery and the anti-slavery movement. Edited... See More  

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War content in Korea...

Item #177248

April 16, 1904

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 16, 1904  Frontpage illustration "Surely Victorious" by W. A. Rogers; Photo of Russian Outposts in the Mountains of Northern Korea; The Work of Construction on the Trans-Siberian Line Around the Southern Shore of Lake Baikal; Doublepage Photo, The Red Cross in the Field--Caring for the wounded After the Engagement of February 25, Near Ping ... See More  

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