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War reports from a Confederate newspaper in Columbia...

Item #668806

December 07, 1864

THE DAILY SOUTHERN GUARDIAN, Columbia, South Carolina, Dec. 7, 1864  A rather rare title and great that it includes the word “Southern”.

The front page has reports from the Confederate Congress, as well as a document from the "Subsistence Department" and an: "Exchange Notice" on the exchange of prisoners (see).

The back page has much reporting from the War in... See More  

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Frederick Douglass talks... Battle of Chancellorsville: a Southern victory...

Item #667843

May 07, 1863

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, May 7, 1863   

* Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia

* A "rebel" victory

* Rare Confederate title

Not only is this a nice newspaper from the Confederacy, but it is from the Confederate capital.

A nice front page account of the Battle of Chancellorsville, a major Southern victory. the top of the first column has: "From Frederi... See More  

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Much on the Civil War from the Confederacy...

Item #664344

January 24, 1863

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, January 24, 1863 

* From the capital of the Confederacy

Not only a nice Confederate newspaper, but one from the capital of the Confederacy. The front page includes: "The Intercepted Correspondence", "Notes Of The War--Affairs at Vicksburg--The Several Attempts of the Enemy Against the City--A Renewed Attack Expected--The Spirit of Our Ar... See More  

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Southern generals described...

Item #656119

April 22, 1864

CHARLESTON DAILY COURIER, South Carolina, April 22, 1864  This was one of very few newspapers which actually printed in their dateline: "Confederate States Of America".

There is much front page reporting on the Civil War, from the Confederate perspective, including: "Good News From North Carolina!" "Official From Gen. Hoke--Capture of Plymouth, N.C., A Yankee Brigadi... See More  

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Jeff Davis' Proclamation on the Mumford controversy: death for Butler... Battle of Murfreesboro... A "Memphis" title......

Item #646392

January 03, 1863

THE MEMPHIS DAILY APPEAL, Jackson, Mississippi, January 3, 1863 

* Battle of Stones River - Murfreesboro, Tennessee

* Jefferson Davis proclamation

* Very rare title

This newspaper had fascinating history as it was chased around the South--see the information below. The most notable content in the issue is the back page report headed: "The Battle At Murfreesboro" "Confed... See More  

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Letter from Braxton Bragg...

Item #644882

December 10, 1862

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, Dec. 10, 1862 

* Rare Confederate title from the rebel capital

* General Braxton Bragg letter

A nice newspaper not only from the Confederacy, but from its capital, through which all war-related news would flow.

The front page includes: "The Spoils Gathered In Kentucky" "Confederate States Prison Items" "The Prices of army Clo... See More  

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Two dispatches signed by Braxton Bragg...

Item #644264

November 26, 1863

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Richmond, Virginia, November 26, 1863 

* Battle of Lookout Mountain - Braxton Bragg

* From the capital of the Confederacy

A very nice newspaper from the capital of the Confederate states. The front page has some advertisements but is dominated by various news reports, including items headed: "The News" "The Courts" "City Intelligence&qu... See More  

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Civil War news from the Confederacy...

Item #643416

January 23, 1863

CHARLESTON DAILY COURIER, South Carolina, Jan. 23, 1863 

* From the origin of the Civil War

Printed in the dateline is: "Confederate States of America", this being one of only a few such newspapers which did so.

Among ftpg. column heads are: "Official Dispatch from Gen. Bragg--More Brilliant Exploits of Gens. Wheeler and Forrest" which is signed in type: Braxton Bra... See More  

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Two nice front pages...

Item #632799

November 28, 1863

NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 28, 1863 

* Chattanooga Campaign - Tennessee

* Braxton Bragg vs. Ulysses S. Grant

Among the front page heads on the Civil War are: "Additional From The South" "Speculations & Facts from Chattanooga" "How Affairs Looked Before the Battle" "Bragg's Responsibilities Admitted" "Progress of the Siege of Charleston&quo... See More  

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Dispatch from General Bragg... A treasonable speech...

Item #620159

January 28, 1863

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Jan. 28, 1863  Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "Arrival of General Hunter" "Vigorous Preparations for Action" "Late Southern News" "A Union General Charged with a Treasonable Speech" "Reports from Fredericksburg" "The Defenses of Mobile" "Scurrilous Attack on General Hooker" and als... See More  

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General Bragg's army...

Item #618333

October 29, 1862

DAILY COLUMBUS ENQUIRER, Georgia, Oct. 29, 1862 

* Very rare Confederate title

* General Braxton Bragg

Certainly one of the less common Confederate titles from the Civil War. Columbus is in Southwest Georgia on the Alabama border very near Montgomery.

Among the various items inside are: "The Yankee Draft" "Progress & Events of the War" "Columbus Guards &am... See More  

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Closeing the Battle of Fredericksburg...

Item #589155

November 26, 1862

THE NEW YORK HERALD, November 26, 1862 

* General Braxton Bragg's plantation captured 

* Cove Creek, North Carolina

* General Ambrose Burnside - Fredericksburg, Virginia

This Genuine newspaper has a Wealth of Civil War reporting from during Abraham Lincoln's administration. Among the one column headlines on the Civil War are: "Important From New Orleans",

... See More  

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