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Mormon Temple in ruins... Slavery in California?

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October 28, 1848

BURRITT'S CHRISTIAN CITIZEN, Worcester, Mass., Oct. 28, 1848  

* Nauvoo Temple fire disaster - Illinois

* Mormons - Mormonism

* Slavery in California ?

* Uncommon publication

Page 3 has a brief report: "The Mormon Temple In Ruins" mentioning in part: "This magnificent temple was observed to be on fire in the cupola this morning...The flames spread rapidly and ... See More  

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Print of the Mormon city of Nauvoo...

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July 22, 1854

GLEASON'S PICTORIAL, Boston, July 22, 1854

* Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois view

* The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

* Mormons - Mormonism         
                               &n... See More  

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American Indians... The beach at Long Branch...

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August 22, 1868

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 22, 1868  The front page of the issue features a nearly half page illustration "Rogers, the Sculptor, Modeling His Colossal Statue of America, at Rome, June, 1868"  Nearly half page illustration of: 'Governor W.F.M. Arny's Indian Expedition' shows him with 13 Indians. Halfpg: 'On the Docks After a Hot Day'.  An arti... See More  

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Mormons in Kirtland... Ocklawaha River, Florida...

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April 07, 1883

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 7, 1883   Half of the ftpg. shows: 'On the Ocklawaha River, Florida'. Halfpg: 'The Mormon Reunion at Kirtland, Ohio' includes 'The Prophet Joseph Smith' & 'The Old Temple at Nauvoo'. Fullpg. with 5 scenes: 'Incidents of the Milk War'. Doublepage centerfold on breaking the ice on the Mississippi.

Other news ... See More  

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Irrigation in the West...

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September 22, 1888

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, September 22, 1888  Full front pg. illus. of "To the Rescue" by W.A. Rogers. Inside is a full pg. illus. of "Bar room Politics." Full pg. illus. of "Canoeing In the North Woods-A "Carry"."

Doublepage centerfold of "Re-Enforcements." Three large illus. of "Some Toilers of the Sea." Two small portraits o... See More  

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