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Red Grange signs w/ the 1925 Chicago Bears...

Item #700781

November 23, 1925

THE OMAHA DAILY NEWS, Nebraska, November 23, 1925

* Red Grange - Galloping Ghost

* Illinois Fighting Illini - College football

* Chicago Bears signing - NFL

The sport's section (page 7) has a two column heading: "Grange Signs to Play With Bears on Thanksgiving" (see images) First report coverage on the famous Illinois running back signing with the Chicago Bears just after pla... See More  

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"Black Friday's" 1st appearance in the NYT...

Item #700569

November 24, 1975

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 24, 1975

* 1st mention of "Black Friday" in the NYT

Pages 21 & 23 contain coverage of the Army Navy game with an article in which the New York Times links Thanksgiving and the Army Navy Game via Black Friday. "Philadelphia police and bus drivers call it 'Black Friday' - that day each year between Thanksgiving Day and the Army-Navy game.&nbs... See More  

Item from Catalog 336 (released for November, 2023)

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Two full page Thanksgiving prints... Nice portrait of Charles Dickens...

Item #700269

November 30, 1867

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Nov. 30, 1867  This issue has several desirable prints: The front page has:" 'The Soldier's Friend' - An Incident in General Grant's Life", with a related article. The inside contains: "Thanksgiving--A Thanksgiving Dinner Among the Puritans" along with: "Thanksgiving--A Thanksgiving Dinner Among Their Descendants", a... See More  

Item from Catalog 336 (released for November, 2023)

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Thanksgiving Day, 1945... The 1945-6 "Strike Wave"...

Item #700067

November 22, 1945


* Thanksgiving Day edition

* Great front-page graphic

* The 1945-6 workers strike-wave

The front page has the banner headline: "U.S. ACTS IN 2 BIG STRIKES", followed by a related article. This most prominent feature is the large, color, Thanksgiving-themed illustration of the front page. Other news of the day, sports, and advertising are found... See More  

Item from Catalog 336 (released for November, 2023)

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By A. B. Frost: "Selecting The Turkey"...

Item #699839

December 01, 1900

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Dec. 1, 1900  The front page has the Uncle Sam cartoon, "LET US GIVE THANKS", by W. A. Rogers - a political cartoonist who was hired by Harper's Weekly in 1887 to replace Thomas Nast after he retired. The double-page centerfold is a very displayable illustration also by A. B. Frost: "Selecting the Turkey", showing an American farm family ... See More  

Item from Catalog 336 (released for November, 2023)

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1st Post-Civil War Thanksgiving Proclamation... Steamer St. John disaster....

Item #699538

October 30, 1865

THE NEW YORK HERALD, Oct. 30, 1865

* President Andrew Johnson

* 1st post-war Thanksgiving proclamation

*Albany steamer St. John disaster on the Hudson River

Page 5 has coverage of the noteworthy/historic Thanksgiving Proclamation by President Andrew Johnson. The article is headed "A Really National Thanksgiving", and while it only includes highlights of the proclamation, the expl... See More  

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"Dinner In The Steerage Of A French Transatlantic Liner" & Thanksgiving preparations...

Item #698808

November 22, 1890

HARPER'S WEEKLY, Nov. 22, 1890 (with Supplement containing: "Dinner In The Steerage Of A French Transatlantic Liner", by T. de Thulstrup)

Also included: Full ftpg: 'At the Horse Show, Madison Square Garden'; Fullpg: 'The Day Before Thanksgiving' shows cooks preparing the meal; Doublepage centerfold: 'A Wedding in the Chinese Quarter--Mott St., N.Y.'; Halfpg... See More  

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Jefferson Davis rallies the troops...

Item #697498

August 14, 1863

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, Aug. 14,1863 

* Capital of the Confederacy

* President Jefferson Davis

The first column on the front page has a variety of war items, plus the balance of the front page includes: "The Military Situation" "City Intelligence" "The Army and The Mails--The Sufferings of Soldiers & Their Friends From Anxiety & Suspense"... See More  

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No Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade ad...

Item #697080

November 23, 1944

A SINGLE LEAF (pages 9-10) of the New York Times, November 23, 1944

* Macy's Thanksgiving Parade (cancellation)

* World War II - WWII

This single leaf is a near full page advertisement titled: "No Parade Today!" for Macy's department store which is surrounded by various photos of balloons featured in past parades. (see) The parade was cancelled due to the war.

Single leaf... See More  

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Uncle Sam political cartoon... Georgia Bulldogs coached by Pop Warner...

Item #692811

January 02, 1897

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, January 2, 1897 

* Early Georgia Bulldogs college football

* Their 1st undefeated season - Pop Warner

The front page has a full page political cartoon which includes Uncle Sam by W. A. Rogers titled: "Getting Monotonous". Two full pages with many photos of: 'The Revolt in the Philippine Is., Scenes in Manila'. One-third pg: 'Bird'... See More  

Please Read Note Concerning HW Images & Supplements!

(Alert: Jan. & Dec. HW's have more than typical wear.)

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Underdog debuts in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade...

Item #691724

November 26, 1965

NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 26, 1965

* Underdog debuts in New York City

* Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

* Great item for Superhero collectors

The top of page 49 has a two column heading: "Giant Underdog Enlists in Macy's Parade" with subhead and related photo showing the Bullwinkle balloon. I suspect this to be a very rare item because their was really no reason to save it at t... See More  

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Lincoln's Proclamation... Much reporting on the Civil War...

Item #690637

December 08, 1863

NEW YORK TIMES, Dec. 8, 1863  

* President Abraham Lincoln

* Day of Thanksgiving proclamation

Among the front page first column heads are: "PRESIDENT'S PROCLAMATION" "Our Victories In Tennessee" "A Call For Thanksgiving" "Longstreet's Retreat Officially Confirmed" "Gen. Sherman Arrives at Knoxville on the 3d" "The Rebels Ma... See More  

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Washington proclaims a day of thanksgiving... Both plates included...

Item #689651
THE COLUMBIAN MAGAZINE, Philadelphia, October, 1789  The issue begins with a continuation of the "History of the American War" which takes 8 pages & continues in a future issue. Other articles include: "Memoirs of the Bastille" "A Short Description of the Country between North River and Morristown, near New Windsor, New Jersey" includes the related full page ... See More  

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Admiral Nelson victorious at the Battle of the Nile...

Item #689158
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, January, 1799 

* Lord Horatio Nelson victorious

* Naval Battle of the Nile - Egypt

The prime content in this issue is the excellent and detailed account of Sir Horatio Nelson's victory over French at the Battle of the Nile, or the Battle of Aboukir Bay. This is actually part of a very lengthy continuing article from a previous issue. Included are t... See More  

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Handsome newspaper... Two John Hancock documents on the front page...

Item #689112

March 21, 1793


* John Hancock signed in type

As the photo shows, this is one of the more handsome & displayable mastheads of the 18th century.

The front page features a full column: "Proclamation" for a day of thanksgiving and prayer, signed by governor: John Hancock. It is headed with the same coat-of-arms a... See More  

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Two full page Winslow Homer prints...

Item #688997

December 23, 1865

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, Dec. 23, 1865 

* Rare Winslow Homer prints

There are many prints within but certainly the two most significant are the full page prints by Winslow Homer, captioned: "Thanksgiving Day--Hanging Up the Musket" and the other: "Thanksgiving Day--The Church Porch". A small stain in the caption of each, otherwise very nice.

Other p... See More  

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Jefferson Davis' proclamation for a day of "Humiliation and Prayer, with Thanksgiving"...

Item #688735

February 02, 1865

CHRISTIAN OBSERVER, Richmond, Virginia, Feb. 2, 1865 

* Jefferson David proclamation

* Confederate Day of Thanksgiving

Has mostly religious-related content on the front page save for a war item: "First Virginia Artillery" "Stray Leaves from a Soldier's Artillery". On the reverse under "General Intelligence" are various news reports from the war.

Also ... See More  

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Superman debuts in the Macy's Day Parade...

Item #688553

November 19, 1940

NEW YORK TIMES, Nov.19, 1940 

* Superman debut in New York City

* Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

* Great item for Superman collectors

One column headlines on page 30: " SUPERMAN TO STRUT OVER MACY PARADE", "Genie Emerging From Arabian Nights Bottle Also to Be Seen in Event Thursday". This was to be the debut of Superman and till this day is still considered the... See More  

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Inaugural Address of President Jefferson Davis... The fall of Fort Donelson...

Item #688100

February 24, 1862

DAILY DISPATCH, Richmond, Virginia, February 24, 1862 

* From the capital of the Confederacy

* President Jefferson Davis inauguration

* Best publication to be had ? (very rare)

Not only is this a great Confederate newspaper, but it is from the capital of the Confederacy and as such contains a great wealth of the latest news and battle reports.

Certainly the most significant content i... See More  

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Battle of the Wilderness... Lincoln Proclamation thanking God...

Item #688020

May 10, 1864

NEW YORK TIMES, May 10, 1864

* Battle of the Wilderness- Virginia

* Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving

 Some great first column heads with: "VICTORY ! " "ON TO RICHMOND" "Lee Defeat & Retreat Fully Confirmed" "Our Army In Vigorous Pursuit" "Official Dispatches from Grant and Meade" "Lee's Report of the Battles" "T... See More  

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Criticizing the Jay Treaty... Thanksgiving to the Most High...

Item #687435

November 18, 1795

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 18, 1795

* Criticizing the Jay Treaty

 The front page has a lengthy: "Address to the President Of the United States" with criticisms about the controversial Jay Treaty with England. It carries over to page 2 as well.

Page 3 has a brief note: "Peace is at length concluded between the United States and the Regency of Algiers...". Anoth... See More  

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Likely the most desired masthead from the 18th century...

Item #687194

October 23, 1770

THE MASSACHUSETTS SPY, Or Thomas's Boston Journal, October 27, 1774  It would be difficult to properly place both the scarcity and desirability of this newspaper in the confect of American history. This issue has the famous "Join Or Die" engraving stretching across the masthead.

In the same way that the famous "Dewey Defeats Truman" issue of the Chicago Tribune is com... See More  

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Charles Bulfinch's first major project...

Item #686875

October 27, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Oct. 27, 1798  

* Charles Bulfinch designs Federal Street Theatre

* First American-born professional architect

The front page has an address: "To the President of the United States" from the officers of the Guilford Regiment of militia, relating to the troubling relationship with France. It is followed by his "Answer" signed in type: Joh... See More  

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A John Adams Proclamation... Rights of women...

Item #685686

March 31, 1798

THE WEEKLY MAGAZINE, Philadelphia, March 31, 1798  An uncommon title which lasted only from Feb., 1798 thru June, 1799, during which time it was suspended for 6 months due to the death of the editor.

Contents include a wide range of eclectic articles, one of which is: "The Rights Of Woman" which is a serialized article, this portion taking 1 1/2 pages. The back two pages are taken ... See More  

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Mickey Mouse's debut at the Thanksgiving Day Parade...

Item #685632

November 27, 1936

THE NEW YORK TIMES, November 27, 1936

* Early Helium filled balloons w/ photo

* Father Diedrich Knickerbocker mishap

* Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - balloons

The top of 3 has a one column heading: "GIANT LOSES HEAD HOLIDAY PARADE" with subheads and related photo. (see)

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete with all 40 pages, rag edition in nice condit... See More  

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Religious thoughts as the Civil War approaches... Thoughts of secession...

Item #685017

November 30, 1860

THE WORLD, New York, Nov. 30, 1860  The front page has: "THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY" "Its Observance in the Metropolis" "The Clergy On The Crisis" "The Perils of the Nation from a Christian Point of View" Sermons of..." with a list of preachers.

A nice issue reflecting the importance of Christian values in dealing with compelling issues of the day, part... See More  

Item from Catalog 337 (released for December, 2023)

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Woodrow Wilson's 1918 Thanksgiving proclamation...

Item #682579

November 21, 1918

THE GREENSBORO PATRIOT, North Carolina, Nov. 21, 1918

* President Woodrow Wilson

* Thanksgiving proclamation

* World War I Peace - WWI

The top of the front page has a one column heading: "President Bids Nation Return Thanks For Peace" with subheads and complete text of the proclamation which is signed in type: Woodrow Wilson.

Complete with 8 pages, light toning at the margins, a... See More  

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Day of thanksgiving in Boston... an abacus... music writing machine....

Item #682411
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, February, 1748  Interesting articles: "Invention of Writing Music by Playing It" with two small illustrations; "Articles For a General Peace"  "Introduction to Heraldry" "A Religious Tax Proposed" "Proclamation Against Commerce with France".

There is also content regarding the war in America & p... See More  

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Richmond falls... End of the Civil War is near... President Lincoln confirms...

Item #682243

April 04, 1865

NEW YORK TIMES, April 4, 1865

* Best Richmond falls

* Great for display

This is one of the more graphic issues of the Times from the entire Civil War, obviously celebrating the triumphant report of General U.S. Grant capturing the capital of the Confederacy. With this event the end of the Civil War was but days away.

The dominating feature of the front page is the great engraving of an eag... See More  

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Much on General Joseph Warren...

Item #682052

October 09, 1826

THE NEW HAMPSHIRE JOURNAL, Concord, Oct. 9, 1826  Most of the front page is taken up with a biographical account of "Major-General Joseph Warren" including a report on his death at the Battle of Bunker Hill. Included is an engraving of his memorial.

Page 3 has: "A Proclamation" by the governor of New Hampshire for a "Day of Thanksgiving, Bravery and Praise". Pag... See More  

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Thanksgiving Proclamation... Much on the Civil War...

Item #681590

October 03, 1861

NEW YORK HERALD, Oct. 3, 1861  The front page includes a Thanksgiving Proclamation by Edwin Morgan, Governor of New York.

Additionally, half of the first column is taken up with nice war-related heads including: "THE REBELLION" "Court Martial Ordered Upon Gen. Fremont" "Gen. Wool Ordered to Missouri & Gen. Mansfield to Fortress Monroe" "Interesting... See More  

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Death of John Hancock in his hometown newspaper...

Item #681123

October 09, 1793

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Oct. 9, 1793 

* John Hancock death (1st report)

* Declaration of Independence signer

* 1st Massachusetts Governor

* From his hometown (rare)

Curiously, the ftpg. includes "A Proclamation for a Day of Public Thanksgiving By His Excellency John Hancock, Governor..." carrying over to pg. 2 where it is signed by him in type: John Hancock.

Contrast t... See More  

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Lincoln formalizes Thanksgiving Day as a national holiday...

Item #680752

October 05, 1863

NEW YORK DAILY TRIBUNE, October 5, 1863 

* President Abraham Lincoln proclamation

* America's national day of Thanksgiving begins

Although almost every President since George Washington has issued a proclamation for a "day of thanksgiving", typically celebrated in November but at other times of the year as well, it was Abraham Lincoln who formalized Thanksgiving Day to be... See More  

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John Adams invited to celebrate the anniversary of the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth...

Item #680732

March 30, 1803

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, March 30, 1803  The ftpg. has a letter from the people of Plymouth to John Adams inviting him to a celebration of: "...the first landing of our Fore Fathers at this place.", with his response, signed in type: John Adams.

Four pages, never-trimmed margins, archival strengthening at the spine, good condition.

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Guiteau: President Garfield's assassin on trial...

Item #680699

December 03, 1881


* President James Garfield assassination

* Charles J. Guiteau on trial

The full ftpg. shows: "Trial of President Garfield's Assassin--Guiteau Being Escorted from the Courtroom..." and the doublepage centerfold shows; "Trial of President Garfield's Assassin--Guards Unlocking the Handcuffs of the Prisoner..."; ... See More  

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Thanksgiving-themed Cream of Wheat ad from 1923...

Item #679318

November 01, 1923

NEEDLECRAFT MAGAZINE, Nov., 1923 (1st leaf only)  The reverse side of the cover has a great, displayable, Thanksgiving-themed cover advertising Cream of Wheat. Would look great framed. See image for details.

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Great fire department illustration... F.S. Church print on Thanksgiving...

Item #678975

November 30, 1872

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Nov. 30, 1872  The full front page is a dramatic print: "Boston--Into the Jaws of Death", a dramatic scene showing fireman battling a large fire.

Inside has 3 full pages of scenes of the Boston fire, plus a great doublepage centerfold showing: 'Bird's-eye View of Boston Showing the Burned District', being a great overview of the city. Also... See More  

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Dealing with the British living in America...

Item #677797

July 20, 1812

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, July 20, 1812  Two columns of the front page are taken up with: "A Proclamation" for a day of Thanksgiving in support of the war, signed: James Madison. As well as four Acts of Congress each signed by Madison, one: "For the More Perfect Organization of the Army of the United States".

Also within: "Federal Recommendation of the War"... See More  

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Thanksgiving in 1939... Great for display...

Item #677560

November 23, 1939


* Thanksgiving focus piece written by Chester H. Rowell

On pg. 28 is a full page Thanksgiving piece written by Chester H Rowell, and early leader of the Progressive Movement in California. The piece is titled: "GIVE THANKS THIS DAY !" and is framed by autumnal artwork.

Complete in 30 pages, light toning, small address label on the f... See More  

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Pre-Civil War baseball...

Item #675191

November 29, 1856

PORTER'S SPIRIT OF THE TIMES, New York, Nov. 29, 1856 

* Very early pre-Civil War baseball

A rather famous sporting newspaper, with a sporting-themed masthead, calling itself: "A Chronicle of the Turf, Field Sports, Literature and the Stage". This is a volume one issue.

Inside under "Base Ball" are the scores of four baseball matches. There is also a rep
... See More  

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Pre-Civil War baseball...

Item #675190

November 22, 1856

PORTER'S SPIRIT OF THE TIMES, New York, Nov. 22, 1856 

* Very early pre-Civil War baseball

As noted in the masthead: "A Chronicle of the Turf, Field Sports, Literature and the Stage", this is a volume 1 issue of a very early sporting publication.

Near the back of the issue is a report headed: "Base Ball" which is quite early for this sport. Additionally, a subhe... See More  

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The Civil War in Virginia...

Item #675160

November 28, 1862

NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 28, 1862  Among the ftpg. column heads on the Civil War are: "Army Operations In Virginia" "Fredericksburgh Not Occupied by the Rebels in Force" "Visit of the President to Gen. Burnside" "From Harper's Ferry - A Successful Raid into Secessia" "THANKSGIVING" "The Day - Its Observance--Its Duties--Its Pleasures...&q... See More  

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Two 1798 Thanksgiving sermons...

Item #674945

December 26, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Dec. 26, 1798  Over a column on the front page is taken up with: "Extracts From a Thanksgiving Sermon, Delivered in the Vicinity of Boston" which is under the heading: "Clerical Patriotism", followed by: "Extracts from the Rev. Dr. Eckley's Discourse on Thanksgiving Day", which carries over to page 2.  The balance of the issue... See More  

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Signed National Day of Thanksgiving by Roosevelt...

Item #673712

November 24, 1938

THE GREENSBOROUGH PATRIOT, (Greensboro), North Carolina, Nov. 21, 1938  Front page coverage has a two column heading: "Roosevelt Proclaims Day of Thanksgiving", and is signed "FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT". Quite displayable.

Other news of the day is found throughout.

This issue is complete in eight pages and is in nice condition.... See More  

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National Thanksgiving Day... Tillie Smith Monument from Hackettstown, NJ...

Item #673310

November 24, 1887

GREENSBORO NORTH STATE, North Carolina, Nov. 24, 1887  The front page has an account of the Tillie Smith Monument in Hackettstown, NJ Included is print of Tillie and of the monument that was going to be dedicated on Thanksgiving Day.

Page 7 has many short articles covering Thanksgiving for anyone including: "NATIONAL THANKSGIVING DAY" ,"A CITY THANKSGIVING", &qu... See More  

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The desired F. S. Church centerfold featuring his bears...

Item #671536

November 27, 1886

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Nov. 27, 1886 

* Artist Frederick Stuart Church

* Thanksgiving bears illustration

Nice full ftpg. illus. of: "Chester Alan Arthur" with text inside. Doublepg. centerfold: "The Return of the Native". A half page print shows two views of: "The New Statue of Washington for Philadelphia". A near full page print by Thomas Nast: &q... See More  

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Death of John Hancock in his hometown newspaper...

Item #669166

October 09, 1793

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Oct. 9, 1793  Curiously, the ftpg. includes "A Proclamation for a Day of Public Thanksgiving By His Excellency John Hancock, Governor..." carrying over to pg. 2 where it is signed by him in type: John Hancock.

Contrast this with a page 3 report headed: "Yesterday departed this life, His Excellency JOHN HANCOCK..."with more, set in type that is ... See More  

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A very early baseball board game...

Item #667757

December 08, 1866

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, Dec. 8, 1866  The full front page has 3 prints of: "Laying the Corner Stone of the New Masonic Temple at Baltimore, Maryland.

Inside has a fascinating halfpg. print of: "The New & Beautiful Parlor Divertisement of Base-Ball." showing a family playing a board game themed on baseball. There is also a related article: "The Parlor... See More  

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Early electricity experiments... Great map of Italy...

Item #667115
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, March, 1747 

* Foldout map of Italy

* Foldout plate of Westminster Hall

* Song celebrates battle of Culloden victory

* Early electricity experiments

One of the better articles in this issue is: "Considerations on the State of the Spanish Affairs in their American Dominions" which takes over 2 pages.

Over a full pg. is taken up with: &q... See More  

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Fall of Fort Donelson... Proclamation by Jefferson Davis...

Item #666384

February 27, 1862

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, Feb. 27, 1862 

* Fall of Fort Donelson, Tennessee

* Jefferson Davis proclamation

* From the capital of the Confederacy

A very nice newspaper from the capital of the Confederate States of America.

The front page is entirely taken up with advertisements and notices. The inside pages are rich in war-related reports including: "The Fall of Fort Don... See More  

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