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Attendees on the way to the Gettysburg dedication...

Item #681892

November 19, 1863

SPRINGFIELD REPUBLICAN, Massachusetts, Nov. 19, 1863

* Ceremony at the Gettysburg battlefield

* Abraham Lincoln's starts journey

 Page 3 has a seemingly inconspicuous and innocuous report, but one which would have much more meaning in American history than anyone on that date could possibly imagine.

Headed: "The National Cemetery Dedication - A Large Attendance Expected"... See More  

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The Gettysburg Address on front page...

Item #676018

November 20, 1863

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Nov. 20, 1863

* President Abraham Lincoln

* Gettysburg Address at battlefield cemetery

It would be difficult to argue for a more notable or desirable newspaper from the Civil War. Combine the complete text of the historic Gettysburg Address by President Abraham Lincoln, with this famous newspaper published by Horace Greeley, a Lincoln supporter, with the content being on t... See More  

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The Gettysburg Address...

Item #675845

November 28, 1863


* President Abraham Lincoln

* Gettysburg Address at battlefield cemetery

Page 3 contains a report headed: "The Gettysburg Ceremonies" "Description of the Battle-Field and Consecration Exercises" as well as one of the most memorable speeches ever given by a President.

The article takes nearly two columns and contains much rep... See More  

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Considerable reporting on the Battle of Gettysburg...

Item #662126

July 10, 1863

THE MEMPHIS DAILY APPEAL, Atlanta, Georgia, July 10, 1863 

* Very Rare Confederate title from the "traveling" newspaper

* Battle of the Gettysburg - Robert E. Lee vs. Meade

If the title and city of publication seem to be in conflict, they are not. This newspaper had a fascinating history during the Civil War. Memphis was a Confederate stronghold up through the Battle of Memp... See More  

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John Wilkes Booth appears at Ford's Theater... The date Lincoln attended the performance!

Item #655133

November 09, 1863

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Nov. 9, 1863 

* Abraham Lincoln attends Ford's Theatre (day of)

* Actor John Wilkes Booth performs

A terrific issue with one of the more ironic twists of history, and only to be found in a newspaper from Washington, D.C.

Near the top of the front page is a great article headed: "Ford's New Theatre" which includes in pa... See More  

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Sherman at Chattanooga...

Item #614602

November 18, 1863

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Nov. 18, 1863  This was the day before the Gettysburg Address. Among  the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "Reconnaissance To the Rapidan" "Sharp Artillery Engagement" "Slight Loss on Our Side" "Gen. Sherman's Entire Corps at Chattanooga" "The Rebel Battery on Look-Out Mountain at Work" "Re-Enforcem... See More  

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Lincoln giving the Gettysburg Address...

Item #177031

February 10, 1900

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, February 10, 1900  Full page Remington: "The War In South Africa - A Close Call For Rimington's Scouts". Doublepage centerfold illustration "Lincoln's Address At Gettysburg, November 19, 1863". This also contains numerous news articles of the day. See photos for full details.

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Report on the Gettysburg Address...

Item #172734

December 05, 1863

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Dec. 5, 1863  The entire front page shows: "The President's Hymn--Give Thanks, All Ye People". However, the most notable content is likely the detailed report of Abraham Lincoln's address at Gettysburg. While the actual address is not provided, considerable details and the rarity of reports make this worthy of interest (see image). The article ... See More  

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Picket's Charge, 25 years later...

Item #175306

July 07, 1888

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, July 7, 1888  Nice fullpg: "The Fourth of July in a Southern Town" shows Blacks. Nice & dramatic doublepage centerfold: "Pickett's Charge", from Philippoteaux's "Battle of Gettysburg" is very displayable. Fullpg: "The Workers & Their Dwellings; at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Coke Ovens" is also displayable. ... See More  

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Thomas Nast print on April Fool's Day...

Item #172768

April 02, 1864

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 2, 1864  The full front page has: "The Soldiers' Cemetery at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania" and prints of: "General William F. Smith" & "Brigadier-General Henry E. Davies". Inside has a full page print by Thomas Nast captioned: "General Sherman's Rear-Guard" shows many slaves. Other prints include: "Major... See More  

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President in Atlanta... Siberia... Oberlin College... Baseball...

Item #175234

October 29, 1887

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, October 29, 1887  Full front pg. illus. of "The Presidential Train Approaching Atlanta." Inside are two 1/6 pg. portraits of "Signor Francisco Crispi, Premier of the Italian Ministry" and "The Late Elihu B. Washburne." 1/3 pg. illus. of "Dedication of the Statue of General Meade in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, October 18, 1887... See More  

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Crater Lake in the Cascade Mountains...

Item #176162

September 19, 1896

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Sept. 19, 1896  Nice fullpg. shows: 'Wm. McKinley in his Library, Canton, Ohio'. Very dramatic & displayable doublepage centerfold: 'High Tide at Gettysburg' shows a dramatic charge of the Confederates. Nearly halfpg. illus., plus text, on 'Crater Lake & Cone, Cascade Mountains'

Complete issue.

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The university at Topeka, Kansas...

Item #175520

July 26, 1890

HARPER'S WEEKLY, July 26, 1890 Full ftpg: 'The Late Gen. John C. Fremont'. Fullpg: 'Incidents of the Newfoundland Fisheries Dispute' Great fullpg: 'Camping in the Woods' is displayable. Halfpg: 'The New University Building at Topeka' & 'The Approach of the Tornado' at Minneapolis, Minn.

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Show dogs...

Item #175894

February 24, 1894

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, February 24, 1894  Front full pg. portrait of "Hon. George F. Hoar, United States Senator from Massachusetts."

Inside is a full pg. illus. of "The United States Supreme Court and Its Robing Room." Four small portraits of "Hon. Thomas S. Martin, Thomas B. Ferguson, Hon. A. J. McLaurin, and George W. Childs Drexel." 1/6 pg. portrait ... See More  

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