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From rough & tumble Deadwood, Dakota Territory...

Item #668707

June 20, 1882

BLACK HILLS DAILY PIONEER, Deadwood City, Black Hills, Nov. 24, 1878 

* Very rare & desired publication

* Famous wild West town

* "Wild Bill" Hickok fame

This city would arguably be--along with Tombstone & Dodge City--one of the more famous of all the towns from the rough & tumble days of the Old West, and only rarely do such issues come to light.

This issue is ... See More  

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Deadwood and Sidney described...

Item #649385

May 27, 1878


* Sidney, Nebraska & Deadwood, South Dakota

The ftpg. has column heads: "HE NEW EL DORADO" "Sights & Incidents During a Trip to the Black Hills" "Sidney and Deadwood Described by an Observant Traveler". A very descriptive article on Deadwood and Sidney, the latter being in Nebraska. Sidney is described in part... See More  

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Robbed in Deadwood by five masked men...

Item #613083

August 03, 1878

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, Aug. 3, 1878  The front page has: "Murderous Robbers - A Virginia Storekeeper & his Mother-in-Law Shot by Negroes" "Kearney And Butler Talk" "Deadwood - A Milkman Encounters Five Road Agents" and more.

Eight pages, nice condition.

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The coming inauguration... Life in the Black Hills...

Item #583126

March 03, 1877

PUBLIC LEDGER, Memphis Tennessee, March 3, 1877 

* Ulysses S. Grant arrives in  Washington D.C.

A page 3 report has column heads; "The Inauguration" "President Grant Gives a Reception--His Delight at so Soon to be Relieved" and "The Capital Rapidly Filling up with Visitors" (see photos). The front page has an article: "Life In The Black Hills&quo... See More  

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Item #174082

October 28, 1876

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, October 28, 1876  Famous full front page Thomas Nast political cartoon: 'Willie, We Have Missed You!', and another great fullpg. Nast cartoon shows a large Republican elephant "The Elephant Walks Around - and the Still Hunt is Nearly Over". A famous Black-related Nast doublepage centerfold: "He Wants A Change Too" showing a Black with... See More  

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