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Suffragist leader, Tennie Claflin, is married into royalty...

Item #673564

February 16, 1888

GREENSBORO NORTH STATE, North Carolina, Feb. 16, 1888  The front page has an interesting article on the notable Tennessee (Tennie) Claflin, who with her sister, Victoria Woodhull, were leading women's suffrage leaders. The article is headed: "Viscountess Of Montserrat" "Well Remembered Tennie C. Claflin Bears that Title and is Visiting Here".

Eight pages, very nice co... See More  

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America's graphic newspaper...

Item #673531

May 04, 1875

THE DAILY GRAPHIC, New York, May 4, 1875  The full ftpg. is a political cartoon: "A Yankee Cadi In The Court Of The Pharoahs". Pages 4 and 5 have various prints as well.

Eight pages, good condition.

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Jefferson Davis is captured...

Item #673458

May 14, 1865

NEW YORK TIMES, May 14, 1865  A very historic issue with larger column heads than typical: "GLORIOUS ! " "JEFF. DAVIS CAPTURED" "Official Announcement by Secretary Stanton" "Davis and His Family Surprised at Irwinsville" "The Fourth Michigan Cavalry are the Fortunate Boys" "They Surround the Arch Rebel at Daylight on Wednesday" "... See More  

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New York pawnbrokers...

Item #673425

May 06, 1875

THE DAILY GRAPHIC, New York, May 6, 1875  The full ftpg. is a political cartoon of: "The Belligerent Speaker of New York's House of Commons", Jeremiah McGuire.

Among the prints inside are 7 concerning: "New York Pawnbrokers" "The Flower Seller" " 'Rapid Transit' In Berlin" and a few more.

Eight pages, some minor margin tears, nice conditio... See More  

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By the Shaker Community...

Item #673417
THE SHAKER, Shakers, New York, and Shaker Village, New Hampshire, September, 1876 

* Uncommon publication

A monthly publication "Published By The United Societies" for those in the Shaker community, quite famous today for the style of furniture they produced.

Much religious content including: "Our Saviour" "Discipline of Goodness" "Is Woman Any Longer... See More  

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Very first automobile advertisement...

Item #673416

September 10, 1898

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, September 10, 1898 

* 1st ever automobile advertisement (historic)

* Horseless carriage

A very significant issue in the history of automobiles, as the noted reference work "Kane's Famous First Facts" records that the first automobile advertisement ever published in America is on the back page (not the very first appearance, which was in the ... See More  

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Print of a baseball player...

Item #673397

August 18, 1866

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER, New York, Aug. 18, 1866  Inside has a nice one column print of baseball player: "G. A. Flagg, Cambridge B.B. Club, Cambridge, Mass." with a related article headed: "Our Base Ball Illustrations" .

The front page has a nice print captioned: "The Town of Heart's Content, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, the Terminus of the Atlanti... See More  

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Dramatic headline from the Spanish-American War...

Item #673392

April 23, 1898

THE BOSTON DAILY GLOBE--The Globe Extra! 8 O'Clock, April 23, 1898  A bold headline with a political cartoon featuring Uncle Sam: "SECOND PRIZE" "U.S. Warships Blockade Ports On Cuban Coast" with other subheads.

Complete in 12 pages but two leaves are bound out of order. Good condition.

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Dedication ceremonies at the Bull Run battlefield...

Item #673379

June 13, 1865

NEW YORK HERALD, June 13, 1865 

* Battle of Bull Run monuments

* Manassas, Virginia dedication

Front page first column heads include: "Bull Run" "The Final Victory on the First Battle Field of the Rebellion" "The Dead Heroes of Manassas" "Interesting Ceremonies of Dedicating the Monuments Marking the Resting Place of Our Braves" "The Herald&... See More  

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Jefferson Davis' 1868 Trial...

Item #673353

December 05, 1868

THE NEW YORK TIMES, December 5, 1868

* Double jeopardy

The front page has one column headings: "The Trial Of Jeff. Davis" "Proceedings in the Court at Richmond--Argument to Quash the Indictments Under the Fourteenth Amendment". Coverage on the start of his trial that never happened. The treason charge would be dropped.

Other news of the day. Complete in 8 pages, nice co... See More  

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Wagon Box Fight... Red Cloud's War...

Item #673351

August 15, 1867

THE NEW YORK TIMES, August 15, 1867

* Wagon Box Fight... Red Cloud's War

* Fort Phil Kearny, Wyoming

The front page has a small one column  heading: "Encounter with the Savages near Fort Kearny--The Indians Routed" 1st report coverage on the Wagon Box Fight during Red Cloud's War.

Other news of the day. Complete in 8 pages, some printing flaws including one in the me... See More  

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The Women's International Council is formed...

Item #673312

April 05, 1888

GREENSBORO NORTH STATE, North Carolina, April 5, 1888  The front page has a report on the historic 1st meeting of the International Council of Women which was held in Washington, D.C., and was presided over by Susan B. Anthony. The front has: "THE WOMEN'S COUNCIL ENDED", followed by considerable details of the meeting. The article states the closing session began with prayer, en... See More  

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National Thanksgiving Day... Tillie Smith Monument from Hackettstown, NJ...

Item #673310

November 24, 1887

GREENSBORO NORTH STATE, North Carolina, Nov. 24, 1887  The front page has an account of the Tillie Smith Monument in Hackettstown, NJ Included is print of Tillie and of the monument that was going to be dedicated on Thanksgiving Day.

Page 7 has many short articles covering Thanksgiving for anyone including: "NATIONAL THANKSGIVING DAY" ,"A CITY THANKSGIVING", &qu... See More  

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Hanging of the four anarchists of the Haymarket Riot...

Item #673292

November 17, 1887

GREENSBORO NORTH STATE, North Carolina, Nov. 17, 1887

* re. Haymarket Affair riot massacre

* Anarchists hanged - executed

The front page has a detailed account of the hanging of the 4 anarchists of the Haymarket Riot, Spies, Fischer, Parsons, and Engel. Included are prints of each, as well as a print: "Preparing the Gallows".

The column heads: "THE DROP FALLS" "Spi... See More  

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Death of Robert E. Lee, in a Southern newspaper...

Item #673290

October 13, 1870

THE GREENSBORO PATRIOT, North Carolina, Oct. 13, 1870 

* Robert E. Lee death

* Confederate leader

All columns on pages 2 & 3 have black mourning rules for the death of Robert E. Lee.

Among the articles inside are " Dead" which has near the beginning: "...with the mournful intelligence that Robt. E. Lee is no more. This sad announcement will wring a wail of grief fro... See More  

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Mediumship expose... Spiritualist

Item #673268

February 17, 1878

THE DAILY MEMPHIS AVALANCHE, Tennessee, Feb. 17, 1878

* Mediumship - Spiritualism

* Spirits of the dead

This uncommon title is larger than normal newspapers of the day which measures 28 x 21 inches. The back page has an article headed: "The Trans-Death Courier" "How Foster, the 'Medium,' Just Would Kill Two Very Live Men '" See image for text here.

Other new... See More  

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Very first appearance of Walt Whitman's poem "A Prairie Sunset"...

Item #673170

March 09, 1888

NEW YORK HERALD, March 9, 1888 

* Walt Whitman's "A Prairie Sunset" poem - 1st appearance

Page 6 has a poem titled: "A Prairie Sunset", signed in block type, WALT WHITMAN .

This is the very first appearance of this poem as verified by the Walt Whitman Archive. It is very significant as such.  It would later appear in his noteworthy compilation, "Leaves... See More  

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Ten issues from Peoria, Illinois...

Item #673149

December 04, 1884

THE PEORIA DAILY FREEMAN, Illinois, 1884  A lot of ten issues of this typical daily newspapers. Each complete in four pages but cleanly cut at the spine. Some browning at the margins & minimal margin wear, generally good condition.

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Nice map of the Boston fire...

Item #673133

November 11, 1872

NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 11, 1872 

* The great Boston Fire w/ ftpg. map

* One of most costly fires in U.S. history

The front page is dominated by a very nice & large: "MAP OF THE BURNT DISTRICT. Showing the Extend of the Great Fire in the City of Boston, Covering 65 Acres of Ground and 700 Buildings." Plus nice first column heads as well including: "BOSTON" "T... See More  

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Clam bake... Mining in Colorado...

Item #673109

July 15, 1871

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, July 15, 1871 The front cover contains a half page illustration "Yachting  - At the Helm" along with two smaller illustrations of the Cape May Regatta prizes.

Within the issue is a full page contain two prints of the Clam Bake at Round Island, Connecticut; a nearly half-page print of the Gulch Mining at Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado; a half ... See More  

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The "Colored Convention" at Columbia SC...

Item #673092

October 25, 1871

NEW YORK HERALD, Oct. 25, 1871 

* Southern Colored Convention

* Post Civil War Negroes - blacks

Page 3 has a one column heading: "COLORED NATIONAL CONVENTION" with subheads. (see)

Complete with 12 pages, a little irregular along the spine, nice condition.

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1871 Chinese massacre....

Item #673091

October 26, 1871

THE NEW YORK HERALD, October 26, 1871

* Anti- Chinese riot massacre

* Chinatown hangings

* Los Angeles, California

The top of page 7: "The California Vigilants" "Bloody Chinese Riot in Los Angeles" "Sixteen Chinese Hung by a Mob--One Woman and Three Men Shot" (see) First report coverage on the Chinese massacre of 1871 in Los Angeles, California.

Other news of... See More  

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This paper lasted but two issues... A supplement as well...

Item #673039

March 01, 1870

THE NELSON CLARION, New Hampshire, March, 1870  This is the volume 1, number 1 issue of an exceeding rare newspaper. In fact the only other date which existed was May, 1871, which was volume 1 number 2. "Union List of Newspapers" notes only  two institutions have this title, neither being the American Antiquarian Society.

Also included is a small "Supplement" of the ... See More  

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Baseball champions...

Item #672984

May 16, 1885

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, May 16, 1885  The entire ftpg. shows: 'Vesuvius In Eruption'. The prime print would be the full page captioned: "Champion Baseball Players" showing portraits of twelve players from various baseball teams, including James O'Rourke, John Ward, Joseph Hornung, William Ewing, and others.

Among other prints in the issue are: "The Twelfth R... See More  

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Great full page baseball print... Rare Bocce Ball print...

Item #672981

August 31, 1889

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, Aug. 31, 1889  The full ftpg. is a nice print: "At Lake George Landing--Saluting the Passengers".

But likely the most significant print is a great full page: "A Base-Ball Incident--Caught Between The Bases" which shows a player caught in a rundown.

Other good prints include a half page: "Gioca Di Bocci--Summer Afternoon Scen... See More  

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Jeff Davis, voting for African-Americans...

Item #672978

December 22, 1865

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Dec. 22, 1865  Among the front page column heads are: "The Case of Jeff. Davis" "Endorsing the President's Annual Message" "Negro Suffrage in the District" "The Constitutional Amendment" and more.

Eight pages, never bound nor trimmed, good condition.

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Early photo of this very historic building in Honolulu...

Item #672913

November 18, 1890

HAWAIIAN GAZETTE, Honolulu, November 18, 1890 

* Rare 19th century Hawaiian publication

Nineteenth century newspapers from Hawaii are extremely uncommon and therefore very desirable among collectors. Here is such an issue from what is now the capital city of Hawaii, and from when Hawaii was known as the Kingdom of Hawaii.

The front page features a rather large photo of: "The Gover... See More  

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Did Edwin Booth kill the President? Reconstruction...

Item #672829

June 11, 1865

NEW YORK HERALD, June 11, 1865 

* Trial of the conspirators

* Edwin Booth ?

The front page has: "The Trial - The Evidence on Saturday" being that of the Lincoln conspirators. One bit notes: "...after the assassination of the President I heard...that it was Edwin Booth who assassinated the President..." with more

Page 2 has much on Reconstruction including:
... See More  

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Livingstone is found, reported in the newspaper which financed the search...

Item #672815

May 03, 1872

NEW YORK HERALD, May 3, 1872 

* David Livingstone found

* Henry Morton Stanley

James Gorden Bennett, this newspaper's publisher, capitalized on the 19th century fascination with Africa & the whereabouts of explorer Dr. David Livingstone by hiring journalist Henry Stanley to search for him. Livingstone had ventured to Africa in 1865 for a 2 year expedition with little heard from... See More  

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Exploring the American West... Front page map...

Item #672805

January 23, 1865

NEW YORK HERALD, Jan. 23, 1865 

* Mining the West - Colorado map

* Final months of the Civil War

The front page id dominated by a huge map headed: "THE SPECIE BASIS OF THE REPUBLIC--Map Showing the Parks of Colorado, Fringed with Auriferous Mountains--Central Position of the Isothermal Belt Around the Earth" plus over half of the first column is taken up with various heads co... See More  

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Rare newspaper printed on board a transcontinental train...

Item #672794

June 25, 1870

TRANS-CONTINENTAL, San Francisco, California, June 25, 1870 

* First Transcontinental Railroad "Overland Route"

* Very first excursion published newspaper (#7)

This is a very fascinating newspaper, borne in the ingenious mind of a publisher who decided to take a small printing press on board the first transcontinental railroad excursion and publish 6 issues westbound and 6 is... See More  

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A rare print of Kit Carson, with a nice article on him as well...

Item #672765

August 01, 1854


* Kit Carson - frontiersman

Phrenology is a theory stating that the personality traits of a person can be derived from the shape of the skull. Although holding no validity today, it was a popular science in the mid-19th century and this periodical focused on it.

Inside has a great article, including a rare print, of: "Kit Car... See More  

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From the "heyday" of Asbury Park, New Jersey...

Item #672748

July 31, 1888

THE DAILY PRESS, Asbury Park & Ocean Grove, New Jersey, July 31, 1888 

* From this tourist mecca of the 19th century
* Famous hotels in illustrated ads

An interesting newspaper from these once-famous vacation meccas on the Jersey coast, containing various news of the day with an emphasis on tourism-related items. Page 2 has: "History of Asbury Park" taking ov
... See More  

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Efforts to get Virginia readmitted to the Union after the Civil War...

Item #672697

January 22, 1870

NEW YORK TIMES, Jan. 22, 1870  The front page begins with over a column of reporting on the re-admission of Virginia into the Union after the Civil War.

Heads include: "Congress" "Action at Last in the Senate on the Virginia Question" "A Bill for Admission Passed by a Vote of 48 to 10" "Unconditional Admission of the State Denied" and more.

Conditiona... See More  

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Nice trout fishing print... Scenes on the Mississippi...

Item #672695

June 10, 1871

EVERY SATURDAY, Boston, June 10, 1871  Inside has a very ice full page print by J.S. Davis: "Trouting" showing two men fishing. Also two pages of: "On The Mississippi" which has 5 prints including: "A Creole Pedagogue" "The Landing Near Bonnet Carre" "A Deer-Chase on the Mississippi" and "A Submerged Plantation". A full page of scene... See More  

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1876 Molly Maguires murder trial at Mauch Chunk...

Item #672689

February 19, 1876

THE NEW YORK HERALD, Feb. 19, 1876

* Molly Maguires murder trial

* Mauch Chunk - Pennsylvania

The top of page 3 has small one column headings: "The Molly Maguires" "The Jones Murder...." (see)

Complete with 10 pages, a little spine wear, generally very nice.

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1870 Raid on the Arapaho... Wyoming...

Item #672685

April 15, 1870

THE NEW YORK HERALD, April 15, 1870

* Raid on the Arapaho

* Indians - Native Americans

Page 7 has a somewhat brief report under the small headings: "The Redskins" "Fight with the Wyoming Indians..." (see)

Complete with 12 pages, a little irregular along the spine, generally nice.

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1873 Vienna World's Fair opens...

Item #672665

May 03, 1873


* 1873 Vienna World's Fair opens

* Austria-Hungary capital exposition

The top of page 3 has many one column headings: "VIENNA" "Grand Opening of the World's Fair" "A May-Day Greeting from the Old World" "Science The Master Of The World" "Louise Muhlbach's Account" "OUR VIENNA VICTORY" a... See More  

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The very beginning of the Financial Panic of 1873...

Item #672650

September 18, 1873

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Sept. 18, 1873. This issue has fine early coverage on what became known as the "Panic of 1873" - which was precipitated by the bankruptcy of the banking firm of Jay Cooke and Company.

There is an article on pg. five, "PANIC IN STOCKS - GREAT EXCITEMENT IN THE STREET YESTERDAY", which takes nearly a full column of text. Another somewhat related article appea... See More  

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Financial Panic of 1873...

Item #672646

September 23, 1873

THE WORLD, NEW YORK, Sept. 23, 1873  This issue has fine follow up coverage on what became known as: "The Panic of 1873", which was precipitated by the bankruptcy of the banking firm of Jay Cooke and Company.

There are several reports with one column head including; "A BRIGHTER PROSPECT - BETTER FEELING IN WALL STREET ...", "JAY COOKE & CO. - A STATEMENT OF ASSET... See More  

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Whaling disaster of 1871....

Item #672644

November 14, 1871

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, November 14, 1871

* Whaling disaster of 1871

* Bowhead whales hunting

* Arctic ice jam

Page 5 has an article headed: "The Destruction Of The Arctic Whaling Fleet" "Twelve Hundred Seamen Wrecked--Great Loss OF Life...." and list of the ships lost. Text takes up just over a full column.

Other news of the day. Complete in 8 pages, minor margin wear, gene... See More  

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P. T. Barnum circus advertisement from 1873...

Item #672632

October 03, 1873


* P.T. Phineas Barnum ad

The photo shows the nice back page ad for " P. T. Barnum's Great Traveling Museum Menagerie" which includes a portrait of Mr. Barnum and various details about the attractions and performances. The ad takes two-thirds of the column.

Eight pages, minor ftpg. staining, overall good condition.... See More  

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Edison Electric - Converting from gas to electric illumination: the work begins...

Item #672627

September 05, 1882

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Sept. 5, 1882 

* New York City illuminated by electric lights

* New York Times building is one the first lighted

The back page has a rather notable report on the beginning of the conversion of illumination by gas to illumination by electricity, headed: "Electricity Instead Of Gas".

The report begins: "Many persons...that pour down Fulton St....had thei... See More  

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1870 voting rights for African Americans......

Item #672621

April 26, 1870

THE NEW YORK HERALD, April 26, 1870

* 15th Fifteenth Amendment taking effect

* Voting rights for blacks in America

Page 5 has reporting concerning the recent enacting of the 15th Amendment with heading: "WASHINGTON" "Bill to Enforce the Fifteenth Amendment" (see)

Complete with 16 pages, minor spine wear, nice condition.... See More  

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1873 Dixon, Illinois bridge disaster...

Item #672618

May 05, 1873


* Dixon, Illinois

* Truesdell Bridge collapse

* Baptism ceremony disaster

The top of page 7 has one column headings that include: "FEARFUL LOSS OF LIFE" "A Bridge Over Rock River, Illinois, Falls with Two Hundred Persons" "Wild And Terrible Scene" "Fifty-one Dead Bodies Taken from the Stream" and more and partial list... See More  

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Very displayable front page on the Spanish-American War...

Item #672603

April 25, 1898

NEW YORK JOURNAL, April 25, 1898  The entire front page is taken up with a wealth of headlines and subheads on the Spanish-American War, plus a nice graphic  captioned: "How The Patrol Fleet Will Protect New York Harbor".


Present are the outer leaves of the first (of two) secti... See More  

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Bridge at Harlem...

Item #672594

September 02, 1865

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, Sept. 2, 1865  Inside has a half page print of: "The Present Condition Of The New Iron Bridge, Harlem, New York".  A full page shows: "The Grand Annual Picnic and Excursion Of The New Jersey Farmers and Their Families To Raritan Bay, Amboy New Jersey On Saturday, August 19."  And a full page with 4 prints of: "The Frightfu... See More  

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Baseball scenes... Texarkana...

Item #672593

May 03, 1890

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER, New York, May 3, 1890  The full ftpg. is a nice cartoon: "Trying to Convince the President--A Sketch in the White House from Life".

Among prints inside: "May Day in Central Park" "KoKo-Ko-Ho, the Largest Canoe Ever Seen in New York Waters"; a full page with 11 prints of buildings: "Views in Texarkana, Arkansas and Texas&q... See More  

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Early & very nice newspaper from San Diego...

Item #672584

September 29, 1871

SAN DIEGO DAILY UNION, California, Sept. 29, 1871 

* Old Wild West Original

* Interesting Advertisements

Very early from San Diego--a volume 2 issue--when the population was just 2300, with a nice engraving of the harbor in the masthead.  All four pages have various news tidbits of the day, including local, regional, and national reports. A great wealth of advertisements as well, ... See More  

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"Our Army and Navy in the Philippines"... Golf centerfold by A. B. Frost...

Item #672578

September 17, 1898

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Sept. 17, 1898  Full front page illus. of "Our Army and Navy in the Philippines" showing Admiral Dewey & General Merritt on the flagship 'Olympia'.

Inside has two full pages of illus. of "Scenes at Camp Wikoff." Full pg. illus. of "On a Homeward-Bound Transport from Cuba."

Doublepage centerfold of "I've Played... See More  

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