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LSU Tigers win 2003 college football title...

Item #673855

January 05, 2004


* LSU - Louisiana State University

* Wins Sugar Bowel vs. Oklahoma

* Wins National Championship

* Nick Saban's first college football title

Near the bottom of the front page is a three column color photo of Nick Saban celebrating his first national championship with his players. Also a heading: "LSU Defeats Oklahoma; USC Beats BCS" (see)

The... See More  

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Washington Redskins win NFL title...

Item #673594

December 14, 1942

THE TIMES PICAYUNE, New Orleans, Louisiana, December 14, 1942

* Washington Redskins win NFL title

* NFL football championship

* Chicago Bears upset

This 32 page newspaper has a six column headline on page 18: "Washington Beats Chicago Bears in Amazing Upset" with subheads that include: "REDSKINS GET REVENGE FOR 73-0 TRIMMING." Additional details are provided, which incl... See More  

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The Women's International Council is formed...

Item #673312

April 05, 1888

GREENSBORO NORTH STATE, North Carolina, April 5, 1888  The front page has a report on the historic 1st meeting of the International Council of Women which was held in Washington, D.C., and was presided over by Susan B. Anthony. The front has: "THE WOMEN'S COUNCIL ENDED", followed by considerable details of the meeting. The article states the closing session began with prayer, en... See More  

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Editor expresses his anger against the Yankees...

Item #672798

August 24, 1864

RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, Aug. 24, 1864 

* Rare rebel publication

The front page has: "The War News" beginning: "There is nothing new from Petersburg...The enemy are still upon the Weldon railroad...The battle of last Sunday was not half the battle we at one time thought it...". Also: "The Situation at Mobile" with subheads: "A Naval Skirmish" ... See More  

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1873 Colfax, Louisiana massacre.....

Item #672437

April 15, 1873

THE NEW YORK HERALD, April 15, 1873

* Colfax massacre - riot

* Grant Parish, Louisiana

The top of page 7 has one column headings: "The Negro Riot In Louisiana" "Colfax Grant Parish in Possession of the Negroes--A Reign of Terror--The Whites Arming for Resistance" (see)

Complete with 16 pages, nice condition.... See More  

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The Long Expedition to the Rocky Mountains... LaFayette...

Item #672075

October 05, 1822

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Oct. 5, 1822 

* Long's Expedition of 1820

* Great plains - Rocky Mountains

Inside has: "Expedition to the Rocky Mountains" prefaced with: "Extracts from the history of the expedition from Pittsburg to the Rocky Mountains, in the year 1819 under command of major Long." The expedition of Major Stephen H. Long--the first scien... See More  

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Confederate title from Richmond...

Item #671520

February 10, 1863

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, February 10, 1863 

* Capital of the Confederacy

The ftpg. includes: "From Fredericksburg" which begins: "The path to Heaven is not more straight & narrow than that of a correspondent from the seat of war...The indications of activity in the Yankee army still continue..." and much more. Also on the ftpg: "City Intelligence&q... See More  

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Great MIssissippi Flood of 1874... Louisiana...

Item #670011

April 24, 1874

THE NEW YORK HERALD, April 24, 1874

* The Great Mississippi Flood of 1874

* Lower Mississippi Valley - Louisiana

The top of page 7 has one column headings: "THE MISSISSIPPI FLOOD" "Piteous Appeals of the Suffering People for Aid" "Hundreds Of Families Destitute" and more. (see)

Other news of the day. Complete with 12 pages, nice condition.

wikipedia notes:... See More  

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1874 Battle of Liberty Place... New Orleans...

Item #669944

September 15, 1874

THE NEW YORK HERALD, September 15, 1874

* Battle of Liberty Place (1st report)

* New Orleans LA Lousiana

* John McEnery & William Pitt Kellogg

* Confederate veterans

The top of page 7 has one column headings: "REVOLUTION" "A Fight in the Streets of New Orleans" "Twenty or Thirty Policemen and Six or Eight Citizens Killed" "Kellogg's Abdication De... See More  

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1870 Jem Mace vs. Tom Allen... boxing championship...

Item #669570

May 11, 1870


* Boxers Jem Mace vs. Tom Allen

* Heavyweight boxing championship

* Kennerville, Louisiana

The top of page 3 has one column headings that include: "THE PRIZE RING" "Result of the Mill Between Mace and Allen Near New Orleans" "Allen Badly Thrashed in Ten Heavy Rounds" and more. (see) Text takes up almost 3 full columns includi... See More  

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Dealing with Pinckney's Treaty and the borders in the South...

Item #669099

August 09, 1797

THOMAS'S MASSACHUSETTS SPY OR WORCESTER GAZETTE, Aug. 9, 1797  The entire front page is taken up with various correspondences between Manuel Gayoso de Lemos, the governor of Spanish Louisiana at the time, and Piercy S. Pope, the commander of the US. troops in the Mississippi region. Their correspondences deal with enforcement of the Treaty of San Lorenzo, or Pinckney's Treaty, between... See More  

Item from Catalog 321 (released for August, 2022)...

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From West Baton Rouge...

Item #668252

May 29, 1886

THE SUGAR PLANTER, West Baton Rouge, Louisiana, May 29, 1886 

* From the deep South

A quite uncommon title from the South. We had a few issues from the first year of the Civil War. this this is the first of a post-war issue.

Various news & ads off the day, four pages, never bound nor trimmed, nice condition.... See More  

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Some great content on the Burr Conspiracy...

Item #668131

January 28, 1807

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Jan. 28, 1807 

* Colonel Aaron Burr

The ftpg. has a notable Proclamation signed by William Claiborne, gov. of the Louisiana Territory, concerning the Burr Conspiracy. It begins: "Whereas I have received information that certain persons are combining & confederating in a traitorous project to subvert the authority of the government of th... See More  

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Early American title from the French & Indian War...

Item #667759

May 13, 1762


* Rare Colonial Massachusetts

* St. Augustine, Florida

This is a much later issue of America's first successful newspaper, founded in 1704.

The top of the ftpg. has a nice recruiting advertisements to enlist soldiers to fight in the on-going French & Indian War: "For Recruiting His Majesty's Regular Forc... See More  

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Jefferson's state-of-the-union address...

Item #667492

November 21, 1804

CONNECTICUT COURANT, Hartford, Nov. 21, 1804

* President Thomas Jefferson

* State of the Union Address

* Early 19th century original

Fully half of page 2 is taken up with the state-of-the-union address of the President headed: "President's Message", signed in type at its conclusion: Th. Jefferson.

A portion of his address deals with the new Louisiana Territory just purchase... See More  

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Thomas Jefferson's inaugural address...

Item #667482

March 14, 1805

BOSTON GAZETTE, March 14, 1805 

* President Thomas Jefferson

* Inauguration - inaugural address

Page 2 has the lengthy: "President Jefferson's Speech" which is his inaugural address, introduced with: "This day, at 12 o'clock, Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States, took the oath of office & delivered the following Inaugural Speech..." which tak... See More  

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Confederate New Orleans...

Item #667192

January 23, 1862

THE DAILY DELTA, New Orleans, Louisiana, Jan. 23, 1862

* Rare Confederate title from the deep South

* News from Richmond, Pensacola, forts Henry & Donelson

Front page has: "Letter From Richmond" "From Pensacola". Inside has: "The Government & the War" "Late Northern Intelligence""From Our Army in the West" "Affairs at Forts Hen... See More  

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Jefferson falling out of favor in Virginia...

Item #666965

April 06, 1802

THE BALANCE & COLUMBIAN REPOSITORY, Hudson, New York, April 6, 1802 

* President Thomas Jefferson

* Losing popularity in Virginia ?

Over a full page is taken up with an interesting letter: "To my Fellow Citizens of Richmond" signed by: James Rind. It is prefaced with: "Mr. Jefferson is said to be losing his popularity in Virginia as fast as he acquired it, and the fo... See More  

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Spanish taking over New Orleans...

Item #666933

July 26, 1766

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, July 26, 1766 

* Louisiana Rebellion - Creole revolt

* Spanish Occupation of New Orleans

Inside has a report headed: "America" with a Charleston, S.C. dateline. There are several news items, one of which notes: "...that the Spanish governor...was arrived at New Orleans in order to take possession of that place..." with more on the Fren... See More  

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Terry Bradshaw drafted... Pittsburgh Steelers...

Item #666800

January 27, 1970

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Springfield, Massachusetts, January 27, 1970 

* Terry Bradshaw - Louisiana Tech Bulldogs

* Pittsburgh Steelers 1st pick in draft (day of)

This 34 page newspaper has a three column headline on page 22: "Do Steelers Want Bradshaw ?" with caption "Answer Comes Today"

Coverage on the NFL draft in which Terry Bradshaw was likely to be the first ... See More  

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Huey Long becomes dictator of Louisiana...

Item #666569

September 08, 1934

NEW-YORK TIMES, September 8, 1934


* Louisiana Senator

* Huey Long as dictator

* The Kingfish

The top of the front page has a one column heading: "2,000 TROOPS MOVE INTO NEW ORLEANS; LONG IS 'DICTATOR'" with subheads. (see) Lengthy text continues inside.

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete in 30 pages, light toning at the margins, mi
... See More  

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Vengeance for the murder of Colonel Dahlgren...

Item #665958

March 13, 1864

NEW YORK TIMES, March 13, 1864  Among the ftpg. column heads on the Civil War are: "GEN. BUTLER'S DEPARTMENT" "An Expedition to King and Queen County, Va." "Vengeance Visited Upon the Murderers of Col. Dahlgren" "The Exchange of Prisoners Proceeding" "The War in Louisiana" and more.

Eight pages, very nice condition.

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Huge front page map shows much of Texas...

Item #665449

November 30, 1861

NEW YORK HERALD, Nov. 30, 1861 

* Gulf of Mexico coast map

* Texas - Mexico

An extremely decorative issue, as the entire front page is taken up with a huge map headed: "THE GREAT EUROPEAN ALLIANCE AGAINST THE MEXICAN REPUBLIC" with a subhead: "The Gulf Slope of Mexico--The Harbor of Vera Cruz and the National Road to the Capital--Scene of Operations of the English, Fren... See More  

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California Gold Rush-theme print on the front page...

Item #664684

June 25, 1849

NEW ORLEANS WEEKLY DELTA, Louisiana, June 25, 1849 

* Rare & early gold rush print

A very unusual issue as the top of the front page features a nice illustration with a California Gold Rush theme, headed: "The California Porter And the U.S. Naval Officer" with a caption which relates the story from the beach at San Francisco. Prints in newspapers from 1849 relating to the ... See More  

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Oklahoma Boomers...

Item #664111

October 05, 1893

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, Oct. 5, 1893  The full ftpg. is a print of the: "...Porch of the Louisiana State Building" at the Columbian Exposition.  Prints within include: "Sketches in the Children's Building" at the Chicago Columbian Exposition; a nice centerfold print of two yachts in the "Coming International Race for the America's Cup&qu... See More  

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Confederate newspaper from Louisiana...

Item #663983

September 22, 1861

SUNDAY DELTA, New Orleans, Sept. 22, 1861 

* Rare Confederate title

* From the deep South

Among the front page items are: "First Engagement In Kentucky" which includes: "An engagement took place on the 19th in Easter Kentucky between 800 Confederates and 1800 Federals, in which the Federals were completely routed." with a bit more.

Also: "Norther Reports from ... See More  

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Capture of New Orleans, Louisiana...

Item #663826

April 30, 1862

NEW YORK HERALD, April 30, 1862  

* Capture of New Orleans, Louisiana

* Mississippi River naval engagement

* Siege of Yorktown, Virginia

Among the one column headlines on the Civil War are: "THE CAPTURE OF NEW ORLEANS" "Desperate Naval Engagement on the Mississippi River" "THE UNION LOSS VERY HEAVY" "Evacuation of the City by the Rebel Forces" &... See More  

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Two Civil War maps... Fredericksburg & New Orleans...

Item #662896

April 18, 1862


* Fredericksburg Virginia Va

* New Orleans Louisiana La

* Mt. Jackson captured

Certainly the prime feature of this issue are the two Civil War maps, one on the front page headed: "THE APPROACH TO FREDERICKSBURG".

Among the many front page one column heads on the war are: "Expedition Up The Rappahannock", "The Rebels Dr... See More  

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Much on the Civil War from the Confederacy...

Item #662845

February 12, 1863

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, February 12, 1863 

* From the capital of the Confederacy

Not only a nice Confederate newspaper, but one from the capital of the Confederacy. The front page includes: "City Intelligence" "Latest News From The North--Yankee Account of the Charleston Naval Victory" "Another Brutal Order of the Enemy--The Sick & Wounded Forced ... See More  

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Rare Confederate Memphis broadside...

Item #662805

April 20, 1861

DAILY APPEAL EXTRA, Memphis, Tennessee, April 20, 1861 

* Very rare Confederate broadside

* Beginning of the Civil War

* Vicksburg MS Mississippi

An extremely scarce item, being a broadside edition (printed on one side only) of a newspaper from early in the Confederacy from a city which was only "Confederate" until the battle of Memphis, June 6, 1862, after which it was in Y... See More  

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Revival of the Southern slave trade?

Item #662769

March 06, 1858

NEW YORK HERALD, March 6, 1858 

* African slave trade resumes

* Southern States pass bill (Louisiana)

Page 4 has an article headed: "Revival of the African Slave Trade in the Southern States". the article includes: "Some of our n****r worshiping contemporaries have started off upon a new scent. A bill has been passed by the Louisiana House...authorizing the importation i... See More  

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Confederate newspaper from Louisiana...

Item #662382

September 15, 1861

SUNDAY DELTA, New Orleans, Sept. 15, 1861 

* Rare Confederate title

* From the deep South

* Battle of Carnifex Ferry

Among the front page items are: "The War On the Potomac" "The War in Missouri" "The War in Western Virginia" "The Civil War in America".

Inside includes: "The Fight In Western Virginia" 'Rosecranz's Army Badly W... See More  

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Civil War map of Port Hudson, Louisiana...

Item #662263

February 11, 1863

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Feb. 11, 1863 

* Port Hudson, Louisiana map

* Lebanon TN Tennessee

* Sabine Pass - Galveston TX Texas

The front page is dominated by a Civil War map titled: "Situation Of Port Hudson" which shows the vicinity as well, from Baton Rouge to the south, to St. Francisville & Bayou Sara to the north. Many one column war-related heads as well including: "... See More  

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1929 New Orleans streetcar strike....

Item #662162

July 06, 1929

THE NEW YORK TIMES, July 6, 1929

* New Orleans, Louisiana

* Streetcar strike riot disaster

* Burning of cars

The front page has one column headings: "ALL-DAY RIOT MARKS NEW ORLEANS STRIKE; 2 DIE, HUNDREDS HURT" "Paving Blocks Rain on Cars, Injuring Police abd Forcing Strike-Breakers Off" "Trolley And Shed Burned" and more. (see)

Other news, sports and advert... See More  

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Civil War map on the rebel defenses at Port Hudson...

Item #661994

March 20, 1863

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, March 20, 1863 

* Port Hudson, Louisiana map

* Battle of Kelly's Ford - Virginia

The front page is dominated by a nice & detailed Civil War map headed: "REBEL DEFENSES AT PORT HUDSON". Among the column heads on the Civil War are: "Late Rebel News" "Averill's Cavalry Expedition" "Rosecrans on the War Patch" "Clos... See More  

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One of the earliest Louisiana newspapers we have offered...

Item #661558

December 24, 1819


* Very rare & early publication

This is one of the earliest newspapers from Louisiana we have had the pleasure to offer. The front page has a lengthy obituary report and an article: "Adam Poe's Contest with Two Indians" plus many ads (some in French), which the back page has a report concerning Indians in an: ... See More  

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Post Gettysburg & New York City draft riots...

Item #660645

July 16, 1863

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, July 16, 1863

* Post Gettysburg Lee's retreat

* New York City draft riots

* Port Hudson, Louisiana

Among the one column headlines on the Civil War are: "From The Army Of The Potomac", "The Retreat Of Lee Into Virginia", "The Pursuit By Our Cavalry", "The Captures At Falling Waters", and: "THE RIOT", "The Mob Full... See More  

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Sherman's report on the Atlanta campaign...

Item #660139

October 20, 1864

THE CHARLESTON MERCURY, South Carolina, Oct. 20, 1864 

* Rare publication from the origin of the Civil War

* General William T. Sherman & the Atlanta campaign

Among the front page reports on the Civil War are: "Important From Hood--Our Army on the Outskirts of Chattanooga" "Successful Skirmishing In Florida" "Yankee Reports from Louisiana" "From t... See More  

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Capture of New Orleans!...

Item #660113

April 28, 1862

NEW YORK TIMES, April 28, 1862 

* Capture of New Orleans, Louisiana

* General Benjamin Butler

This issue reports one of the more significant events of the Civil War: the capture of New Orleans, the Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi. With this important event the northern forces were well on their way towards controlling the very strategic Mississippi River corridor.

The first ... See More  

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Bobby Grier breaks Sugar Bowl color barrier...

Item #659514

December 03, 1956

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Mass., Dec. 3, 1956

* Bobby Grier breaks color barrier

* 1956 Sugar Bowl classic

* Georgia Tech vs. Pitt

The top of page 23 has a two column heading: "Tainted Tech Tally Beats Pitt Team, 7-0" with subhead and lineups. (see) Other major bowl games reported as well.

Complete with all 28 pages, light toning at the margins,

nice condition.

wikiedpia notes... See More  

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Bastrop, Louisiana Negro lynching... Nikola Tesla...

Item #659297

July 10, 1934

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York, July 10, 1934 

* Nikola Tesla- father of the radio

* Bastrop, Louisiana Negro lynching

* Outlaw John Dillinger hunted

Page 8 has one column headings: "LOUISIANA NEGRO LYNCHED" "Taken From Bastrop Jail and Hanged on Court House Lawn" First report coverage on the lynching of Andrew McLeod in Bastrop, Louisiana.

Page 19 has one column ... See More  

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Huey Long's succession dispute & Al Capone's trial....

Item #659049

October 14, 1931

THE NEW YORK TIMES, October 14, 1931

* Huey 'The Kingfish" Long & Paul N. Cyr

* Louisiana governor succession dispute

* Al 'Scarface' Capone's tax evasion trial

The front page has a one column heading: "HUEY LONG DEFEATS COUP D-ETAT BY CYR" with subheads. (see)

Page 4 has a one column heading: "PROSECUTION RESTS IN CAPONE TRIAL" with subheads. ... See More  

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1938 Los Angeles, California flood...

Item #658901

March 04, 1938

THE TIMES-PICAYUNE, New Orleans, Louisiana, March 4, 1938

* 1938 Los Angeles, California flood

* Nice headline for display

This 30 page newspaper has a nice banner headline on the front page: "CALIFORNIA FLOOD TOLL CLIMBS TO 124" with subheads that include: "PARALYZED FILM CITY STRUGGLES TO RESTORE ITS PUBLIC SERVICES" and more with large pictorial. (see)

Other news o... See More  

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Slave ships arrive at Galveston... A Proclamation by the President...

Item #657925

August 08, 1818

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Aug. 8, 1818  Page 6 has: "General Jackson's Campaign" which lists the number of: "...The Indians inhabiting the country lying between Georgia & the Mississippi river..." totaling 11,000 warriors. It notes: "This force, if embodied and hostile, would e serious enemy to the United States...".

The bkpg. has: "A P... See More  

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William H. Harrison on the Battle of Tippecanoe... Louisiana described...

Item #657642

December 07, 1811

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Dec. 7, 1811  Page 15 has an: "Extract of a Letter from Governor Harrison to the Secretary of War, dated Head-Quarters near the Prophet's town, No. 8th, 1811", a letter signed in type: Wm. Henry Harrison. The letter describes the battle of Tippecanoe beginning with: "...the dawn of yesterday terminated any action between the troops under my c... See More  

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1938 Rodessa, Louisiana tornado...

Item #657517

February 18, 1938

CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE, February 18, 1938 

* Rodessa, Louisiana tornado

* Caddo County disaster

* Oil boom town wrecked

The front page has a great banner headline: "20 DIE IN LOUISIANA TORNADO" with subheads and small related map. Nice for display. First report coverage on the devastating tornado that hit the oil boom town of Rodessa, Louisiana.

Complete with all 32 pa... See More  

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"King Abraham the First"...

Item #656554

October 17, 1861

THE DAILY DELTA, New Orleans, Oct. 17, 1861 Truly Confederate newspapers from New Orleans are very difficult to find, as Admiral Farragut entered the mouth of the Mississippi in mid-April, 1862 and finally took New Orleans on April 28. Shortly thereafter Benjamin Butler moved in and took control of the city, it surrendering without a fight. So "Confederate" issues from New Orleans are li... See More  

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Confederate newspaper from Louisiana...

Item #656382

October 27, 1861

SUNDAY DELTA, New Orleans, Oct. 27, 1861 

* Rare Confederate title

* From the deep South

Among the front page items are: "Federal Evacuation of the Kanawha" "Floyd Marching for Kentucky" "From Arizona" "From New Mexico" "A Navy of Our Own" "Confederate Congress" & more. Inside includes: "From the Seat of War In Virgin... See More  

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Chasing after Jesse James...

Item #656224

November 30, 1876

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Missouri, Nov. 30, 1876  Page 4 has a small item: "On Jesse James' Heels" has some details on those who are after him. The front page has a report concerning: "The Fiendish Atrocities Perpetrated in Louisiana" "Testimony which Will Cause the World to Shutter" with more.

Eight pages, very nice condition.

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Civil War map of the Yorktown vicinity...

Item #656067

May 09, 1862

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, May 9, 1862 

* Siege of Yorktown ends

* Battle of Williamsburg, Virginia

* New Orleans LA Louisiana

The front page is dominated by a nice Civil War map headed: "The Defenses Of Yorktown" (see photos). There are nice one column heads also: "The Advance of McClellan's Army" "The Enemy Still In Full Retreat" "The Battle of Williams... See More  

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