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Wealth of fine content on the California Gold Rush...

Item #668217

October 11, 1849

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Oct. 11, 1849  Page 3 has over a full column of reports from California, mostly focused on the Gold Rush. Subheads include: "Placer Intelligence" "A Trinity River Expedition" "Successful Gold Diggings" with details; "The Mines" "Improvements at San Francisco" and more.

A wealth of fine reading f
... See More  

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The rare "steamer edition" of an early California newspaper...

Item #665945

October 06, 1856

SAN FRANCISCO HERALD, California, Oct. 6, 1856  A very rare & early newspaper from California as this is the "San Francisco Herald For The Steamer" as noted at the top of pages 2-8, more commonly known as the "steamer edition". Such editions are much more rare than the "regular" editions.

Note that the masthead specifies what the market is for this edition: ... See More  

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Gold Rush report in a South Carolina newspaper...

Item #663242

February 20, 1849

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH, Columbia, South Carolina, Feb. 20, 1849  Not only a rather rare antebellum title, but page 2 has California Gold Rush content with a letter headed: "The War the Gold is Gathered", mostly taken up with a letter datelined at San Francisco, Dec. 25, 1848. It is prefaced with a note: "...letter from the Gold Region...gives rather a gloomy view of the state of a... See More  

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Short-lived labor newspaper...

Item #662359

February 23, 1884

TRUTH, San Francisco, California, Feb. 23, 1884  During its brief life (1882-1884), "Truth" published local, national, and international labor news, along with a wide range of radical literature.

The ftpg. has: "William Morris" "What the Poet, Artist, Decorator and Socialist Has to Say" "He Writes A 'Fable' for the People"

Four pages, archival... See More  

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Expedition to Greenland... Earthquake in San Francisco...

Item #661793

March 29, 1856

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, March 29, 1856  Inside has 2 pages of text with  7 prints on: "Expedition To Greenland". Also a fullpg. with 4 prints on: "Dreadful Catastrophe at Philadelphia" being the burning of the ferry boat 'New Jersey'.

Other prints: "Maple Sugar Camp" in New England; a view of: "Stockholm, Capital of Sweden&quo... See More  

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The California bandit is finally captured...

Item #661005

May 15, 1874

THE NEW YORK TIMES, May 15, 1874 

* Tiburcio Vasquez - the Californio bandido

* Los Angeles area outlaw

The front page has a report of the capture of the infamous bandit Tiburcio Vasquez. Vasquez was a Mexican bandit who was active in California from as early as 1857 until his capture. The Vasquez Rocks, the steep, sloped rocks about 40 miles north of Los Angeles, were one of his many ... See More  

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Nellie Bly's trip around the world...

Item #660998

January 14, 1890

THE WORLD, New York, Jan. 14, 1890 

* Nellie Bly's trip around the World

* Best title to have

Page 2 has the  report on the return home of Nellie Bly from her round-the-world trip, an excursion which was sponsored by this newspaper. It also ran a contest to guess to exact length of time for her trip (see photos).

The report is headed: "Guess Early & Often" which... See More  

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Disgusted with the hardships at the California gold diggings...

Item #657711

September 17, 1849

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Sept. 17, 1849 

* California gold rush hardships

Page 3 has: "Items From California and Panama" which begins with a discouraging report: "Nearly all the American passengers by the Empire City are returning from the mines, disgusted with the life of extreme toil & hardship which must be endured there..." and continue... See More  

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Much on the Gold Rush in California...

Item #657699

November 14, 1849

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, Nov. 14, 1849 

* California Gold Rush

* 49ers - mining - miners

Page 3 has "Correspondence from California" which has a letter which includes: "...The news here is most flattering. Gold is abundant! Labor is worth seven to thirty dollars a day..." with much more on how high the prices are, & continuing with: &quo
... See More  

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Getting the mail to the California gold diggers...

Item #657631

November 23, 1849

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Nov. 23, 1849  Page 3 has a lengthy report: "California Correspondence" which is primarily a report on the delivery of mail to California, mostly taken up with a letter from the Postmaster General. This is followed by: "The Revenue at San Francisco".

Four pages, very nice condition.

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Dismal report from the gold miners...

Item #657628

December 07, 1849

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER Washington, D.C., Dec. 7, 1849 

* California gold rush hardships

Page 3reports a terrible situation in the golf fields with: "Experience In The Gold Region" which includes: "...After a wearisome voyage round the Cape he reached San Francisco & left immediately for the 'diggins'....Many of the amateur gold diggers were exhausted wit... See More  

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California works towards statehood... Formalizing relations with Hawaii...

Item #657625

December 11, 1849

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, Dec. 11, 1849 

* California Republic for statehood ?

* Early Hawaii relations w/ America

Page 3 has: "California Matters" "The Revenue of California" and:  "Close of the Convention & Signing of the Constitution" being fundamental reports on California becoming a state. Also: "Commerce of San Francisco... See More  

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Much on the situation in California, including the gold diggings...

Item #657381

July 30, 1849

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., July 30, 1849

* California Gold Rush

* 49ers - mining - miners

Page 3 has nearly 2 1/2 columns of reports headed: "Late From California"  including documents noting General Riley as governor. There is also a lengthy letter from San Francisco with news from the gold fields, a few bits including: "...some 40 persons are at wo... See More  

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Chinese bound for San Francisco...

Item #656907

April 29, 1876

ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, April 29, 1876  Inside are several prints on "The War in the Herzegovina", a full page: "Map of a Portion of Africa" and a doublepg. centerfold: "Chinese Emigration to America: Sketch on Board the Steamship Alaska, Bound for San Francisco".

Complete in 24 pages, very nice, clean condition.

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Uncommon California periodical from 1873...

Item #649229
SAN FRANCISCO NEWS-LETTER & CALIFORNIA ADVERTISER, 1873  The subtitle in the masthead notes: "Devoted To The Leading Interests of California and the Pacific Coast". The content is varied and includes a wide range of ads as well.

An uncommon title with a displayable masthead featuring the seal of California, the seal of the city of San Francisco, and the seal of the county of Sa... See More  

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The Bahamas, St. Augustine, Oakland... Schuylkill Navy at Philadelphia...

Item #649011

May 11, 1878

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, May 11, 1878  The ftpg. shows: "President Hayes...A Review of the Schuylkill Navy at Philadelphia". Inside ha a full page of 4 scenes of: "...From Lathrop, on the Central Pacific Railroad to Oakland, in San Francisco Bay" & a fullpg. with 7 scenes of: "Incidents of a Trip from New York to Nassau & Havana...& Milita... See More  

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Early from the capital of Florida... The Gold Rush in California...

Item #648503

April 14, 1849

THE FLORIDIAN & JOURNAL, Tallahassee, April 14, 1849 

* Early California gold rush report

* Rare title from pre-civil war Florida

Page 3 has: "Interesting From California" which takes over a full column with various news items from the gold region. Some bits include: "...The whole of Lower California was deserted by the men who had gone North to the placer. When Mr. ... See More  

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Overland Mail initiates the first transcontinental mail service to San Francisco...

Item #647687

October 10, 1858

NEW YORK HERALD, Oct. 10, 1858 

* First transcontinental mail service success

* Arrives at San Francisco, California

Page 4 has a report noting the very first transcontinental mail service to San Francisco, with: "Very Late From California" "Arrival of the First Overland Mail" "Short Trip Across the Plains" with several dispatches. A very significant event... See More  

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A golf-themed print on the front page...

Item #636828

July 31, 1897

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, July 31, 1897 

* William Thomas Smedley

* Golfing illustrations

The full front page is an illus: "I Felt Her Seize My Hand and Shake It." which shows a woman greeting a man with a golf club, with caddies & others in the background. This print accompanies a story inside titled: "Colonel Bogie, A Golf Story" where also is found a pr... See More  

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Founding the Lick Observatory... Property values in Northern California...

Item #635258

March 01, 1876

WELDON & LEONARD'S REAL ESTATE CIRCULAR & PRICE LIST, San Francisco, California, March 1, 1876 

* Lick Observatory, Mount Hamilton founding

The ftpg. has: "Another Monument" which begins: "When James Lick executed his deed of gift, donating his immense property to various benevolent & scientific societies of this state, he provided that $750,000 should be ... See More  

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For stamp collectors...

Item #634325
FILATELIC FACTS & FALLACIES, San Francisco, Jan., 1894  Calls itself: "A Monthly Magazine for Stamp Collectors and Dealers" with the contents focused primarily on this hobby. Sixteen pages plus outer wrappers, measures 5 3/4 b 9 inches, nice condition.

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For stamp collectors...

Item #633612
FILATELIC FACTS & FALLACIES, San Francisco, Dec., 1892  Calls itself: "A Monthly Magazine for Stamp Collectors and Dealers" with the contents focused primarily on this hobby.

Twenty pages plus outer wrappers, water staining at the margins, \5 3/4 b 9 inches, generally nice.

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Mary Patton, the "Daughter of Boston"...

Item #630384

February 18, 1857

NEW-YORK DAILY TRIBUNE, February 18, 1857  Page four carries "A Heroine of the Sea" which tells the story of Mary Patton, the wife of Captain Joshua Patton. After her husband became seriously ill on a voyage to San Francisco and finding the first mate being incompetent, Mary took charge and placed herself in the role of Captain as well a doctoring her husband, also while being pregn... See More  

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Laura Fair murder trial...

Item #628892

May 01, 1871

RICHMOND DAILY WHIG, Virginia, May 1, 1871

* Laura Fair murder trial

* "The Woman in Black"

* Alexander P. Crittenden

* Love triangle case

The front paged has an article headed: "The San Francisco Murder Trial" with subhead. (see)

Other news and advertisements of the day. Complete in 4 pages, nice condition.... See More  

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Themed on hunting, sports, fire departments, etc...

Item #613485

June 08, 1867

CALIFORNIA SPIRIT OF THE TIMES, San Francisco, June 8, 1867  The masthead has a sporting them, plus in the masthead is: "A Weekly Chronicle Devoted to the Turf, Field Sports, Regattas, Hunting, Angling, Cricket...Fire Department & General News of California." The content is just that.

Four pages, never bound nor trimmed, great condition.

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Transcontinental Express train...

Item #612085

June 05, 1876

THE JOURNAL, Evansville, Indiana, June 5, 1876

* Transcontinental Express Train

* San Francisco arrival

This uncommon 8 page issue has news of the day with several interesting advertisements throughout.

The front page has one column headings: "Across The Continent" "The Progress Of The Fast Train" "Greatest Feat of the Nineteenth Century" and more. (see) Text ... See More  

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1872 San Francisco California...

Item #611611

October 19, 1872

CALIFORNIA EVENING REPUBLICAN, San Francisco, CA, May 25, 1872. This 4 page newspaper has news of the day with several interesting advertisements. With newspapers West of the Mississippi being very rare prior to 1900, here is an opportunity to get a issue from the old West back when cowboys, indians, saloons, gold miners & gunfights were often seen on a regular basis. Very early for California... See More  

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Marysville: gateway to the gold fields...

Item #606615

January 19, 1866

MARYSVILLE DAILY APPEAL, California, January 19, 1866 

* Rare Old West title

In the days of the California Gold Rush, Marysville was a stopping point for riverboats from Sacramento and San Francisco that carried miners on their way to the digging grounds. A sign on the roadside as one enters Marysville carries the slogan: "Gateway to The Gold Fields." At that time it was one o... See More  

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Life of Paul Revere... Gold in California...

Item #603280

September 03, 1850

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Sept. 3, 1850 

* California gold rush producing

The back page has more than half a column taken up with: "Paul "Revere" which has much on his life (see photos). Also: "California" which is a letter from San Francisco, June 1, 1850 which includes: "...beg...your attention to a regulation...prohibiting the importation... See More  

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Theodore Durrant hanging....

Item #602994

January 08, 1898

FITCHBURG DAILY SENTINEL, Massachusetts, January 8, 1898

* Theodore Durrant execution

* "The Demon of the Belfry"

* San Quentin prison

The back page has one column headlines: "DEATH OF DURRANT" "Judicial Decree Carried Out After Long Delay" "A Protestation Of Innocence" "Embraced the Catholic Faith Before His Execution" with illustration of... See More  

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From the San Francisco Bay region...

Item #599682

January 13, 1877

THE WEEKLY ANTIOCH LEDGER, Contra Costa County, California, Jan. 13, 1877 

* Rare Old West title

This is one of the oldest communities in California having been founded in 1850. It is in the East Bay region of San Francisco Bay, formerly known as Smith's Landing and Marshs Landing, in 1850 a plague infested the city and wiped out most of the population.

A broad range of content wit... See More  

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A city of gold...

Item #599632

February 10, 1849

THE HOME JOURNAL, New York City, February 10, 1849 

* California gold rush

Page 3 has a report headed: "A Golden Joke" which focuses on a letter from San Francisco which includes in part: "After a journey of several thousand miles, during which we have suffered more than I was formerly led to believe human beings could endure, we have at last arrived on the borders of the... See More  

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Bank of California failure...

Item #599093

August 28, 1875

THE DAILY JOURNAL, Wilmington, North Carolina, August 28, 1875 

* Bank of California failure 

* William Chapman Ralston

An uncommon title from the South during the post Civil War reconstruction era. Contains news of the day with many interesting advertisements.

The front page has one column headings that include: "CALIFORNIA", "Failure Of The Bank Of Californ... See More  

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Minting California gold coins...

Item #596444

November 10, 1849

OLIVE BRANCH, Boston, November 10, 1849 

* California gold rush

The back page has: "California Facts" which includes: "...Within a few days gold coins of the value of ten dollars made from the California metal have been issued by Messrs. Moffatt and Co...and by Messrs. Wright & Co...of San Francisco. They are very similar in appearance and also strongly resemble the ... See More  

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1849 Gold Rush Era...

Sandwhich Islands... News from the gold mines...

Item #594700

April 18, 1849

THE VERMONT CHRONICLE (weekly), Windsor, April 18, 1849

* Gold Rush era original... with gold rush content

This Vermont newspaper has both religious/Christian-themed news along with general news of the day.  Page 3 has coverage related to the gold rush era, "Direct From The Gold Mines" and "Authentic From San Francisco" (see images). Page one has an update in the mi... See More  

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From San Francisco Bay...

Item #584161

January 13, 1872

VALLEJO WEEKLY CHRONICLE,Vallejo, California, Jan. 13, 1872 

* Rare Old West title

Vallejo is located in the northeast section of San Francisco Bay and twice in its history served as the capital of California. This issue features a great illustration in the masthead showing what would be presumed to be the skyline of the town, with a railroad train in the foreground (see photo).

Four p... See More  

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Manufacturing of rifles... Springfield Armory...

Item #582347

April 29, 1899

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, April 29, 1899  The front cover of the issue is entitled "Manufacture of Krag-Jorgensen Rifles at the Springfield Armory" which is comprised of four illustrations with additional illustrations within the issue. Within the issue is "The Marvin Electric Rock Drill"; "An Improved Band-Saw-Setting Machine"; "Sutro Baths of San Fran... See More  

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Religious-base newspaper from San Francisco...

Item #581138

November 06, 1873

PACIFIC CHURCHMAN, San Francisco, California, November 6, 1873 This publication is of a religious them with reports from various church denominations across the country. This also includes a variety of advertisements from churches to businesses.

This is complete in 8 pages, never bound, with some lite foxing and some dirtiness at the fold lines, stray handwriting in the upper margin about the m... See More  

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View Of Goat (Yerba Buena) Island...

Item #564525

July 20, 1872

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, from New York, dated July 20, 1872 The front of the issue features a fullpage political satire "Direct Damage As The Result of Consequential Claims". Inside the issue is a halfpage: "California.--View Of Goat Island, In The Bay Of San Francisco." (Note: This island is now called Yerba Buena Island.) The tipped-in doublepage centerfold: "The National D... See More  

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Three early California newspapers for one price...

Item #561259

January 01, 1880

A collection of three issues of the DAILY EVENING POST, San Francisco, California dated April 9, 17 & 19, 1880

* 3 issue lot of Old west issues

April 9 & 19 are 4 pages while April 17 is 8 pages, nice condition (but two issues have rubbing holes to the front leaf), folio size, never bound not trimmed (desirable), with front pages news of the day and some ads. More news & ads on ... See More  
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A "steam-wagon" in 1860...

Item #557538

July 14, 1860

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., July 14, 1860

* Early steam wagon

* Pre civil war from our nation's capital

On page 2 under "Steam-Wagon In San Francisco" is a vivid account of a demonstration of a "steam-wagon" in San Francisco. The account also describes the steam-wagon in detail, mentioning that the vehicle "...weighs about ten tons. The driving w... See More  

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Ku Klux Klan KKK... Negros assassinated...

Item #548597

March 16, 1899

THE BULLETIN, San Francisco, California, March 16, 1899 

* Ku Klux Klan KKK 

* Whitecaps 

* Negroes assassinated...  1st report

This 12 page newspaper has two column headlines on the back page: "NINE NEGROES MERCILESSLY SHOT DOWN" "Four Already Dead and Another Reported to Be Dying" "The Victims Accused of Arson and the Killing Done by... See More  

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Item #547689

February 18, 1899

THE BULLETIN, San Francisco, California, February 18, 1899

* Emile Loubet w/ print

* President of France

This 12 page newspaper has a three column headline on the front page:


with subheads that include: "Chosen By The General Assembly" and more.

Also a nice illustration of Loubet.

Other news of the day. Some margin wear with a fe... See More  

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David Starr Jordan...

Item #544519

March 26, 1899

THE BULLETIN, San Francisco, California, March 26, 1899 

* David Starr Jordan...

* President of Indiana University...  the youngest to-date...

This 28 page newspaper has a three column front page headline: "David Starr Jordan Sharply Criticized," with subheads and related illustration.

Other news of the day throughout. Usual browning with small tape mend along lower ... See More  

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1873 San Francisco, California...

Item #222386
COMMERCIAL HERALD AND MARKET REVIEW, San Francisco, California, 1873  As the title would suggest this newspaper has a wealth of business reporting and an incredible number of advertisements with the entire ftpg. take up with ads in addition to a large chart headed: "Wholesale Prices Current" with a wide variety of items. Complete in 4 pgs., never bound nor trimmed, minor edge tears&... See More  

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1880 San Francisco California....

Item #215537

October 11, 1880

DAILY EVENING POST, San Francisco, Oct. 11, 1880.


* The Old West in California

* Circus ad

On the front page under Amusements is an ad for performances at Coles Amphitheater featuring The Wonderful Trick Stallions and other attractions. Has a small woodcut of the stallions. News of the day includes: "Terrible Railroad Catastrophe at Pittsburg" "General Grant on the Political
... See More  

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Item #208107

January 17, 1880

DAILY STOCK REPORT EXTRA, San Francisco, CA, January 17, 1880.  A great issue for framing and displaying!

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San Francisco California...

Item #206419
DAILY ALTA CALIFORNIA, San Francisco, CA, 1871. This 4 page newspaper, which has news of the day with several interesting advertisements. With newspapers West of the Mississippi being very rare prior to 1900, here is an opportunity to get a issue from the old West back when cowboys, Indians, saloons, gold miners & gunfights were often seen on a regular basis. Very early for California. Nice co... See More  

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The Philadelphia Collection II

Item #206229

July 21, 1871

(6) Harper's Weekly, various dates from July 21, 1877 through January 28, 1899. This is a six issue set (part 2) of Harper's Weekly containing various prints pertaining to events and/or buildings in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The set provides more than a 10% discount over purchasing the issues individually. This is another great set of issues for anyone interested in Philadelphia, PA, ear... See More  

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San Francisco California...

Item #204774

October 19, 1872

CALIFORNIA EVENING REPUBLICAN, San Francisco, CA, October 19, 1872. This 4 page newspaper has news of the day with several interesting advertisements. With newspapers West of the Mississippi being very rare prior to 1900, here is an opportunity to get a issue from the old West back when cowboys, indians, saloons, gold miners & gunfights were often seen on a regular basis. Very early for C... See More  

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