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Georgetown, California 1904 Broadside...

Item #215104

November 24, 1904

GEORGETOWN GAZETTE, Georgetown, El Dorado County, Cal., Nov. 24, 1904. 

* Georgetown California

* 1904 Government Election Broadside

 A 9 by 11 5/8 inch broadside supplement (printed on one side only) with a chart showing the Official Vote of El Dorado County, Election of 1904. Lists presidential electors, Congressman, and other state and local positions. Bit of binding residue
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Tiny broadside from Juda, Wisconsin...

Item #211939

June 30, 1878

Here is a very small broadside from Juda, Wisconsin, dated June 30th from 1878 although the year does not appear on the broadside. It includes a poem, a few ads, and  a few anecdotal tidbits (see photos). Measures 3 by 8 1/2 inches,some minor browning, a small posting hole near the tom, otherwise rather nice. Very unusual!

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First transcontinental excursion from coast to coast...

Item #210224
TRANS-CONTINENTAL -- a complete reprint collection of all 12 issues of this fascinating newspaper.

The newspaper titled "Trans-Continental" was a stroke of historical genius in the mind of its editor, W. R. Steele. On May 24, 1870 over 130 passengers boarded a beautiful eight car Pullman train built under special orders of George M. Pullman specifically for this trip, the first chartere... See More  

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Broadside, campaign newspaper...

Item #153001
THE NEW REPUBLIC, Washington, DC, 1878. See the photo below for an example of this title from our archives. A fascinating & quite rare newspaper not recorded in U.L.S. or Gregory. It was only published for 19 issues! This is a campaign newspaper for the Republican party, and noted in the masthead: "The New Republic Will be published during the Congressional Campaign & will endeavor to ci... See More  

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Broadside World War II newspaper...

Item #161494

January 01, 1945

TEL-PICS, New York, NY, 1945. A broadside (printed on one side only) newspaper originally meant to be displayed in store windows, with the front mostly taken up with a large photo of the war, plus a caption. A very unusual item in nice condition. Note that the photo is "generic" and the issue you get will not be this specific date but will have the format as shown. Broadside measuring 13... See More  

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Singlesheet of advertisements...

Item #150179

September 23, 1801

CENTINEL ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT, Boston, Massachusetts, September 23, 1801 A single-sheet being comprised all of advertisements.

Rough edges along with foxing (see images).

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