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Founded with the California Gold Rush...

Item #130194
MARYSVILLE DAILY APPEAL, California 1866  Marysville has a "rich" history relating to the California Gold Rush. During that era, the ranch which was later developed into the town of Marysville, was a popular landing for riverboats from San Francisco and Sacramento filled with miners on their way to the dig sites. One of the early developers had a wife named Mary. The town's name... See More  

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San Francisco, California...

Item #130224
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, San Francisco, California, 1875  A rare issue from the Old West in California.

This is complete in four pages.

The photo is representative of the issue, you will receive a randomly dated issue from within the year.

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Volume One issue...

Item #130229
SANTA ROSA DEMOCRAT, California 1875 This 4 page volume 1 newspaper has news of the day with several interesting advertisements, many being illustrated. With newspapers West of the Mississippi being very rare prior to 1900, here is an opportunity to get a issue from the old West back when cowboys, Indians, saloons & gunfights were often seen on a regular basis. 

Very early for Californ... See More  

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Very early Oregon...

Item #130291
NEW NORTHWEST, Portland, Oregon, 1875  This 4 page newspaper has news of the day with several interesting advertisements. With newspapers West of the Mississippi being very rare prior to 1900, here is an opportunity to get a issue from the old West back when cowboys, Indians, saloons & gunfights were often seen on a regular basis. Very early for Oregon. This issue is in nice condition. Wo... See More  

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Item #130346
WEEKLY HERALD, Monterey, California, 1875 From the first year this newspaper published! Various news of the day and a wealth of ads. The masthead includes an interesting wood engraving. Never bound nor trimmed, some tears and irregularity at the margins, otherwise rather nice.

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Item #130454
SAN MATEO GAZETTE, Redwood City, California, 1875 I only have 1 issue remaining of this scarce title. News of the day and a wealth of ads. Evenly browned, tears and chipping at the margins.  The issue shown in the image is an example fo what you will receive.

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Item #180065
THE WORLD, San Diego, 1875 A lot of 10 issues from this Southern California city from a very early year, being quite rare as such. Offered individually at $24, here is a lot at nearly half price.

Wholesale Lot: typically more than one item/set available!

If an image(s) is shown, it is only representative of the style and condition of what you will receive. Actual items will vary.

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From the capital of Nevada...

Item #209227
THE NEVADA TRIBUNE, Carson City, Nevada, 1875 Coin collectors are very familiar with this town for the mint which produced the much desired gold & silver coins which bear the "C.C." mint mark. Situated just east of Lake Tahoe at the western "elbow" of the state, this issue from its hayday during the mining era has various news of the day on the inside pages with ads filling... See More  

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"One of the wildest mining camps in the West" & a very short-lived newspaper...

Item #209251
THE DAILY JOURNAL, Pioche, Nevada, 1875 Pioche is located about 180 miles northeast of Las Vegas, hanging on the side of a mountain of Nevada's high desert. In the 1870's it was considered one of the wildest mining camps in the West. According to a number of sources, hired gunmen were imported at the rate of about twenty a day during boom times to fight mining claim encroachments. Evidence of the... See More  

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Rare title from Oregon...

Item #212587
OREGON WEEKLY TRIBUNE, Pendleton, 1875  Pendleton is an East Oregon town which began in 1851, originally known as Marshall only later to be renamed Pendleton. This is an early issue from five years before the town would be incorporated, with various news of the day and many ads as well, several of which are illustrated.

A four page newspaper with never-trimmed margins, various tears at margi... See More  

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1873 San Francisco, California...

Item #222386
COMMERCIAL HERALD AND MARKET REVIEW, San Francisco, California, 1873  As the title would suggest this newspaper has a wealth of business reporting and an incredible number of advertisements with the entire ftpg. take up with ads in addition to a large chart headed: "Wholesale Prices Current" with a wide variety of items. Complete in 4 pgs., never bound nor trimmed, minor edge tears&... See More  

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Truckee, California, near Lake Tahoe...

Item #664157

January 30, 1875

TRUCKEE REPUBLICAN, California, Jan. 30, 1875 

* Wild Old West 

* Rare publication

From this town at the "elbow" of California near the Nevada border at an elevation of 5800 ft. Historically well known for the Donner Party tragedy which happened nearby in 1846.

Four pages, some ink stains, never bound nor trimmed, good condition.... See More  

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Early report on Jesse & Frank James...

Item #633003

February 02, 1875

ST. LOUIS DAILY GLOBE, Missouri, Feb. 2, 1875 

* Early Jesse & Frank James gang

Page 2 has over half a column taken up with a report headed: "The James Boys" "Sketch of the Parties Who Have Been Captured--Some New Facts & Some More Guesses" being an interesting article on their pursuit and concerning some of their confederates. An early report on the James br... See More  

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1875 Bakersfield, California...

Item #626678

March 11, 1875

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Bakersfield, March 11, 1875

* Rare Old West title

An uncommon & early title from this California town.

Four pages, a wealth of ads, never bound nor trimmed, nice condition.

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Comments on the defense of the Jesse James & Younger brothers band of outlaws...

Item #624731

March 13, 1875

ST. LOUIS DAILY GLOBE, Missouri, March 13, 1875 

* Jesse James Gang

* Younger Brothers

Page 3 has: "The Jameses and the Youngers" which takes almost an entire column on these outlaws, including in part: "...the course of your contemporary, the St. Louis Dispatch, in relation to the noted outlaws--the James-Younger band...lost no opportunity of espousing the cause of thes... See More  

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Execution of the bandit Vasquez...

Item #661439

March 20, 1875


* Tiburcio Vasquez execution death (1st report)

* Los Angeles, California outlaw bandit

At the bottom of the front page is: Executions", an inconspicuous report headed: "Last of Vasquez--The Bandit Hanged At San Jose". The report, which describes the execution of the infamous bandit Tiburcio Vasquez., states in part: "The bandi... See More  

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Execution of noted outlaw Tiburcio Vasquez...

Item #666831

March 20, 1875

ST. LOUIS DAILY GLOBE, March 20, 1875  

* Tiburcio Vasquez execution death (1st report)

* Los Angeles, California outlaw bandit

A great issue as the first column of the front page is mostly taken up with: "TIBURCIO VASQUEZ" "The Noted California Bandit Executed at San Jose" "His Splendid Nerve Maintained Him to the Last" "History of His Life and Blood... See More  

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Great baseball report... After the Comanche Indians...

Item #650930

May 22, 1875

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, May 22, 1875  Near the top of the back pagte is; "THREE  TO ONE" "Western Muscle Yields to Red Stocking Skill" "Sweazy's Pony Team Achieves a Brilliant Victory" which is a quite lengthy & detailed baseball game report taking an entire column. 

Also on the bkpg: "After the Comanches" "Lt. Bullis in the Fi... See More  

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From the Arizona Territory...

Item #664216

June 19, 1875

ARIZONA CITIZEN, Tucson, Arizona Territory, June 19, 1875 

* Very rare title

Many years ago we had a reasonable inventory of this title, but today this issue is among our last.

A nice assortment of news articles and ads including: "Letter From Col. Hodge" datelined at Camp Grant; "Mining Summary" "The Tucson Public Schools" "Telegraphic News" and... See More  

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Gold discovered in the Black Hills...

Item #648456

June 24, 1875

DAILY MEMPHIS AVALANCHE, Tennessee, June 24, 1875 

* Castle Creek - South Dakota

* Black Hills gold discovery

The ftpg. has: "Gold at Black Hill" which has a dispatch beginning: "I have discovered gold in small quantities on the north bend of Castle Creek...About 15 miners have located a camp on the creek above here..." and more.

Four pages, rejoined at the spine, ... See More  

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Hangings of three murderers, with much detail...

Item #638795

June 26, 1875

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, June 26, 1875  Over half of the front page is taken up with incredible detail on the hanging of three murders, with column heads: "THE GIBBET" "Three Murderers Meet an Ignominious Fate" "Wagner and Gordon Hung at Thomaston, Maine' "Henry Costley Executed Near Boston" "Gordon Attempts to Cheat the Gallows by Suicide" &q... See More  

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Exploring the Black Hills... Much on early baseball...

Item #638794

June 30, 1875


* Black Hills - South Dakota

* Early baseball

The front page has over 2 1/2 columns taken up with: "THE BLACK HILLS" "The First White Men Who Ever Penetrated Their Center" "Magnificent Scenery of the Rugged & Untrod Peaks" "The Wonders of  This Wild & Mysterious Region" "Evidence that th... See More  

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From the Arizona Territory: 37 years before statehood...

Item #662666

July 03, 1875

ARIZONA CITIZEN, Tucson, Pima County, A.T. [Arizona Territory] July 3, 1875 

* Very rare title

Many years ago we had a reasonable inventory of this title, but today this issue is among our last.

A nice assortment of news articles and ads. The back page has a full column: "Letter From Col. Hodge - Description of the Country About San Carlos and on the Way to Camp Apache".

Fou... See More  

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Very detailed account of a train robbery...

Item #611272

July 10, 1875

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Missouri, July 10, 1875 

* Outlaws attempt to rob train

* Ad - P. T. Barnum's "Great Roman Hippodrome" circus

The back page has 1 2/3 of a column taken up with great & detailed content concerning the train robbery at Long Point, Illinois, with heads at the top of the column: "PULL OUT!" "An Express Train on the Vandalia Road Bo... See More  

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Jesse James comes to his own defense: lengthy letter signed by him...

Item #646388

July 20, 1875

THE NEW YORK TIMES, July 20, 1875  Not only does this issue contain the very first mention of notorious outlaw Jesse James in the venerable Times, but the report is almost entirely taken up by an excellent letter signed by him in type: Jesse James. This is the first I have seen in print a letter signed by the outlaw. He takes great pains to exonerate himself for several crimes of which he was... See More  

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Santa Barbara...

Item #654480

July 20, 1875

THE DAILY NEWS, Santa Barbara, California, July 20, 1875 

* Rare Old West title

Uncommon from this famous town, and a volume 1 issue. Various news & ads of the day, four pages, great condition. "#88" inked in the upper corner.... See More  

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Huge image of "Buffalo Bill" Cody...

Item #662567

September 11, 1875

NEW YORK SATURDAY JOURNAL, Sept. 11, 1875  The front page is dominated by a very large image of: "Hon. William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill)", along with the beginning of a story by him titled: "Deadly-Eye, the Unknown Scout, by Buffalo Bill, the Celebrated Scout, Guide, and Hunter-Author." The story takes most of page 2 and is continued in a later issue.

Some crude repairs to t... See More  

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A Cheyenne wants a dead commissioner...

Item #652873

September 17, 1875

MEMPHIS DAILY APPEAL, Tennessee, Sept. 17, 1875  The top of a ftpg. middle column has heads: "THE INDIANS" "Progress f the Work o the Commissioners at Red Cloud Agency--Reward for Gallant Service" "A Cheyenne Wants a Dead Commissioner--The Threat Creates Considerable Excitement". The text takes nearly an entire column.

Four pages, rejoined at the spine and a sma... See More  

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Classic stagecoach robbery in the Old West...

Item #646763

October 02, 1875

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Oct. 2, 1875  Page 3 has most of a column taken up with: "Were They The James Boys? "Two Men Stop a Texas Express Wagon & Rob It of a Large Amount of Money". The article is very detailed and is a terrific account of a stage coach robbery (see), but this robbery was apparently not the work of Jesse & Frank James.

Twelve pages, nice condition.... See More  

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Early San Francisco...

Item #130198
DAILY MORNING CALL, San Francisco, California, 1876

* A rare and early issue from the far West.

Complete in 4 pages, rough left margin and minor edge tears, but in overall good condition due to the use of rag paper (see images). Measures approximately 28 by 21 inches.

Note: All issues have been folded at the mid-fold (typical). A 24x18 folder stores the issue folded in this manner.

Bac... See More  

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Item #130237
WEEKLY SUTTER BANNER, Yuba City, California, 1876 Rare from the Old West in California.

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Item #130292
OREGON STATE JOURNAL, Eugene City, Or. 1876 A rare and early issue from the Old West.

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Salt Lake City, Utah...

Item #130306
SALT LAKE DAILY TRIBUNE, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory, 1876 A rare issue from early Utah.

The photo is representative of the issue, you will receive a randomly dated issue from within the year.

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From Reno, Nevada...

Item #209242
WEEKLY NEVADA STATE JOURNAL, Reno, Washoe County, Nevada, 1876.  This 4 page newspaper features news on the front page as well as pages 2 & 3 but with  ads as well. Now a gambling mecca not far from Lake Tahoe, during the 1870's it was a mining town. This issue was never bound nor trimmed and is in nice condition with some minor margin wear or tears. The photo below is "gene... See More  

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Made famous by Mark Twain...

From the town of the Comstock Lode...

Item #209256
DAILY TERRITORIAL ENTERPRISE, Virginia (City), Nevada, 1876  Virginia City is one of America's largest historic landmarks. Some say Virginia City's rich gold and silver mines financed the Civil War. Now rich in history, Virginia City and the Comstock Lode still maintain the flavor of the hifalutin mining days, when Mark Twain roamed the streets and everybody wanted a piece of the &quo... See More  

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From territorial Utah... Salt Lake City...

Item #563327

January 27, 1876

DESERET EVENING NEWS, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory, January 27, 1876   A "territorial" newspaper from 20 years before Utah would become a state. In the bottom half of the ftpg. is: "Attempt to Rob a Bank", being an item about men braking into the home of the cashier of a bank in Northampton, Mass., securing the bank keys and attempting to break into the vault. They ... See More  

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Founding the Lick Observatory... Property values in Northern California...

Item #635258

March 01, 1876

WELDON & LEONARD'S REAL ESTATE CIRCULAR & PRICE LIST, San Francisco, California, March 1, 1876 

* Lick Observatory, Mount Hamilton founding

The ftpg. has: "Another Monument" which begins: "When James Lick executed his deed of gift, donating his immense property to various benevolent & scientific societies of this state, he provided that $750,000 should be ... See More  

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Red Bluff, California....

Item #634317

March 18, 1876

THE DAILY PEOPLE'S CAUSE, Red Bluff, California, March 18, 1876  An interesting title from Northern California. Quite scarce as well, as we only have a few issues. Various news & ads of the day, mostly local.

Four pages, some stains near the bottom, very nice condition.

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General Custer gets demoted by President Grant...

Item #664824

May 13, 1876

NEW YORK HERALD, May 13, 1876 

* General George Armstrong Custer

* President Ulysses S. Grant

Some five weeks before he would meet disaster, page 4 has over half a column taken up with: "Grant and Custer" which begins: "General Grant's friends are coming slowly to his defense concerning the removal of Custer..." General Terry would be the military commander of ... See More  

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Rare issue from Weaverville, California...

Item #206241

May 20, 1876

WEEKLY TRINITY JOURNAL, Weaverville, California, May 20, 1876

A quite rare issue from this Northern California town and uncommon to find from the 19th century. This is the first of this title we have had in some time. A complete four page issue filled mostly with various local news tidbits but many ads as well, many of which are illustrated. Even browning throughout, some tears at the margin wh... See More  

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Rare Old West isssue.....

Item #572652

June 18, 1876

THE SALT LAKE DAILY HERALD, Salt Lake City, Utah, June 18, 1876

* Rare Old west title

* Mormons territory

This 4 page newspaper has news of the day with several interesting advertisements. With newspapers West of the Mississippi being very rare prior to 1900, here is an opportunity to get a issue from the old West back when cowboys, Indians, saloons, gold miners & gunfights were often s... See More  

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General Crook battles the Sioux, just before the Custer massacre...

Item #669340

July 06, 1876

NEW YORK HERALD, July 6, 1876 

* Battle of the Rosebud Creek

* George Crook vs. Crazy Horse

* Custer Massacre a few days away

Page 3 has some very fine reports with one column heads on the fate of the soldiers in the Sioux Indian campaign: "BATTLE OF ROSEBUD CREEK" "First Fight of the Campaign Against the Sioux" "The Attack & Retreat Described" "... See More  

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Early report on the historic Custer Massacre...

Item #667994

July 07, 1876

ARIZONA WEEKLY MINER, Prescott, July 7, 1876 

* Custer Massacre - Indians

* George Armstrong Custer

* Battle of Little Bighorn

* Rare Old West publication

Page 2 has not one but three reports concerning the Custer Massacre in Montana.

The earliest report notes: "...General Custar [sic] with five companies of the 7th Cavalry mete about 2,000 Sioux Indians at Stillwater, Montana.... See More  

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Front page article on the Custer massacre---with a map...

Item #668800

July 07, 1876

THE WORLD, New York, July 7, 1876  Fine front page coverage of the Custer massacre which included a column-wide map described in the text headed: "The Battle-Ground" and reading: "The following map of the Big Horn region of Montana and Wyoming presents in sufficient detail for the purposes of the reader, the scene of the recent battles between the Indians and Custer on the Litt... See More  

Item from Catalog 302 (released for January, 2021)...

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The Custer massacre... Sitting Bull's autobiography... James Gang train robbery...

Item #655845

July 09, 1876

NEW YORK HERALD, July 9, 1876

* The Custer massacre

* Battle of Little Big Horn

* Chief Sitting Bull autobiography

* Jesse James-Younger Gang

* Otterville, Missouri train robbery (1st report)

This is a great issue on the General Custer massacre, with very nice page 3 column headlines including: "THE SIOUX WAR" "General Terry's Official Report on Custer's Gallant Ma... See More  

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More on the George A. Custer massacre...

Item #671728

July 09, 1876

THE SAN DIEGO UNION, California, July 9, 1876 

* Custer Massacre - Indians

* George Armstrong Custer

* Battle of Little Bighorn

The top of page 2 has a column headed: "CUSTAR'S [sic] DEFEAT" "No Mitigation of the Gloomy News--Organization of Volunteer Forces Favored--General Terry's Official Report".

Four pages, nice condition.... See More  

Item from Catalog 301 (released for December, 2020)...

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The Otterville train robbery by the James-Younger gang of outlaws...

Item #653614

July 10, 1876

PROVIDENCE EVENING PRESS, Rhode Island, July 10, 1876 

* Outlaws - Jesse James gang

* Younger Brothers

* Otterville, Missouri train robbery

Page 3 has half a column taken up with reports of the Otterville train robbery done by the James-Younger Gang, headed: "Daring Robbery" "A Railroad Train Sacked in Missouri" "Armed Men Scouring The Country In Pursuit Of Th... See More  

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Early news from 1876 San Diego...

Item #671492

July 12, 1876

THE SAN DIEGO UNION, California, July 12, 1876 

* Rare & early from Southern California

Various news items including a brief report on: "A Monument for Custar [sic]--Sixty Deaths by Sunstroke" "A Historical Sketch of San Diego" being #3 of a series; "Notes From the Mines" and more.

Four pages, nice condition.... See More  

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The Custer massacre...

Item #634110

July 13, 1876

AMERICAN STANDARD, Uniontown, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, July 13, 1876 

* Custer Massacre - Indians

* George Armstrong Custer

* Battle of Little Bighorn

Page 2 contains a very nice & lengthy account of the Custer Massacre, headed: "THE INDIAN WAR" "A Disastrous Defeat of Gen. Custer's Command by the Indians--Three Hundred & Fifteen Soldiers Kill
... See More  

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The Custer Massacre, and more...

Item #646919

July 15, 1876

THE VENTURA SIGNAL, San Buenaventura, Ventura County, California, July 15, 1876 

* General George Custer massacre

* Battle of Little Big Horn

* Rare Old West title

The front page has: "The Situation Grave" which concerns the recent Custer Massacre, beginning: "It is agreed on all hands that there must now be an Indian war, till hostile Indians of the Northwest have been... See More  

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