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Newsies... a hard life...

Robert Bowling... Lee Family relation... supports Grant...

Item #590828

September 01, 1868

THE NEW YORK TIMES, September 1, 1868


Page one has a letter from Robert Bolling (Lee family relative) in support of Grant, and which is worthy of reading.  Page 2 has an interesting set of articles regarding newsboys.  Also includes an early ad for the original New York R.H. Macy store.

Other news and advertisements of the day.

This is complete in 8 pages and in v
... See More  

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Early San Francisco with a wealth of local news & ads...

Item #682884

September 01, 1868

DAILY ALTA CALIFORNIA, San Francisco, Sept. 1, 1868 

* Rare old West title

A large size newspaper of six pages with a wealth of both local news events and local advertisements. Never bound nor trimmed, 3 folds with minor wear at a fold juncture & with a few discrete archival mends at folds.

Early California from just 19 years after the Gold Rush. Folder size noted is for the issue ... See More  

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First Hebrew political society in America, with Grant's "Jew Order" connection...

Item #680958

September 02, 1868

NEW YORK TIMES, Sept. 2, 1868  Page one includes: "Hebrew Grant and Colfax Campaign Club", which, as noted within the text: "...headquarters at No. 7 Delancy Street. It held its first regular meeting last evening...This claims to be the first Jewish political club organized in this country. According to its circular it was formed to demonstrate that the Hebrews of this city,
... See More  

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Item #151560

September 03, 1868

THE ERIE GAZETTE, Pennsylvania, September 3, 1868  This newspaper is in nice condition due to the use of cotton and rags when making newsprint at that time.

This 4 page issue contains various news of the day and several interesting advertisements giving a glimpse as to what life was like shortly after the Civil War.

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Scenes in Alaska... "A White Man's Government"...

Item #173232

September 05, 1868

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Sept. 5, 1868  Fullpg: 'Collecting the Customs--Operations of the Customs Inspectors & Agents at N.Y.' shows 5 scenes; a great fullpg: 'Scenes in Alaska' & 'A Chinese Wedding; a full page: 'This Is A White Man's Government'; and more.
Complete in sixteen pages.

Please Read Note Concerning HW Images & Supplements!

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Blackwell's Island... The Union Pacific Railroad...

Item #560822

September 05, 1868

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, from New York, dated September 5, 1868 The large frontpage illustration is concerning a famous prison van: "The Black Maria -- Prisoners Leaving The Van At The Foot of 26th Street, New York, To Embark For Blackwell's Island". Inside the issue is a halfpage illustration  "Progress Of The Union Pacific Railroad -- Mrs. Clayton Planting The National Flag On T... See More  

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Alaska illustration...

Item #567990

September 05, 1868

HARPER'S WEEKLY, September 5, 1868 (print only) This is a single leaf full page print taken from this issue is of two illustrations entitled "Scenes in Alaska - Unalachleet: Indians Fishing Through the Ice" and "Scenes in Alaska - First View of the Yukon River". This is a genuine leaf from the issue--not a reprint measuring approximately 10.25 x 15.5 inches and is in good con... See More  

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Lincoln's burial place... Martha's Vineyard...Bird hunting...

Item #173234

September 12, 1868

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, September 12, 1868  The full front page of this issue shows: 'Tomb of Abraham Lincoln at Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Illinois' a has an accompanying text article inside. A full page features 7 views of 'Camp Meeting, Martha's Vineyard' also with text. Nice full page with 8 displayable scenes of: 'Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York'... See More  

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Indian's attacking a wagon train...

Item #173236

September 19, 1868

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, September 19, 1868  The front page features coverage of "The 'Wickedest Man's' Reformation" which includes a half-page illustration "Prayer-Meeting in the 'Wickedest Man's' Dance-House" and a smaller "Scene in Front of the 'Wickedest Man's' Dance-House" - all in reference to John Allen's suppo... See More  

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The Circus... Yankee Robinson's Monster Exhibition...

Item #577613

September 24, 1868

The Lawrenceburgh Press, Lawrenceburgh, Indiana, September 24, 1868

* Post Civil War era illustrated circus ad

Page 3 has a full column ad for "Col. C. T. Ame' New Orleans Menagerie and Circus and Tropical Aviary". Has details about the various attractions and performances, and includes an engravings of an equestrian performance, two wild animals, & one of a ballet tro... See More  

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Pacific Railroad prediction comes true...

Item #581156

September 25, 1868

SACRAMENTO DAILY UNION, Sacramento, California, September 25, 1868  On the front page under "The Pacific Railroad" is a report in which "...L. Gaylord Clark claims the honor of being the first one who predicted the building of a railway across the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific... There would be no difficulty in the way of constructing a railroad from the Atlantic to the pacifi... See More  

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Bee Hunting in the Adirondacks...

Item #173238

September 26, 1868

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, September 26, 1868  The front page of the issue features a nearly full page illustration entitled "The Declaration". A halfpage features 2 scenes of: 'Bee Hunting in the Adirondacks' with an accompanying article. A one-third page 'Wreck of the U.S. Steamer Suwanee' as well as a quarter-page illustration "Wreck of the Steamer 'H... See More  

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Earthquake in Chile and Peru... a possible tsunami...

Item #581277

September 28, 1868

SACRAMENTO DAILY UNION, Sacramento, California, September 28, 1868  The front page reports "The Great Earthquake in South America - Later and Fuller Particulars". Reports are from different areas along the coastline. Under the caption "Disastrous Wave at Talcuhuana", the description would appear to be the reporting of a tsunami. "At 10 o'clock at night a phenomeno... See More  

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