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George Washington Statue...

Item #173072

March 02, 1867

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, March 2, 1867. Full front pg. illus. of "Equestrian Statue of Washington, Union Square, New York." Inside is a 1/3 pg. illus. of "Martha Washington." 1/2 pg. illus. of "Washington's Head Quarters at Newburg." Vertical 1/2 pg. of "The Disaster at Regent's Park, London-Rescuing the Skaters from the Broken Ice." Full pg. i... See More  

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Winter illustration...

Item #567976

March 02, 1867

HARPER'S WEEKLY, March 2, 1867 (print only) This is a single leaf full page print taken from this issue entitled "''Winter'" is showing a grandfather and granddaughter outside the home looking into the valley.  This is a genuine leaf from the issue--not a reprint measuring approximately 10.25 x 15.5 inches and is in good condition.

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Nebraska joins the Union: the official Proclamation...

Item #688849

March 02, 1867

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., March 2, 1867 

* Nebraska statehood achieved

* President Andrew Johnson

* From the nation's capital

The top of page 2 has a very historic: "Proclamation" signed in type by the President, Andrew Johnson, for admitting Nebraska into the Union as the 37th state. The Proclamation is dated March 1, 1867, agreeing with the histor... See More  

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Nebraska becomes the 37th state of the Union...

Item #698343

March 02, 1867

NEW YORK TIMES, March 2, 1867  Page 5 has: "NEBRASKA" "The Thirty-Seventh State" "Proclamation by the President Declaring Nebraska a State" with the complete text of the proclamation, signed in type: Andrew Johnson.

An early report, as it become a state just the day before.

Eight pages, good condition.

Item from Catalog 342 (released for May, 2024)

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The Army Bill...

Item #555121

March 05, 1867

NEW-YORK TIMES, from New York, dated March 5, 1867

* The Army Bill

* Post civil war original

Front page has the following headlines:

* Washington News

* Closing Up of the 39th Congress

* The President Signs the Army Bill Under "Protest"

& more.

Also has the text of the Tenure of Office Bill, vetoed by President Johnson, and overridden by Congress.

Other news ... See More  

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Crescent City, New Orleans, Louisiana...

Item #173074

March 09, 1867

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, March 9, 1867 Very nice double page centerfold: 'The Crescent City--Scenes in & Around New Orleans, La.' shows 7 scenes, including a nice over-view of the city. Displayable!

Other news and advertisements of the day are included. Complete in sixteen pages.

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Abraham Lincoln's life....

Item #563961

March 10, 1867

NEW-YORK TIMES, New York, NY, March 10, 1867

* Abraham Lincoln's personal life

Page 8 has: "Domestic Life Of Abraham Lincoln" (see)

Page 5 has: "A Letter from Brigham Young"

Other news of the day throughout. 8 pages in good condition.

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19th Century Baseball... Convention in Connecticut...

Item #559108

March 14, 1867

NEW-YORK TIMES, March 14, 1867

On pg. 5 under "Base Ball Convention at Hartford" is a report from Hartford about a Convention of baseball clubs in the Connecticut. Says that 30 clubs were represented and that a vote was passed "...forming a State Association, and rules and regulations concerning State championships were adopted." Mentions that the Charter Oak club of Hartfor... See More  

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Blacks vote...

Item #173076

March 16, 1867

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, March 16, 1867 Nice fullpg: 'Indian Delegations at Washington--Presentation to the President'. Halfpg: 'The Negro at the Ballot Box' shows a Black man voting, being an historic print predating the famous 'First Vote' print by 8 months. Nice print of a very early hose carriage of the N.Y. Fire Dept.

Other news and advertisements of the day are... See More  

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Terrific and very descriptive article on the Capitol...

Item #675667

March 20, 1867


* United States Capitol building

Page 7 has a very lengthy--nearly two columns--article headed: "Life In Washington" "The Capitol--It's Architecture & Decorations--The Rotunda Paintings--Miss Ream's Statues and Busts--The Passages and the Speaker's Room--Leutze's Fresco--Hall of Representatives".

The text begins... See More  

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A dramatic Indian battle in the Dakota Territory...

Item #173078

March 23, 1867

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, March 23, 1867  Full front page print of: "Benjamin F. Wade, President of the U.S. Senate.

Prints inside include a full page: "The Indian Battle And Massacre Near Fort Philip Kearney, Dakotah Territory" with a related article;  "The Late Dr. Livingstone, The African Explorer"; a doublepage centerfold with eleven prints of: "So... See More  

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Dacotah Territory...

Item #221924

March 23, 1867

HARPER'S WEEKLY dated March 23, 1867. (print only)

This is a single-page framed print. The print contains the engraving "The Indian Battle and Massacre Near Fort Philip Kearney, Dacotah Territory, December 21, 1866 ".

The print size is approximately 9.75 x 14.75 inches and the overall matted size approximately is 14.75 x 19.75 inches. The matting color is a medium shade of gree... See More  

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The Fetterman Massacre...

Item #669929

March 26, 1867

CONCORD DAILY MONITOR, New Hampshire, March 26, 1867 

* Fetterman Massacre

* Fort Philip Kearney

Page 3 has an article headed: "Phil. Kearney Massacre" which is more commonly referred to as the Fetterman Massacre in Wyoming.

The battle involved a detachment of the U.S. Army based at Fort Phil Kearney to protect travelers on the Bozeman Trail. A group of ten warriors act... See More  

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Petroleum V. Nasby....

Item #604992

March 29, 1867

WORCESTER EVENING GAZETTE, Massachusetts, March 29, 1867

* Petroleum V. Nasby

* David Ross Locke

The front page has a one column heading: "NASBY" Text continues on the back page and is signed in type: Petroleum V. Nasby Contains crudely spelled words, a style often used by Nasby in many of his literary items.

Other news of the day with several interesting advertisements. Complet... See More  

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Freed slaves in Atlanta...

Item #173080

March 30, 1867

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, March 30, 1867 Ftpg. shows the 'Freedmen's School at Atlanta' & Freedmen's Farm School near Washington', with article. Nice dblpg. Nast: 'Amphitheatrum Johnsonianum--Massacre of the Innocents at New Orleans'. Halfpg: 'The Game of Keno'.

Other news and advertisements of the day are included. Complete in sixteen pages.... See More  

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