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Over 340 years old and at a lesser price...

Item #649303
THE LONDON GAZETTE, 1670's (2nd-rate)  A genuine issue of this famous title, the world's oldest continually published English language newspaper having begun in 1665 & is still publishing today.

This newspaper is a bit "2nd rate" in condition, having minor disfigurements such as heavy foxing, edge tears, close trimming or other minor problems which allow us to discount ... See More  

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A new governor in the Caribbean Islands...

Item #665932

May 22, 1699

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, May 22, 1699 

* New governor in Leeward Islands

* Caribbean Sea

Page 2 has a report noting: "His Majesty has been pleased to constitute Christopher Codrington Esq., Captain-General and Governor in Chief of His Majesty's Leeward Caribee islands in America, in the room of his father Colonel Cadrington deceased...".

Single sheet, 7 1/4 by 11 1/... See More  

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Unusual, short-lived newspaper...

Item #649279
THE VISIONS OF SIR HEISTER RYLEY: WITH OTHER ENTERTAINMENTS, London, 1710  Sir Heister Ryley, the fictitious editor of the Visions of Sir Heister Ryley, is a man interested in all fields of learning, a "stickler in the business of truth" and absolutely averse to siding with any political party. His little newspaper was a 4 page serial. It contained essays, letters and miscellaneous ... See More  

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The oldest continuously published English language newspaper...

Item #649293
(5) THE LONDON GAZETTE  A  lot of five issues of the world's oldest continually published English language newspaper, all from the early 1700's (1712-1739), priced at a bargain due to  being a blend of 2nd rate and slightly damaged issues. A great opportunity for authentic issues from the early 18th century at a fraction of their typical cost. The image shown is just an exam... See More  

If an image(s) is shown, it is only representative of the style and condition of what you will receive. Actual items will vary.

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Five British newspapers from the 1760's - 1790's...

Item #649294
(5) An interesting lot of five British newspapers, containing at least three different titles. They span the 1760's thru the 1790's and include at least one from each decade. In average or better condition. Some may have red ink stamps (partial or otherwise). Certainly a one-of-a-kind grouping. The photos are representative of the look and condition of what you will receive.

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Uncommon provincial title with a decorative masthead...

Item #649299
THE GLOCESTER JOURNAL, England, 1767-68 (currently spelled Gloucester). Here is a very nice, four page issue from the year the Stamp Act was repealed and just a few years before the outbreak of the Revolutionary War in the colonies. This issue has a very nice & decorative masthead featuring engravings on either side. The front page also has a red-inked tax stamp. This issue contains various ne... See More  

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News from America...

Item #667013

January 17, 1767

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Jan. 17, 1767 

* 18th century London, England

Page 6 has most of a column with news headed: "America" with datelines from New York and Philadelphia.

Eight pages, 8 by 11 inches, very nice condition.... See More  

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News from America...

Item #642836
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, July, 1783  Key articles include: "American Votes Respecting the Loyalists" (a report from Worcester, Massachusetts) and "American News", the latter giving some reports of a treaty between the United States and the chiefs of the Six Nations (see image for details).

Among additional articles noted in the table of contents are: "Pa... See More  

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From the year before the creation of the Constitution...

Item #658802

February 15, 1786


* United States Constitution not yet created

An issue from the brief period between the end of the Revolutionary War and before the creation of the Constitution & the new federal government.

Various news reports of the day.

The back page has an illustrated ad for a "Hat Manufactory" which shows the iconic... See More  

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Thomas Jefferson responds concerning the Jay Treaty...

Item #666489

February 08, 1794

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Feb. 8, 1794

* Thomas Jefferson letters

* re. John Jay Treaty

The ftpg. has: "State Papers" which has three letters from Thomas Jefferson as Secretary of State, relating to the controversial Jay Treaty. Each is signed: Th. Jefferson.

Four pages, some foxing, irregular at the blank spine with a small piece missing, good condition.... See More  

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Beautiful masthead in this 1795 Canterbury newspaper...

Item #649281

June 16, 1795

KENTISH GAZETTE, Canterbury, England, 1795  We seldom have titles to offer from Canterbury, and this newspaper has one of the more decorative & beautiful mastheads of the era. Note the two very detailed engravings on either side, one of which is the fabled Canterbury Cathedral. A coat-of-arms in the middle, with very ornate lettering for 'Kentish Gazette'.

A fine issue of this ti... See More  

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Details on a ship wreck... Death of a governor...

Item #668457

January 28, 1796

THE HERALD; A GAZETTE FOR THE COUNTRY, New York, Jan. 28, 1796  Various news reports of the day including a page 3 item: "A Grand Victory Obtained by the Austrians and: "Ship Wreck" with much detail. Also a report of the death of Samuel Huntington, governor of Connecticut, with much detail on the funeral.

Four pages, good condition.

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Major General Alexander Hamilton...

Item #666775

October 16, 1799

THOMAS'S MASSACHUSETTS SPY OR WORCESTER GAZETTE, Oct. 16, 1799  The back page has a nice "War Department" notice mention that: "All officers...who are...absent from their commands are required...to report themselves by letter to Major General ALEXANDER HAMILTON..." with a bit more. This is the Alexander Hamilton who served again in the military during the Quasi War.

F... See More  

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Displayable masthead... early 19th century...

Item #649304
NEW ENGLAND PALLADIUM, Boston, 1801-1802  A typical "newsy" newspaper of the era with a nice woodcut of a soaring mercury in the masthead. Some light foxing, untrimmed.  Actual dates vary, but the issue sent will be similar in look and condition to that shown, and will date from 1801-1802.

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From Thomas Jefferson's presidency...

Item #649289
(10) BOSTON GAZETTE, dated 1806-1807  A lot of ten issues from the early 19th century when Thomas Jefferson was president.  News and advertising of the day provide perspective on this formative period.  Irregular at the spine but without loss of text; some foxing and wear with lite staining, typical for the period.  The photo shows an example of the look and condition of the is... See More  

If an image(s) is shown, it is only representative of the style and condition of what you will receive. Actual items will vary.

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Much reporting on the War of 1812...

Item #666670

June 10, 1814

THE YANKEE, Boston, June 10, 1814 

* Battle of Big Sandy Creek & more

Although the ftpg. has a dispatch headed: "Abdication Of Bonaparte", pages 2 and 3 have reports on the War of 1812 including: "Capture of 300 of the Enemy on Lake Ontario" "Further Particulars of the Affair at Sandy Creek" "Indian Massacre" "Latest From Halifax" &q... See More  

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Much on naval affairs...

Item #654332

December 23, 1815

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Dec. 23, 1815  Content includes : "A Proclamation" signed by the President: James Madison, requiring: "...all persons who have unlawfully taken possession of...public lands...to remove therefrom..." followed by a: "Naval Report" and then: "The Navy" taking nearly 4 pages, and the: "Naval Affairs"  ta... See More  

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Rousing letter from Santa Anna...

Item #666741

March 05, 1847

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., March 5, 1847 

* Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

* Mexican-Amercian War

There is some fine reporting on the progress of the Mexican War, as page 3 has: "Official News From The Army" "News From Mexico" which includes a lengthy & detailed letter from the "U.S. Squadron off Anton Lizardo" which has much on Santa... See More  

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Fine content on the closing events of the Mexican War...

Item #658831

November 15, 1847

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Nov. 15, 1847 

* Battle of Contreras & Churubusco

* Mexican War - Mexico

The front page has over a full column letter signed in type by Winfield Scott, headed: "Battles of Contreras and Churubusco - Report of Major General Scott" which offers tremendous detail on these military events from near the end of  the Mexican W... See More  

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Magazine by Charles Dickens... An issue from 1851-1853...

Item #649284
HOUSEHOLD WORDS, London, 1851-1853  Charles Dickens published this magazine from 1850 to 1859. Having been frustrated by the interference of publishers when editing three other magazines, Dickens determined that he would have a free hand on "Household Words". Dickens directed every aspect of the magazine's production. He wrote for the magazine, solicited contributions and revise... See More  

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Notable names to be at a woman's rights convention in New York...

Item #665896

August 05, 1853

DAILY OHIO STATESMAN, Columbus, Aug. 5, 1853  Page 2 has  a nice article: "Conventions At New York" which concerns the women's rights convention to be held there next month. Mention of Lucy Stone being an organizer, and then a list of many other women to be there including Lucretia Mott, Susan B. Anthony and many others.

Four pages, nice condition.

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Indians causing trouble for the Mormons in Utah...

Item #665907

October 13, 1853

DAILY OHIO STATESMAN, Columbus, Oct. 13, 1853

* Mormons attacked by Native Americans

Page 2 has: "The Mormons in Trouble" which includes in part: "...The Indians are actually harassing the Mormons at a sad rate..." with various details, and ending with: "paradisaical...Life at Salt lake will not be, for a time at least, the paradisaical affair it was wont to be."... See More  

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Latest news from the Mormon country...

Item #666798

June 08, 1857

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., June 8, 1857  Page 3 has Mormon content headed: "Additional From Utah" which notes in part: "...in company with a large number of 'Gentiles' who found the Mormon country had become too hot  to hold them any longer..." with some items on the travels of Brigham Young (see).

Four pages, nice condition. The folder s... See More  

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The blockade in the South...

Item #665959

January 08, 1862

NEW YORK HERALD, Jan. 8, 1862  Among the ftpg. column heads on the Civil War are: "News From the South" "Dispatches from Europe to Jeff. Davis" "The Rebels Acknowledge the Federal Blockade Effective" "Peculation in the Rebel Army" "Naval Engagement Near Mobile" & more.

Twelve pages, light damp stain in a lower corner, minor wear at the ma... See More  

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The Civil War near Williamsburg, Virginia...

Item #172574

May 24, 1862

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, May 24, 1862  The full front page is taken up with 5 prints concerning the: "Reoccupation of Norfolk by the Union Forces Under General Wool". Other prints inside include three full pages on: "The Expedition Against New Orleans" shows many, many ships assaulting various forts; a doublepage centerfold with 8 prints: "Scenes & Views at ... See More  

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McClellan to make an attack on Richmond?

Item #665956

June 20, 1862

NEW YORK TIMES, June 20, 1862  Among the ftpg. first column heads on the Civil War are: "From Gen. McClellan's Army" ""Editorial Correspondence of the N.Y. Times "Probable Intentions of Gen. McClellan" "An Immediate Advance on Richmond Expected" "The Meaning of the Recent Rebel Raid on the Right" "Present Position of the Opposing Forc... See More  

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Civil War map shows portions of Tennessee and Mississippi...

Item #665962

October 07, 1862

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Oct. 7, 1862 

* Second Battle of Corinth

* Mississippi & Tennessee map

The front page is dominated by a large Civil War map headed: "The Seat Of War In The South-West" with a detailed & lengthy caption.

Among the front page war-related column heads are: "The Battle Of Corinth" "Great Victory By Rosecrans" "A Second Battle on... See More  

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War battles in Virginia...

Item #665960

November 08, 1862

NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 8, 1862  Among the ftpg. column heads on the Civil War are: "Army Operations In Virginia" 'The Army of the Potomac in Motion in a Snow Storm" "Our Forces in Possession of Warrenton" "Chester Gap Held by Stonewall Jackson's Command" "The Fight with Stuart's Cavalry on Wednesday" "36 Dead Left on the Field by the... See More  

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A pro-South newspaper in the North...

Item #666535

November 12, 1862

THE CRISIS, Columbus, Ohio, Nov. 12, 1862  Among the articles within are: "Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship" "Meanness of Abolitionism--How Soldiers are Treated Who Fight for Their Country" "Resistance to Tyrants is Obedience to God" "Letter From Ex-President Buchanan" "War News of the Week"

Eight pages, nice condition.

Described as "The H... See More  

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From the Oneida Community... Civil War era...

Item #649300
THE CIRCULAR, Oneida, New York, Civil War era  A lot of ten  issues from this well-known socialistic "commune" from during the Civil War but with minimal war-related content. Four pages each, 10 by 13 inches, very nice condition.

If an image(s) is shown, it is only representative of the style and condition of what you will receive. Actual items will vary.

This item is not eligible for free shipping.

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Confederate movements in Norfolk...

Item #666006

April 15, 1863

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, April 15, 1863  Among the ftpg. column heads relating to the Civil War are: "From Norfolk--Confederate Movements--Appearances of an Approaching Struggle... "Gen. Keyes's Proclamation--A Panic--Rebel Operations at Suffolk..." "The Siege of Vicksburg" "Another Warning to England" "The Reports of French Successes in Mexico" and m... See More  

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Lincoln Proclamation calls for more troops...

Item #666352

February 06, 1864

ARMY & NAVY JOURNAL, New York, Feb. 6, 1864 

* President Abraham Lincoln

* Proclamation for more troops

As noted in the masthead this was the: "Gazette of The Regular & Volunteer Forces" and as such is replete with military news of all sorts.

The front page has: "Proclamation by the President" for a draft of 500,000 men, signed in type: Abraham Lincoln. Als... See More  

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Sherman expected at Mobile...

Item #665957

March 04, 1864

NEW YORK HERALD, March 4, 1864  Among the ftpg. column heads on the Civil War are: "News from Mobile, New Orleans and Brownsville, Texas" "General Sherman's Army Expected at Mobile" "The Latest News form Texas" "Gen. Kilpatrick's Expedition" "About 40 Miles of Track Destroyed" "Meade's Army" and much more.

Eight pages, v... See More  

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Vengeance for the murder of Colonel Dahlgren...

Item #665958

March 13, 1864

NEW YORK TIMES, March 13, 1864  Among the ftpg. column heads on the Civil War are: "GEN. BUTLER'S DEPARTMENT" "An Expedition to King and Queen County, Va." "Vengeance Visited Upon the Murderers of Col. Dahlgren" "The Exchange of Prisoners Proceeding" "The War in Louisiana" and more.

Eight pages, very nice condition.

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The troops vote for Lincoln...

Item #669352

November 12, 1864

NEW YORK HERALD, Nov. 12, 1864 

* President Abraham Lincoln

* Election among the troops

Among the front page one column heads on the Civil War are: "Richmond" "the Soldiers' Vote in the Army of the James" "Mr. Lincoln's Majority 2,904" "SHENANDOAH" "Important Movement of the Rebel Forces" "Attempt to Flank Sheridan & In... See More  

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Many Civil War prints... Burning of the Smithsonian Institute...

Item #172858

February 11, 1865

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, February 11, 1865  The front page has two prints: "150 Pound Armstrong Gun Captured at Fort Fisher" and "The Rebel Iron-Clad Fleet Forcing the Obstructions in James River". Other prints within include: "The United States Iron-Clad Battery 'Monadnock' " "Burning of the Smithsonian Institute at Washington" "Gene... See More  

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Tiny newspaper...

Item #649285
THE O.C. DAILY, 1867  No, it's not from Orange County, but rather from the Oneida Community in New York. This is a tiny newspaper, measuring just 4 by 5 inches, four pages. Various tidbits, great condition. Note: month and day will be different than the one shown in the photo.

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Ornate and displayable masthead...

Item #649305
SATURDAY NIGHT, Philadelphia, 1869  A decorative masthead with content that is primarily literary in nature. There is a front page illustration & a few more inside, with a border around each page. The photo is "generic" but your issue will have a very similar look. Measures 21 by 14 inches with 8 pages. Minor wear.

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Collection of stamp collecting magazines...

Item #649311
(10) STAMP COLLECTING MAGAZINES: Lot of ten different titles from the 1880's & 1890's, all in nice condition, at least 4 pages each, most measuring about 4 by 7 inches.

If an image(s) is shown, it is only representative of the style and condition of what you will receive. Actual items will vary.

This item is not eligible for free shipping.

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Dr. Henry S. Tanner great fast....

Item #671367

August 04, 1880

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Missouri, August 4, 1880

* Dr. Henry S. Tanner

* Fasting for better health experiment ?

* Clarendon Hall, New York City

This uncommon Midwestern title has news of the day with many advertisements. The front page has an article headed: "THE SPUNKY SKELETON" "Dr. Tanner Persists in His Perilous Undertaking" "His Rebellious Stomach in an Impr... See More  

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Assassination of President Garfield...

Item #666169

July 06, 1881

THE BOSTON INVESTIGATOR, July 6, 1881  The top of the middle column on page 6 is headed: "A National Calamity!" followed by a nearly half column article on the assassination of President James Garfield. One of the more subdued reports of  this notable report we have seen.

Six pages, archivally repaired at the spine margins where there was some loss (no text loss), good conditi... See More  

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Dick Liddil, the notorious train robber...

Item #648195

January 27, 1883

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Jan. 27, 1883  The top of pg. 5 has column heads: "Chronicles Of Crime" "The Case of Dick Liddle [Liddil], the Train Robber, in Court" "...Blood-Thirsty Women--Frank James' Custodian--Drugged to Death...". Page 2 has: "Gallow's Scenes" plus there are many other crime-related articles.

Twelve pages, nice condition.... See More  

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Quaint, amateur newspaper from Brooklyn...

Item #667972

April 15, 1906

THE MAGNET, Brooklyn, New York, Easter, 1906 

* Rare miniature size publication

This is the vol. 1 #7 issue of a quite rare title not listed in Union List of Serials or Union List of Newspapers. A small-size, amateurish newspaper which noted inside in an earlier issue: "The 'Magnet' publishes interesting stories, poems, jokes, notes of school & society...is published ev... See More  

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Horse racing magazine from Lexington, Kentucky...

Item #646999
THE THOROUGHBRED RECORD, Lexington, Kentucky, 1913  As the title would suggest this magazine is focused on  horse racing, and the masthead notes: "A Weekly Thoroughbred Journal Published by the Thoroughbred Record Company".

The ftpg. has a horse racing-related photo with a great wealth of text inside on the horse racing. Many horse racing advertisements as well.

Complete in 1... See More  

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War on Iraq begins... In a military newspaper...

Item #649286

January 17, 1991

THE STARS AND STRIPES--EXTRA, "Authorized Unofficial Publication for the U.S. Armed Forces", Jan. 17, 1991  The bold banner headline proclaims: "WAR ERUPTS" and beneath which is: "Air Armada Hammers Iraq" with further text. The bottom half of the ftpg. is a photo of an F-15 Eagle being refueled in Saudi Arabia.

This newspaper announces the beginning of the war o... See More  

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Cal Ripken breaks Lou Gehrig's record...

Item #649307

September 07, 1995

THE SUN, Baltimore, September 7, 1995  A very historic issue for the baseball collector, being the Baltimore newspaper reporting Cal Ripken's 2,131st consecutive game, breaking Lou Gehrig's record which stood for 56 years. Great headlines and photos of Ripken appear on both the front page and the 1st page of the Sports Section.

The issue is believed to be complete in multiple section... See More  

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McGwire breaks Maris' home run record...

Item #649306

September 09, 1998

ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, Missouri, September 9, 1998  See the photo for a terrific & very displayable headline: "JUBILATION" celebrating Mark McGwire 62nd home run of the season, breaking Roger Maris' home run record. Great to have in a St. Louis newspaper! This is the complete issue and is in very good condition with only a slight even toning.

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Cal Ripken Jr. ends the streak at 2,632...

Item #649302

September 21, 1998

THE SUN, Baltimore, September 21, 1998  This 52 page newspaper contains the report of Cal Ripken Jr. ending his famous streak of consecutive games played. The front page headline reads: "2,632 - Ripken Ends The Streak", and includes his response: "I thought about it and decided let's end it in the same place it started. In my home state. In front of the best fans in the wor... See More  

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