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Mention of Virginia and Jamaica in a 1699 newspaper...

Item #665675

June 29, 1699

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, June 29, 1699 

* Among the earliest of newspapers to be had

* 17th century origina

Page 2 has maritime reports including: "The Thomas and Jane of this port arrived here yesterday from Virginia, and the Antelope...from Jamaica. And this day came in the Benjamin and Sarah...from Jamaica, and the John...from Virginia."

Nice to have 17th century me... See More  

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Safe and free trade in the Americas...

Item #642707

* Pre-taxation trade with America

Near the back is a letter to the King which contains a request and suggested resolutions providing for the safe passage and free trade of subjects of the King an and about the Americas. The response from the King includes: "I am sensibly touch'd with the many hardships & injuries susta
... See More  

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A Lord's pension paid from American tax revenues...

Item #664994
THE GLOCESTER JOURNAL, England, Oct. 10, 1768  (currently spelled Gloucester)  The ftpg. has one-third of a column headed: "America" which includes news items from Newport, Boston, and Virginia. One item notes in part: "that the pension granted to his Honour the L.G. to be paid out of the revenue now raising in America but virtue of the Acts of Parliament so much complaine... See More  

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Ben Franklin asks to resign...

Item #649653

April 22, 1783


* Benjamin Franklin wants to resign

Page 3 has a brief item: "Dr. Franklin has written to Congress requesting permission to resign his public employment, 'the business being too weighty for his old shoulders'. Such was the Doctor's expression."

Page 7 is mostly taken up with: "American News" which talks of ships leav... See More  

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Thomas Jefferson's concern with impressment...

Item #666309

September 09, 1793

THE CONNECTICUT COURANT, Hartford, Sept. 9, 1793 

* Thomas Jefferson letter

* Military impressment

Page 3 has a: "Proclamation" from the French foreign minister concerning France's presence in America. Also a letter to the merchants of Hartford concerning impressment of American ships and men by foreign powers, signed in type: Th. Jefferson as Secretary of State.

Four p... See More  

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A captain is tarred & feathered...

Item #669019

May 22, 1794


* 18th century American publication

A very ornate masthead makes this a displayable issue.

The middle of page 3 has an interesting item from Baltimore: "We have tarred & feathered the Captain of a vessel here for imprudently reversing the colours of the United States and placing the British above. It is said th... See More  

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Much talk on the Jay Treaty...

Item #668108

July 29, 1795

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, July 29, 1795 

* 18th century America

* Much on the Jay Treaty

Two-thirds of the front page is taken up with: "The Objections to the Treaty Refuted", referring to the controversial Jay Treaty. Page 2 has additional items concerning the Jay Treaty.

Four pages, small piece from the bottom margin affects one word on pages 1 & 2, otherwise nice co... See More  

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Arguing the problems with the Jay Treaty...

Item #666281

September 30, 1795


* Uncommon title

* re. Jay's Treaty

Page 2 has nearly a full column taken up with a petition to the House of Representatives on concerns with problems with the Jay Treaty with England.

Four pages, nice condition.... See More  

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Item #665936

October 03, 1795

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Oct. 3, 1795

* 18th century American title

Page 2 includes: "Naval Action in the Mediterranean" between the English & the French; also: "Republic of France - National Convention" "Annihilation of the Emigrants Lately landed in France" & other items.

Page 3 includes 7 illustrated ship ads, with 6 on the back page. Four pages, ... See More  

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A displayable title... Much on the controversial Jay Treaty...

Item #666806

November 12, 1795

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE & UNIVERSAL ADVERTISER, Boston, Nov. 12, 1795  Beyond having one of the more decorative & displayable mastheads of the 18th century, over half of the front page is taken up with continued discussion headed: "Features on Mr. Jay's Treaty" with England, a very controversial document which was ultimately signed by President Washington in August.

Four ... See More  

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Repairing St. Paul's Covent Garden...

Item #669083

December 02, 1795


* St. Paul's, Covent Garden

Page 2 has an item from London headed: "St. Paul's Covent Garden" noting: "...repairs of which near 5000 pounds have...been expended was entirely destroyed by fire. The flames broke out in the cupola...".

Page 3 has a report of a meeting between Indian chiefs ... See More  

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How to pronounce words... On Washington's letters...

Item #669404

December 21, 1795

FEDERAL ORRERY, Boston Dec. 21, 1795 

* Uncommon title

Certainly one of the less common American titles from the 18th century.

Page 1 has a short article: "Gen. Washington's Letters". Most of page 2 is taken up with a fascinating article: "Orthoepy". It's actually a word: the study of correct pronunciation. It begins: "In compliance with my premise I no... See More  

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Frigate Constellation protecting our shores...

Item #668935

August 01, 1798

FEDERAL GAZETTE & BALTIMORE DAILY ADVERTISER, Aug. 1, 1798  Page 2 has: "Constellation Frigate, Or, Notice for French Pirates" which has: "The U.S. frigate Constellation...is now off our bar...to cruise along our southern coast for the protection of the American trade & the punishment of French insolence...".

Also a letter to the President from officers at Salisbu... See More  

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Stop by and visit the President...

Item #666386

April 03, 1799

THOMAS'S MASSACHUSETTS SPY OR WORCESTER GAZETTE, April 3, 1799  Inside has: "Of Buonaparte and Egypt" "Invasion of Naples" as well as a report from the London Gazette which includes a letter signed by: Horatio Nelson, from on board his ship 'Vanguard'. Page 3 has: "Another Victory" and a report from Boston: "The PRESIDENT of the United States wil... See More  

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Famed artist Gilbert Stuart...

Item #666302

May 26, 1803

GAZETTE OF THE UNITED STATES, Philadelphia, May 26, 1803 

* President George Washington portrait

* American painter Gilbert Stuart

The back page has an advertisement headed "Gilbert Stuart", noting in part: "...G. Stuart takes this opportunity, likewise, to apprise the public that he has pursued the necessary steps...to protect his works for the future from the illibera... See More  

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Letter signed by the President, Thomas Jefferson...

Item #665705

September 26, 1804

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Sept. 26, 1804 

* President Thomas Jefferson

* Letter re. France relations

Page 2 contains a letter signed in type: Th. Jefferson, which concerns relations with France.

Four pages, an archival mend on pg. 2, some smudges inside, generally nice.

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Death of the governor...

Item #665706

December 14, 1808

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Dec. 14, 1808 

* Death of James Sullivan

* Governor of Massachusetts

The middle of page 2 has a black-bordered report headed: "Death" which is a report on: "...the melancholy tidings of the decease of His Excellency JAMES SULLIVAN, Esq., Governor & Commander in Chief of this Commonwealth, in the 65th year of his age..." with more deta... See More  

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A poor transcription of the famous "Don't give up the ship!" quote?

Item #649441

August 07, 1813

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Aug. 7, 1813 

* re. Captain James Lawrence death

* re. USS Chesapeake v. HMS Shannon

Nearly 7 pages are taken up with: "Events of  the War" within which are "Battle of Beaver Dam" "Retirement of Maj. Gen. Dearborn" "Military", a letter from Chilicothe, "Chesapeake and Shannon" which concerns the famo... See More  

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More on the Battle of Chippewa...

Item #666392

July 30, 1814

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, July 30, 1814 

* Battle of Chippewa - Ontario

* General Jacob Brown victory

Five pages of reports fall under the heading: "Events of the War" with subheads & reports including: "Hear the Enemy" "Call of Militia" "From Canada" "Hostages" "The Battle of Chippewa" "General Brown&quo... See More  

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Napoleon abdicates again... Some bits on Waterloo...

Item #666174

August 05, 1815

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Aug. 5, 1815  Page 2 has: "More Great News" "Second Abdication of Buonaparte!" with the details of this event.

Also on pg. 2 are some reports concerning the Battle of Waterloo.

Four pages, various foxing, good condition.

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Huge & graphic political ad...

Item #665672

March 28, 1818

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, March 28, 1818 

* Great political advertisement as for display

The ftpg. of this issue is dominated by a very large engraving of a ship headed: "Huzza, for the Massachusetts!", part of a political notice in support of John Brooks for governor.

Note that the flag on the tallest mast bears his name, with political slogans on the other flags. Much tex... See More  

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Early article on horse racing in America...

Item #665930

July 04, 1818

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, July 4, 1818  The front page has not only an unusually lengthy article headed: "Horse-Racing" but a very early one as well, as horse racing in the States did not become popular until many years later.

Four pages, several foxing spots, generally nice condition.

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Trumbull's Declaration of Independence... Slave importation prohibited...

Item #665674

November 11, 1818

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 11, 1818 

* John Trumbell's "Declaration of Independence"

* Law prohibiting slaves leaving the state

A page 2 report begins: "The Legislature of New Jersey...passed an act last Thursday, prohibiting the exportation of slaves or servants of colour out of that State. It makes it penal in the sum of 2000 dollars, or imprisonmen
... See More  

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The execution of James Hamilton...

Item #665926

November 14, 1818

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 14, 1818  The front page has: "Execution of Hamilton" from Albany, which notes at the beginning: "On Thursday James Hamilton was executed in this city for the murder of Major Birdsall last summer...his fate excited much sympathy, and his execution was witnessed by more than 1000 people...".

Shortly before his execution Hamilton wrote his f... See More  

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Constitution for the new state of Alabama...

Item #666315

September 18, 1819

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, A consecutive pair of issues dated Sept. 18 and 25, 1819  Typically, prior to formally becoming a state of the union a territorial government needs to create and approve a Constitution that would not be in conflict with the federal Constitution.

Printed in these two issues in its entirety is the "Constitution of the State of Alabama, Adopted Aug. 2... See More  

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Texas struggles for independence from Spain...

Item #666257

March 02, 1820

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., March 2, 1820  The ftpg. has an early letter datelines: "Republic of Texas, Fort Walker, Nov. 30th, 1819" with the letter detailing trouble there. Bits include: "...Our dangers, difficulties & troubles...have been great. Nacogdoches has fallen into the hands of our enemies...Frequent engagements take place between the two forces...I... See More  

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Andrew Jackson's State-of-the-Union address...

Item #649958

December 10, 1831

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore,  Dec. 10, 1831 

* President Andrew Jackson

* State of the Union Address

Of special note is the complete & lengthy text of President Andrew Jackson's state-of-the-union address which occupies the last four pages, signed by him in type: Andrew Jackson. In it he reviews all that transpired in 1831.

Also of interest is a complete listin... See More  

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Davy Crockett denies the recent book on him is his memoirs...

Item #665914

January 11, 1834

ATKINSON'S SATURDAY EVENING POST, Philadelphia, Jan. 11, 1834 

* Rare Davy Crockett report

Page 2 has a quite small, inconspicuous item noting: "Col. Davy Crocket [Crockett], in a letter to the editors of the National Intelligencer denies the authenticity of the book lately published, purporting to be his memoirs, and says that he is now writing his own life & adventures, w... See More  

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Buying land from the Indians...

Item #665664

May 01, 1834

THE GLOBE, Washington, D.C., May 1, 1834 

* Indians - Native Americans

* President Andrew Jackson

The front page has more than a column taken up with a treaty for the purchase of land : "...made at the Otoe Village on the River Platte, between Henry Ellsworth Commissioner...U.S. and the united bands of Otoes, and Missourias, Dwelling on the said Platte...". Included are the &... See More  

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Treaty with the Seminole Indians...

Item #665911

May 07, 1834

THE GLOBE, Washington, D.C., May 7, 1834   The ftpg. has over 2 columns taken up with a treaty between the United States and the Cherokee nation of Indians west of the Mississippi, made at Fort Gibson. It is signed in type by President Andrew Jackson, and the "X" mark of 2 Indian chiefs.

The front page also has a ad: "$25 Reward" for a runaway slave, with details.

F... See More  

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An update on the situation in Texas...

Item #665679

June 10, 1837

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, June 10, 1837 

* Samuel Houston

* Post Texas Revolution

Page 4 has: "Late From Texas" begins: "We learn by a letter from our Texas correspondent that the army there is in a sad state of insubordination...". Another page has the lengthy: "Message of President Houston" in which he gives a state-of-the-union report of th... See More  

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Difficulty in capturing Santa Anna...

Item #658829

October 29, 1847

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Oct. 29, 1847 

* Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

* Mexican-Amercian War

Inside has some great content on the Mexican War including nearly a full column letter: "Dispatches From Major Downing" on the situation from near the end of the war. It includes a letter from him to President Polk which begins: "I've done my best, acco... See More  

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When Abraham Lincoln was an unknown...

Item #662647

June 20, 1848

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., June 20, 1848 

* Early in Abraham Lincoln's political career

This newspaper contains on pages 2 & 3 reports from the: "House of Representatives" which includes the results of a vote for the "Memorial of Chicago Convention" showing under the "yeas" the name "Lincoln" inconspicuously listed among man... See More  

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Much text on the death of Daniel Webster...

Item #666171

October 30, 1852

SATURDAY EVENING GAZETTE, Boston, Oct. 30, 1852 

* Daniel Webster death

The top of a ftpg. column is headed: "DEATH OF DAN'L WEBSTER" "Demonstration of Respect In Boston" "A Nation Mourns His Loss".

An incredible amount of related text as over half of the ftpg. related to Webster's death, and almost all of page 2 does as well.

A great paper for th... See More  

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State of the union address by President Pierce...

Item #665662

December 07, 1853

DAILY OHIO STATESMAN, Columbus, Dec. 7, 1853 

* President Franklin Pierce

* State of the Union Address

The entirety of page 2 is taken up with the annual state-of-the-union address of Franklin Pierce. It is prefaced with some detail headed: "President's Message" then followed by the lengthy: "Message Of The President" signed by him in type: Franklin Pierce. The ... See More  

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On the Nebraska Territorial Bill...

Item #665707

January 13, 1854

DAILY OHIO STATESMAN, Columbus, Jan. 13, 1854  Page 2 has a report: "Washington News - The Nebraska Territorial Bill" with much on it, as the territories argue over the slavery issue and their acceptance into the Union.

Four pages, very nice condition.

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Early farming newspaper from California...

Item #666179

June 22, 1854

THE CALIFORNIA FARMER, San Francisco June 22, 1854 

* Rare Old West title

* Gold mining era

* Nice decorative masthead

This is quite early for a California newspaper. A nice engraving in the masthead with much of the content having a farming theme, although there are other items as well. This is a volume 1 issue.

Eight pages, never bound nor trimmed, 12 by 18 inches, staining at the ... See More  

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Nice content on the John Brown insurrection at Harper's Ferry...

Item #665709

November 19, 1859

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Nov. 19, 1859 

* John Brown's insurrection - invasion - raid

* Harpers Ferry WV West Virginia trial

The front page has two-thirds of a column taken up with reports concerning the Harper's Ferry raid by John Brown, headed: "Insanity of Gerrit Smith" as well as; "Treatment of the Counsel of John Brown at Charlestown, Virgin... See More  

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Death of Washington Irving...

Item #665917

November 30, 1859

NEW YORK HERALD, Nov. 30, 1859 

* Death of Washington Irving

* American short-story writer

* "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" fame

The top of the front page has: "Obituary' "Death of Washington Irving" with the lengthy details taking over 2 columns.

Eight pages, binding indents at the spine cause some text loss to the first column article, but not close to the n... See More  

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Executions for the Harper's Ferry insurrection...

Item #665667

December 15, 1859

NEW YORK HERALD, Dec. 15, 1859 

* John Brown's insurrection - invasion - raid

* Harpers Ferry WV West Virginia

* Execution of Cook & Coppic (eve)

The top of the ftpg. has column heads: "STATE OF THE UNION" "The Presidential Campaign of 1860" "The Harper's Ferry Raid" "Approaching Execution of Cook, Coppie, Green and Copeland" and mor... See More  

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From the first week of the Civil War...

Item #665627

April 17, 1861

NEW YORK HERALD, April 17, 1861 

* Opening week of the Civil War

* Post Fort Sumter attack

* Troops gathering

Among the first column heads on the Civil War are: "THE WAR" "Extraordinary Enthusiasm Throughout the County" "Alacrity in Obeying the President's Call to Arms" "30 Men Killed at Fort Moultrie During the Battle" "Expected Secess... See More  

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Nice reports on the Battle of Bull Run...

Item #665625

July 20, 1861

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, July 20, 1861 

* First Battle of Bull Run - Manassas VA Virginia

* 1st major battle of the American Civil War

The front page is filled with advertisements. Page 5 has some nice column heads--and a wealth of text--on this historic Battle of Bull Run: "The Engagement at Bull's Run" "Gallant Conduct of Our Troops" "Details of the Contest"... See More  

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The Trent Affair: U.S. and England nearly come to blows...

Item #665748

November 18, 1861

NEW YORK HERALD, Nov. 18, 1861

* The Trent Affair

* Slidell and Mason

* Diplomatic incident

Most of the front page is taken up with the latest news on Trent Affair. This was a diplomatic incident that threatened a war between the United States and the United Kingdom. The U.S. Navy illegally captured two Confederate diplomats from the British ship Trent. England protested vigorously. The Un... See More  

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Battle of Fort Donelson....

Item #670831

February 19, 1862

NEW YORK HERALD, February 19, 1862 

* Battle of Fort Donelson victory

* Cumberland River - Tennessee

Among the one column headlines on the Civil War are: "The Great Victory", "Additional Particulars of the Capture of Fort Donelson", "Graphic Description of the Sanguinary Fight", and more.

Complete in eight pages. foxing more so near the margins, bit of s... See More  

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Confederacy's first iron-clad ship...

Item #665632

April 07, 1862

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, April 7, 1862 

* CSS Manassas ironclad ship

War reports are found on pages 4 & 5 with column heads including: "The War For The Union" 'The Abolition of Slavery in the District" "The Confiscation Bill" "The Rebel Blockade Run" "The Latest About the Merrimac" "Rebel Force on the Peninsula" "The Advance U... See More  

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Scenes of Virginia... New Orleans... Savannah...

Item #172564

April 19, 1862

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 19, 1862  The full front page shows: "Shipping Artillery at Alexandria, Virginia". Prints inside include: "City of Norfolk, Virginia" "Transports Embarking Troops at Alexandria" "Federal Troops at Hampton, Virginia"; a full page: "General Map of the Seat of War in Virginia, Showing the Road to Richmond" &qu... See More  

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Nice Civil War map...

Item #665623

May 29, 1862

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, May 29, 1862 

* Battle of Hanover Court House, Virginia w/ map

The front page is dominated by a large & very detailed Civil War map headed: "The Seat Of War In Eastern Virginia" which shows from Harper's Ferry to Norfolk.

Among the one column heads on the front page are: "The Battle at Hanover Court House" "Complete Rout of the Enemy&q... See More  

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Butler on the women of New Orleans...

Item #665620

June 27, 1862

NEW YORK TIMES, June 27, 1862 

* General Benjamin Butler

* Women of New Orleans

The front page is filled with various Civil War reports including some one column heads: "From Gen. M'Clellan's Army" "The Step in Advance Toward Richmond" "Gallantry of Our Troops" "Camp of the Rebels Occupied by Hooker's Men" "Corps of Gens. Fremont... See More  

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Williamsburg evacuated...

Item #665630

August 23, 1862

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Aug. 23, 1862  Among the ftpg. column heads on the Civil War: "Ovation to Gen. Corcoran" "General Corcoran's Response" "The Procession" "From Gen. McClellan's Army - Reported Evacuation of Williamsburg" "The Movement of Troops...Richmond Almost Bare of Rebel Troops...".

Plus there is more on pages 4, 5 and 8 includin... See More  

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Map shows Martinique and the escape of the privateer Alabama...

Item #665638

February 16, 1863

NEW YORK HERALD, Feb. 16, 1863 

* CSS Pirate Alabama w/ map

The ftpg. features a map headed: "The Alabama's Escape From Martinique. The Harbor of Fort Royal, Martinique, Showing the Manner in which the Privateer Alabama Escaped the Blockade of the U.S. Steamer San Jacinto" shows the islands as well. The first column has related heads.

Eight pages, very nice condition.... See More  

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Early refrigerator patent, a hay fork & Hay rack, CW reports...

Item #670961

April 25, 1863

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, April 25, 1863  The front page of this issue has an illustration and supporting text re: the "Bartlett's Patent Refrigerator". The inside pages has: "Cobb's Patent Hay Rack", "Raymond's Patent Hay Fork", "Johnson's Patent Piston-Rod Packing, and more. There are also two Civil War reports - one "The attack o... See More  

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Nebraska admitted to the Union....well, almost...

Item #665922

July 28, 1866

CONCORD DAILY MONITOR, New Hampshire, July 28, 1866  Page 2 has an inconspicuous--yet historic--report noting: "Nebraska was admitted to the Union by both branches of Congress on Friday, the vote standing in the Senate 24 to 18, and in the House 63 to 52, and the bill has gone to the President for his signature. The Senators from the new State are already in Washington."

But it wou... See More  

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The rebel riot at New Orleans...

Item #666175

August 07, 1866

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Aug. 7, 1866 

* New Orleans massacre of 1866

* Anti-racist marchers - Negroes

* White Democrats attack black republicans

The ftpg. reports on the New Orleans Massacre, column heads including: "THE REBEL RIOT" "Mutilation of Gen. Sheridan's Dispatch to Gen. Grant" "Threats of a Rebel Attack on Colored Regiments" "Attempted Assass... See More  

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George A. Custer on trial for leaving his command...

Item #665655

September 04, 1867

NEW YORK TIMES, Sept. 4, 1867 

* General George Armstrong Custer

The middle of the ftpg. has a small report headed: "The Trial of Major-Gen. Custar [sic]" which includes: "...Custar has been ordered to Fort Leavenworth for trial...on his return to Fort Wallace...Custar...left his command at Wallace & proceeded to Harker as fast as jaded horse-flesh would bear him. The... See More  

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Uncommon title from Lawrence, Kansas...

Item #666289

December 17, 1873

SPIRIT OF KANSAS, Lawrence, Dec. 17, 1873 

* Rare Midwestern publication

A very ornate, farm-themed engraving in the masthead. The subtitle is: "A Journal of Home & Husbandry".

Eight pages, worn at the margins with some tears, some wear at the folds as well, irregular at the margins. But a title we have not offered before.

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From Quebec, Canada...

Item #666140

January 28, 1874

MORNING CHRONICLE, Quebec, Canada, Jan. 28, 1874  We seldom acquire 19th century Quebec newspapers. A typical issue of the day, various news items and a wealth of advertising.

Four pages, large folio size, wear at the margins, some staining at the margins.  Folder size noted is for the issue folded in half.

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Sitting Bull's camp captured... Return to Palestine...

Item #666266
AMERICAN SOCIALIST, Oneida, New York, Jan. 25, 1877 

* Capture of Sitting Bull's Camp
* Much regarding the Jews

Inside this issue is a small but historic article on the discovery and capture of the Indian camp headed by Chief Sitting Bull.

Also within are two articles of Judaic interest: one describing the return of multitudes of Jews to their homeland in
... See More  

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A different side of Jesse James & his gang...

Item #648169

November 21, 1879

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Nov. 21, 1879  Page 3 has almost half a column headed: "The James Boys" "An Instance Where Jesse James Was Moved from His Purpose by the Voice of Prayer". It begins: "The famous detective, Pinkerton, has given the James boys the name of being blood thirsty wretches who could never be moved from their purpose of killing, when once they made up... See More  

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Polygamy among the Mormons... John Wilkes Booth's horse...

Item #665671

January 14, 1881


* Polygamy & the Mormons

* John Wilkes Booth's horse

Page 2 has two interesting, brief items: "It is asserted that the horse which John Wilkes Booth rode to the place of his capture after President Lincoln's assassination, belongs to an Abington, Mass. man & is a good traveler, though 23 yrs old." 

Also: &... See More  

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President Harrison's state-of-the-union address...

Item #666181

December 09, 1891

THE LOS ANGELES TIMES, California, Dec. 9, 1891  The entire front page, and most of page 5 are taken up with the: "MESSAGE Of The President of the United States to Congress and the Country". It is signed in type at its conclusion: Benjamin Harrison. A wealth of content on the accomplishments & challenges of 1891.

Complete in 8 pages, minor wear at folds, good condition.... See More  

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19th century newspaper from Berkeley...

Item #666296

January 02, 1895

THE GAZETTE, Berkeley, California, Jan. 2, 1895 

* Rare Old West title

A small paper covering mostly local events, plus a wealth of ads.

Four pages, two folds, foxing at the vertical fold, mild wear at the margins & folds.

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Los Angeles in 1896...

Item #665749

August 01, 1896

THE LOS ANGELES RECORD, California, Aug. 1, 1896 

* 19th century Southern California

A typical newspaper of the day. The front page features a rather large political cartoon showing McKinley and Bryan. Four pages, very nice condition.

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Lampooning the craze of feathered hats...

Item #666291

November 13, 1897

SATURDAY GLOBE, Utica, New York, Nov. 13, 1897  This was one of the only newspapers of the 19th century which had color prints within. The ftpg. of this issue has a comic message on the current fashion of large plumage in the hats, this print captioned: "Fashions In Ladies' Hats Soon To Be All The Rage."

Eight pages, wear at the margins and the folds.

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Quaint, amateur newspaper from Brooklyn...

Item #667969

April 01, 1905

THE MAGNET, Brooklyn, New York, April, 1905 

* Rare miniature size publication

This is the vol. 1 #4 issue of a quite rare title not listed in Union List of Serials or Union List of Newspapers. A small-size, amateurish newspaper in which a previous issue noted: "The 'Magnet' publishes interesting stories, poems, jokes, notes of school & society...is published every two ... See More  

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Odd-ball political newspaper from Los Angeles...

Item #666123

January 01, 1946

COAST REPORTER - THIRD SERIES --  EXTRA!  A seemingly odd-ball weekly newspaper from Los Angeles, mostly dealing with political issues. The inside masthead notes: "The West's Snappiest Newspaper". No date is in the masthead, however by appearances I'd say it is from the 1940's.

The banner headline note: "Carlin Smith's Wild Parties", Smith being a can... See More  

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