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Unusual tightrope walking print ad...

Item #680731

July 15, 1818


* Tightrope walking ad

* Boston circus

News of the day with many ads throughout. The most interesting content is a page 3 illustrated advertisement for "Mr. Vilallave" and his tightrope walking exhibition, which includes a print of him on the wire.

Four pages, nice condition.... See More  

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Pirate capture & circus advertisement...

Item #206471

July 03, 1820

NATIONAL ADVOCATE, New York, July 3, 1820  "Daring Outrage" on pg. 2 describes the capture of a ship off Cape Henry by a "piratical brig". Pg. 3 has an ad for a "Circus" on Broadway with details about "Monsieur Godreau", a tight- rope walker.

First leaf has a small hole in unrelated content.

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1824 Circus...

Item #220105

January 03, 1824



* Circus Notice

On page 3 under Circus are details about the performances, including the grand equestrian melodrama of Timour The Tartar. Other news of the day includes: "Mr. Booth", "Daring Attempt at Robbery", "Another Circus", and more. Other ads as well. Lite staining in the upper left corner, some lite foxi
... See More  

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Sag Harbor circus ad...

Item #208740

May 04, 1839

THE CORRECTOR, Sag Harbor, May 4, 1839  On the front page under Circus are details about the splendid Equestrian Establishment performed by A. Turner, Sons & Co. 4 pages in good condition. Early for circus advertisements.

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General Tom Thumb....

Item #563224

August 22, 1844

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington D.C., August 22 , 1844

* General Tom Thumb as a young boy

* P.T. Barnum circus attraction

Page 3 has a report about "Tom Thumb At Paris" that reads, in part:

* As it is the intention of Mr. Barnum to visit Paris with Tom Thumb....The General, having worn out Napoleon in England, he will there, in polite deference to French prejudice, ap... See More  

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19th century illustrated circus ad...

Item #623223

June 16, 1846

SALEM GAZETTE, Salem, Massachusetts, June 16, 1846

* Illustrated circus advertisement

* 19th century Salem, Massachusetts

Page 3 has an ad: ""Mammoth Circus! Grand Entertainment with Great Addition In Interest, Splendor &c." re. the Rockwell & Stone Circus. Has details, plus an engraving of an equestrian performance."

News of the day includes: "Dreadful St... See More  

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P. T. Barnum made Tom Thumb wealthy...

Item #606783

September 07, 1852

THE UNION DEMOCRAT, Manchester, New Hampshire, Sept. 7, 1852

* General Tom Thumb - dwarf

* P.T. Barnum circus attraction

The front page has: "Barnum and Tom Thumb" which includes a letter from Bridgeport, Ct., noting in part: "Barnum's chief sources of income...are his Museum...among his incidental expenses are $200 a week or $10,400 a year for Tom Thumb..." with more on... See More  

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"The Grandmother's Apology" by Alfred Tennyson...

Item #172282

August 06, 1859

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 6, 1859  The front of the issue features a poem entitled "The Grandmother's Apology" by Alfred Tennyson with an illustration by Millais. Inside are 12 small illustrations of "Golden Images Found in Indian Graves in the Province of Chiriqui, New Granada." Two full page illustration of "A Day in the Country -The Picnic" and... See More  

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The Circus...

Item #617495

August 20, 1859

DOLLAR WEEKLY MIRROR, Manchester, New Hampshire, August 20, 1859  Pg. 4 has a full column ad for "The Real Genuine Monster Show - Nixon & Co.,'s Mammoth Circus." This also includes small illustrations, including "Educated Bull, Don Juan"

Complete in 4 pages with a small lite stain on the front page, otherwise is in very good condition.

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1859 California & Horace Greeley...

Item #211618

September 19, 1859

NEW-YORK DAILY TRIBUNE, Sept. 19, 1859 Pg. 6 has: California A Letter From Mr. Greeley--An Indian Battle. Also has: Letter From Horace Greeley My Political Views and: Important From Colorado Fight With The Indians--Fifty Or Sixty Killed--Three Soldiers Wounded. Political views letter is signed in type: Horace Greeley. Other news of the day includes: "News From Pike's Peak" "Twelve Circus Horses Bu... See More  

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Three double page prints, one circus-related...

Item #676065

October 20, 1860

NEW YORK ILLUSTRATED NEWS, Oct. 20, 1860  There are 3 fine double page prints in this issue including: "The Brothers Hanlon, The Bold Gymnasts and Acrobats..." which has 9 prints of their acrobatics, and names of all 6 brothers. A great circus-related double page print.

Then a dramatic: "Loss of the British Steamer 'Connaught'...Her Passenger gets & Crew Numbering ... See More  

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P.T. Barnum Circus Museum Fire... Lincoln Conspirators...

Item #682155

July 14, 1865

NEW YORK TIMES, July 14, 1865  The front page has: "DISASTROUS FIRE", "Total Destruction of Barnum's American Museum", " LOSS ESTIMATED AT $10000", "Nine Other Buildings Burned to the Ground", "Thirty Thousand People in the Streets - Pickpockets in the Crowd - Accidents and Incidents", and more. 

Additionally, page 5 h... See More  

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Pro-Union newspaper from this Civil War border state...

Item #586785

September 12, 1865

THE UNION STANDARD, Lexington, Kentucky, Sept. 12, 1865

* Rare post Civil War title

A scarce title from this border state, shortly after the end of the Civil War. The paper was formally titled "The National Unionist", obviously being pro-North during the Civil War. Page 2 has several items which relate to the conclusion of the Civil War including a Proclamation signed in type by th... See More  

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The Circus... Yankee Robinson's Monster Exhibition...

Item #577613

September 24, 1868

The Lawrenceburgh Press, Lawrenceburgh, Indiana, September 24, 1868

* Post Civil War era illustrated circus ad

Page 3 has a full column ad for "Col. C. T. Ame' New Orleans Menagerie and Circus and Tropical Aviary". Has details about the various attractions and performances, and includes an engravings of an equestrian performance, two wild animals, & one of a ballet tro... See More  

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Stone & Murray's Circus...

Item #598143

October 14, 1868

THE DAILY JOURNAL, Wilmington, North Carolina, October 14, 1868 Taking a full column on the front page is an ad for: "Stone & Murray's Circus" with a list of the attractions and performers, and several nice woodcuts.

Other news and advertisements, some with illustrations, are within the issue as well.

This is complete in four pages and is in good condition.

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The circus is coming to town!...

Item #555881

September 25, 1869

COLDWATER REPUBLICAN, Coldwater, Michigan, September 25, 1869

* Uncommon title 

* Post civil war illustrated circus ad

The back page has an ad for "Levi J. North's Circus & Performing Animals".

Has details about the main attractions & performers. Includes an engraving of two bears performing on ladders & directed by a clown, & one of "The Soa... See More  

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Crash of Barnum's Circus... Opening of the American Museum of Natural History...

Item #599150
THE WORLD, New York, April 28, 1871  The frontpage carries a headline "Smashing A Circus" with subhead "Barnum's Caravan Run Into on the New Jersey Central Railroad", "Two men Killed and Wagon Demolished -- Tommy Welsh, the Dwarf Driver, Fatally Wounded -- Three Others Badly Injured -- Scenes at Crawford Station and Elizabeth -- The Inquest, Etc". The article... See More  

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Dan Rice's circus....

Item #604737

June 11, 1872

WORCESTER EVENING GAZETTE, Massachusetts, June 11, 1872

* Dan Rice's circus

* Shooting affray

This issue has news of the day with several interesting advertisements throughout.

The front page has a small one column heading: "Shooting In Dan Rice's Circus"

Larger than normal issue measures 26 x 20 inches, complete in 4 pages, a little spine wear, otherwise nice.... See More  

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Circus parade...

Item #173678

December 14, 1872

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Dec. 14, 1872 (excludes Supplement - see note)  Halfpg: 'The Coon Hunt' shows several Black men telling stories Round the camp fire. Halfpg: 'Seeing the Circus Pass--A Va. Sketch' shows kids sitting on a fence post. Fullpg: 'The American Common School'.

Note: This listing does not include the Supplement which contains a multi-panel ill... See More  

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Phineas Barnum Circus Museum Fire...

Item #622447

December 25, 1872

THE NEW YORK TIMES, December 25, 1872

* Phineas Barnum Circus Museum Fire

The back page has an article headed: "NEW-YORK FIRES" "A Million Dollars' Worth of Property in Flames" "Barnum's Museum and Other Buildings Wholly Destroyed" "The Entire Collection of Wild Animals Burned to Death" and more. Lengthy text. Nice to have in this venerable ne... See More  

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The Circus is Coming to Town...

Item #616789

May 02, 1873

SALEM GAZETTE, Salem, Massachusetts, May 2, 1873 The front page has a two-column width, page length ad "World's Fair and L.B. Lent's Leviathan Universal Living Exposition" and "Great New York Circus!" This contains the information on all the events and several engravings as well.

This is complete in four pages with a small hole at the center fold, otherwise is in very ... See More  

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Burial of Captain Hall...

Item #173728

June 07, 1873

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, June 7, 1873 (supplement not included - see note below)

The front page features a full page illustration: 'The Burial of Captain Hall' with an accompanying article and a map illustration of 'The North Polar Region' of his expedition. Nice full page with 3 illustrations on: 'The Bender Murders Near Cherryvale, Kansas'. Three illustrations on: ... See More  

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Large, illustrated ad for a double circus...

Item #631273

July 16, 1873

BETHLEHEM DAILY TIMES, Pennsylvania, July 16, 1873

* Very nice illustrated Circus advertisement

Page 2 has two columns entirely taken up with a nice, graphic advertisement for a circus, being the: "Great Eastern Menagerie - A Towering Giant Among Its Fellows - The Great 12 Center-Pole Tent - Dual Circus Exhibition!" with more on the double circus coming to Bethlehem. There are ... See More  

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Single sheet newspaper... Circus Advertisement...

Item #563960

July 19, 1873

TOWANDA BUSINESS ITEM, Towanda, Pennsylvania, July 19, 1873  This single sheet issue has news of the day with several advertisements including a very nice illustrated circus ad on the reverse side.

Not sure if this issue was meant to be a single sheet issue or is missing a second leaf in a 4 page paper.

Little staining with some fold wear near the top, otherwise good.... See More  

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P. T. Barnum circus advertisement from 1873...

Item #648585

October 01, 1873


* P.T. Phineas Barnum ad

The photo shows the nice back page ad for " P. T. Barnum's Great Traveling Museum Menagerie" which includes a portrait of Mr. Barnum and various details about the attractions and performances. The ad takes two-thirds of the column.

Eight pages, good condition.... See More  

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P. T. Barnum circus advertisement from 1873...

Item #672632

October 03, 1873


* P.T. Phineas Barnum ad

The photo shows the nice back page ad for " P. T. Barnum's Great Traveling Museum Menagerie" which includes a portrait of Mr. Barnum and various details about the attractions and performances. The ad takes two-thirds of the column.

Eight pages, minor ftpg. staining, overall good condition.... See More  

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The circus is coming to town... Thomas Nast...

Item #173762

October 04, 1873

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, October 4, 1873   The full ftpg. features one of the better circus-related prints to be had, captioned "The Circus Coming Into Town" which shows a circus wagon with a band in a procession with other performs, all watched by the townsfolk. A great display item for any collector of circus related material.

Other prints within this issue include a 3... See More  

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From Southern California...

Item #661989

October 15, 1874

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIAN, Bakersfield, Kern County, California, Oct. 15, 1874 

* Rare Old West title

* Large circus advertisement

A very early newspaper from this city at the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley. Various news of the day with a wealth of ads as well.

Page 2 has a very nice circus advertisement which features Mollie Brown, bareback somersault rider.

Four pages, never bou... See More  

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Entering the circus tent...

Item #173938

June 12, 1875

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, June 12, 1875 The doublepage centerfold of this issue is a very nice print captioned: "Fair Time--The Entrance to the Circus Tent" showing a woman and child on horseback, with various circus performers and other by-standers in the background. A very nice & displayable print for any collector of circus memorabilia.  There is a related article on the... See More  

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International rifle match...

Item #173946

July 10, 1875

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, July 10, 1875  Fullpg: 'The International Rifle Match, The American Team'. Fullpg. Nast Cartoon: 'Homo-Phobia'. Halfpg: 'The Frigate 'Constitution', 'Old Ironsides' '. Full bkpg: 'A Clown's Cricket Match'.

Complete in sixteen pages.

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Very detailed account of a train robbery...

Item #611272

July 10, 1875

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Missouri, July 10, 1875 

* Outlaws attempt to rob train

* Ad - P. T. Barnum's "Great Roman Hippodrome" circus

The back page has 1 2/3 of a column taken up with great & detailed content concerning the train robbery at Long Point, Illinois, with heads at the top of the column: "PULL OUT!" "An Express Train on the Vandalia Road Bo... See More  

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Hot air balloon ascension...

Item #173954

August 07, 1875

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Aug. 7, 1875  Full ftpg. Nast political cartoon, and another fullpg. by him inside. Halfpg. shows a balloon ascension. Nearly fullpg: 'The Austro-Hungarian Arctic Expedition' shows much hardship.

Complete in sixteen pages.

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Mr. Moody... Thomas Nast print...

Item #174016

March 11, 1876

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, March 11, 1876  Full front page: 'The Great Revival - Mr. Moody Preaching at the Hippodrome' (owned by P.T. Barnum)

Full page Thomas Nast cartoon: ' Injured Innocence - Southern Chivalry Not Dead Yet' shows Jeff. Davis in woman's clothes.

Doublepage centerfold: '"Gone!" - Scene in a London Railway Station - Departure of Emigra... See More  

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Samuel P. Stickney death... Circus...

Item #613261

March 26, 1877

THE MISSOURI REPUBLICAN, St. Louis, March 26, 1877

* Samuel P. Stickney

* Circus horseback rider

This uncommon Midwestern title has news of the day with many advertisements. Page 5 has an article headed: "America's Oldest Circus-Rider" "The Death of Samuel P. Stickney After Fifty Years' Service in the Ring"

This issue is not fragile as newsprint back then was ma... See More  

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Hunting wild beasts...

Item #602076

September 26, 1877

THE CLEVELAND HERALD, Cleveland, Ohio, September 26, 1877

* Hunting animals for the zoo & circus

* Lions - tigers - elephants & more

This uncommon 8 page issue has news of the day with several interesting advertisements throughout.

Page 3 has one column headings: "HUNTING WILD BEASTS" "The Dangerous Business of Stocking the Menageries" and more (see photos). The... See More  

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Bank robbery, then robbers caught... Broadside...

Item #680705

September 04, 1878

THE ADVANCE, Red Wing, Minnesota, Sept. 4, 1878  Page 2 has: "Treaty With Indians" which begins: "Generals Howard, Wheaton, Sawhille...met Indian chiefs at Umatilla, Oregon & had a general pow-wow...". Also: "A Missouri Daytime Bank Robbery" which has much on a robbery in Concordia, Minnesota including: "...three men entered the bank...jumped over the co... See More  

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Scenes of Pine Bluff, Arkansas...

Item #174330

March 08, 1879

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, March 8, 1879  Full ftpg. Nast print: 'The Civilization Of Blaine'. Full page has 4: "Scenes At Pine Bluff, Arkansas". Dblpgctrfld: "Life in Southern India--Return from Early Tea". A fullpg. Nast cartoon: "Attack On The Resumption Safe". Fullpg: 'The Golden Gate--Entrance to San Francisco Harbor'.

Other news and adv... See More  

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W.W. Cole's Circus lion tamer attack ?......

Item #613362

April 21, 1879

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Missouri, April 21, 1879

* W.W. Cole's Circus & Menagerie

This uncommon Midwestern title has news of the day with many advertisements. Page 3 has an article headed: "In The Lion's Den" "A Horrible Spectacle at Cole's Circus and Menagerie" "Torn to Pieces by a Ferocious and Untamed Leopard" and more. (see) Text takes up ... See More  

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Chinese Opium palace, San Francisco...

Item #174442

April 03, 1880

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 3, 1880  Front full pg. illus. of "The Explosion in the Winter Palace, St. Petersburg - Scene in the Guard Room." Inside is a full pg. illus. of "Preparing for Easter." 1/2 pg. illus. of "The 'Salvation Army'." 1/4 pg. illus. of "The Rev. Robert L. Dashiell, D.D."

Dblpgctrfld. containing many illus. pertaini... See More  

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Illustrated Circus advertisement...

Item #215380

June 21, 1880

EASTON EXPRESS, Easton, Pennsylvania, June 21, 1880

* Nice illustrated circus advertisement
* Easton, Pennsylvania
The front page has an ad for: Welshe & Sands Railroad Circus & Royal English Menagerie and Grand Mardi Gras Carnival with illustration of three of the attractions and more, taking two complete columns. News of the day with several other interesting advertisem
... See More  

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An Old West Newspaper from Stockton, CA......

Item #573326

July 24, 1880

STOCKTON DAILY INDEPENDENT, California, July 24, 1880 

* Rare wild Old West title


This 4 page newspaper has news of the day with several interesting advertisements. With newspapers West of the Mississippi being very rare prior to 1900, here is an opportunity to get a issue from the old West back when cowboys, Indians, saloons, gold miners & gunfights were often seen on a regu... See More  

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Cornwall, England...

Item #174476

July 31, 1880

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, July 31, 1880  Front full pg. illus. of "The Democratic Trojan Horse." Inside is a full pg. illus. entitled "General Hancock Gulliver, How do You Like it as far as You've Got?" 1/3 pg. illus. of "James Gordon Bennett's New Steam Yacht 'Polynia'." 1/2 pg. illus. of "The Ocean Steam Yacht 'Anthracite'.&quo... See More  

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1880 San Francisco California....

Item #215537

October 11, 1880

DAILY EVENING POST, San Francisco, Oct. 11, 1880.


* The Old West in California

* Circus ad

On the front page under Amusements is an ad for performances at Coles Amphitheater featuring The Wonderful Trick Stallions and other attractions. Has a small woodcut of the stallions. News of the day includes: "Terrible Railroad Catastrophe at Pittsburg" "General Grant on the Political
... See More  

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Thomas Nast prints... W.A. Rogers print...

Item #174546

April 02, 1881

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 2, 1881  This issue includes a full front page illustration by Thomas Nast entitled "U.S. Circus" and a full page illustration by W.A. Rogers entitled "The Old Way and The New". A double page centerfold by Thomas Nast shows a morbid Statue of Liberty as a 'Warning Light', symbolizing the dangerous & unhealthy conditions of t... See More  

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New York Dog Show...

Item #174556

May 07, 1881

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, May 7, 1881  Full front page Thomas Nast illustration "New York Must Go - Down". One-third page illustration: 'Buildings for the International Cotton Exposition, Atlanta, Ga.' Full page illustration: 'The American Horse Exchange'. Full page illustration "The Luck of Roaring Camp". Full page illustration: 'The Dog Show in N... See More  

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Circus advertisement....

Item #586788

September 12, 1881

FRANKFORT DAILY DISPATCH, Frankfort, Kentucky, Sept. 12, 1881 

* Great circus advertisement

A typical newspaper of the day with various news and advertisements. The front page includes: "Attempt to Kill Guiteau", the assassin of President Garfield. Page 4 has a very large & great illustrated ad for the Forepaugh Circus (see photos).

Four pages, very nice condition.... See More  

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Great view of the national capital...

Item #174666

May 20, 1882

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, May 20, 1882   Full ftpg. political cartoon by Thomas Nast: "Fiendish Assassins--Poor Ireland, Save me from my friends!". Over halfpg: "The Old Church at Sleepy Hollow". Great doublepage centerfold: "Our National Capital, Viewed from the South" is a terrific bird's-eye-view of the city, showing the Capitol, the White House,... See More  

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Illustrated Circus Ad... One of the best...

Item #598350

September 19, 1883

BELLEFONTE REPUBLICAN, Bellefonte, Pa., September 19, 1883 Page 5 has a full column advertisement for " The Great Forpaugh Show" which includes 3 illustrations of the various attractions and performances along with additional details. Very displayable - one of the best circus ads we have seen!  Other news of the day and period advertizing is present throughout.The issue has 8 pages ... See More  

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College football by Remington... Baseball in San Francisco...

Item #175242

November 26, 1887

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, November 26, 1887  Full front page illustration by Frederic Remington: College Players At Foot-Ball---A Tackle And Ball-Down.  Inside has a related report: The College Game Of Football. Also a report: Base-Ball In San Francisco and an illustration: A Base-Ball Game On The Haight Street Grounds, San Francisco. 

Full page "Hunting Wild Hogs in Arka
... See More  

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P. T. Barnum's Circus Fire... Map of the city of Boston...

Item #648931

December 03, 1887

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, December 3, 1887 The issue contains illustrations of the latest inventions of the day with accompanying text which include: "Main Pumping Engine of the Boston Sewage System", "Fire Engine Tender", "Burning of Rare Animals", "Boston Drainage System - Reservoirs at Moon Island", map of the "City of Boston", "Jay
... See More  

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