Australia - Botany Bay

Australia - Botany Bay

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The Nova Constellatio coin, made for the American colonies... Settling Australia as a penal colony...

Item #664331
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, October, 1786 

* The Nova Constellatio coin print

* Made for circulation in the American colonies

The most interesting item in this issue is the foldout plate which contains--among other prints--an image of the "Nova Constellatio" coin used in the colonies (see). The print shows both the obverse & reverse & has a date of 1785.

Th... See More  

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Terrific & early on Botany Bay...

Item #663341
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, November, 1786 

* Botany Bay

* New South Wales

* Australia

The first 2 1/2 pages are taken up with a lengthy & detailed report on the establishment of a penal colony in Botany Bay. It begins: "While the plan for settling a colony at Botany Bay is preparing to be carried into execution..." with much more, & including a description... See More  

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Botany Bay... Rules for servants... Indian skirmishes in America...

Item #647032
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, December, 1786 Inside has nearly a full page relating to Botany Bay being established as a penal colony, headed: "The Botany Bay Business Defended" which is a critical response to the lengthy Botany Bay discussion in the previous issue (see Gentleman's Magazine for November, 1786). One bit mentions: "...they have now comfortable beds. Former... See More  

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Commodore Phillips & Botany Bay, Australia...

Item #661707

* Botany Bay, Australia - Admiral Arthur Phillip

* Northern plantations act to discourage the slave trade

 Within this issue is a report concerning Commodore Phillips at Botany Bay reading: "The Botany fleet arrived at the Cape on the 13th of October, after a passage from Rio de Janeiro of only five weeks & four days. Commodore ... See More  

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Establishing a penal colony in Australia... Mention of Franklin...

Item #666346

* Botany Bay, Australia

* Penal Colony - Convicts

* Early chess - Benjamin Franklin

Near the back under the "Domestic Occurrences" heading is a report reading: "By the last accounts received from the fleet from Botany Bay, they arrived at the Cape of Good Hope on the 13th of October last and expected to sail again about t... See More  

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George Washington is elected President...

Item #655249
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, England, May, 1789 

* George Washington elected 1st president of U.S.

* Report from his Revolutionary War enemy (historic)

Certainly the most significant---and very historic--report in this issue is the account under the heading "America" of George Washington being elected the first President of the United States. The full text can be seen in... See More  

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The English will not abandon the settling of Australia...Wilberforce & slavery...

Item #643851

May 28, 1789

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, May 28, 1789

* African slave trade

* William Wilberforce

* Botany Bay - Australia

Page 7 has a brief item  from Parliament headed: "Botany Bay" reading: "Mr. Hussey asked whether it was the intention of Ministers to prosecute the scheme of forming a settlement in Botany Bay? Mr. Pitt said that from the accounts hitherto received fr
... See More  

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Jewish boxer Daniel Mendoza... Botany-Bay...

Item #652524

January 15, 1790

THE MORNING POST & DAILY ADVERTISER, London, January 15, 1790  Pages 2 and 3 both have articles related to 18th century boxing, one of which includes a mention of Daniel Mendoza, the famed Jewish boxer.  Page 2 also has the mention of ships full of convicts headed for Botany-Bay (Australia) having been given their final orders.

Four pages, very nice condition.... See More  

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George Barrington... of Botany Bay fame...

Item #625496

January 25, 1790

THE MORNING POST, AND DAILY ADVERTISER, London, January 25, 1790  Page two carries two articles pertaining to George Barrington, the Prince of Pick-pockets.

Other news, articles and advertisements are within.

Complete in four pages and in nice condition with a complete red tax stamp on the front page.

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Detailed article on early Australia... Death of Rev. John Wesley...

Item #640630
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, March, 1791  An article concerning the respect given to Benjamin Franklin begins: "As there were few men more attentive to the tracing the causes of natural effects, or more ready & ingenious in accounting for them, than the late Dr. B. Franklin, his opinions on any such subjects are therefore deserving of our special attention. Thus on the subje... See More  

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18th century boxing... from Oxford...

Item #591841

March 26, 1791

JACKSON'S OXFORD JOURNAL, England, March 26, 1791

* 18th century boxing

* Mention of the Canadian Constitution Bill

* Botany-Bay mention

* Partial Red Ink Stamp

Page 3 has details regarding a boxing match between Faulkner and Thornhill, two notable pugilists (boxers) of the period.  See images for details.  The front page has mentions of both the Canadian Constitution Bill a... See More  

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On Washington military ranking... Ben Franklin on Captain Cook...

Item #644290
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, September, 1795 

The first page makes reference to Capt. Cook and a letter from Ben Franklin: "...not to consider that great navigator as an enemy if he should happen to fall into their hands..." (see).

Further inside are 1 1/2 pages taken up with the issue of whether George Washington was ever a commissioned officer in the British military, a
... See More  

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The kangeroo described... Approval of the Jay Treaty by Congress...

Item #653296
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, June, 1796  Included is an interesting and quite descriptive article on the kangaroo, perhaps the earliest such report we have seen. Bits include: "...The Gamgarou, or, as Pennant calls it, Kangaroo, is a native of New South Wales and first discovered by that able and much lamented navigator Capt. Cook. The proportions of this animal are singular in a gr... See More  

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Emigrants from England to Australia...

Item #669903

January 20, 1849

THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, Jan. 20, 1849  The front page shows: "The Islington New Market". Inside has 4 prints on the: "Gold Mine In Brazil".

Perhaps the best prints are the five showing: "Scenes On Board an Australian Emigrant Ship" with related text, all taking two pages.

Sixteen pages, very nice condition.

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A settler's hut in Australia...

Item #669905

March 17, 1849

THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, March 17, 1849  Amongst the many interesting prints perhaps the best are the two commanding the back page, showing: "Settler's Hut, In Australia" and: "Interior of Settler's Hut In Australia". The balance of the page is taken up with a nice article on it headed: "Australian Hut".

Sixteen pages, archival mend on page ... See More  

Item from Catalog 307 (released for June, 2021)...

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Charlestown Navy Yard... Clipper Ship Oriental...

Item #600241

September 18, 1852

GLEASON'S PICTORIAL, Boston, Massachusetts, September 8, 1852  The front page features a half-page illustration "Grand Review of the U. S. Marine Artillery, of Providence, R. I., by His Excellency Gov. Boutwell and Staff, On Boston Common." Within the issue is "The Late Count D'Orsay" which includes a small illustration of him; "Departure of the Lizzie Webber,... See More  

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Australia's gold fields...

Item #648611

January 08, 1853

GLEASON'S PICTORIAL, Boston, Jan. 8, 1853

* Early gold mining print

Half the ftpg: "View Of The Old Dutch Church at Sleepy Hollow, N.Y." Half page: "Off To The Diggins--Scene Illustrating The Gold Fields Of Australia" Nearly a halfpg: "View Of The City Of Providence" plus slightly smaller illus. of the Arcade, Railroad Depot, & Market Square, all in Prov... See More  

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Perry's expedition to Japan...

Item #661813

May 07, 1853


* Perry Expedition to Japan

Inside has a full page with text and two illustrations on: "The United States Expedition To Japan" including a portrait of: "Commodore Matthew Perry, Commander..." and also: "the Steam Frigate 'Mississippi', U.S. Navy".

The front page has an illustration of: "A Bush... See More  

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Published by P.T. Barnum...

Early view of Sydney, Australia...

Item #642926

June 18, 1853

ILLUSTRATED NEWS, New York, June 18, 1853  P.T. Barnum was the co-owner (see photos) of this early illustrated newspaper which preceded both "Leslie's Illustrated" and "Harper's Weekly". This effort by Barnum and the Beach brothers would last for only 48 issues.

The text on the front page is: "The Pacific Railroad" and the print shows: "Thomas H. Be... See More  

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Print of hunting kangaroos...

Item #674025

July 30, 1853

SATURDAY EVENING POST, Philadelphia, July 30, 1853  The front page features a print of: "Hunting The Kangaroo In Australia" with a related article.

Four pages, very large size, 3 folds, small hole in the masthead, mild wear. Folder size noted is for the issue folded in half.

Item from Catalog 307 (released for June, 2021)...

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Scenes from Indianapolis...

Item #654090

April 22, 1854

GLEASON'S PICTORIAL, Boston, April 22, 1854  The ftpg. has an allegorical print of "April". Prints inside include: "The New Custom House, Charleston, South Carolina"; four prints of Indianapolis buildings including the "State House" & "Insane Hospital"; a back page print of "Market Square, Melbourne" and "Prince's Bridge, Melb... See More  

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Australia's gold fields...

Item #172026

February 28, 1857

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, February 28, 1857  Several illustrations from Australia's gold fields including scenes captioned: 'Going to the Diggings' 'Gold Fields on Mt. Alexander' and a view of 'Melbourne'. Also an illustration of 'James Boswell' but very few illustrations otherwise.

Complete in 16 pages, in good condition as shown and contains additio... See More  

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Flying machines... Hot air balloons...

Item #172068

July 25, 1857

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, July 25, 1857  The front page features "The Travel Notes in Bible Lands" with a half page illustration 'Pool of Bethesda' and smaller illustration 'Pillar of Absalom'. Full page of text with 5 illustrations on: 'New Holland Pippins' with a view of the 'Country House Near Sydney, New Holland' and one of 'Kangaroos'... See More  

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A fleet of U.S. men-of-war...

Item #662977

June 11, 1859


* Rare title w/ great masthead

The front page has illustration of: "Victor Emmanuel, King of Sardinia" and a nice print: "View Of A Fleet of United States Men-of-War".

Prints inside include: "Sheep Shearing in Australia" "Transport of Wool From the Blue Mountains, Australia" and two... See More  

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Two Winslow Homer winter-themed prints...

Item #172328

January 14, 1860

HARPER'S WEEKLY, Jan. 14, 1860  Inside has two very nice, full page & displayable prints: "The Sleighing Season--The Upset" and "A Snow Slide in the City", both by famed artist Winslow Homer. Another full page shows: "The Emperor and Empress of France Hunting at Compiegne".

The back page has two cartoon illustrations. Complete in 16 pages, good condition... See More  

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Bull Run... "The Surrey Eleven" cricket team...

Item #670731

August 31, 1861

ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, August 31, 1861 

* The Surrey eleven cricket team portrait

* Battle of Bull Run - Manassas (in America)

Inside has: "The Surrey Eleven" with a full page portrait of the cricket team.

Another full-page print has: "The Civil War In America: Engagement Between The 71st New York And An Alabama Regiment At The Battle Of Bull Run".

Othe... See More  

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Lincoln being celebrated in Richmond... The Life of George Washington...

Item #172966

February 24, 1866

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Feb. 24, 1866 The entire ftpg. features nine: "Portraits of Washington" at various times in his life. Inside contains an article with nine illustrations on: 'The Birthplace, Home & Tomb of Washington'.

The doublepage centerfold is a very nice & large print captioned: "President Lincoln Entering Richmond, April 4, 1865" showing him... See More  

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Explorations at Jerusalem... A floating lighthouse...

Item #173306

May 22, 1869

Harper's WEEKLY, New York, May 22, 1869 The front page features a halfpage illustrations 'The Source of the Jordan'. A full page features 5 illustrations: 'Explorations at Jerusalem'. A halfpage illustration of 'Inauguration of the New Masonic Lodge Room in Booth's Building, New York City'. An article on "The Challoner-Whittaker Tragedy, Quebec" also has s... See More  

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Multiple Gettysburg scenes... dedication of monument...

Item #173322

July 17, 1869

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, July 17, 1869  The front page features a full page illustration entitled "Uninvited Guests", by J C Beard. Another fullpage illustration is "Summer". Nearly halfpage : 'Capture of the Cuban Expedition in Long Island Sound'. The "Welcome Stranger" article is about the largest gold nugget found and features an illustration of ... See More  

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Illustrated newspaper from Australia...

Item #670262

January 23, 1871


* Uncommon title from Australia...

* Incredible masthead...  great for display.

Quite difficult to come by this title which is formatted very much like Harper's Weekly but with an obvious emphasis on Australian life. Very decorative masthead.

And of special note: above the dateline is: "Published Expressly For Tr... See More  

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A dramatic issue on the Chicago fire...

Item #173560

October 28, 1871

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Oct. 28, 1871 The full front page is a dramatic print: 'The Great Fire in Chicago--Group of Refugees in the Street'. Prints inside include a nice fullpg: 'Chicago In Flames--The Rush for Life over Randolph St. Bridge' plus a very dramatic doublepage centerfold: 'Chicago In Ruins' which is a large overview showing the city in flames. Two more f... See More  

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The Great Peshtigo Fire more tragic than the Chicago fire... Victorial Woodhull...

Item #173568

November 25, 1871

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Nov. 25, 1871  The significant print is the very dramatic doublepage centerfold captioned: "Forest Fires In The West--The Burning of Peshtigo", Wisconsin. This fire, which occurred on the same day as the more famous Chicago Fire & consequently received much less press attention, was actually much more of a disaster,as Peshtigo suffered over 1500 de... See More  

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Wagga-Wagga, Australia...

Item #173602

March 23, 1872

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, March 23, 1872  Front full pg. Nast illus. entitled "Much Ado About Nothing." Inside: A 1/6 pg. illus. of "Between Decks." 1/4 pg. illus. of "Landing at Havana." Two small illus. entitled "Sugar Making" and "Auction of the Sick and Lame." 2/3 pg. illus. of "New Academy of the Brooklyn Art Association." ... See More  

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North Carolina bandits...

Item #173604

March 30, 1872

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, March 30, 1872  Full ftpg. Thomas Nast political cartoon. Halfpg: 'The New City Hall, San Francisco'. Nice fullpg. montage of 9 illus. on: 'The North Carolina Bandits' with insets of the outlaws.

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Modoc Indian War...

Item #173722

May 17, 1873

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, May 17, 1873  The front page features a fullp age illustration 'The Spring Campaign - Led as a Lamb to the Slaughter.' A 3/4 page illustration 'The Bank of England Forgeries - Bidwell's Examination.' Nice full page has 2 Indian illustrations: 'Young Bucks on the War Path' and 'Young Bucks Returning With Spoils' shows one holdi... See More  

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Parents of U.S. Grant...

Item #173740

July 19, 1873

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, July 19, 1873  Front 1/2 page illustration of "The Neanderthal Man." Also, two smaller illustration of "Skull of Neanderthal Man" and "Schiller's Skull."; Two 1/2 page portraits of " The Hon. Noah Davis, Judge of the Supreme Court of New York" and "The Late Hiram Powers and His Wife, Florence, Italy."; 1/4 pa... See More  

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Thomas Nast prints..

Item #173784

December 20, 1873

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, December 20, 1873  Full front page illustration entitled "Spain Accedes to Our Demands.";

Full page illustration of "Tracking Rabbits." (Hunting); Three illustrations pertaining to "The Loss of the Steamship "Ville Du Havre" including "The "Loch Earn," "The "Trimountain," "Captain W. W. Urquh... See More  

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Picking blackberries...

Item #173856

August 29, 1874

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 29, 1874  Full ftpg. Nast shows Black men being 'pardoned' - "Freedom, Jubilee. and Pardon". Great fullpg: 'On a Load of Hay' shows children atop a wagon load of hay. Fullpg: 'Seaside Sketches' 1/2 pg: 'A String of Blackberries' shows a Black family picking them. Doublepage centerfold: "Warwick Castle". ... See More  

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African gold fields...

Item #173874

October 31, 1874

HARPER'S WEEKLY, Oct. 31, 1874 Full ftpg. Nast political cartoon: 'Not So Easily Taken In'. Fullpg. with 11 scenes of: 'October in the White Mountains'. Dramatic dblpgctrfld: 'A Duel in the Air--Eagles Fighting Over their Prey'. Fullpg: 'On the Way to the African Gold Fields--Pontoon Ferry Over the Vaal River'. A political cartoon shows Blacks voting.

Complete ... See More  

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Fiji Islands... Sledding on Boston Common...

Item #173904

February 13, 1875

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Feb. 13, 1875  Full front pg. Nast illus. of "The Mysterious Influence of the New York Herald." Inside is a 2/3 pg. illus. of "Coasting on Boston Common." Two full pg. Nast illus. entitled "Peace Insecure-Afraid for Her Life" and "Peace Secure-Safe and Protected." Seven small illus. pertaining to "The Feejee Islands.&... See More  

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Philadelphia street characters...

Item #174024

April 08, 1876

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 8, 1876  Front full page illustration of "The Lexington of the Sea."

2/3 page illustration of "The Phul-Bagh, or Flower Garden Palace, Gwalior, India."; Two full page Thomas Nast illustration entitled "The Haunted House; or, the 'Murdered' Rag Baby Will Not Be Still" and "The Reign of the Press."; ... See More  

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Cornelius Vanderbilt...

Item #174106

January 20, 1877

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, January 20, 1877  Front full pg. portrait of "Cornelius Vanderbilt." Inside is a full pg. illus. of "The Centennial - Carriage Exhibit." Four 1/4 pg. portraits of "The Hon. S. J. Randall," "The Hon. Lucius Robinson," "The Hon. Smith Ely, Jun.," and "The Hon. John Kelly." Two full pg. illus. of "The... See More  

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Nast cartoon of Boss Tweed... Natives of Hawaii...

Item #174112

February 10, 1877

HARPER'S WEEKLY, Feb. 10, 1877 Full ftpg. Nast political cartoon showing Boss Tweed. Fullpg. Nast cartoon showing Uncle Sam. Small illustration: 'Natives Of Honolulu, Sandwich Islands'.

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Rutherford B. Hayes is inaugurated... Republican elephant...

Item #174124

March 24, 1877

HARPER'S WEEKLY, Mar. 24, 1877 Full ftpg. shows: 'Our New President Taking the Oath'. Great dblpgctrfld: 'Our New President--General View of the Inauguration Ceremonies' at the Capitol. Two other halfpg. scenes. re. the inauguration. Nice fullpg. Nast cartoon: 'Another Such Victory & I am Undone' shows a wounded Republican elephant in bandages. Fullpg: 'Pres. Gr... See More  

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Sunday school convention in Atlanta...

Item #174244

May 18, 1878

HARPER'S WEEKLY, May 18, 1878 Full ftpg. Nast cartoon: 'Seed That Bears Fruit'. Fullpg; 'The Gilbert Elevated Railroad' with 3 scenes. Interesting Nast dblpgctrfld: 'Our Neighborhood Children'. Fullpg: 'The Chinese College at Hartford, Ct.'. Halfpg: 'Intl. Sunday School Convention, Atlanta Ga.'

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The Zulu War...

Item #174340

April 12, 1879

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 12, 1879  Front full pg. Nast illus. of "History Repeats Itself - A Little Too Soon." Inside are four 1/4 pg. illus. pertaining to "Society of American Artists - Selections from the Second Expedition, At the Kurtz Gallery, Madison Square Garden." Full pg. illus. of "The Soup Kitchen Charity."

Dblpgctrfld. of "Marriage of... See More  

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Indians at Standing Rock...

Item #174342

April 19, 1879

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 19, 1879  Full ftpg. Nast cartoon re. the 'Solid South--We Have come to Stay'. Great fullpg: 'Indian Dance, Standing Rock Agency, after Distribution of Rations' Halfpg: 'N.Y. Volunteer Life-saving Corps--New Station at Pier 28, East River'. Dblpgctrfld. is a Nast cartoon.

Other news and advertisements of the day are included. This ... See More  

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Gold mining in Australia...

Item #174362

June 28, 1879

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, June 28, 1879  Front full pg. Nast illus. of "English Geography." Inside is a full pg. illus. of "Saturday Afternoon on the Harlem River." Full pg. illus. of "Excursion of the Veterans' Association to Alpine Grove." 2/3 of a dblpgctrfld. of "The Living Torches of Nero." 1/2 pg. illus. of "Surprised." (deer). ... See More  

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Cowboys... Thomas Nast cartoon...

Item #174510

November 27, 1880

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, November 27, 1880  Front page print by Thomas Nast: "General Make-Up". Great & displayable fullpg by W. A. Rogers: "Among the Cowboys--Betting on the Bull Fight" shows many cowboys watching two bulls fighting. Halfpg: "The Revival of Falconry". Double page centerfold print: "A Disarrangement in Blue--A Scene in an Artist... See More  

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Valentine's Day... The Bowery of New York...

Item #174536

February 26, 1881

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, February 26, 1881  Full ftpg. Nast political cartoon: "An Interior Investigation". Halfpg: 'A Race on the Ice--Bicycles vs. Skates'. Fullpg: 'St. Valentine's Day in the Morning' and 'Winter Amusements', by A.B. Frost. Fullpg: 'A Night Scene in the Bowery, New York' & 'The Streets of New York' is cartoonis... See More  

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