Founding Fathers (U.S.)

Founding Fathers (U.S.)

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John Jay Chapman death... American author...

Item #671322

November 05, 1933

THE NEW YORK TIMES, November 5, 1933

* John Jay Chapman death

* American poet - writer

The top of page 32 has a one column heading: "JOHN J. CHAPMAN, AUTHOR, POET, DIES" with subheads and photo. (see) First report coverage on the death of American author, John Jay Chapman.

Other news of the day. Complete 1st section only with all 34 pages, light toning at the margins, nice condit... See More  

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Alexander Berkman suicide in 1936...

Item #583489

July 01, 1936

ALBANY EVENING NEWS, New York, July 1, 1936 

* Alexander Berkman suicide death 

* Early, same day report 

* Anarchist - anarchism - anarchy 

This 22 page newspaper has a one column heading on the front page: "Berkman, Anarchy Chieftain, Is Dead".

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day throughout. Light browning, a little margin wear, otherwise go... See More  

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Franklin Prophecy antisemitic speech....

Item #623320

March 10, 1937

THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 10, 1937

* Benjamin Franklin "Prophecy" "Forgery"

* Antisemitic speech - Jewish - Jews

* Charles A. Beard expose

Page 9 has one column headings that include: "FRANKLIN FORGERY EXPOSED BY BEARD" "Anti-Semitic 'Prophecy' Cited in Germany Was Discredited by Historian 2 Years Ago" and more. (see)

Other news, sports and ... See More  

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Jefferson Memorial begins construction...

Item #624694

December 16, 1938

THE NEW YORK TIMES, December 16, 1938

* Jefferson Memorial begins construction (ground breaking)

* President Thomas Jefferson honored

* Toto the clown death

Page 3 has one column headings that include: "ROOSEVELT LAUDS JEFFERSON'S DEEDS", "President, at Start of Memorial, Says Virginian Set Up Nation as a Democracy", "SITE HAILED AT EXERCISES" and more. Al... See More  

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Jewish soldiers of the Revolutionary War honored...

Item #703873

May 31, 1939

THE NEW YORK TIMES, May 31, 1939

* Jewish soldiers honored - Memorial Day celebration

* First Shearith Israel Graveyard

* George Washington's letter to the Touro Synagogue mentioned

The top of page 3 has a one column heading: "JEWISH WAR DEAD OF 1776 EXTOLLED", with multiple subheadings and 8 paragraphs of text. Noteworthy is the mention of President George Washington's h... See More  

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Death of George M. Cohan...

Item #556216

November 06, 1942

THE NEW YORK TIMES, November 6, 1942

* Death of song writer George M. Cohan

This 42 page newspaper has two line, one column headline on page 20: "GEORGE M. COHAN, 64, DIES AT HOME HERE," with subheads that include: "Original Yankee Doodle Boy Composed 'Over There' and 'It's a Grand Old Flag'" and more.

Also a nice pictorial of Cohan on the same page ... See More  

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George Washington Carver death in 1943...

Item #699617

January 06, 1943


* Dr. George Washington Carver death

* Black scientist & educator

* Born into slavery

The front page has a one column photo of Carver headed: "Dr. Carver Dies" (see image) Page 2 has a biography of Carver under the heading: "Dr. Carver: He Gave All the Credit to God" First report coverage on the death of George Was... See More  

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Jefferson memorial dedicated in 1943...

Item #587900

April 14, 1943

THE NEW YORK TIMES, April 14, 1943 

* Thomas Jefferson Memorial dedication 

* 1st report with photos 

This 46 page newspaper has one column headlines on the front page that include: "ROOSEVELT, HAILING JEFFERSON, LOOKS TO GAIN IN LIBERTY", "Dedicating Memorial Shrine at Capital, He Says Benefit Can Come Out of War" and more. Much more on page 16 with photo... See More  

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General John J. Pershing death....

Item #584676

July 15, 1948

LEOMINSTER DAILY ENTERPRISE, Leominster, Massachusetts, July 15, 1948

* John Joseph 'Black Jack' Pershing death

* 1st report w/ photo

This 14 page newspaper has a two column headline on the front page: "Gen. Pershing, 87, World War I Hero, Dies Early Today" with subheads and photo (see images). 1st report coverage on the death of General John 'Black Jack' Pershing.... See More  

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Notre Dame wins over Southern California...

Item #566596

December 05, 1988

THE SPORTING NEWS, St. Louis, Missouri, December 5, 1988

Certainly the premier newspaper/magazine for the sporting world, its 40+ pages are simply filled with the latest news in American sports, including a front page photo which was the highlight of the week. The top names and events of all American sports eventually found their way in the pages of The Sporting News.

* Notre Dame wins over ... See More  

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