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Daredevil... Fourth Paris Aviation...

Item #160082

November 30, 1912

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, November 30, 1912 Full fullpage photo: "The Modern Industrial Daredevil" shows a worker on a rope 500 ft. above New York. Additional photos inside of other men who work in high places. Also within the issue are: "The Fourth Paris Aviation Salon", "Inventions New and Interesting" and other articles, illustrations and advertisements.

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Published by prison inmates...

Item #160057

January 01, 1913

THE SUMMARY, Elmira,New York, 1913 A quarto-size paper "Published Weekly by & for the Inmates of the N.Y. S. Reformatory at Elmira". The editor is noted by his prisoner number, not his name. Interesting & unusual 8 pg. newspaper printed on rag paper.

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Rare and early stock market title...

Item #160001

January 01, 1903

WALL STREET DAILY NEWS, New York, 1903  This interesting & quite rare newspaper is subtitled: "A Daily Journal Devoted to Financial Interests", from over a century ago. This newspaper has a wealth of early stock market reporting & would be a great companion newspaper for any modern report on the stock market.

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Rare title...

Item #130453

January 01, 1905

THE EXETER SUN, Exeter, California, 1905 Here is a title I've never had before, and I only have a few issues. From early in the 20th century, various news of the day. An 8 page newspaper evenly browned, loose at the spine, various chipping at the margins. Must be handled carefully.

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