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Item #161481

January 01, 1945

THE CHINA LANTERN, Calcutta, India, 1945. An interesting & unusual newspaper published for the American forces in World War II, with notation: "Precensored For Mailing" in the dateline. Much on the war, 4 pages, some photos, minimal wear. Note that the photo is "generic" and the issue you get will not have these specific photos or be of this specific date-but will have the format as shown... See More  

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Item #161479

January 01, 1911

CANAL RECORD, Ancon, Isthmus of Panama, 1911. An interesting little newspaper published by the "Isthmian Canal Commission", given free of charge to employees of the Commission & the Panama Railroad Company. A great record of the construction of the canal. Note that the photo is "generic" and the issue you get will not have these specific photos or be of this specific date b... See More  

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Item #161477

January 01, 1932

BOSTON TIMES, Boston, Massachusetts, 1932. A weekly newspaper by the "American Labor Newspapers Association" with its content mostly focused on labor and union issues. Note that the photo is "generic" and the issue you get will not have these specific photos or be of this specific date but will have the format as shown. An 8 page newspaper measuring 16"x11".

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On the Boer War...

Item #161476

January 01, 1900

BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET, London, 1900  An interesting and uncommon periodical, published in London, but concentrating its coverage to events of the Boer War in South Africa.  There is other content present as well. Many photos within. Note that the photo is "generic" and the issue you get will not have these specific photos or be of this specific date but will have the format as... See More  

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Ornate cover...

Item #161475

January 01, 1913

THE AMERICAN HEBREW, New York, 1913  Ornate cover with yellow paper in blue ink. An interesting piece of Judaica with a very ornate, yellow outer wrapper (see). Complete in 24 pages printed on high-quality coated paper, in great condition although slightly irregular at the spine where disbound. Uncommon.

Note that the photo is "generic" and the issue you get will not have this spec... See More  

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Item #161474

January 01, 1919

THE AMAROC NEWS, Coblenz, Germany, 1919. The masthead features an eagle and a scroll (see photos). This is an interesting newspaper published by the: "American Army Of Occupation" at "Coblenz on the Rhine" from just after the end of WWI. A quite rare title. Note that the photo is "generic" and the issue you get will not have these specific photos or be of this specific date-but wi... See More  

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Banner headline newspapers from World War II...

Item #161445

January 01, 1945

We have many banner headline newspapers from World War II, covering nearly every major historical event, which are not on our website. Please contact us at 570-326-1045 or e-mail us at with your specific needs. They typically range in price from $35-$75. The $50 price shown is only an estimate.

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Item #161434

October 08, 1924

NEWPORT DAILY NEWS, Rhode Island, Oct. 8, 1924  Two line, four column head: "GIANTS TAKE THE LEAD AGAIN, WINNING FROM WASHINGTON, 6-2" with subheads & box scores. Some margin chipping but no loss.

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Boston Bruins win their 20th game consecutive game to set a record...

Item #161430

February 14, 1941

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Febraury 14, 1941 Banner headline on pg. 21: Bruins Sink Rangers and Set Record at 20 games in Row without a Defeat and one column subheads: 15,312 See Boston Rally To Win, 5-3 Rangers Get 2 Goals in First Period, Then Bruins Score 5 Without a Break Cowly Registers Twice Dumart Also Makes Pair of Markers--Blue Shirts Lose Share in Streak Record. Includes a detailed summary of t... See More  

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World War II memorial tribute... A great gift for WW II veterans...

Item #161392

January 01, 1944

THE NEW YORK TIMES. This issue has plenty of war reports within its many pages, and is guaranteed to have front page war coverage.

With the recent opening of the National World War II Memorial in Washington D.C., this makes a unique and timely gift for the WW II veteran in your life. The issue is in very good condition.  Note:   The issue may be different than the one in the photo, but ... See More  

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The Sporting News . . .

Nearly Every Issue From 1939 - 1988

Item #161374

January 01, 1939

The Sporting News . . . We have an extensive inventory of The Sporting News which contains nearly every issue from 1939 through 1988. If you want an issue with a headline for a particular sport, or an issue from a particular year, feel free to mention this in the comment field when you place your order. Keep in mind, Hall of Fame issues are sold individually at significantly higher prices.

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Suzanne Somers...

Item #161352

December 01, 1978

TV GUIDE with the following celebrity and headings on the front page: "Suzanne Somers: 'I Want it All'" "Video Disks Open New Worlds For Viewers." Nov. 25 - Dec.1, 1978 Good condition.

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Bill Waklton, Bob McAdoo & Julius Erving...

Item #161346

March 18, 1972

THE SPORTING NEWS, St. Louis, March 18, 1972  This sporting newspaper is about 100 pages in length and is in terrific condition and has never been bound. This particular issue features BILL WALTON OF THE UCLA BRUINS on the front with text about him in the inside pages. Other photos and supporting articles center around Julius Erving and Bob McAdoo. This issue is loaded with sports news & ... See More  

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Jim Palmer of the Orioles...

Item #161307

May 31, 1975

THE SPORTING NEWS, St. Louis, May 31, 1975  This sporting newspaper is about 50 pages in length and is in terrific condition and has never been bound. This particular issue features JIM PALMER OD THE BALTIMORE ORIOLES on the front with text about him in the inside pages. This issue is loaded with sports news 7 photos of the day with several advertisements featuring beer, cigarettes, etc. This... See More  

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Robin Yount of the Brewers...

Item #161305

July 26, 1975

THE SPORTING NEWS, St. Louis, July 26, 1975  This sporting newspaper is about 50 pages in length and is in terrific condition and has never been bound. This particular issue features ROBIN YOUNT OF THE MILWAUKEE BREWERS on the front with text about him in the inside pages. This issue is loaded with sports news 7 photos of the day with several advertisements featuring beer, cigarettes, etc. Th... See More  

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Item #161295

November 17, 1906

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT, New York, November 17, 1906. This paper contains prints and internal article of: "Early Flying Machines", with text describing various flying techniques including the use of human arms. This issue also has prints and text: "COMBINING ADHESION AND RACK LOCOMOTIVE FOR ASSISTING IN HAULAGE HEAVY EXPRESS TRAINS OVER STEEP GRADIENTS" (see pictures). This paper is in ve... See More  

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Item #161294

May 12, 1900

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT, New York, May 12, 1900. This paper contains the front page prints and 2 pages of internal article of: THE MANY STAGES OF MANUFACTURING TIRES (see pictures). This paper is in very nice condition with minor edge tears without loss and measures about 11 by 15.5 inches.

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Socialist/communist newspaper...

Item #161291

January 01, 1972

DAILY WORLD, New York, 1972  Here is an interesting left-wing newspaper of tabloid size from this interesting period in American history. Some fascinating reading! The photo below is a "generic" photo of the paper. The issue you get will have a similar look but will be a different date in 1972, and obviously have different content. Nice condition.

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Item #161279

September 21, 1901

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, NY September 21, 1901. This paper contains 2 full pages outlined in black in memory of: President McKinley(see picture). The article is titled "God's will be done- Not ours." This paper is in very nice condition and measures about 11 by 15.5 inches.

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Valentine theme...

Item #161240

February 04, 1909

LIFE magazine, New York, February 4, 1909  The photo shows the delightful cover of this issue done by James Montgomery Flagg. Missing back leaf, otherwise in nice condition. Note: photo has some shadowing, and a glare spot caused by flash...cover is actually very clean and nice!

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Vintage World War II newspaper...

Item #161239

January 01, 1944

Here is your opportunity to own an authentic, complete (all pages), original issue of The New York Times (not a copy) from the heart of World War II. The stories found in this paper will give you a realistic look at what was going on in the world during this critical time in world history. Gain a deeper, richer sense of our country's history - through the eyes of those who actually lived throu... See More  

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Item #161228

August 02, 1913

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, August 2, 1913. This issue has front page illustration(s) of the: "THE ELECTRIC PRODUCTION OF STEEL". These illustration(s) also have related text as well. This issue is 16 pages and in nice condition.

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Early stock market newspaper...

Item #161223

January 01, 1901

THE WALL STREET DAILY NEWS, "A Daily Journal Devoted to Financial Interests." as noted in the masthead. New York City, 1901.  A small folio-size newspaper of 4 pages, primarily filled with financial news. Like an early version of the "Wall Street Journal". Thick-stock newsprint, in very nice condition.  Image shown is representative of this issue you will receive.

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Item #161216

January 05, 1965

DETROIT FREE PRESS newspaper dated Jan. 5, 1965. See the photo below for the front page report on the death of T. S. Eliot. You get the complete issue which is in nice condition.

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Item #161212

October 07, 1936

Allentown Morning Call newspaper from Allentown, Penna., dated Oct. 7, 1936. See the photo below for the nice front page photo headed: "Mel Ott's Double Scores Two in First for Giants" and the 3 line, 2 column head: "Yankees Wallop Giants, 13 to 5, to Win The Sries" with various subheads as well. You get the complete issue which is in nice condition save for some wear at the margins.

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Item #161208

January 01, 1900

PRETORIA FRIEND from present-day South Africa, dated 1900. From during the Borer War period, the front page contains a "Proclamation" with other war-related reports on the inside pages. This is a complete, 4 page issue measuring about 16 by 11 inches, in very nice condition and printed on thick, very high-quality paper. Not the least bit pulpish nor fragile! A nice rarity.

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Item #161171

October 23, 1928

THE DETROIT NEWS, Oct. 23, 1928 Ftpg. 2 line, 1 col. head: "Hoover Given Ovation In N.Y." & subheads: "East Side, West Side Turn Out To Cheer and Acclaim Smith's Opponent" "The Garden Rafters Rise" & more. Text of Hoover's speech on pg. 2. Title of the speech was "Principles and Ideals of the U. S. Government" and in the speech he used the phrase "Rugged Individualism". Browned a bit at the edges.... See More  

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James Montgomery Flagg...

Item #161168

November 15, 1906

LESLIE'S WEEKLY magazine dated Nov. 15, 1906. See the photo below for the nice double page centerfold by James Montgomery Flagg, captioned: "On The Day of the Mothers' Convention" showing men tending their babies. Very light glue stain at the central fold does not deter, otherwise in nice condition and quite displayable. You get the complete issue, not just this print.

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Item #161164

January 01, 1919

THE JEWISH EXPONENT, Philadelphia, subtitled: "A Weekly Journal Devoted to the Interests of the Jewish People" dated 1919. This is a complete 14 page newspaper in excellent condition, still rather white, printed on high-quality paper stock. The issue measures about 12 1/2 by 18 1/2 inches. As might be imagined, virtually all the content is of Jewish interest. A rare issue.

The photo is ... See More  

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Item #161125

June 28, 1902

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN from New York and dated June 28, 1902. This 16 page magazine is in nice condition. This issue contains various scene photos from the Fiji Islands and also contains latest invention news and photo on the inside pages.

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Item #161123

May 14, 1961

SUNDAY PICTORIAL Magazine from The Detroit News Newspaper dated may 14, 1961. This 40 page magazine contains a color cover of Debbie Reynolds with caption: "Hollywood's Comeback Queen: Debbie Reynolds" Related items on the inside pages. This issue is in nice condition.

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Item #161116

April 20, 1947

THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE, dated April 20, 1947. The photo below shows "Princess Elizabeth At 21" on the front page. Trimmed a bit close at the top causing minor loss to the blank margin, otherwise in very good condition.

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Item #161114

April 13, 1958

The Detroit News Sunday Pictorial dated April 13, 1958, with Billy Martin on the front page (see the photo below). Nice article about Martin inside. Binding holes at the top in the blank margin affect each leaf, otherwise in good condition. NOTE: Glare is caused by photo flash...color is actually very clean and sharp.

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Item #161112

May 06, 1915

LIFE magazine dated May 6, 1915. See the photo below for the nice full page ad for Kodak's "No. 1 Autographic Kodak Special", with an illus. of it. Issue includes the nice color cover (see photo) but the back cover is lacking. Measures about 9 by 10 1/2 inches and is in very nice condition.

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Item #161109

May 28, 1906

WELLSVILLE DAILY REPORTER, Wellsville, N.Y., May 28, 1906 One col. heads on the ftpg. from Mobile, Ala: "Five Deaths At A Ball Game" Lightening Bolt Fell In Midst of Spectators" "Two Others Seriously Injured" and more. Browned and a bit pulpish at the edges.

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Item #161086

September 28, 1920

THE WORLD, N.Y., Sept. 28, 1920 The ftpg. has a 3 line, 1 column head: "Grand Jury Will Hear Big Guns Of Baseball To-Day" & subheads: "John A. Heydler Says Manager of White Sox Failed of His First Duty" "Ban Johnson Takes A Shot At Comiskey" "Ray Schalk, The Catcher, Will Not Testify Until Pennant Race Is Finally Settled." Small address label affects unr... See More  

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Land rush in Oklahoma...

Item #161078

September 04, 1901

CHRISTIAN HERALD, New York, Sept. 4, 1901  Five front page illustrations show: Scenes In The Great Free Land Rush In Oklahoma". Format is similar to Harper's Weekly although some of the reports have a religious theme. Good condition.

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The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research...

Item #161069

January 09, 1909

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, January 9, 1909 The front page has two illustrations: "Latest Idea For A Multi-Hull Ocean Steamship" being a ship with three hulls. Within the issue is: "A Tunnel-boring Machine..."; "The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research"; "The Krupp Steel Works of To-Day" and addition articles, illustrations and advertisements.

Comp... See More  

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Item #161065

December 11, 1910

SUNDAY MAGAZINE OF THE ST. LOUIS REPUBLIC, Dec. 11, 1910. Full front page illustration in color shows a jolly Santa reading a "Dear Santa" letter as he holds spectacles in his other hand, with letters scattered in the foreground. Good condition.

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Item #161064

April 05, 1902

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, NY, April 5, 1902. Full front page illustration: "The Glass Palace and Illuminating Fountain In The Theatrical Production 'Beauty And The Beast'". Shows above and below the stage. Text inside. Nice.

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Item #161057

October 08, 1904

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, NY, Oct. 8, 1904. Has a full front page illustration: "Main Rotunda Of The New Pennsylvania Station, New York City" being a photograph of a model displayed at the St. Louis Fair. Very small piece missing in the lower right corner.

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Man-made tidal waves...

Item #161056

January 02, 1909

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, Jan. 2, 1909  Full front page illustration: "The Great Wave Scene At The London Hippodrome" "Forty-five tons of water are dropped from overhead tanks on a wave-forming board and projected into the arena." Slight fold-crease, and a few light margin stains.

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Lou Gehrig... Cal Ripken...

Item #161054

September 06, 1995

"STADIUM EXTRA" of the SUN newspaper from Baltimore, dated Sept. 6, 1995, celebrating Cal Ripken breaking Lou Gehrig's record by playing in 2131 consecutive games. See the photo below for the terrific front page, making this a very nice issue for display. This is a 4 page "Extra" edition which is quite scarce, different from the regular newstand edition of that day. Some ye... See More  

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Item #161027

January 19, 1950

THE DETROIT FREE PRESS, Jan. 19, 1950. Page 10 has a two line, two column head: "Rep. Ford Is Named 'Young Man of Year'" and just above this and underscored is a one line head: "War On Bossism Wins Honor." The report begins: "Rep. Gerald R. Ford, Jr. (R), Grand Rapids, was chosen as one of the Nation's 10 'young men of the year'" Plus a bit more about the award and the other recipients. Includes a... See More  

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Mark McGwire sets home run record...

Item #161020

September 08, 1998

THE ST. LOUIS POST DISPATCH -- STADIUM EXTRA, September 8, 1998  This "Stadium Extra Edition" reports Mark McGwire's breaking of Roger Maris' single season home run record. This issue is unique and quite difficult to find as it was only available at the stadium. Great to have this report in a St. Louis paper.

Complete in 20 pages, nice condition, some typical ink smudging (... See More  

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Item #161008

August 09, 1958

MORNING CALL, Aug. 9, 1958 Two line, five col. head: "Nautilus Sails From Pacific To Atlantic Under Polar ice" Subhead: "Atomic Sub Pioneers new Route" & photo of map and map of route. Front page only.

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Item #161001

January 25, 1950

EVENING CHRONICLE, Jan. 25, 1950 Seven column head: "ALGER HISS GETS 5 YEARS" Subhead: "Remains Free Until Courts Rule Finally On His Appeal" Front page only.

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Item #160997

November 02, 1950

MORNING CALL, Nov. 2, 1950 Two line, three column head near bottom: "George Bernard Shaw Succumbs at 94; One of History's Greatest Dramatists" plus one column photo of him. Front page only.

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Bears win 7th title...

Item #160970

December 16, 1946

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Dec. 16, 1946 Banner head on pg. 32: "58,346 See Bears Beat Giants in National Football League Title Play-Off". Two line, one column subhead: "Luckman Is Star In 24-14 Triumph" & smaller subheads: "Scores Clinching Touchdown, Passes for Another to Top Injury-Ridden Giants" "Game Won In Last Period" "Chicagoans Tally on 19-Yard Da... See More  

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Charles Lindbergh marries...

Item #160964

May 28, 1929

DETROIT FREE PRESS, Michigan, May 28, 1929

* Charles Lindbergh and Anne Morrow marry

The banner head states: "COL. LINDBERGH AND ANNE MARRY AT SURPRISE CEREMONY". Subheads include: "Honeymoon Journey to Be Made in Airplane." plus a four column illustration of the famous couple.

Other news and advertisements of the day are included. This issue is complete in 40 pages and ... See More  

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