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Rare antebellum title from New Orleans...

Item #153002
NEW-ORLEANS PRICE CURRENT, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1851 As the title would suggest, this four page paper is focused on the economy and prices of hundreds of items. But there is some news of the day as well. A wealth of ads, including all of pgs. 1 & 4. Light browning at the margins, generally nice.

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Early Newburgh... Illustrated ads...

Item #152704
DAILY NEWS from Newburgh, New York, 1857. This 4 page newspaper is in good condition with various news of the day, both local & national. A wealth of illustrated ads as well The exact date in the photo may not be the one you receive but will be similar & the same year.Minimal wear, mostly nice.

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Charleston, South Carolina...

Item #152567

December 23, 1840

THE CHARLESTON COURIER, December 23, 1840  This 4 page newspaper contains news of the day and interesting advertisements throughout including the following featured material: Early for South Carolina with many advertisements. Nice condition.

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Very early Oneida Community newspaper...

Item #152556
THE PERFECTIONIST, Putney, Vermont, 1844 This is the earliest Oneida Community newspaper we have from just 2 years after its founding. This small folio-size newspaper only published twice a month, by J. H. Noyes & J. L. Skinner. Within these 4 pages the editors espouse their Christian philosophy which became the foundation of the Oneida movement, which would take on greater presence in the dec... See More  

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Santa Fe Army... Poland Ohio...

Item #152464

September 15, 1846

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, Sept. 15, 1846 Pg. 3 has a letter discussing the Santa Fe Army. Also a report about a discovery at a Poland, Ohio iron company: "Iron Made with Raw Bituminous Coal."

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By the Odd Fellows...

Item #152446

January 01, 1848

THE ODD FELLOW, Boston, Jan., 1848  An "Extra" containing "A General Directory Of The Order Throughout The United States." Quarto-size, 8 pgs., with a somewhat ornate masthead.

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The game of wicket with a diagram....

Item #152418

February 14, 1857

PORTER'S SPIRIT OF THE TIMES, N.Y., Feb. 14, 1857 "Out Door Sports" on an inside pg. has two letters concerning the game of "Wicket". Includes a small diagram of the ground plan. Interesting. Occasional foxing.

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Illustrated California Cedar Tree...

Item #152414

October 01, 1853

GLEASON'S, Oct. 1, 1853 Inside nearly a fullpg: "The Great California Cedar Tree" with text. Halfpg: "The Narrows, From Staten Island, N.Y." & nearly a halfpg: "Steamboat Landing, Foot Of Lake George" with text.

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Decorative masthead...

Item #152352
THE TRUMPET & UNIVERSALIST MAGAZINE, Boston, 1828  Mostly religious-related content. Masthead features a wood engraving of a trumpeting angel. Occasional foxing.  Although actual dates vary, the issue sent will have the same look and condition as the one shown, and will be dated from 1828.

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Item #152288

March 23, 1832

NEW-YORK SPECTATOR, March 23, 1832 Ftpg. has a detailed meeting report: "Young Men's Auxiliary Colonization Society" along with a list of the officers &managers. Some light foxing.

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Item #152097

June 10, 1820

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, June 10, 1820 A page 3 report: "Macbeth's Castle" talks about the discovery of a vault at Dunsinane Castle containing a large meteoric stone and two bronze tablets. Says the stone was put there by Macbeth and it might be the sacred Jacob's Pillow. Some foxing in unrelated reports.

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Item #152060

May 31, 1856

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, May 31, 1856 Ftpg: "From Kansas--By The Mails" has a detailed letter from he Office of the U.S. Marshall at Lecompton. The letter states in part: "All persons in Kansas Territory...who honestly submit to the constituted authorities, will ever find me ready to aid in protecting them; all who seek to resist the laws...and turn traitors to their country will find m... See More  

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Item #152051

May 12, 1849

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, May 12, 1849 A page 3 report headed "Most Afflicting and Fatal Tumults In the City of New York" give details about the riot at the Astor Opera House that resulted in twenty-two deaths. The report says that amond those arrested was Ned Buntline, who supposedly helped precipitate the riot, and was later know for his dime novels and for dubbing William Cody as "Buf... See More  

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Item #152041
THE WISCONSIN CHIEF from Milwaukee & Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin 1860. This newspaper is in nice condition due to the use of cotton and rag paper used during this time in history. This 4 page issue contains news of the day and several interesting advertisements that shows what life was like at this time. Rare and early from this far West.

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Item #151973
LYNCHBURG VIRGINIAN from Lynchburg, Virginia and dated: 1846. This newspaper is in nice condition due to the use of cotton and rag paper used during this time in history. This 4 page issue contains news of the day and several interesting advertisements that shows what life was like at this time.

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University of Pennsylvania...

Item #151850

March 24, 1829

NATIONAL GAZETTE, Phila., March 24, 1829 "University Of Pennsylvania" on the ftpg. lists the recent graduates of the medical school. There is also a report about the laying of the cornerstone of the new Medical Hall. Small hole in the second leaf, light fold rubbing, traces of foxing.

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Item #151796

October 25, 1823

THE NATIONAL GAZETTE AND LITERARY REGISTER, Phila., Oct. 25, 1823 "Reflections On Volcanos By Guy Lussac" takes three columns on the ftpg. and part of a column on pg. 2. These "reflections" were read before the Royal Academy at Paris. Traces of foxing, otherwise good.

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Item #151757

March 31, 1859

GARDINER HOME JOURNAL, Maine, March 31, 1859  See the photo below for the nice page 2 article headed: "Pike's Peak" with the article talking about the travels there. Interesting, period item on this famous gold rush in Colorado! You get the complete 4 page issue which is in nice condition.

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Item #151662

January 12, 1821

NEW ENGLAND GALAXY newspaper from Boston dated Jan. 12, 1821. More than half of the front page is taken up with the "Address Of The Carriers of the New England Galaxy". Also on the ftpg: "Pitcairn's Island". Various news of the day inside and ads as well. This is the complete, 4 page issue in nice condition save for various foxing.

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Item #151659

December 19, 1835

THE UNITED STATES GAZETTE, Philadelphia, Dec. 19, 1835 Page 3 has the: "Inaugural Address Of Joseph Ritner", governor-elect of Pennsylvania. Very light dampstaining in the lower third of the lower half, a few traces of foxing in the address, otherwise good.

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Item #151650

May 04, 1811

THE COLUMBIAN FOR THE COUNTRY, New York, May 4, 1811 Pg. 3 has a comparatively large illustrated ad for a "Wire Manufactory" with text. Ftpg. illustrated umbrella ad. Very nice shape.

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Item #151620

April 07, 1804

NEW-YORK HERALD, Apr. 7, 1804 The front page has a letter of appeal and a "Memorial" to the House of Representatives from Samuel Chase with regard to his impeachment. The memorial concludes on pg. 2. Both are signed in type: Samuel Chase. Minor rubbing on the ftpg., stray writing above the masthead, and a few traces of foxing.

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Item #151612

March 01, 1845

NEW YORK SPECTATOR newspaper dated March 1, 1845. See the photo below for the interesting illustrated ad which appears on page 4 of this issue, for "Dr. Stephenson's Eye & Ear Infirmary". Unusual item. You get the complete 4 page issue in nice condition save for some edge tears and a waterstain in the lower one-third--neither of which affect the mentioned ad.

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Item #151611

March 28, 1829

NATIONAL GAZETTE & LITERARY REGISTER newspaper from Phila. dated Mar. 28 1829. See the photo below for the very nice & quite unusual illustrated advertisement for Rodgers Table Fork, with details. Fascinating! You get the complete, 4 page issue which is in nice condition.

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Item #151606

November 09, 1856

PORTER'S SPIRIT OF THE TIMES ,Nov. 9,1856 An early sporting journal subtitled: "A Chronicle of the Turf, Field Sports, Literature and the Stage." Taking nearly a fullpg. inside are the lyrics and music for the "Lager Bier Song." Small tears at the top affect each leaf, otherwise good.

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Item #151591

January 08, 1816

CONNECTICUT MIRROR, Hartford, Jan. 8, 1816 Taking 2 columns on pg. 2 is: "The Close Of Revolution And The Close Of The Year. Addressed To The Readers Of The Connecticut Mirror" being the carrier's address. Good.

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Item #151586

April 02, 1835

PATRIOT AND DEMOCRAT EXTRA, Hartford, Conn., Apr. 2, 1835 Contains political content relative to upcoming state elections. Fold wear on the first leaf causes a few small holes, plus fold foxing, mostly to the ftpg.

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Item #151576

August 17, 1836

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Aug. 17, 1836 Pg. 2 has: "More Fighting" being a report of a battle in Georgia between the Indians and U.S. troops near Black Creek. Small hole at the fold juncture, areas of foxing.

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Item #151514

January 01, 1859

HALL'S JOURNAL OF HEALTH, New York, January, 1859 Contains tips and anecdotes for healthy living, plus various topical reports. Octavo-size, 12 pgs. browned a bit, otherwise good. A volume I issue.

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Item #151489
THE PITTSBURGH RECORDER, Pennsylvania, 1822  Here is a volume one issue of a quite uncommon and very early octavo-size newspaper. Seems to be a primarily religious, although some other items as well. A 16 page issue, various foxing throughout, measures 5 by 8-1/2 inches. Very difficult to find a periodical from Pittsburgh before the Civil War, let alone this early.

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Item #151416
THE STAR , London, England, 1813  This newspaper is in nice condition due to the use of cotton and rags when making newsprint at that time.

This 4 page issue contains news of the day and various interesting advertisements which give a sense of what life was like during the War of 1812. This issue has a partial red-ink stamps on the upper right hand corner. See!

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Item #151411

July 03, 1811

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL EXTRA newspaper from Boston, dated July 3, 1811. The entire 4 page issue is taken up with "Hon. Robert Smith's Address to the People of The United States" concerning his resignation as Secretary of State. Issue was never trimmed, measures about 10 1/2 by 15 1/2 inches. Very nice condition! Uncommon EXTRA.

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Henry Clay for president advertisement...

Item #151341

September 05, 1843

THE UNITED STATES GAZETTE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 5, 1843 Page 2 has a "For President, Henry Clay, of Kentucky..." advertisement. Some news of the day, but mostly ads & notices, many with include small illustrations.

Complete four pages, rejoined at the spine, otherwise in good condition.

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Displayable masthead... early 19th century...

Item #151335
NEW ENGLAND PALLADIUM, Boston, 1801-1802 A general "newsy" newspaper of the era with a nice woodcut of a soaring Mercury in the masthead. Some light foxing, untrimmed.  Actual dates vary, but the issue will be similar in look and condition to that shown, and will date from 1801-1802.

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Item #151325

January 01, 1836

FESSENDEN'S SILK MANUAL & PRACTICAL FARMER, Boston, 1836 Has news and articles about the "Culture of Silk" and other agricultural endeavors. Octavo-size with 16 pages. Some foxing. A rare title.

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Item #151292

July 07, 1860

NEW-YORK DAILY TRIBUNE, July 7, 1860 A page 6 report headed: "From the Pike's Peak Region" gives details about the Indians, the topography, various communities, and the impact of the gold discoveries. Takes nearly a column. In good condition.

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Item #151287

February 07, 1814

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, Feb. 7, 1814 The last page has an ad for: "Diseases of the Eyes Are Attended To By Joshua Thomas, M. D." Above this a woodcut of an eye. Generally good condition.

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Henry Clay for President...

Item #151247

December 20, 1831

NEW YORK SPECTATOR, Dec. 20, 1831 Pg. 2 has a letter signed: H. Clay, concerning his possible nomination for President. More on him on pg. 3 as well. Some scattered foxing, generally nice. Folio-size, 4 pages.

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Martin Van Buren...

Item #151175

December 25, 1839

THE MADISONIAN, Washington, Dec. 25, 1839 Taking three columns on pg. 2 and five columns on pg. 3 is the President's "Message". It is signed in type: M. Van Buren. Acid-free tape mend to an irregular tear near the masthead, plus a small, barely noticeable tape mend in the text of the address, otherwise very good. Nice to have in a Washington paper.

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Item #151172
THE BALANCE, Hudson, N.Y., 1807 Has the text of a political speech, and various news reports. Quarto-size with 4 pgs., in vey good condition.

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Volume I, number 1 issue...

Item #151162

November 06, 1851

THE CIRCULAR, from Brooklyn, New York, dated November 6, 1851 Printed by the Oneida community, this was actually the continuation of the Free Church Circular but was designated as the Vol. I, No. 1 by the editor.   Published by the folks of the Oneida Community, this is actually, as stated on page 2, the continuation of the Free Church Circular.

The frontpage of the issue has an interestin... See More  

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Sleighing print by Winslow Homer...

Item #151143

January 14, 1860

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Jan. 14, 1860 (Winslow Homer print only!). Full page Homer print: "The Sleighing Season--The Upset". Two light stains and a bit of loss at the top of the print, plus 2 smaller stains in the upper margin. Small archival mend in the outer margin.

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Item #151127

February 23, 1861

THE HOME JOURNAL, NY, Feb. 23, 1861. Has many topical reports, some literary content & ads. Very small hole in the second leaf, otherwise nice.

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Item #151120

May 23, 1807

NEW-YORK EVENING POST, May 23, 1807. Has bits of news and many ads. Pg. 2 has a report about the "Botanic Garden of South Carlina". Vintage writing above the masthead, otherwise generally good.

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New Year's Address...

Item #151108

January 03, 1811

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, Jan. 3, 1811 Taking nearly a full column on the ftpg. is the: "New Year's Address" being the Carrier's Address to the patrons of this newspaper. Other news and advertisements of the day.

Complete in four pages, rejoined at the spine, otherwise nice.

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Very early advertisement for a guitar...

Item #151073

January 31, 1818

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Jan. 31, 1818  This issue contains on the back page a rather small, classified-type ad with a small heading: "GUITAR" with the text of the ad reading: "For sale cheap--a new, elegant and superior toned English Guitar, together with instruction book, strings, etc. Inquire at the Centinel Counting Room".

Have you ever seen an earlier ad for a gui... See More  

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Very decorative & displayable masthead...

Item #151067

April 09, 1859

GLEASON'S WEEKLY LINE-OF-BATTLE SHIP, Boston, April 9, 1859  Talk about an ornate masthead--see the photos for not only one of the larger mastheads, but one of the most ornate and handsome to be had of the 19th century. Nice & quite large illus. of a 3 masted ship, with other embellishments.

This issue has many tears at the edge, a few extending into the prints or text, but fortunately ... See More  

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Item #151061

August 29, 1804

MASSACHUSETTS SPY OR WORCESTER GAZETTE, dated Aug. 29, 1804. Click on the camera below to see the interesting page 2 article headed: "Counterfeit Bank Notes" with a brief article on this problem in Virginia. An early item and great to have in a period newspaper. Scattered foxing throughout, 4 pages, minimal edge wear, generally good.

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Patent for Balances And Scales (with image)...

Item #150999

February 15, 1840

BAY STATE DEMOCRAT, Boston, Feb. 15, 1840 Issue has numerous ads, including one on the ftpg. for "Patent Balances And Scales" which has three small illustrations of scales or balances. Good condition.  Note:  The images shown are stock photos of a similar issue to show the look, condition, masthead, and actual balance/scales image you will receive.

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Item #150932

April 05, 1827

MANUFACTURER'S & FARMER'S JOURNAL, April 5, 1827. A front page "Act" making appropriations for the purchase of books for the Library of Congress is signed in type: John Quincy Adams. Area of foxing, more so in masthead, otherwise good condition.

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