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Biography of John James Audubon...

Item #676022

December 22, 1832

CHAMBERS' EDINBURGH JOURNAL, Scotland, Dec. 22, 1832  Pages 6 and 7 contain a quite lengthy biographical sketch of John James Audubon, the text noting near the beginning: "...the labors of this ingenious and most meritorious artist, whose published drawings of American birds form, without exception, one of the most extraordinary productions of the age...".

The photos show just ... See More  

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Wonderful report on the Lewis and Clark Expedition...

Item #676021

November 25, 1806

THE BALANCE & COLUMBIAN REPOSITORY, Hudson, New York, Nov. 25, 1806  Pages 4 and 5 contain an extraordinary letter: "...from Capt. Clark, to his brother Gen. clark,...published in a Frankfort (Ken.) paper..." which I don't believe was picked up by many newspapers of the era. This is the first we have seen this delightful letter.

It is dated at: "St. Louis, 23rd Septemb... See More  

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The man who shot & killed John Wilkes Booth...

Item #675997

May 05, 1865

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, May 5, 1865  The front page features a very nice engraving headed: "CORBETT, THE EXECUTIONER OF BOOTH" beneath which is a short biography of him. He was the one who shot Booth once he and Harold were tracked to a barn in Maryland.

The first column on the ftpg. has various heads concerning the closing events of the Civil War and the funeral of Abraham Lincoln ... See More  

No Longer Available


Very detailed account of the life & career of Thomas Jefferson...

Item #675986

June 03, 1801

THE TELEGRAPHE AND DAILY ADVERTISER, Baltimore, June 3 and 4, 1801  A great pair of issues on the life & career of Thomas Jefferson, as page 2 of the June 3 issue is mostly taken up with: "A Biographical Sketch of Mr. Jefferson...Mr. Jefferson, Vice President of the U. States of America".

The lengthy report carries over to its conclusion on page 2 of the June 4 issue.

Each in ... See More  

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Fine account of the battle of San Jacinto...

Item #675985

June 02, 1836

VERMONT CHRONICLE, Windsor, June 2, 1836  Page 3 has a lengthy report from Congress with one bit mentioning: "...member of the committee on Foreign Affairs, hoped it would not be sent there to be put to sleep. It should not be referred till we were prepared to recognize the independence of Texas...".

The next column has an account of the capture of Santa Anna and the battle of San ... See More  

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Great account of the last of the Lincoln-Douglas debates...

Item #675983

October 23, 1858

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Oct. 23, 1858  Keeping in mind that this was from the period of the Lincoln/Douglas debates, page 4 has a report from Springfield headed: "Illinois Politics" which talks of Stephen Douglas.

Taking over a full column is a fine report on the last of the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates, this one at Alton, Illinois. 

A few excerpts from the report include: "... See More  

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Latest news on the Nat Turner slave rebellion...

Item #675981

September 26, 1831

BOSTON COURIER, Sept. 26, 1831  The bottom of the front page has a report on Nat Turner's slave rebellion headed: "Negro Insurrections" which includes: "...nine additional convictions of blacks tried on a charge of being concerned in the late atrocities...In all sixteen have been condemned...Four of other number had been recommended for reprieve...they had been forced to jo... See More  

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The United States takes possession of Florida...

Item #675980

August 15, 1821

FRANKLIN GAZETTE, Philadelphia, Aug. 15, 1821  A displayable feature is the nice engraving of the bust of Ben Franklin in the masthead. But the prime content would be "Proclamation" signed by Andrew Jackson, noting the details by which the United States officially gained control of "the Floridas" from Spain.

Four pages, archivally rejoined at the spine, very nice conditio... See More  

No Longer Available


Earliest Florida newspaper we have offered...

Item #675979

June 15, 1822

THE FLORIDIAN, Pensacola, June 15, 1822  Not only is this the earliest Florida newspaper we have offered, it is a volume 1 issue of the earliest title in Pensacola, and one of the earliest newspapers in all of Florida. Its desirability is more in its early date than in its content, which has typical news reports and include: "From Fort Smith, Arkansas" "Alligator's Cruise&q... See More  

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Battle of Tippecanoe: lengthy & detailed account...

Item #675978

December 26, 1811

THE ENQUIRER, Richmond, Virginia, Dec. 26, 1811  The prime content is the front page  report on the Battle of Tippecanoe, prefaced with: "...message from the President of the United States, enclosing governor Harrison's two letters...on the late engagement with the Indians on the Wabash..." with the complete text carrying over to page 2, including the note signed in type: J... See More  

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Extremely graphic circus advertisement...

Item #675977

September 09, 1834

TROY DAILY WHIG, New York, Sept. 9, 1834  The prime feature of this issue is the terrific back page advertisement for a circus which consumes almost the entire page.

Headed: "Purdy Welch & Col. "Grand Mammoth Zoological Exhibition" with more on the two day event. Very graphic, showing the various animals, the Washington Military Band, etc.

Four pages, very nice condition.... See More  

No Longer Available


Fine account of "Bleeding Kansas" and the Battle of Osawatomie...

Item #675976

September 13, 1856

THE DAILY MINNESOTIAN, Said Paul, Sept. 13, 1856  Actually a territorial newspaper as Minnesota did not gain statehood until May, 1858. 

Page 2 has some fine reporting on Bleeding Kansas, with a column headed: "Bloody Battle at Ossawatomie" "Free State Men Defeated" "Terrible Work at Leavenworth". The 1 1/2 columns have a fine account of the Battle of Osawa... See More  

No Longer Available

Item #675975

November 17, 1830

THE ARKANSAS ADVOCATE, Little Rock, A.T., Nov. 17, 1830  The volume 1, #34 issue.  Good condition.

No Longer Available

Item #675974

June 17, 1837

DETROIT EVENING SPECTATOR AND LITERARY GAZETTE, Detroit, Mich., June 17, 1837  First published in 1836 and believed to have been discontinued in 1838. A volume I issue (number 65). Dampstaining in the lower quadrant, mostly good.

No Longer Available

Item #675973

March 07, 1829

FLORIDA ADVOCATE, Tallahassee, March 7, 1829  Four pages, rubbing in the dateline, archivally rejoined at the spine, tape mends within.

No Longer Available


The first of the Lincoln Douglas debates...

Item #675972

August 27, 1858

NEW YORK SEMI-WEEKLY TRIBUNE, August 27, 1858  We find that reports on the now-famous Lincoln Douglas debates are very difficult to find in newspapers outside of Illinois, perhaps not surprising because it as a senate race in Illinois and Lincoln was, at this time, still a relatively unknown figure in American politics.

However this issue is a rare exception, as pages 2 and 3 contain a r
... See More  

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Early and rare from Florida... James Polk block signature...

Item #675954

August 05, 1848

THE FLORIDIAN, Tallahassee, Florida, August 5, 1848 

* Rare antebellum title

* 3 Acts signed by James Polk

Nineteenth century newspapers from Florida are uncommon, particularly those from before the Civil War. Here is such an issue from the capital city of Florida, three years before the Civil War.

The ftpg. has 3 Acts of Congress, one of which is signed by the President: James Polk. ... See More  

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Early and rare from Florida... James Polk block signature...

Item #675953

August 05, 1848

THE FLORIDIAN, Tallahassee, Florida, August 5, 1848 

* Rare antebellum title

* 3 Acts signed by James Polk

Nineteenth century newspapers from Florida are uncommon, particularly those from before the Civil War. Here is such an issue from the capital city of Florida, three years before the Civil War.

The ftpg. has 3 Acts of Congress, one of which is signed by the President: James Polk. ... See More  

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Pirate Jean LaFitte and much more on Galveston, Texas...

Item #675948

December 27, 1817

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore,  December 27, 1817  Certainly the best report in this issue is headed: "Of Galveston" which is about--among other items concerning Galveston,Texas--the noted pirate Lafitte. Part of the text includes: "...Galvezton is a small island or sand bar situate in the bay of St. Barnard on the coast of Texas...Among the most conspicuous charac... See More  

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Attempts to impeach President Andrew Johnson...

Item #675943

April 11, 1868

NEW YORK TIMES, April 11, 1868 

* President Andrew Johnson

* Reconstruction era impeachment trial

The top of the first column of the front page has one column headings: "IMPEACHMENT" "The Opening Argument for the Defense Concluded" and more. Text takes up the entire front page and most of the back page.

Eight pages, nice condition.... See More  

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1870 Siege of Metz beginning w/ map...

Item #675923

August 17, 1870

THE NEW YORK HERALD, Aug. 17, 1870

* Siege of Metz, France

* Franco-Prussian War - Germans

Page 3 has one column headings that include: "THE WAR" "A Desperate Battle Fought Near Metz" "French and Prussian Reports of the Engagement" and more. (see)

Other news of the day. Complete with all 12 pages, light toning along the central fold, a little spine wear, gene... See More  

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Nine issues of this notable newspaper, all from 1802...

Item #675915

March 04, 1802

THE BALANCE & COLUMBIAN REPOSITORY, Hudson, New York, 1802  A lot of nine issues is this rather notable paper at the time, with high circulation. This is a nice 8 page newspaper with a variety of news items of the day, with some literary pieces as well. Measures 9 1/2 by 11 3/4 inches with an engraving of scales in the masthead. Nice condition.

No Longer Available


Celebrating what would soon become a failed "achievement"...

Item #675910

September 02, 1858

NEW YORK HERALD, Sept. 2, 1858  Most of the first column is taken up with a nice stack of headlines on the celebration of the completion of the Atlantic Cable, which united Europe with America by a telegraph cable.

Heads include: "THE CABLE CARNIVAL" "Achieved is the Glorious Work" "The Metropolis Overwhelmed with Visitors" "Reunion Of All The Nationalities... See More  

No Longer Available


Creating the West Point Military Academy...

Item #675908

April 10, 1802

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, April 10, 1802  Over half of the front page is taken up with the historic printing of: "An Act Fixing the Military Peace Establishment of the United States" which is signed in script type by the President: Th. Jefferson, and in block type by Aaron Burr & Nathaniel Macon.

Of particular significance is the text contained in "section 27" which... See More  

No Longer Available


The battle of San Jacinto...

Item #675895

May 19, 1836

NATIONAL GAZETTE & LITERARY REGISTER, Philadelphia,  May 19, 1836  The front page has: "Important From Texas" which reports that the Mexicans, while being attacked by Gen. Houston, set fire to Harrisburg and retreated only to be overtaken by Houston resulting in a loss of 700 with 500 captured.

A letter from Sec. of War Rusk has particulars about the Battle at San Jacinto ... See More  

No Longer Available


Thomas Jefferson letter mentions his state of health...

Item #675894

December 29, 1818

RICHMOND ENQUIRER, Virginia, Dec. 22, 1818  Most of a page 4 column is taken up with: "Mr. Jefferson", near the end of which he comments: "...I rejoice indeed to learn from you that Mr. Adams retains the strength of his memory, his faculties, his cheerfulness...I am much debilitated in body, & my memory sensibly on the wane; still however, I enjoy good health & spirits.... See More  

No Longer Available


Harrison's inauguration reported in his own campaign newspaper...

Item #675890

March 13, 1841

THE LOG CABIN, New York, March 13, 1841  The famous campaign newspaper published by Horace Greeley in support of William Henry Harrison in the 1840 election.

Terrific that most of the front page is taken up with the various details of: "The Inauguration" of President Harrison, the text beginning: "The consummation of the great political contest which terminated in the election... See More  

No Longer Available


1878 Pittsfield, Massachusetts... Berkshire County...

Item #675885

October 23, 1878

THE PITTSFIELD SUN, Massachusetts, Oct. 23, 1878

* Berkshire County 

* American Indians war era

This uncommon title has news of the day with several interesting advertisements.

Complete with all 8 pages, a little staining, some wear at the top left corner, generally good.

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Opening of America's oldest railroad, the famous B & O...

Item #675878

December 31, 1831

SPRINGFIELD REPUBLICAN, Massachusetts, Dec. 31, 1831  The front page has 1 1/2 columns taken up with: "A Brazilian Slave Sh9p". Then close to a full column is headed: "Baltimore and Ohio Railroad" which notes in part: " account of the opening of this road from the city of Baltimore to the town of Frederick, a distance of 60 miles..." with more.

This is nota... See More  

No Longer Available


Eli Whitney... Deporting free negroes...

Item #675877

February 11, 1832

SPRINGFIELD REPUBLICAN, Massachusetts, Feb. 11, 1832  The front page has a lengthy article headed: "Eli Whitney", the inventory of the cotton gin.

Page 3 has an article: "Free Negroes and Mulattoes", mentioning: "...a bill devising the ways & means for deporting free negroes, and such as may become free, to Liberia..." with more detail.

Four cafes, slightly... See More  

No Longer Available


The officers of the United States government for 1801...

Item #675876

September 02, 1801

THOMAS'S MASSACHUSETTS SPY, Worcester, Sept. 2, 1801  Half of the front page is taken up with  a list of the: "Officers of Government" from the President (Jefferson) to each of the Cabinet posts, the Supreme Court, plus all the district officers, ambassadors, etc.

Four pages, minor foxing, nice condition.

No Longer Available


Two great maps on the Crimean War...

Item #675875

December 03, 1854

NEW ORLEANS DAILY DELTA, Louisiana, Dec. 3, 1854   Almost the entire front page is taken up with reports on the Crimean War, with items headed: "Sevastopol Retaken" "Position of the Allies" "The Attack on Sevastopol" and more.

The prime feature of the ftpg. is a detailed map headed: "MAP OF THE SEAT OF WAR--Military Position of the Allied Forces Before... See More  

No Longer Available


Lincoln in the local newspaper 40 days after assuming his first public office...

Item #675874

January 10, 1835

Do not list or sell yet: for Tim's presentation

ILLINOIS ADVOCATE, Vandalia, Jan. 10, 1835  At this time Vandalia was the capital of Illinois, located there from 1820 thru 1837 before being removed to Springfield. This is significant to this newspaper, as the appearance of Abraham Lincoln's name at such an early date would likely only appear in a newspaper from the state capital.

... See More  

No Longer Available


Simon Bolivar's Proclamation to the people of Caracas...

Item #675873

August 28, 1816

NATIONAL AEGIS, Worcester, Massachusetts, Aug. 28, 1816  Page 2 has: "The Contrast - Bolivar's Proclamation" which is commentary on it, and followed by the actual Proclamation to the inhabitants of Caracas, Venezuela. It begins: "An army...are now at my command to liberate you: Your tyrants shall be destroyed or expelled, and you shall be restored to your rights, to your co... See More  

No Longer Available


Asahel Cheney grandfather clock advertisement...

Item #675872

January 16, 1804

THE REPORTER, Brattleborough (Brattleboro), Vermont, January 16, 1804  See the photos for the great & quite unusual front page advertisement for an Asahel Cheney clock, with some text noting some of the particulars of his business. It is quite rare to find such a large illustration in newspapers of this era, particularly on the front page.

Four pages, 11 by 18 1/2 inches, archivally rejo... See More  

No Longer Available


Much on Stephen Douglas 6 days before the first debate with Lincoln...

Item #675871

August 11, 1858

THE ILLINOIS STATE JOURNAL, Springfield, Aug. 11, 1858  This issue has some fine Lincoln-Douglas content from just 6 days prior to the first of the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates.

The top of the front page has: "Mr. Douglas' Anti-Lecomptonism in its True Light" as well as:The Quarrel Between Buchanan and Douglas".

Inside has: "The Dougasites Out in Favor of Negr... See More  

No Longer Available

Item #675870

February 18, 1802

AMERICAN CITIZEN & GENERAL ADVERTISER, New York, Feb. 18, 1802   Content on the creation of the Library of Congress. Four pages, cut cleanly at the spine.

No Longer Available

Item #675869

March 05, 1802

AMERICAN CITIZEN & GENERAL ADVERTISER, New York, March 5, 1802   Four pages, cut cleanly at the spine.

No Longer Available

Item #675868

February 24, 1826

FLORIDA INTELLIGENCER, Tallahassee, Feb. 24, 1826  Very early Florida newspaper, four pages, rejoined at the spine.

No Longer Available


Prelude to the Lincoln-Douglas debates...

Item #675850

July 16, 1858

NOTE: Ideally should be paired with the July 13 issue (has Douglas' speech to which Lincoln responded). Do we have one?

NEW-YORK TIMES, July 16, 1858  Perhaps the most notable event which propelled Lincoln to the national stage was the series of seven Lincoln-Douglas debates, both seeking a senatorial position from Illinois, Douglas the incumbent.

The first debate was on August 17, bu... See More  

No Longer Available


Lincoln steps upon the national stage: The Cooper Union speech...

Item #675849

February 28, 1860

THE NEW YORK HERALD, Feb. 28, 1860 Page 2 has 2 full columns devoted to coverage of this famous speech and pg. 3 has nearly 2 1/2 columns with this continuing text, all of which is headed: "THE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN" "Another Republican Orator on the Stump" "Speech of the Hon. Abraham Lincoln of Illinois".

At this point Lincoln had not declared himself a presidential... See More  

No Longer Available


Abraham Lincoln in Congress in 1847...

Item #675844

December 25, 1847

NEW YORK SEMI-WEEKLY TRIBUNE, Dec. 25, 1847  Page 2 has a very early item on Abraham Lincoln, long before he would gain attention in the national political arena. For a short period he was a Representative from Illinois in Congress, and this newspaper reports the text of a Resolution by him to determine the cause of the Mexican War. The item is headed: "The War with Mexico" and begi... See More  

No Longer Available


Illinois officially becomes a state...

Item #675842

May 12, 1818

AMERICAN MERCURY, Hartford, May 12, 1818  The front page has 1 1/2 columns taken up with the official Act of Congress which created the state of Illinois, signed in type on April 18, 1818 by the President: James Monroe. Great to have this historic document on the front page.

Page 2 has "A Proclamation" signed in type by James Monroe & John Quincy Adams, and yet another Proclama... See More  

No Longer Available


On Lincoln's seminal speech which lead to the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates...

Item #675838

July 06, 1857

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, July 6, 1857  Page 3 has nearly 2 columns taken up with a seminal report on Lincoln's political career. Lincoln had been in the audience when Stephen Douglas made his June 12 speech defending the Dred Scott Decision of 3 months prior. Lincoln gave a speech on June 26 in which he eloquently replied to Douglas, criticizing the Red Scot Decision, and also countering Douglas... See More  

No Longer Available


Broadside issue reports that Hayes is the winner...

Item #675837

March 02, 1877

THE MILTONIAN, Milton, Pennsylvania, March 2, 1877  A great broadside (printed on one side only) "Supplement" issue with over half of the issue taken up with the Presidential election of 1876.

It was one of the most contentious presidential elections in history and gave rise to the Compromise of 1877 by which the Democrats conceded the election to Hayes in return for an end to Reco... See More  

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James Jeffries the victor over Tom Sharkey for the heavyweight boxing title...

Item #675823

November 04, 1899

THE AUGUSTA CHRONICLE, Georgia 4, 1899 v The front page has a graphic report headed: "JEFFRIES Gets The Decision After 25 Rounds of Furious Fighting" with illustrations of both James Jeffries and Tom Sharkey.

Also at the top of the ftpg: "JEFFRIES GETS THE DECISION" "Fight Described as One of the Most Marvelous Battles That Has Taken Place".

A curious note: the matc... See More  

No Longer Available


Expanding suffrage in 1867 D.C....

Item #675807

January 08, 1867

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Jan. 8, 1867 The top of the first column of the front page has one column headings: "WASHINGTON NEWS" "The Veto of the District Suffrage Bill" Under: "The President's Veto" is the full text which takes up about 3 columns, all on the front page and is signed in type: Andrew Johnson which is affected by a printing flaw. (see)

Eight pages, nice c... See More  

No Longer Available


1856 Battle of Osawatomie... Johm Brown...

Item #675806

September 10, 1856

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Sept. 10, 1856

* Battle of Osawatomie, Kansas

* Abolitionist John Brown

* Free-Staters vs. Border Ruffians

* Fight for pro and anti-slavery

Page 6 has an article headed: "The Battle of Osawattamie (sic) "Men Arms, Ammunition And Provisions Wanted" See images for partial text.

Complete with 8 pages, a little margin wear, generally nice.... See More  

No Longer Available

Item #675797

July 29, 1836

WESTERN PIONEER & BAPTIST STANDARD-BEARER, Upper Alton, Illinois, July 29, 1836  Page 3 has some nice Texas content.

Four pages, loose at the spine, minor foxing, generally good condition.

No Longer Available


From the deep South with slave sale ads...

Item #675792

July 26, 1858

THE DAILY CRESCENT, New Orleans, July 26, 1858

* Rare antebellum publication

* 5 slave advertisements

News of the day with several advertisements including a some slavery related ads, 5 on page 5 and another 1 on page 7.

Four pages, various news of the day, loose and irregular at the spine with a little text loss, a little light foxing, a little margin wear, small horizontal hole on the ba... See More  

No Longer Available

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