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News from America...

September 13, 1773 | Item # 583755
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Capture of Ethan Allen...

October 21, 1775 | Item # 680937
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More on the American situation...

December 02, 1775 | Item # 650109
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Provincial Congress meeting...

December 23, 1775 | Item # 667176
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Revolutionary War Newspapers

First-hand Accounts of the American Revolution

What is now American history was once current news. Revolutionary War newspapers produced daily reports mentioning political leaders such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, John Hancock, plus military leaders (both American & British) including Gates, Gage, Carleton, Howe, Clinton, John Paul Jones, Burgoyne, and the infamous traitor, Benedict Arnold, along with other noteworthy names, such as Paul Revere and Thomas Paine.

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