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Jews in China... Sidney Rigdon (?) - possible Harmony, PA influence (?)...

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November 18, 1826

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Nov. 18, 1826 
* Sidney Rigdon - possible Pre-Mormon influence
* Jewish settlements in China
Inside has a small report: "The Harmonists, at their new settlement near Pittsburg, are paying great attention to the breeding of sheep and the manufacture of woollen goods. They will have nearly 4,000 acres of land for sheep-walks. In addition to the wool consumed in the district, $12,000 worth has been sent over the mountains to market."
While not mentioned in this article, and just a supposition on  our part, there is a possible connection between the Harmony Society and the Latter Day Saints, as Sidney Rigdon, who would one day become an early leader in the Mormon Church movement, was 22 years of age and living 30 miles south of old Harmony when Rapp's followers abandoned the community. 
Two years later, while studying for the Baptist ministry, Rigdon temporarily resided in North Sewickley, just 5 miles west of the old Harmony town-site. Rigdon almost certainly heard many stories about Rapp's Harmonists and he probably encountered a few former members of the society in person. The Harmonists began their return to Pennsylvania, from Indiana, at just about the same time that Rigdon was leaving the Pittsburgh area for good.
Another article has a small head: "Jews In China" which takes about half a column and portions include: "...they were settled in that country, as well as in other parts of Asia, many centuries prior the Christian era...They migrated from Persia...They have a tradition that Abraham, who they say was the nineteenth from Adam, was the author of their law and that Moses derived it from him. There is a great similarity between the laws of Abraham or Moses and those of the Chinese..." with more.
Among other items within this issue is: "Freedom of Religious Opinion" which includes a letter signed in type by: James Madison.
Complete in 16 pages, 6 by 9 1/2 inches, great condition.

Category: Pre-Civil War