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Patriotic address to the French Canadians... The Cherry Valley Massacre...

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December 31, 1778

THE NEW JERSEY GAZETTE, Trenton, Dec. 31, 1778 

* Cherry Valley Massacre - New York
* Rare Revolutionary War publication

Titles from New Jersey are very uncommon, particularly from the 18th century. Of greater significance is that this was the very first newspaper in New Jersey and this issue is from the year it began. This is the volume 1, number 56 issue.
Close to half of the front page has a rousing address by the Count d'Estaing, a French military leader who was the first French fleet commander sent to support the colonists in the Revolutionary War.. When the French aligned their efforts with the Americans against the British, he was a principal in much of the French efforts. This fine letter is headed: "A DECLARATION. Addressed in the Name of the King of France to all the Ancient French in North America" and begins: "You were born French; you never could cease to be French..." and goes on to persuade the French in America that they should back the American cause as the French king has. At the end he states: "...I shall not urge to a whole people that to join with the United States is to secure their own happiness...But I will declare, and I now formally declare in the name of His Majesty, who has authorised and commanded me to do it, that all his former subjects in North America who shall no more acknowledge the supremacy of Great Britain may depend upon his protection and support."
Pages 1 & 2 have a Resolve from Congress thanking Henry Laurens for his term as President of Congress, followed by his thankful response signed: Henry Laurens.
Page 2 notes the acquittal of General St. Clair on his court martial trial. A letter from New York notes the gloom of the British in New York with: "A general despondency & dissatisfaction prevails throughout the army. General Clinton is hard pressed on all sides at Philadelphia, and must soon evacuate the place, though it cost us dear to get possession of it. Nor is our situation here much better...our numerous army which was once the boast of Britain, & might have been the terror of France, is now reduced to a mere nothing; and all for what? To irritate our best friends..." with more.
Page 2 also has a find eye-witness account of the Cherry Valley Massacre, considered one of the most horrific frontier massacres of the Revolutionary War.
Many other war-related items including a report of General Washington arriving at Philadelphia, with a patriotic address to him and his response.
Four pages, great condition.

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