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Handsome, patriotic newspaper with war-related reports...

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March 13, 1780


* One of the more patriotic mastheads from the Revolutionary War

The masthead includes one of the more patriotic engravings of the Revolutionary War, described by the motto just under the dateline: "All Hands With One Inflamed, Enlightened Heart" showing 13 arms--one for each colony--joined by holding a linked chain within which is the inflamed heart, representing the spirit of America.
Page 2 has a report under "Trenton" noting: "On Thursday night last the enemy, under the command of Generals Stirling and Skinner, visited Elizabethtown entirely upon a plundering party..." with a list of houses plundered. Then: "...After terrifying the women and children they heroically marched off with their plunder and five or six prisoners. Thus is the British army reduced to mere marauding parties--our army or fortresses they durst not attack; but if a town is left with women and children in it, their valour is certainly displayed there." This is followed by another report beginning: "The following orders were issued by the puissant General Skinner previous to his expedition to Elizabethtown..." with details. The postscript notes: "It is notorious that no part of these orders were complied with as the soldiers plundered almost indiscriminately and were countenanced & encouraged in it by their officers; and that peaceable inhabitants were dragged out of their houses, made prisoners & carried off."
A report from London references the: "...the agreeable news of Count d'Estaing's defeat...have the pleasure to inform our readers that Gen. Provost's dispatches are arrived, confirming the defeat of D'Estaing & his departure from America..." regarding his efforts to retake positions at Savannah, Georgia.
Page 3 has a nice report on the celebration over the retirement of General John Sullivan, including a speech honoring him at Portsmouth, with "The General's Answer" signed in type: John Sullivan. Then a letter from Philadelphia mentions: "The intelligence respecting the Spaniards taking Pensacola is credited, and affairs to the Southward are wearing a better aspect...". Some other bits on the war as well.
Among the back page ads is one: "All Officers and Soldiers belonging to the Dept. of the Army who are absent on Furloughs are desired & required punctually to join their respective corps by the expiration of the time limited therein...".
The condition of this issue is exceptional. Complete in four pages, a bit of very discrete archival strengthening at the blank spine margin, very nice, clean condition.  Very displayable newspaper with this patriotic masthead.

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