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The Treaty of Cusseta; Creek Indian Nation & the United States...

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April 05, 1832

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., April 5, 1832 

* Treaty of Cusseta
* Creek Nation - Indians

The ftpg. begins with over a column headed: "Treaty With The Creek Indians - Articles Of A Treaty" which begins: "The Creek tribe of Indians cede to the United States all their land East of the Mississippi River...".
This was the Treaty of Cusseta between the United States government and the Creek Nation signed March 24, 1832. The treaty ceded all Creek claims east of the Mississippi River to the United States.
Once the treaty went into effect, many of the new Creek landowners, not being aware of the value of land, were quickly taken advantage of by settlers who often purchased the treaty-promised land for a pittance. Those Creeks who managed to keep legal title to their lands were soon overwhelmed by squatters, whom state and federal officials generally refused to evict. When individual Creek attempted to enforce their property rights against squatters, they were often retaliated against by the local militia. By 1835, the situation became intractable and open conflict broke out between Creeks and settlers. The U.S. government responded to violations of the treaty by deporting most of the remaining Creek to the Indian Territory.
Four pages, very nice condition.

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