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The Rolling Stones - only skin deep... The Kinks in concert...

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September 08, 1981

THE VILLAGE VOICE, Greenwich Village, New York, September 8, 1981 (for September 9-15, 1981), VOL. XXVI No. 37

Page 65 has in interesting article regarding the Rolling Stones: "Stones Are Only Skin Deep", which includes a large photo of the super-group, which is captioned: "Mick and Keith and a whole bunch of East Village disinformation." See images for details.

Page 73 has a full page ad for "The Kinks - Ron Delsener Gives the people What then Want." The ad is for the October 3, 1981 concert at Madison Square Garden.

The front page has an article concerning the victims of The Love Canal.

Many of the other classic elements (Nat Hentoff, Jules Feifer, etc.) which helped make The Village Voice such an iconic publication are also present.

Although the cover has a stamp "For Xerox Only" from the publisher, the issue as a whole, and all of the key content mentioned is in very good condition.

Provenance note: This issue comes from The Village Voice's own archives, part of their in-house collection used to create their digital archive.
Alert: Many issues of The Village Voice contain articles and/or photos which some consider offensive, and are certainly inappropriate for children. Please purchase with discretion.

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