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Follow-up to Gettysburg, and so much more...

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July 08, 1863

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, July 8, 1863  Not only is this a nice newspaper from the Confederacy, but it is from the Confederate capital.
A great issue on the events surrounding the Battle of Gettysburg, with reaction of nearby cities, the retreat & pursuit of the Confederates,  reports on the events immediately following Gettysburg, and more.
The front page includes: "The Defense of Richmond" "The Army Of The Pamunkey, plus some comments on: "A Correction" and a brief--and early--mention of the fall of Vicksburg: "...a man who had come through the lines that Vicksburg had fallen & that the garrison had been paroled & the officers permitted to march out with their side arms. We only know that no official confirmation of this story has been received."
The front page also has: "Another Battle Fought--Our Army Again Victorious--Meade's Army Annihilated--Forty Thousand Prisoners Taken--General Sickles Dead--The Yankees Greatly Depressed Over the Result" with three dispatches on events immediately after Gettysburg (see). Also: "From The Southwest".
The back page has some interesting editorial comments on the recent events of the war including a positive spin on Gettysburg with: "...whatever disappointments the Confederacy has suffered & may yet have to suffer in the West, it will be able to support them...while the real army continues the career in Pennsylvania. The great event of the day, the crowning benediction of the Confederate standard by a decisive battle at Gettysburg on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will redress the balance...The telegraph says that General Lee has 20,000 prisoners...But if it is true that General Lee has beaten the enemy sufficiently to force him into a retreat towards Maryland...it will be found impossible to rally the Federal army of the Potomac..." and more with much praise of Robert E. Lee (see). This is followed by: "Performances of Stuart's Cavalry--The Scare at Washington--How the Yankee Army is Received in Maryland--Details of the War in Maryland & Pennsylvania..." with various subheads (see) Also: "The Negro Soldiers in the North--Efforts to Raise Them to Assist in the Defense of Pennsylvania...The Relative Mortality of Negro and Yankee Soldiers". And even much, much more on the Civil War. Photos show only portion.
A wealth of great reading in this issue, and from such a significant period in the Civil War.
Complete as a single sheet newspaper, very nice, clean condition.

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