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Death of "The Leatherman"......

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March 25, 1889

THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 25, 1889

* The death of "The Leatherman"

Page two has a a small report headed: "THE OLD 'LEATHERMAN' DEAD", followed by a brief report on the demise of a well-known vagabond of the late 1800's. See photo for details.
Other news of the day with period advertising are found throughout.
Eight pages, toning throughout, partially loose at the spine, browned at the margins with a few margin tears, and quite fragile. Average/typical condition for the era.

Background (Wikipedia): The Leatherman (1839–1889) was a particular vagabond, famous for his handmade leather suit of clothes, who traveled a circuit between the Connecticut River and the Hudson River, roughly from 1857 to 1889. Of unknown origin, he was thought to be French-Canadian, because of his fluency in the French language, his "broken English", and the French-language prayer book found on his person after his death. His identity remains unknown, and controversial. He walked a 365-mile route year after year. His repeating route took him to certain towns in western Connecticut and eastern New York, returning to each town every 34–36 days.

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