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The Garden of Eden... Much on early Hebrew history...

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THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, England, February, 1738 

* The Garden of Eden 

Certainly the most interesting article within this issue is one titled: "Account of the Garden of Eden..." which begins: "Moses tells us that the Ark rested upon the mountains of Ararat...And that afterwards mankind journeyed from thence & settled in the land of Shinar..." with much more (see photos for portions).
Another article has much concerning the Old Testament of the Bible, headed "A.B. to R.Y. Concerning Sarah being Iscah" which includes several Hebrew letters.
Yet another article is titled: "The British Rights in America Asserted" which takes over a full pg. (see for portions).

Among other articles noted in the table of contents are: "Essay on Generosity" "Reply Concerning a Question relating to God's Eternity" "Symptoms peculiar to Wine and Ale Drinkers" "Evil Spirits to be Dreaded" and more.
Near the back is a section headed: "Historical Chronicle" with news from England & other parts of Europe.
Included is a full page sheet of music, and there is also an interesting engraving of the moon (see).
Complete in 54 pgs. with full title/index page which contains an engraving of St. John's Gate. Measures about 5 1/4 by 8 1/2 inches, very good condition.
There are no plates or maps called for in this issue.

A very nice pre-Revolutionary War magazine from the "mother country" with a wide range of varied content including news of the day, political reports, literary items, and other unusual tidbits. This was the first periodical to use the word "magazine" in its title, having begun in 1731 and lasting until 1907.

Category: The 1600's and 1700's