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Scientific improvements & inventions of the day...

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December 01, 1888

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT, New York, Dec. 1, 1888  This magazine contains illustrations & text pertaining to the latest inventions and scientific discoveries of the day. Prints include: "Ampere" "The Russian Imperial Yacht Polar Star" "Explosion of a Petroleum Steamer at Calais, France" "Chart of a Horse, Showing at a Glance Many of the Diseases to Which it is Subject" "Feeding Crocodiles in the Menagerie at Bone, Algeria" "Sketches in Thibet, By Colonel C. J. Cramer Roberts" "The New Monument to Columbus, Barcelona, Spain - Designed By D. C. Buigas Monraba" "Weigela Hortensis Nivea".
Sixteen pages, some damp staining at the margins, good condition.

Category: Post-Civil War