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Very rare print of Sheriff Pat Garrett, killer of Billy the Kid...

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November 17, 1884


* Very rare Pat Garrett illustration
* American Old West lawman
* Billy The Kid assassin fame

Likely due to its location on the edge of the Western frontier, this newspaper typically contained a wealth sensational crime reports and events from the West than found in eastern newspapers.
Most of page 2 and part of pg. 3 are taken up with considerable reporting on a convention of cattlemen held in this city, St. Louis. As interesting as the content is, certainly the most notable item is the very rare portrait of "Pat Garrett", captioned as such, it appearing here because of him being in the cattle business. But the short biography talks more of heroics as a Deputy Sheriff in New Mexico, noting he: "...did the world a great service in ridding it of Billy the Kid, the most cold-blooded and cruel desperado of modern times. The appreciative citizens of New Mexico presented him with $5000 for his happy performances...At the time he killed Billy the Kid [in 1881] he was a Deputy Sheriff...He will ever be held in grateful remembrance by the people of New Mexico for ridding the Territory of the gang which had so long held it in terror. Four of the gang bit the dust at his instance unaided and alone..." and more (see). Is this the earliest print of Pat Garrett to appear in a newspaper? Perhaps the only one?
This article includes prints of 6 other cattlemen including the famous "Richard King", founder of King Ranch, the largest ranch in Texas (see  hyperlink)

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