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A great travelogue on the expansion of the West...

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June 14, 1865

SPRINGFIELD REPUBLICAN, Massachusetts, June 14, 1865 

* Samuel Bowles' serialized travelogue: "Across The Continent"'

Over one-third of the front page is taken up with an except from the 'Letters From Mr. Bowles--No. 3" "ACROSS THE CONTINENT" "The Ride from River to Mountains--The Great Plains & Their Characteristics--Gen. Conner & His History and Position--Speaker Colfax's Reception in Colorado" which is a terrific travelogue of a stagecoach journey across the country. Samuel Bowles was the publisher of this newspaper so this may be the only newspaper in which this serialized book appeared. It would ultimately be published as a book titled "Across the Continent" and he would later publish another: "The Switzerland of America".
Eight pages, great condition.

Category: Post-Civil War