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A child's newspaper to be read on the Sabbath...

Item # 153126 THE WELL-SPRING, Boston, 1851 A little newspaper "Published Weekly, By The Massachusetts Sabbath School Society", as printed in the masthead. Its purpose was described in its prospectus of a few years earlier: "Inasmuch as every juvenile periodical is, and will be perused, to a greater or less extent, on the Sabbath, it is intended that The Well-Spring, like the publications of the Society in general, shall contain nothing unsuitable to be read on that Holy Day. Still, no labor will be spared to render it a paper that shall please and interest, as well as profit the young. An extensive correspondence with Missionaries at the West, and among the heathen, will help to enrich its columns."
The ornate masthead features five vignettes. Measures 10 by 12 1/2 inches, 4 pages, nice condition.

Category: Pre-Civil War