"High Demand" Harper's Weekly Issues

Although 95% of all Harper's Weekly issues posted on our website and 100% of all other issues posted are available, this "high demand" issue, which often sells out, may or may not be available.  Since we are adding new Harper's Weekly issues to our inventory on a regular basis, we keep these exceptions* active for people to see.  Concerning this issue, you have two options:
1)  Continue with your order.  If we have one, it will ship within 24 business hours and a shipping notice will be e-mailed to you.  If we do not, we will let you know within 2-3 business hours.  At that time you can decide whether or not you want to be placed on a waiting list for the item.  If paying by credit card, please know we do not charge your card unless we currently have the issue to send.  If paying by PayPal, we will refund your payment upon notifying you the issue is not available.

2)  Contact us at info@rarenewspapers.com or call us at 570-326-1045 to check on the availability of the issue. If it is available, you may complete the order at that time.  If not, you can decide if you want to be placed on a want list for the issue.
*  There was a time when we did not show high demand Harper's Weekly issues if they were not in stock.  However, customers stated they would prefer to have the option to be placed on a want list for such items since we are constantly seeking new issues.  Without the issues being posted, this was formerly not possible.