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"The North Star" becomes "Frederick Douglass' Paper"...

Item #650774

June 17, 1852

FREDERICK DOUGLASS' PAPER, Rochester, New York, June 17, 1852  We are pleased to offer this exceedingly rare--and highly desirable--newspaper by the famed Frederick Douglass. This weekly title is the continuation of his newspaper "North Star" which began in 1847.

Douglass was perhaps the most famous 19th century African-American abolitionist who escaped from slavery and then ri
... See More  

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The first convention of clubs: the birth of organized baseball...

Item #675239

January 23, 1857

THE NEW YORK HERALD, January 23, 1857 

* Birth of organized baseball

* First convention of clubs

The back page has a report which could be considered the birth of organized baseball. And printed the day after the event happened!

The second column has an article headed: "Our National Sports" with subheads: "The Game of Base Ball--Convention of the Various Clubs Of the Ci... See More  

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Winslow Homer's famous Snap The Whip...

Item #678435

September 20, 1873

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Sept. 20, 1873 

* Winslow Homer's most famous print

* "SNAP-THE-WHIP" Great for framing

Certainly the prime feature of this issue is the much desired Winslow Homer doublepage centerfold: "Snap the Whip". As the photos show, this print is in very nice condition.

Front page features a 1/2 page illustration entitled: "The New Sc... See More  

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First inauguration of George Washington...

Item #679892

July 16, 1789

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, July 16, 1789 

* President George Washington

* First inauguration (historic)

Certainly one of the more desirable events to have in a period newspaper is the first inauguration of George Washington. American issues with such content are virtually unobtainable today, and reports in any newspapers worldwide are extremely uncommon.

Here is a nice report of t... See More  

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Latest war news in a rare newspaper from the Revolutionary War...

Item #658747

August 26, 1779

THE AMERICAN JOURNAL & GENERAL ADVERTISER, Providence, Rhode Island, Aug. 26, 1779 

* Very rare American Revolutionary War publication

A truly rare title from the Revolutionary War, as it lasted for less than 1 1/2 years from March, 1779 to August, 1781.

Page 3 has a: "...letter from an officer of distinction to the honorable Major-General Gates..." which begins: "I ... See More  

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Dramatic issue on the San Francisco earthquake...

Item #678530

April 18, 1906

OAKLAND HERALD--3:30 Edition, April 18, 1906 

* 1906 San Francisco earthquake

* Early 1st report on same day it happened

A quite rare newspaper, as not only is this not the more famous (and more common) San Francisco CALL-CHRONICLE-EXAMINER newspaper of April 19 but it is a day earlier yet equally as dramatic. Remember that Oakland is just across the bay from San Francisco.

The bold, ... See More  

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Full text of the Louisiana Purchase...

Item #674389

October 31, 1803

THE INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, October 31, 1803 

* Historic Louisiana Purchase

* Full text of the acquisition

* Expansion of the United States

The complete text of the Louisiana Purchase Treaty, with both conventions, is found on page 2. It is prefaced with an article headed: "Louisiana Treaty!" noting in part: "Yesterday...the Senate ratified the Louisiana Treaty, ... See More  

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Much on Lewis & Clark & their exploration to the Pacific...

Item #679743

August 26, 1807

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Aug. 26, 1807 

* Lewis and Clark expedition - Pacific

The back page has a very lengthy: "Proposals...For Publishing LEWIS and CLARK'S Tour to the Pacific Ocean, through the Interior of the Continent of North America..." noting the details that will be in "Volume First" as well as "Volume Second". And this is fol... See More  

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Formation of the Mormon Church...

Item #667086

July 16, 1831

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, July 16, 1831

* Formation of the Mormon Church

* Historic issue

Page 17 has a fine and very early account of the formation of the Mormon church, headed: "Mormonism".

The bias against the Mormons is revealed in the report, which includes: "...certain knaves, pretending to have some holy writings hidden under a stone in Ontario c
... See More  

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Great map showing North America... On taxing America without their consent...

Item #677981
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, April, 1776  The prime feature of this issue is the great map showing all of the western hemisphere titled: "A New Projection of the Western Hemisphere of the Earth on a Plane shewing the proportions of its several parts nearly as on a Globe, By J. Hardy, at Eton College." 

The map is dated at the bottom: "by F. Newbery, Ludg
... See More  

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Washington's state-of-the-union address...

Item #665478

December 19, 1795

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Dec. 19, 1795 

* President George Washington

* State of the Union Address

Over half of the front page is taken up with the "President's Address" being George Washington's annual state-of-the-union address for the year 1795, a tradition he started in his first administration and which continues to this day.

The "Speech" as it is h... See More  

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Notable cartoon on the plight of Jewish refugees...

Item #679880

July 03, 1938

NEW YORK TIMES, July 3, 1938 

* Jewish refugees political cartoon

* Escaping Adolph Hitler & Nazi Germany

The top of an inside page (E-3) has a very notable political cartoon concerning the plight of Jewish refugees trying to flee Nazi Germany, notable enough that it is a feature display in the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.

This cartoon was created in anticipation... See More  

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Graphic issue on the sinking of the Lusitania...

Item #674862

May 07, 1915

THE ROCK ISLAND DAILY UNION, Illinois, May 7, 1915 

* RMS Lusitania torpedoed and sunk

* Nice headline and photo for display

A very nice & graphic first report of the sinking of the Lusitania, with a 2-line banner headline: "Giant Liner Lusitania of Cunard Line is Sunk in the Irish Sea by Either Torpedo or Infernal Machine". Also a rather large photo headed: "Cunard ... See More  

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One of the more fascinating publishers from the Civil War...

Item #609903

November 30, 1864


* Very rare Civil War title 

* William Gannaway "Parson" Brownlow

W. G. Brownlow, or  Parson Brownlow, was a fascinating personality to say the least. He regarded anyone who disagreed with him about religion or politics as an enemy. The circuit-riding Methodist parson turned to the pres... See More  

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Coca Cola receives its patent...

Item #657325

February 11, 1893

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, Feb. 11, 1893 

* Coca Cola gets it's trademark (historic)

* Establishment of Coke

See the photo for the historic--yet inconspicuous--listing of Coca Cola receiving its trade mark, the very first in the list of many in this issue. The listing reads: "Beverages, nutrient or tonic, Coca Cola Company....22,406" the number being the patent number... See More  

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Scarce and valuable reference work...

Item #679488

January 01, 1937

This is one of the most desired, yet difficult to find, reference works for post-1820 American newspapers, essentially picking up where the Brigham work left off. This single volume is titled: "American Newspapers 1821 - 1936 - A Union List of Files Available In the United States and Canada" edited by Winifred Gregory, originally published in 1937 and reprinted in 1967.

This volume incl... See More  

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Little girl admonishes Lincoln to let his whiskers grow...

Item #675345

February 18, 1861

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Feb. 18, 1861 

* President-elect Abraham Lincoln

* Grace Bedell encourages him to grow a beard

Over half of page 5 is taken up with fine and detailed coverage of Lincoln's continued trip from his home in Illinois to Washington, D.C. The heads include: "THE PRESENT ELECT EN ROUTE" "Incidents and Casualties" 'Old Abe Kissed by a Pretty Girl&q... See More  

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Very rare New Mexico newspaper...

Item #679351

May 03, 1888

SOUTHWEST SENTINEL, Silver City, New Mexico, May 3, 1888

* Very rare issue from the Southwest

* Billy the Kid was arrested here twice

This is a very scarce newspaper from the territory of New Mexico, 26 years before statehood.

The front page has some news items and ads, with inside pages almost entirely taken up with advertisements. A terrific opportunity for a rare & early title ... See More  

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News of Cornwallis' capture causes the Britons to say the war is over...

Item #658839

January 15, 1782


* Lord Charles Cornwallis

* Surrender at Yorktown

* British citizens say war is over

Page 2 has a letter form General Heath from the Highlands, Dec. 25, 1781, which includes: "...Capt. Williams of the New York levies, who are doing duty on the lines of this post...made an excursion to Morissania, took &a... See More  

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Rare Confederate newspaper...

Item #679394

September 29, 1864

THE DAILY SOUTH CAROLINIAN, Columbia, South Carolina, Sept. 29, 1864 

* Very rare Civil War publication

The front page has: "Interesting Northern News - A New Cartel of Exchange--Forrest and Washburne".

Inside has: "What The Ladies Say" "Our Army Correspondence" "From Virginia" "Latest Northern News" "How To Recruit The Army" ... See More  

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John Wilkes, a supporter of the American cause...

Item #679721

August 29, 1768

THE BOSTON CHRONICLE, Massachusetts, Aug. 29, 1768 

* John Wilkes - radical

* Pre Revolutionary War

The first half of the newspaper is taken up with the continuation of the "Narrative of the Hon. Commodore Byron" on his expedition around the world in the 1740's.

Near the back are reports from London noting in part: "...that most of the readers of our paper are such ... See More  

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Terrific Mardi Gras newspaper...

Item #679227

February 26, 1936

THE TIMES-PICAYUNE, New Orleans, Louisiana, Feb. 26, 1936 

* Great Mardi Gras issue

* Climax of the carnival w/ Rex

For Mardi Gras collectors the festivities at New Orleans are of prime importance during the days before the beginning of Lent.

Newspaper accounts from across the country report the doings in New Orleans, but having a New Orleans newspaper reporting the Mardi Gras is abou... See More  

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A hurricane in Virginia reported in a 1668 newspaper...

Item #675395

April 13, 1668

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, April 13, 1668 

* Among the earliest of English language newspapers to be had

* Early America report - Virginia storm

The front page has a report: "This day arrived a vessel of this place from Virginia, confirming the report of much damage they have there received by a hurricane."

Rare to find such an early news item from America on the front pa... See More  

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Dramatic issue illustrating the Great Chicago Fire...

Item #678808

October 28, 1871


* Great Chicago Fire of 1871

Much of the illustrative focus is on the Great Chicago Fire, including a full front page: "...The Terrified Populace in Front of the Briggs House...".

Inside has more with two half page prints; "The Great Fire at Chicago" and a great & dramatic doublepage centerfold: "...Panic-Stricken Ci... See More  

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Newspaper created for a motion picture...

Item #679338

November 29, 1929

THE DAILY CHRONICLE, Nov. 29, 1929 An interesting movie prop newspaper which was created as a prop for a motion picture. Not a "real" newspaper in the typical sense as the title and the content are very generic. Note there is no city or state in the dateline. Typically it was only the created headline which was seen in the movie. In this case the banner headline announces: "COMM. BY... See More  

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Great fire department illustration... F.S. Church print on Thanksgiving...

Item #678975

November 30, 1872

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Nov. 30, 1872  The full front page is a dramatic print: "Boston--Into the Jaws of Death", a dramatic scene showing fireman battling a large fire.

Inside has 3 full pages of scenes of the Boston fire, plus a great doublepage centerfold showing: 'Bird's-eye View of Boston Showing the Burned District', being a great overview of the city. Also... See More  

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Early from the Arizona Territory...

Item #677210

October 20, 1879

ARIZONA DAILY MINER, Prescott, Oct. 20, 1879

* Very rare Old West publication

A quite early newspaper from territorial Arizona. It would not become a state until 33 years later.

A typical Old West newspaper with a wealth of Western-themed advertisements, several of which are illustrated. News reports are both local & regional.

Four pages, never bound nor trimmed, a few small archival m... See More  

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Rare, short-lived Texas newspaper from its first capital...

Item #680021

April 28, 1888

THE OLD CAPITOL, Columbia, Texas, April 28, 1888

* Very rare Southwest publication

Yes, Columbia--now known as West Columbia--was the first formal capital of Texas, established in 1836. A quite rare title which existed for less than 2 years. Only one institution has a substantial holding of this title and its file is not complete.

The content is primarily concerning Texas, with a wealth of ... See More  

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Events in Texas...

Item #667208

May 07, 1836

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, May 7, 1836  The ftpg. & pg. 2 have an article headed: "The Mexican Borders"  and includes a letter beginning: "The war in Texas...had induced the president of the United States to require a considerable augmentation of regular force to be concentrated upon this section of the national frontier..." with much more.

Page 2 has... See More  

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Nine issues of this famous illustrated newspaper...

Item #677226

November 27, 1880

THE DAILY GRAPHIC, New York  A lot of 9 issues dated April 21, 1874; June 20, 1874; Sept. 16, 1874; March 27, 1876; Sept. 3, 1880; Nov. 27, 1880; Dec. 20, 1882; March 31, 1883; and April 23, 1883.

This was a full folio-size, illustrated newspaper of the day, one of just a few which existed. Each issue has a full front page print--typically a political cartoon--plus other prints inside and on... See More  

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The young U.S. Navy... The President's palace...

Item #676388

December 29, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Dec. 29, 1798 

* United States Navy in it's infancy

Page 2 has a chart headed: "American Navy" being a: "List of Vessels In Service" noting the number of guns of commander of each.

It begins with the "United States" "Constitution" and "Constellation" then 12 other vessels, followed by a list of ship that ... See More  

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Includes a print of the ironclad Merrimac...

Item #676324

March 13, 1862


* The Monitor vs. the Merrimack

* Battle of Hampton Roads, Virginia

* Civil War map & print

Page 5 has a report with heads: "The Engagement in Hampton Roads" "The Rebel Official Report' "The Merrimac Badly Damaged" "Her Prow Shot Away" with the entire detailed report taking over a full column.

Plus, th... See More  

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Nellie Bly Women's prison expose...

Item #677225

January 13, 1889

THE WORLD, New York, Jan. 13, 1889  

* Nellie Bly expose

* Women in the workplace

Nellie Bly is perhaps most famous for her trip around the world, which turned the fictional work by Jules Vernes' "Around the World in Eighty Days" into fact for the first time.

But there were various other projects which consumed her journalistic career, perhaps most notably her undercove... See More  

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Treaty of Fontainebleau ends Napoleon's reign: banishes him to Elba...

Item #677266

June 19, 1814

BELL'S WEEKLY MESSENGER, London, June 19, 1814

* Treaty of Fontainebleau (1814)

* Napoleon Bonaparte's exile to Elba

* End of his rule as Emperor of France

 A quite historic issue as a full column on page 6--one-third of the page--is taken up with the Treaty of Fountainbleau, ending Napoleon's reign of Emperor of France, and banishing him to the island of Elba.

It is head... See More  

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Capture of Fort Frontenac...

Item #676678
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, November, 1758 

* Fort Frontenac captured

* French and Indian War

The prime content would be a report from the French and Indian War  prefaced with: "The following is Col. Bradstreet's Letter to Gen. Abercrombie after the Reduction of Fort Frontenac" with a dateline of Oswego, Aug. 31, 1758 & a nice account of the battle, the sit... See More  

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Fourteen issues from the Territory of Arizona...

Item #679325

January 01, 1902

ARIZONA DAILY STAR, Tucson, 1902  A lot of 14 territorial issues (Arizona became a state in 1912), each complete in 8 pages. Pulpish, mostly loose at the spine, various tears at margins including the top margin, some chipping at margins as well.

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Washington occupies New York City as the British evacuate...

Item #671776

January 16, 1784

THE EDINBURGH ADVERTISER, Scotland, Jan. 16, 1784 

* General George Washington enters NYC

* Evacuation Day (New York) British Army leave

Page 4 has a report noting in part: "...Admiral Digby...having quitted the American command. The troops which lately occupied New York, in consequence of the orders of Sir Guy Carleton evacuated that garrison on the 26th & 27th of November la... See More  

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Broadsheet "Extra" on the Garfield assassination attempt...

Item #679732

July 15, 1881

DEMOCRATIC WATCHMAN, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, July 15, 1881 

* President James Garfield shot

* Rare broadsheet "extra"

Page 4 has a report headed: "A Terrible Deed--Attempt to Assassinate President Garfield" which begins: "Not having issued a paper last week the Watchman is consequently somewhat late with the news of the attempted assassination of President G... See More  

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A detailed account of Mosby's famous "Greenback Raid"...

Item #679255

October 17, 1864

NEW YORK HERALD, Oct. 17, 1864 

* John S. Mosby - Guerrilla leader

* 43rd Battalion, Virginia Cavalry

* Report on the Greenback Raid

This issue has much reporting on the Civil War, perhaps the most significant being a page 5 account with heads: "Guerrillas Again Along the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad" "They Attack and Destroy a Train" "Interesting and Full Deta... See More  

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Rare pair with the parody issue for Al Neuharth's birthday...

Item #679754

March 22, 1983

USA TODAY, March 22, 1983  A fascinating--and quite rare--pair of issues of this date, the first being the "regular" edition sold nationwide, and the other being a parody edition in honor of the newspaper's founder, Al Neuharth.

The later edition is the same as the regular save for the front page. Every item on the front page is a spoof relating to Neuharth. A very limited-run ... See More  

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"Our Army and Navy in the Philippines"...

Item #669870

September 17, 1898

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Sept. 17, 1898  Full front page illus. of "Our Army and Navy in the Philippines" showing Admiral Dewey & General Merritt on the flagship 'Olympia'.

Inside has two full pages of illus. of "Scenes at Camp Wikoff." Full pg. illus. of "On a Homeward-Bound Transport from Cuba."

Doublepage centerfold of "I've Played... See More  

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Great print of the new United States Treasury Note...

Item #675384

September 14, 1861

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Sept. 14, 1861 

* Print of a $100 United States Treasury Note

Of special interest is very very nice page 6 print of the new: "United States Treasury Notes" including the 5 coupons attached. Beneath the print is the detailed: "Description of the Notes".

Among the inside page column heads on the Civil War are: "THE WAR FOR THE UNION" "... See More  

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Black soldiers in the Spanish-American War...

Item #678998

May 21, 1898

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, May 21, 1898  Nice full ftpg: "Out For A Fight--Adm. Sampson on the Bridge of the 'New York' " is displayable. Fullpg. with 8 photos of: "Scenes in the Capital of Porto Rico" & fullpg. with 5 photos of: "U.S. Regulars at Port Tampa, Florida". "News from the Klondike" includes 7 photos. Doublepage centerfold: &q... See More  

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The first issue from this scenic coastal town...

Item #679324

October 06, 1877

THE MENDOCINO BEACON, California, Oct. 6, 1877 

* Rare Old West coastal title

A quite rare title from this little community sitting on the scenic cliffs overlooking the Pacific north of San Francisco, now a popular tourist town and artist's community. It is also the fictional "Cabot Cove" of the popular television series "Murder, She Wrote"

This is the volume 1,... See More  

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Washington's concerns about apportioning numbers for Congress...

Item #677133

April 07, 1792


* President George Washington

* United States Congress

Page 3 has a letter from the President to Congress concerning his thoughts on apportioning representatives for the House according to the first census. Hid notes his two objections. Signed in type: G. Washington.

Four pages, untrimmed margins, nice condition.... See More  

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Nice plates, including a cross section of a ship...

Item #667135
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, August, 1748  Among the articles are: "Description of Aix la Chapelle & history of the Protestant Religion There" "New Astronomical Observations" "Of the Late Lunar Eclipse" "Of Saturn & Its Rings" (with full page plate) "Description of the City of Lima, from Betagh's Voyage Round the World...&qu
... See More  

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Report of Nellie Bly's trip around the world...

Item #670406

December 09, 1889

SAN DIEGO UNION, California, Jan. 22, 1890 

* Nellie Bly's trip around the World

* Welcome home

The front page has a very fine article on the famed traveler and reporter Nellie Bly as she nears competition of her epic trip around the world. A few bits mention: "...a few minutes later Miss Bly was taken off on a tug while her fellow passengers on the same steamer gave her a pa... See More  

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The Oklahoma land boom...

Item #679251

April 04, 1885

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, April 4, 1885  The front page haws 4 prints with the caption: "Kansas - The Proposed Invasion of Oklahoma - Scenes at the Boomers' Camp at Arkansas City" plus there is a related article on an inside page. Inside also have a one-third pg. print: "Indian Territory - The Proposed Invasion of Oklahoma - General Hatch's U.S. Cavalry ... See More  

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Abraham Lincoln on Negro regiments...

Item #674985

August 13, 1862

DAILY DISPATCH, Richmond, Virginia, Aug. 13, 1862 

* Rare Confederate publication

* Abraham Lincoln - Negro troops

From the Confederate capital.  Among the front page reports on the Civil War are: "The Fight at Southwest Mountain--Further Particulars" "From the Rip Raps" "Norfolk Portsmouth & Suffolk" "Important Decision of Lincoln--Negro Reg... See More  

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"A Clockwork Orange" opening movie review and ad...

Item #679489

December 30, 1971

THE VILLAGE VOICE, New York, Dec. 30, 1971 

* "A Clockwork Orange"

* Premiere review and ad

* Movie director Stanley Kubrick

* Dystopian crime film

As most might be aware "The Village Voice" was an American news and culture paper, known for being the country's first alternative newsweekly. It introduced free-form, high-spirited, and passionate journalism into ... See More  

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Washington letter on the Jay Treaty...

Item #668111

August 29, 1795

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Aug. 29, 1795 

* George Washington letter

* re. John Jay's Treaty

Page 2 has a letter from the President to the New York Chamber of Commerce concerning the controversial Jay Treaty with England, signed in script type: Go. Washington.

Four pages, nice condition.... See More  

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Newspaper from territorial New Mexico...

Item #679717

December 03, 1896


* Before joining the Union

A territorial newspaper as New Mexico did not become a state until 1912. Typical news and ads of the day.

Four pages, folio size, archivally rejoined at the spine, some minor  margin tears, generally good.... See More  

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How gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill...

Item #670927

March 17, 1849

SATURDAY EVENING POST, Philadelphia, March 17, 1849 

* 1st discovery of gold in California account

* Sutter's Mill & James W. Marshall

Page 3 has a great article headed: "Interesting Account Of How the Gold Was Discovered in California". This is an interesting article, prefaced with: "...We extract the account they received from Capt. Sutter, the owner of the m... See More  

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Rare & early print showing a San Francisco celebration upon California joining the Union...

Item #678990

January 25, 1851

ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, Jan. 25, 1851  The front page features a very nice print of the: "Procession at San Francisco in Celebration of the Admission of California Into the American Union" with a related article on the next page.

Complete in 16 pages, never-trimmed margins, nice condition.

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Supreme Court outlaws school prayer...

Item #679734

June 26, 1962

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Massachusetts, June 26, 1962

* School prayer deemed unconstitutional 

* Engel v. Vitale Supreme Court decision 

* Separation of church and state 

The front page has a four column heading: "High Court Ruling May Doom School Religious Observances" with caption: "Prayer Recitation Unconstitutional" Historic first report coverage on th... See More  

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From the town where the Confederacy began and ended...

Item #679520

February 09, 1866

THE ABBEVILLE PRESS, South Carolina, Feb. 9, 1866 

* Rare post-Confederate publication

An elusive title from this Southern town shortly after the end of the Civil War.

Abbeville has the unique distinction of being both the birthplace and the deathbed of the Confederacy. On November 22, 1860, a meeting was held at Abbeville, at a site since dubbed "Secession Hill", to launch S... See More  

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From the Confederacy...

Item #679343

November 18, 1861

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, Nov. 18, 1861 

* From the capital of the Confederacy

Half of the ftpg. is taken up with advertisements while the other half includes: "The Rebels & Their Capital" "Richmond and Its Environs" "Notes of a Recent Tour in the South" which is a report from the New York Herald.

Page 2 includes an editorial which discusses, ... See More  

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Confederate newspaper... Court cases involving slaves...

Item #563764

July 11, 1864

RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, July 11, 1864 Various Civil War news with a Confederate bias, making for interesting reading as such. Among the front page items are: "The War News" which has several subheads including: "From Petersburg" & "Burnside's Movements". Other war news include: "Latest News From the North--Our Army in Maryland--Capture of Martinsburg... See More  

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Confederate newspaper... Court cases involving slaves...

Item #683197

July 11, 1864

RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, July 11, 1864

* Rare rebel publication

Various Civil War news with a Confederate bias, making for interesting reading as such. Among the front page items are: "The War News" which has several subheads including: "From Petersburg" & "Burnside's Movements". Other war news include: "Latest News From the North--Our Army in M... See More  

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Great letter on the rush to the gold fields of California...

Item #679724

December 08, 1848


* California gold rush letter

* Early - pre-49ers

The front page has over half a column headed: "The Gold Excitement" which has some great content, including: "...what a spectacle that of whole villages being deserted...rushing pell mell...over the mountains, through forests...into the newly discovered mine region!...Many p... See More  

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John Adams and the Bank of the United States...

Item #676384

July 21, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, July 21, 1798  

* President John Adams signed act

* Bank of the United States fraud

The front page has half a column take up with: "An Act to Punish Frauds committed on the Bank of the United States" signed in script type: John Adams.

Page 2 has a document headed: "John Adams, President of the United States of America: To All Whom It May Conc... See More  

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First of this title we have discovered...

Item #677316

May 16, 1813


* Rare publication

A quite rare title which lasted but 51 issues, this being issue no. 19, done by John Drakard, an English newspaper proprietor, publisher, and political radical, imprisoned for his journalism.

Eight pages, never-trimmed margins, 10 1/4 by 15 1/2 inches, full red tax stamp, very nice condition.... See More  

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Georgetown, Colorado... Tacoma, Washington Territory...

Item #679720

May 05, 1883

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, May 5, 1883  The full ftpg. shows: "Sketches at the Irish Land League Convention...Philadelphia". Inside has prints of: "Washington Territory--View of Tacoma, Terminus of the Northern Pacific Railroad on Puget Sound"; the doublepage centerfold is a dramatic scene of a mother at the Tombs jail; half page: "The Indian at Work--M... See More  

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Much on the California gold rush...

Item #670926

February 03, 1849

SATURDAY EVENING POST, Philadelphia, Feb. 3, 1849  The top of page 3 has a column headed: "Mode Of Extracting Gold From the Ore"  being a timely article given the recent discovery of gold in Calif. But the article begins with: "...The metallic grains found in the sands of rivers in California do not require to be subjected to a metallurgic process."

Page 3 begins wit... See More  

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Death of the Queen's occultist, an itinerant quack...

Item #679719

May 26, 1715

THE POST BOY, London, May 26, 1715 

* Rare & early 18th century issue

* Nice masthead engravings

A handsome issue with the two nice, detailed engravings in the masthead. The back page has a brief item: "The same day, Sir William Read, his Majesty's Ocultist in Chief, died at Rochester; he was the most expert of all those of his profession." Wikisource calls Willi... See More  

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Buchanan's state-of-the-union address... Latest from the "Mormon country"...

Item #678223

December 28, 1859

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Dec. 28, 1859

* President James Buchanan

* State of the Union Address

Page 3 has most of a column headed: "From The Mormon Country" datelined at "Great Salt Lake City" which provides a rather included update on the events in Utah in recent months. Also on page 3: "The Purchase of Mount Vernon" by the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association, with ... See More  

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Six letters signed by President John Adams...

Item #679570

May 26, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, May 26, 1798

* President John Adams

A nice issue for display as the front page contains not just one but six letters, each signed in type by the president: JOHN ADAMS. There are two more letters signed by Adams on page 2.

These letters are in response to letters sent to him by people or groups in Lancaster &  Harrisburg, Penna., and also Burlington &... See More  

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An 'uproar' at the woman's rights convention...

Item #679333

September 12, 1853

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Sept. 12, 1853 

* "Mob Convention" - Woman's suffrage

Page 2 has a report concerning: "The Women's Rights Convention" held in New York.

A few bits note in part: "...Among the speakers in defence of the rights of women were Lucretia Mott...and Mr. R. C. Burleigh. The latter was loudly hissed, whereupon he r... See More  

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Rare title from the Philippine-American War...

Item #678349

July 05, 1899

THE MANILA TIMES, Philippine Islands, July 5, 1899  A very uncommon title, totally in English, from the Philippine-American War. Although the United States won the Philippines from Spain in the Spanish-American War, Philippine nationalists didn't want another colonial ruler, hence this war. 

This is from the first year of its existence. 

Eight pages, never bound nor trimmed, m... See More  

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An insurrection in Philadelphia... Washington in New Jersey...

Item #659559

January 09, 1777

THE LONDON EVENING POST, England, Jan. 9, 1777 

* Revolutionary War Era

* 18th century original

* From The Enemy

The back page has a letter beginning: "In order that the public may not be misled into a notion of the respectability of a body of persons calling themselves Loyalists, who are shortly to assemble in Great Queen Street & in the phrenzy of a drunken revel to celebr... See More  

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Working towards a constitution for California... All is not good in California...

Item #678561

December 10, 1849


* Monterey Convention

* California Statehood ?

 Over half of page 2 is taken up with: "The News From California", much of it having to do with the constitutional convention as they work towards statehood. Included as well: "To The People of California" and: "Proclamation To the People of California". ... See More  

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Bible reading is banned in public schools...

Item #679226

June 18, 1963

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, New York, June 18, 1963

* Bible reading in school is banned by the Supreme Court

The top of a front page column has an article prefaced with: "Bible Reading and saying the Lord's Prayer were barred from public schools." with more text concerning the decision by the Supreme Court.

Complete in 26 pages, binding holes at the blank spine, very nice condit... See More  

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The fall of Manila... African-American regiment at the charge of San Juan Hill...

Item #678997

October 15, 1898

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, October 15, 1898  Full front page illus. of "The Fall of Manila." Inside has two full pages showing: "Scenes Attending the Surrender of Manila." 1/2 pg. of illus. of "Launch of the United States Battle Ship 'Illinois' at Newport News, Virginia, October 4, 1898." Full pg. illus. of "Our Occupation of Puerto Rico."

... See More  

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Fund-raising event to support what is now Mount Sinai Hospital...

Item #677753

October 29, 1858

NEW YORK HERALD, Oct. 29, 1858  

* Early Mount Sinai Hospital (Manhattan)

Of special note is a back page article taking three-quarters of a column headed: "The Jews' Hospital" "Dinner and Ball in Aid of Its Funds".

This hospital is now known as Mount Sinai, one of the more notable hospitals in the world. It was dedicated just 3 years previous, with mention in th... See More  

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Speeches by Jeff Davis & Abraham Lincoln... Lincoln's re-election...

Item #679353

November 11, 1864

NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 11, 1864

* Abraham Lincoln's re-election

* Jefferson Davis message

 More than the first column of the front page is taken up with: "Jeff. Davis' Message" "He Opposes the Theory, but Urges the Practice of Arming the Slaves" "Rebel Currency & Foreign Intervention" "Strong Comments by the Richmond Papers" with t... See More  

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Constitution of the State of Indiana... Paoli monument...

Item #664913

October 04, 1817

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Oct. 4, 1817 

* Constitution of Indiana

* Battle of Paoli monument

Inside has what appears to be the entire text of the Constitution of the State of Indiana taking over 8 pages.

The front page has an interesting broadside-like graph and text concerning public expenditures in Great Britain, Ireland and the United States. Such graphics in this tit... See More  

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Supreme Court acts on the "Ironclad Oath" required of ex-Confederates...

Item #675669

January 16, 1867

NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE, Jan. 16, 1867  Page 3 has two reports concerning the controversial "Ironclad Oath", which essentially prevented political activity of ex-Confederates soldiers & supporters by requiring all voters & officials to swear they had never supported the Confederacy.

A case arose in Missouri involving a Catholic priest who was indicted for preaching without ... See More  

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Susan B. Anthony's trial for illegal voting...

Item #676356

June 18, 1873


* United States vs. Susan B. Anthony trial

* Illegal voting on 1872 Presidential election

The back page has a report: "United States Court at Cananduigua--Trial of Susan B. Anthony" concerning her trial for illegally voting in Rochester the previous November.

Four pages, large folio size, nice condition. Folder s... See More  

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The steel industry in 1903... The school ship "Young America"...

Item #675430

December 12, 1903

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, Dec. 12, 1903  The color cover has: "IRON AND STEEL," which is followed by multiple pages of articles and photos describing various aspects of the iron industry at the turn of the century.

Another article and large photo has: "THE FLOATING SCHOOLSHIP 'YOUNG AMERICA' ". The inside cover has a nice ad for Oldsmobile.

The complete issu... See More  

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U.S. Battleship "Iowa" and so much more...

Item #669866

July 09, 1898

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN COAST DEFENCE SUPPLEMENT, New York, July 9, 1898  This is an issue on guns, armor, and fortifications with many photos & illustrations within. Included is a foldout of the "U. S. Battleship 'Iowa'" measuring 21 by 15 1/2 inches.

Still has the original two-color cover (decorative), plus the back cover showing: "Bird's Eye View of the Shipbuil... See More  

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The famed Somerville Round House...

Item #679561

April 01, 1854

AMERICAN PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL, New York, April, 1854  Phrenology is a theory stating that the personality traits of a person can be derived from the shape of the skull. Although holding no validity today, it was a popular science in the mid-19th century and this periodical focused on it.

Perhaps of most interest is a very early print of the: "Circular House at Somerville, Mass." w... See More  

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From the temporary capital of the United States...

Item #665553

February 10, 1797


* 18th century American publication

The capital of the United States was in Philadelphia at this time, while the District of Columbia was under construction.

The front page is filled with advertisements including three illustrated ship ads. Inside has reports from the federal Congress.

Four pages, wide ne... See More  

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JFK is assassinated...

Item #674886

November 22, 1963


* John F. Kennedy assassination

The banner headline reads: "Assassin Kills President Kennedy" with related subheads. The photo on the front page is the iconic one of the secret service agent crawling on the back of the limousine.

Nice to have a same-day report, as many first reports on the JFK assassination were dated November 23, bein... See More  

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Skeleton from the Black Assize of Oxford 1577...

Item #679741

March 23, 1767

THE GLOCESTER JOURNAL [Gloucester], England, March 23, 1767  Page 3 has an interesting item: "Last week the skeleton of a man in setters, with one jaw and some of the large bones perfect, was dug up in removing some ground in our Castle Green, eastward of the ruins of the old County Hall, memorable as the place wherein was held the fatal black assize, in the year 1577... upwards of 500 o... See More  

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Death of the Prince of Wales... Handel's Messiah...

Item #642746
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, April, 1751  There is an interesting report of a performance of Handel's Messiah, which includes: "Was performed in the chapel of the Foundling Hospital the sacred oratorio Messiah, under the direction of G.F. Handel, Esq., who himself play'd a voluntary on the organ; the amount of the sum for the tickets delivered out was above 600 pounds
... See More  

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Lincoln heads to Washington... Jefferson Davis' inaugural address...

Item #675346

February 19, 1861

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Feb. 19, 1861 

* Jefferson Davis inaugural

* Confederate President

* Abraham Lincoln en route

Page 5 has column heads with continued & detailed coverage of Lincoln's trip from his home to the nation's capital: "The President Elect En Route" "The Receptions In This State" "Enthusiasm Of The People" "His Arrival In Albany&... See More  

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Map of the battle at Lee's Mills...

Item #676316

April 22, 1862

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, April 22, 1862

* Battle of Lee's Mill

* Siege of Yorktown, Virginia

* American Civil War map

The front page has a nice Civil War map headed: "The Battle at Lee's Mills, Virginia" with much detail.

The front page also has much reporting headed: "The Siege of Yorktown" plus other war-related reports as well, including: "The Fight Near Lee&#... See More  

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Territorial Oklahoma...

Item #676409

February 06, 1903

THE RECORD, Moore, Oklahoma, Feb. 6, 1903 

* Pre-statehood

This is actually a "territorial" newspaper, as Oklahoma did not become a state until 1907, one of only 3 of the contiguous 48 to join the union in the 20th century (New Mexico & Arizona the other two).

A volume 1 issue of a paper which apparently only lasted a year, with no institutional holdings outside of Oklaho... See More  

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Two letters from John Jay...

Item #668942

August 23, 1798

FEDERAL GAZETTE & BALTIMORE DAILY ADVERTISER, Aug. 23, 1798  Page 3 has a letter from the New  York governor concerning: "...the introduction of a foreign influence in our national councils..." signed in type: John Jay. And yet another letter signed in type: John Jay.

Before being governor of New York Jay was the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Four pages, hands... See More  

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Lincoln's letter to McClellan: editor's bias against the President...

Item #666536

January 21, 1863

THE CRISIS, Columbus, Ohio, Jan. 21, 1863  Among the articles within are: "Special Message from President Lincoln" is on the ftpg. and signed in type: A. Lincoln. "Skinning Yankees Alive" "The Horrors of Missouri" "How the President Operates on the Negro Question in the 'Loyal Slave States' " "War News of the Week" "Negro Jollific... See More  

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Fifteen puzzle game craze....

Item #679712

March 22, 1880

NEW YORK TIMES, March 22, 1880  Page 4 has a one column heading: "FIFTEEN". The related text on this "craze" of the era takes up about a full column.

This is a sliding puzzle having 15 numbered square tiles in a frame leaving one unoccupied tile position. Tiles in the same row or column of the open position can be moved by sliding them horizontally or vertically, respecti... See More  

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Abraham Lincoln.. Peace conference... New York ratifies the 13th Amendment prohibiting slavery...

Item #679706

February 04, 1865

NEW YORK TIMES, Feb. 4, 1865 

* Peace Conference - Abraham Lincoln

* 13th Amendment abolishing slavery

Among the articles: "THE PEACE CONFERENCE" "Arrival of the Rebel Commissioners at Fortress Monroe" "The Conference Probably Ended" "From Savannah - Sherman's Campaign..." "Important If True - Deflection of Prominent Rebel Generals...&qu... See More  

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Launch of the U.S. brig President Adams...

Item #679233

August 07, 1799

THOMAS'S MASSACHUSETTS SPY OR WORCESTER GAZETTE, Aug. 7, 1799  Most of the ftpg. is taken up with: "Robespierre--The Detested", the famous name from the French Revolution.

A page 2 item from Pittsburgh has: "A new brig, the property of the United States, called President Adams, was launched on Rouge River, six miles from Detroit...She carries 18 guns & is remarkably ha... See More  

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How Berlin was divided just after the war...

Item #679265

September 28, 1945

NORDWEST-NACHRICHTEN, Germany, Sept. 28, 1945  A notable post-war newspaper--totally in the German language--concerning the creations of the four districts of Berlin, noting the American, British, French, and Russian districts, the latter to be known as East Berlin.

The title translates: "Northwest News - News Bulletin of the Allied Military Authority". The map caption translates: ... See More  

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From Fiji: the 'first newspaper printed today'...

Item #679266

March 01, 1948

OCEANIA DAILY NEWS, Fiji, March 1, 1948  Given its location near the international dateline, it claims to be the: "First Paper Published In The World Today" as noted in the masthead. This is the volume 1, number 1 issue.

Tabloid-size, complete in 8 pages, nice condition.

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Black troops...

Item #679001

May 28, 1898

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, May 28, 1898  Full ftpg. shows: 'Comm. Winfield S. Schley on the Bridge of the ship 'Brooklyn' '. Nice fullpg. Remington print: 'Colored Troopers of the U.S. Cavalry Taking their Horses for a Dash into the Gulf' at Tampa, Florida. Nice fullpg. with 3 prints of the 'U.S. Regulars at Port Tampa, Florida'. Much more on the military i... See More  

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Japan visits the United States... Arctic expedition...

Item #676040

June 09, 1860

NEW YORK ILLUSTRATED NEWS, June 9, 1860  Not just the front page but several pages inside have prints concerning the visit of the Japanese Ambassadors to the United States and the White House. 

Also within is an article: "Correspondence Between Heenan and Sayers", the famous boxers of the era. And several prints and an article concerning the Arctic Expedition, including a prin... See More  

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Virginia sends its congratulations on the union of England & Scotland...

Item #666863

July 29, 1708

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, July 29, 1708  Near the top of the front page is a report noting in part: "The humble address of the President and Council of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia, in congratulation of the happy Union of the Kingdoms of England and Scotland..." presented to Queen Anne.

England and Scotland were formally combined into one Parliament creating Great Britain... See More  

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Lincoln election results... Jefferson Davis on arming slaves...

Item #679367

November 12, 1864

NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 12, 1864  

* Abraham Lincoln election results

* Jefferson Davis message

Over two columns on the front page are taken up with reports headed: "The Election" and "The Result In New York" "Union Majority in the State Over Eight Thousand" plus it continues with some election results from six other states as well, some quite brief.

The re... See More  

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Broadside "Extra"...

Item #679733

November 27, 1824

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, EXTRA, (Boston, Nov. 27, 1824)  This is an interesting broadside (printed on one side only) "Extra" with no date in the dateline however a period notation at the top reads "Nov. 27, 1824" and two letters in the text have Nov., 1824 dates. The reports are entirely political. Folio size, single sheet, never bound nor trimmed, minor wear at the margins.

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Trial of Lincoln's conspirators... Jeff Davis...

Item #680025

May 27, 1865

NEW YORK HERALD, May 27, 1865

* Abraham Lincoln Murder - Trial of the conspirators

* Jefferson Davis indictment for treaso

The first column on the front page has nice heads: "THE TRIAL" "More Testimony About Mrs. Surratt's Eyesight & Christian Character" "Evidence In Behalf of O'Laughlin" "Authenticity of Alston's Letter to Jeff. Davis"... See More  

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Item #668160

May 28, 1833

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., May 28, 1833  One-third of the front page is taken up with the historic treaty of commerce and navigation with Russia, containing all 13 Articles and appropriate signatures in type, including: Andrew Jackson as President.

The back page begins with: "A New Plan For the Public Buildings In Washington" which has considerable detail, taking mos... See More  

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Paul Revere as President of the Board of Health...

Item #672566

June 28, 1800

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, June 28, 1800 

* Paul Revere

* Board of Health

Page 3 has a report from  the: "Health Office" which is signed in type by its President: Paul Revere

Four pages, never-trimmed margins, a bit irregular at the spine, nice condition.... See More  

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Pirate Hicks confesses his guilt...

Item #679370

June 06, 1860

NEW YORK TIMES, June 6, 1860

* Albert W. Hicks confesses to his crimes

* Last pirate executed in the United States

 The front page has over half a column headed: "The Murders On the Oyster Sloop" "A Partial Confession from Hicks--He Admits His Guilt & Details Some of the Particulars of the Tragedy".

 His name was Albert W. Hicks, aka William Johnson and &q... See More  

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A fine report of the White River Massacre...

Item #675609

October 29, 1879

THE SAN DIEGO UNION, California, Oct. 29, 1879

* Meeker Massacre (early report)

* Battle of Milk Creek

* United States Army

* White River Utes - Indians

 Over half of the first column of the ftpg. has: "The White River Massacre" :safety of Mrs. Meeker and the Women and Children of the Agency--Details of the Tragedy".

This was the White River Massacre, also known as t... See More  

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Life in the Wild West...

Item #679737

November 16, 1883

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Nov. 16, 1883  Likely due to its location on the edge of the Western frontier, this newspaper typically contained a wealth sensational crime reports and events from the West, much more than any found in eastern newspapers.

Page 7 begins with: "AT THE STAKE" "A Colorado Ranchman Tortured by a Band of Robbers" "The Victims Burned & Bastina... See More  

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Capture of New Orleans...

Item #679710

April 30, 1862

NEW YORK TIMES, April 30, 1862 

* Capture of New Orleans Louisiana LA

* Mississippi River naval engagement

* Yorktown, Virginia

Among the front page column headlines on the Civil War are: "The Siege of Yorktown" "The Rebels Becoming More Wide Awake" "Another Gallant Skirmish & Destruction of a Rebel Battery" "The Capture of New Orleans" &quo... See More  

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A 'classic' Wild West stagecoach robbery...

Item #675503

February 06, 1877

THE SAN DIEGO UNION, California, Feb. 6, 1877  Among the front page articles is: "Arizona" "Robbery of the California and Arizona Stage--The Robbers captured and Property Recovered". And this is followed by another report: "Later--Indignation Against the Robbers".

Four pages, small binding holes at the blank spine, generally good condition with some minor archiv... See More  

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SS Athenia torpedoed... America stays out of World War II...

Item #675124

September 04, 1939

THE GREENSBORO PATRIOT, North Carolina, Sept. 4, 1939 

* SS Athenia sinking (1st report)

* 1st British ship sunk by Germany

* World War II at the beginning

* Britain and France entering the war

The front page banner headline announces: "SHIP IS TORPEDOED" with subheads: "Declare War On Nazis" "Britain & France Put Mighty Forces Into Action When Hitler Spu... See More  

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Themed on the military: the last issue...

Item #679335

July 30, 1841

CITIZEN SOLDIER, Windsor, Vermont, July 30, 1841  The motto in the masthead details its purpose: "Devoted to the Interests of the Militia, To Military Science and National Defense in General." This is the last issue of this short-lived newspaper lasting just 52 weeks issues from 1840-1841.

Among the various articles within are: "Fiery Flying Serpent" and a page 2 report: ... See More  

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Trouble with the Indians in Idaho...

Item #675640

June 08, 1878

THE SAN DIEGO UNION, California, June 8, 1878  The front page has: "The Indian Outbreak" "Latest News from Idaho--Col. Bernard in the Field in Pursuit of Hostile Indians".

The report notes in part: "...Five men scouting up the Braneau Valley found...settlers gathered at Robinson's ranch...valley had been raided by Indians...Colonel Bernard with sixty cavalry are ... See More  

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An "Extraordinary" issue of this title...

Item #659436

April 23, 1790

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE EXTRAORDINARY, Boston, April 23, 1790  An uncommon single sheet "Extra" printing outside the regular cycle of this newspaper.

Half of the front page is taken up with detailed reports from the: "Congress of America" carrying over to page 2 as well.

Four pages, single sheet, very nice condition.

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The Battle of Monterrey...

Item #666739

March 02, 1847

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., March 2, 1847  An historic issue as page 2 has two-thirds of a column taken up with a nice report on the: "Battle of Monterrey" - Col. Garland's Report". This was a major a victory for the American Army.

Four pages, very nice condition.

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From West Baton Rouge...

Item #668252

May 29, 1886

THE SUGAR PLANTER, West Baton Rouge, Louisiana, May 29, 1886 

* From the deep South

A quite uncommon title from the South. We had a few issues from the first year of the Civil War. this this is the first of a post-war issue.

Various news & ads off the day, four pages, never bound nor trimmed, nice condition.... See More  

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Indian troubles in Oregon and Idaho...

Item #675639

June 16, 1878

THE SAN DIEGO UNION, California, June 16, 1878  The top of the front page has: "The Indian War" "The Outbreak in Oregon and Idaho" which takes three-quarters of a column and has some great detail.

Four pages, a bit fragile but in nice condition.

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The Centennial Exposition... Baseball...

Item #680018

May 20, 1876

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER, New York, May 20, 1876  Featured are several prints of the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition, the ftpg. showing the "Great Corliss Engine" & an expansive doublepage centerfold of the: "Scene on the Grand Plaza...". More as well.

The back page has a nice print of a baseball player in uniform, in a "Base Ball Goods" adverti... See More  

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A report on the Treasury...

Item #677131

August 25, 1788

THE DAILY ADVERTISER, New York, Aug. 25, 1788  All of page 2 is taken up with a report concerning the U.S. Treasury. Page 3 has some news of the day, but most of the issue is taken up with a wealth of advertisements including 11 illustrated ship ads.

Four pages, very nice condition.

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Trouble with the Mollie Maguires...

Item #679334

June 10, 1875

THE DAILY GRAPHIC, New York, June 10, 1875  The full front page is a political cartoon: "Cutting Themselves Off From The Party". Page 4 has 4 prints relating to the article: "The Mining Troubles - Prospectus of the Ending of the Strike--The Collision at Mahanoy City" with the prints captioned: "The Outbreak in the Pennsylvania Mining Region".

The reports on the ... See More  

Available Now


Stephen Girard and Zachary Taylor...

Item #679527

March 10, 1849

SATURDAY EVENING POST, Philadelphia, March 10, 1849  The front page features a print of: "Stephen Girard" with a lengthy biographical sketch of him. Also a print of: "Girard College" with a related article as well.

Page 2 has a somewhat large print headed: "THE INAUGURATION" showing the ceremonies, and: "THE INAUGURAL ADDRESS OF PRESIDENT TAYLOR" follo... See More  

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First trans-Atlantic telegraph message: Queen Victoria to President Buchanan...

Item #678571

August 17, 1858

THE EASTERN ARGUS, Portland, Maine, Aug. 17, 1858

* Transatlantic telegraph cable

* 1st transmission - Atlantic Ocean

Page 2 has half a column with a report on the first telegraphic transmission across the Atlantic Ocean, headed: "Atlantic Telegraph!" "Queen Victoria's Message", her message to Buchanan reading: "Her Majesty desires to congratulate the President ... See More  

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Broadsheet "Extra" issue on the surrender of Port Arthur...

Item #678758

January 02, 1905

NEW FREE PRESS - EXTRA EDITION, Vienna, (Austria), Jan. 2, 1905

* Port Arthur, Manchuria surrenders (1st report)

* Russo-Japanese War

This broadsheet "Extra" is totally in German. The banner headline announces: "The Surrender of Port Arthur". This was a major event in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-5.

Single sheet, older glue repairs ate the margins & central fold, ... See More  

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United States Supreme Court Building cornerstone...

Item #679231

October 14, 1932

NEW YORK TIMES, Oct. 14, 1932 

* United States Supreme Court Building

* President Herbert Hoover laying the cornerstone

The top of the front page has a two column head: "Hoover Lays Supreme Court Cornerstone; Hughes and Davis Speak for Bench and Bar". First report coverage on President Herbert Hoover laying the cornerstone for the new United States Supreme Court Building in W... See More  

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Scarce title...

Item #674966

June 19, 1710

MEMOIRS OF LITERATURE, London, June 19, 1710

* Rare publication

A very uncommon title from England with no news of the day but rather editorials and literature reviews.  Four pages, minor tears at the wide, blank margin, otherwise in very nice condition, 8 3/4 by 13 1/4 inches. A nice opportunity to add this title to an early newspaper collection. ... See More  

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"Confederate" newspaper with a Jeff Davis letter on the front page...

Item #679729

June 11, 1862

THE CRISIS, Columbus, Ohio, June 11, 1862  Among the articles are: "Destruction of the Merrimac--Official Letter of Commodore Tatnall" "Negroes Preferred to Foreigners" "Furnishing Arms to the Prisoners at Camp Chase" ""Arming Fugitives" "Fremont's Division--An Unfortunate Skirmish" "War News of the Week" "Rebel Atrocit... See More  

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On the Fifteenth Amendment...

Item #678443

April 09, 1870

BALTIMORE WEEKLY SUN, April 9, 1870  The front page has an entire column reporting on the celebration regarding the passage of: "The Fifteenth Amendment" allowing African-American men the right to vote.

Four pages, some discrete archival mends, good condition.

Available Now


William H. Harrison is elected President...

Item #671429

November 14, 1840

NILES' NATIONAL REGISTER, Baltimore, Nov. 14, 1840 

* William Henry Harrison

* 1840 election victory

Page 2 has a report headed: "Presidential Election" which begins: "Sufficient returns are received to place the result beyond all question. It is now certain that William Henry Harrison will be elected president, and John Tyler, vice president of the United States...... See More  

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Decorative back page with 34 illustrated ship ads...

Item #680026

November 10, 1794


* 18th century shipping advertisements

The back page is decorated by 35 illustrated ship ads, with details.

Inside pages have various news reports of the day and more ads.

Four pages, never-trimmed margins, very nice condition.

Available Now


On the funeral of King William IV of England...

Item #679350

July 07, 1837

THE TIMES, London, England, July 8, 1837

* William IV of the United Kingdom

Page 5 has 2 1/2 columns taken up with reporting on the funeral of King William IV who died on June 20, headed: "His Late Majesty". Subheads include: "The Lying In State" and: "Embalming"

All columns of all 8 pages are black-bordered in "mourning" rules.

Good condition.... See More  

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General Wainwright's story: a three issue set...

Item #678811

October 07, 1945

LOS ANGELES EXAMINER, California, a trio of issues for Oct. 7, 8 & 9, 1945, each containing a portion of General J. Wainwright's story on his imprisonment & the mistakes that were made in the Philippines. 

Each issue is the first section, generally good condition with a few very minor defects.

Available Now


How to maintain trade with America & the Caribbean...

Item #668848

February 19, 1757

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Feb. 19, 1757  Inside has over 1 1/2 pages taken up with a very detailed article on how to preserve the trade to North America, the Caribbean, and the coast of Africa. Photos show just portions.

Eight pages, 8 1/4 by 11 1/4 inches, red tax stamp, very nice condition.

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1849 gold rush...

Item #679228

April 10, 1849

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., April 10, 1849 

* California Gold Rush

* 49ers - mining - miners

Page three has "Gold" which begins: "We notice that many person doubt the reports of finding lumps, or pieces of pure gold, in California, of several pounds weight. We are assured... a lump of pure gold weighing thirty-two pounds, was discovered in a vein or seam of... See More  

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Billy Bowlegs wants peace... A sea serpent...

Item #668197

September 01, 1849

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Sept. 1, 1849 

* Billy Bowlegs "Alligator Chief"

* Seminoles - Indians

The top of page 3 has a report from New Orleans noting: "...brings advices that...received a white flag, understood to be from Billy Bowlegs, the Seminole chief, expressing a desire for peace & proposing to hold a council at the next full moon...&quo... See More  

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President Richard Nixon resigns...

Item #679326

August 09, 1974

DAILY NEWS, New York Aug. 9, 1974 

* President Richard Nixon

A very dramatic front page with over half of it taken up with: "NIXON RESIGNS". The balance has: "Acts in 'Interest of Nation', Asks for End to Bitterness" and "Ford Will Take Oath at Noon, Kissinger Agrees to Stay On". Much coverage, with photos, on the inside pages and the back page.

T... See More  

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President Richard Nixon resigns...

Item #681100

August 09, 1974

DAILY NEWS, New York Aug. 9, 1974  A very dramatic front page with over half of it taken up with: "NIXON RESIGNS". The balance has: "Acts in 'Interest of Nation', Asks for End to Bitterness" and "Ford Will Take Oath at Noon, Kissinger Agrees to Stay On". Much coverage, with photos, on the inside pages and the back page.

Tabloid-size, complete in 88 pages... See More  

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An Apache raid...

Item #675502

February 06, 1877

THE SAN DIEGO UNION, California, Feb. 6, 1877  Among the front page articles is: "Arizona" "An Apache Raid at Old Camp Crittenden--Ten Men Reported Killed". Other news of the day.

Four pages, small binding holes at the blank spine, generally good condition. A bit fragile so should be handled carefully.

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Great reporting on the closing events of the Civil War...

Item #679509

May 21, 1865

NEW YORK HERALD, May 21, 1865 

* Abraham Lincoln's assassination

* Conspirators - assassins on trial

* Civil War closing events

A wealth of fine content on the closing events of the Civil War including front page: "JEFF. DAVIS" "The Southern Confederacy at Fortress Monroe" "Interesting Details of Their Capture" "Amusing Scenes at Jeff. Davis'... See More  

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Massacre of Indian chiefs...

Item #679740

March 24, 1787

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, March 24, 1787  The bottom of the  back page has a report noting "...from North America, which mention that several Indian Chiefs who had assembled for the purpose of holding a council, hostile to the United States, had been surprised & put to death by a party of the American army. The celebrated Joseph Brendt...and another chief escaped the massac... See More  

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Naval events off Grenada...

Item #663351

October 02, 1779

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, Oct. 2, 1779 

* Revolutionary War Era

* 18th century

* From The Enemy

The ftpg. has a letter from Vice Admiral Peter Parker, commander of  British ships at Jamaica, concerning an engagement off Grenada between British & French fleets. This is followed by the: "List of Vessels taken by His Majesty's Squadron...between the 9th of March and... See More  

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Quite uncommon temperance newspaper...

Item #679731

June 05, 1886

TEMPERANCE GAZETTE, Camden, New Jersey, June 5, 1886 

* Rare publication

Printed in the masthead: "Devoted to the Cause of Temperance and the Sanctity of the Christian Sabbath". A quite uncommon title which supported the prohibition of alcohol. I don't believe we have ever offered this title before.

Four pages, wear at one of the upper folds causes loss with text loss als... See More  

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Spanish-American War headline...

Item #679523

May 04, 1898

BOSTON EVENING JOURNAL, May 4, 1898  The ftpg. has much reporting on the Spanish-American War including banner heads: "SAMPSON'S FLEET HAS SAILED" "His Errand May Be Either to Take Puerto Rico or to Cut Off the Cape Verde Fleet".

Complete in 10 pages, good condition.

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Looks like terms for a peace ending the Revolutionary War are eminent...

Item #673654

May 02, 1782


* Revolutionary War Era

* 18th century

* From The Enemy

Inside has a letter from Paris mentioning: "...The day following they went to Dr. Franklin's hotel at Passy. From the frequent conferences they have since held with the American plenipotentiary...it is imagined that they are charged with a commission to settle the preliminaries for a g... See More  

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A trip from the Missouri to the Pacific...

Item #675692

February 03, 1866

NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE, Feb. 3, 1866  The conclusion of the Civil War brought with it an interest in expending west, so it would not seem unusual that articles that read like a 19th century travelogue would appear in newspapers of the day.

This issue has one on page 5, which was part of a larger series: "FROM THE MISSOURI TO THE PACIFIC" with subheads: "Virginia, Montana--Its... See More  

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Masonic Celebration of Washington's initiation...

Item #681958

November 02, 1852

NEW YORK HERALD, Nov. 5, 1852  The front page has a mention of: "Masonic Celebration at Cincinnati", and continues on page 4 describing the annual celebration of George Washington being "initiated as a member of the mystic tie".

Complete in 8 pages and in good condition.

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Very early from San Diego...

Item #677163

February 12, 1873

THE WORLD, San Diego, California, Feb. 12, 1873  

* Rare Old West publication

A very early issue from this now-famous Southern California city, this issue published when the population was just 2,300.

Among the articles are: "The Murderer of Rodriguez--Another Shooting Affray--More of the Tin Mine..." "Our Julian Letter" and so much more.

Four pages, a small bit fr... See More  

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Relating to Uncle Tom's Cabin... The Fugitive Slave bill...

Item #679337

August 19, 1852

THE NATIONAL ERA, Washington, D.C., Aug. 19, 1852  Among the reports in this anti-slavery newspaper are: "Gen. Pierce and the Fugitive Slave Law". The back page has an ad for: "Little Eva, Uncle Tom's Guardian Angel. A song composed & dedicated to Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom's Cabin. Poetry by John G. Whittier..." with more.

This newspaper ... See More  

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First Braille newspaper in the western hemisphere...

Item #678841

December 02, 1957

THE WEEKLY NEWS, Boston, Dec. 2, 1957  This newspaper was the very first Braille newspaper in the entire western hemisphere, having begun in 1927 and is still "printing" today.

The top half of the front page is in English with raised type, the balance of the 28 page issue is totally in Braille.

Measures 10 by 12 inches, nice condition.

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Diplomatic attempts to prevent war, but the printed presumption would prove true...

Item #677270

June 06, 1812

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, June 6, 1812  Inside has the beginning of what would become a continuing article on: 'Paul Jones", the famed John Paul Jones. Also several correspondences under: "Public Documents" signed in type by: J. Monroe to Augustus Foster and Jonathan Russell, British & American diplomats respectively, all relating to what would become the War of 1... See More  

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A trip from the Missouri to the Pacific...

Item #675689

April 21, 1866

NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE, April 21, 1866  The conclusion of the Civil War brought with it an interest in expending west, so it would not seem unusual that articles that read like a 19th century travelogue would appear in newspapers of the day.

This issue has one on page 3, which was part of a larger series: "FROM THE MISSOURI TO THE PACIFIC" with subheads: "Equable Clime of Cal... See More  

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Uncommon and decorative title...

Item #677301

January 15, 1803


* Rare 19th century publication

I am not sure we've ever offered this title before. Two nice engravings in the masthead and a partial red tax stamp at the top.

Mostly British reports including an account of a mutiny.

Four pages, close-trimmed at the bottom affects some of the last lines at the bottom of the pages. Oth... See More  

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Published by P. T. Barnum...

Item #669899

April 16, 1853

THE ILLUSTRATED NEWS New York, April 16, 1853 

* Murderer Arthur Spring

* Phineas T. Barnum

The front page shows: "Arthur Spring - The Philadelphia Murderer" with related text regarding the murder which contains considerable discussion regarding capital punishment.

Inside has content with related images of: "The Baltimore Shot Works" "The Baltimore Lottery&quo... See More  

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Mosby raid... Cooper Institute...

Item #679352

October 15, 1864

NEW YORK TIMES, Oct. 15, 1864

* John S. Mosby - Guerrilla leader

* 43rd Battalion, Virginia Cavalry

* Early report on the Greenback Raid

 The top of the first column has: "Lincoln And Johnson" "Meeting at the Cooper Institute" and "Great Enthusiasm". Another column has: "Army Of The James" with various war-related subheads.

Also on the ftpg: &q... See More  

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Front page map of Missouri, & more...

Item #676346

June 23, 1861

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, June 23, 1861  The front page features a nice map headed: "THE SEAT OF WAR IN MISSOURI".

Many nice ftpg. column heads on the Civil War including: "THE WAR FORE THE UNIONLoyalty in Tennessee & Kentucky" "A New State Proposed" "Beauregard Near Fairfax Court House" "Reward For Traitors" "The Position of Kentucky" ... See More  

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Trading officials for America congratulate Queen Anne...

Item #666870

January 20, 1710

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, Jan. 20, 1710  The front page has a report of the presentation to the Queen of the congratulations of the trading agents of New England for: "...the conquest of Port-Royal, now Annapolis..." with another from New Hampshire which is similar.

Single sheet, 7 by 11 1/2 inches, nice condition.

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Displayable Act of Parliament...

Item #666683

January 01, 1757

ACT OF PARLIAMENT, London, England, 1757 

* 18th century original document

Nice full title page has an engraving of the Royal coat-of-arms. Inside has an act: "...for enlarging the times for the first meetings of commissioners or trustees for putting in execution certain Acts of this session of Parliament."

A decorative document given the displayable title page.

Four pages, ... See More  

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Reports from the 'Trail of Tears'...

Item #666727

February 07, 1832

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Feb. 7, 1832 

* Trail of Tears reporting

* Native Americans - Indians

Page 3 has an article on the Trail of Tears, with a small heading: "The Emigrating Indians" which has some details on their journey.

Four pages, nice condition.... See More  

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New invention for separating gold...

Item #678932

March 15, 1856

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, March 15, 1856  The front page features a nice print of a: "Machine For Washing & Separating Gold" with a related article headed: "Addison's Improved Gold Separator". Perhaps not surprising that just a few years after the California gold rush that relating inventions would come to fruition.

The balance of the issue is filled with var... See More  

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The Chesapeake-Leopard Affair of 1807...

Item #668138

November 23, 1807

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Nov. 23, 1807 

* Chesapeake-Leopard affair

* Naval engagement off Virginia

Page 3 has content concerning the Chesapeake-Leopard Affair with the British, including a lengthy letter signed in type by: Stephen Decatur, Jr.

Four pages, nice condition.... See More  

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General Custer in pursuit of the Cheyenne Indians...

Item #669920

April 22, 1867

CONCORD DAILY MONITOR, New Hampshire, April 22, 1867  

* General George A. Custer

* Indians - Native Americans

Page 3 has a report headed: "The Indians" which reports in part: "...met by over 300 chiefs & warriors who professed a desire for peace; but the same night the whole tribe abandoned their village...Gen. Custer's Cavalry were sent in pursuit...Indica... See More  

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Civil War ends in South Carolina... Lincoln's conspirators...

Item #679513

June 07, 1865

NEW YORK HERALD, June 7, 1865 

* Civil War ending events

* Abraham Lincoln's assassination

* Trial of the conspirators

The ftpg. includes: "THE SOUTH" "Closing Scenes of the War in the Palmetto State" "Popular Joy of the Chivalry at the End of the War" "Progress of Reconstruction" "The Army & Navy" & more. The back page has... See More  

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Air battle continues after the Japanese surrender...

Item #678943

August 17, 1945


* Takijirō Ōnishi suicide death

* "Father of the kamikaze attacks"

In a rather rare war-related headline some 3 days after the surrender of Japan essentially ending the war, the banner head above the masthead announces: "JAPS BATTLE YANK PLAINES OVER TOKIO" plus; "Jap Kamikaze Corps Chief Takes Own Life" with other re... See More  

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How to trade with the Americans...

Item #673957

April 17, 1783

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, April 17, 1783

* Post American Revolutionary War

* Trade with the enemy to resume ?

Page 6 has news from the House of Commons noting in part: "...Mr. Hussey wished that the Americans might be put on the footing of the most favoured nation, but still he thought that a duty ought to be laid on American oil; he believed that the bill would not give satisfact... See More  

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Friendly address to the Jews... Capitulation of Guadalupe...

Item #676665
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, June, 1759  Among the articles are a continued: "Life of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland" "Friendly Address to the Jews" which takes a full page; "Articles of Capitulation between their Excellencies & the Inhabitants of Guadelupe, etc." and "Gazette Account of the Taking of Guadaloupe" which takes more than ... See More  

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Pair of issues with the constitution of Maine...

Item #672154

September 09, 1820

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, September 9 and 16, 1820 

* Constitution of Maine : pair of issues

A pair of issues within which is the complete text of the: "Constitution of Maine" which begins in the Sept. 9 issue & includes the Preamble and articles 1 thru X on nearly 7 pages, with the balance of the Constitution found in the Sept. 16 issue, beginning on the front page ... See More  

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The end of the war, and other reports...

Item #675902

March 31, 1815

FEDERAL REPUBLICAN, Georgetown, March 31, 1815  

* War of 1812 ending events

The front page has some naval reports from the War of 1812 including; "U.S. Brig Syren" and: "Loss of the Guerriere", but also has three letters concerning the Treaty of Peace which ended the War of 1812.

Page 2 includes; "Sale of Captured Negroes" which includes a document signed... See More  

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Considerable reporting on the Mexican War...

Item #675080

September 23, 1847

THE DAILY UNION, Washington, D.C., Sept. 23, 1847  The inside pages have much reporting on the Mexican War, including: "The New Regiments" "General Pillow" "General Pierce" "Peace with Mexico" and an interesting letter from: Headquarters 1st Brigade 3rd Div. U.S.A at Mexsoque, Mexico.

Four pages, very nice condition.

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Considerable reporting on the Mexican War...

Item #675079

September 10, 1847

THE DAILY UNION, Washington, D.C., Sept. 10, 1847  Page 2 has: "Glorious News From Mexico: Battles of Penon and San Angel" "Defeat of Santa Anna--City of Mexico at our Feet--General Valencia Routed--Suspension of Arms--Probability of a Speedy Peace...". These reports take 4 full columns with considerable detail.

Four pages, very nice condition.

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Battle of Springfield...

Item #676336

August 18, 1861

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Aug. 18, 1861

* Battle of Wilson's Creek

* Springfield, Missouri

* Confederate victory

 Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "THE GREAT BATTLE OF SPRINGFIELD" .Motives Which Induced Gen. Lyon to Attack" "Gallant Conduct to the Last" "Glorious Fighting of the Federal Troops" "5,200 Union Men Defeat 22,000 ... See More  

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News from New York.. .Jonathan Swift...

Item #679709

March 03, 1768

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, March 3, 1768 

* News from New York

* Red tax stamp (partial)

* Letters from Jonathan Swift

The front page has: "America", which includes news from New York. Inside has "Letters Written by the late Jonathan Swift" which include the text of one of his recently published letters from 1735.

Eight pages, 8 1/2 by 11 1/2 inches, very nice... See More  

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The Plains Indians... Building the Pacific Railroad...

Item #675647

October 23, 1867

NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE, Oct. 23, 1867  The front page has: "The Indians" which reports from the Plains & at Fort Larned. Included as well is a letter from Fort Sumner, New Mexico concerning the Indian situation mentioning the Navajos, Apaches, and Utahs.

Page 6 has: "The Pacific Railroad" "Railroad Contractors Compelled to Carry On War--The Kansas Indians Fighti... See More  

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The siege of Bergen-on-Zoom...

Item #672379
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, August, 1747  This issue features a full page plate which includes several illustrations. Plus over a full page is taken up with a sheet of music.

Articles include: "Letter of a Persian Spy" "Papists Charged with Irreligion & Cruelty" "Inconveniences of Hoop Petticoats" "Solar Eclipse Calculated" "Fren
... See More  

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Labor union newspaper for the aircraft industry...

Item #679270

December 07, 1943

AIRCRAFT MACHINIST, Los Angeles, California, Dec. 7, 1943  From the midst of World War II, this is a in-house newspaper by the AFL, the 'Voice of Aircraft Labor" as noted in the masthead. Southern California was a hotbed of aircraft construction at the time.

Four pages, minor margin tears, good condition.

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Gamblers from the Wild West...

Item #638658

November 09, 1884

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Nov. 9, 1884  Likely due to its location on the edge of the Western frontier, this newspaper typically contained a wealth sensational crime reports and events from the West than found in eastern newspapers.

Page 7 has: "Frontier Gamblers" "The Games & Dealers of the Wild Southwest" & more. An interesting article on one of the iconic profe... See More  

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Kosciusko's tomb at West Point...

Item #679526

April 24, 1852

SATURDAY EVENING POST, Philadelphia, April 24, 1852  The front page has a nice print of: "The Tomb Of Kosciusko, West Point".

Tadeusz Kosciusko was a Polish military engineer/leader who joined the American forces in 1776. He led the efforts to create fortifications at West Point.

Four pages, large folio size, several folds with minor wear at folds & margins, some damp staining... See More  

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Promoting a book on the life of Stonewall Jackson...

Item #679453

October 07, 1863

THE WORLD, New York, Oct. 7, 1863 

* Confederate General Stonewall Jackson

Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "Richmond Life" "A Thrilling Biography of the Great General of the South - An Authentic Life of STONEWALL JACKSON - Life, Services & Campaigns of Stonewall Jackson..." with more on this new book.

Also: "From East Tennessee"... See More  

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Two treaties signed by the President...

Item #654331

December 30, 1815

NILES WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Dec. 30, 1815  Inside contains two treaties, the first: "Commercial Convention...To Regulate the Commerce Between the Territories of the U.S. and of  his Britannic Majesty" with the full text and  several signatures, including Madison and Monroe. Also a: "Treaty with Algiers" taking several pages and signed in type: James Madison... See More  

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Latest from the Civil War, and more...

Item #674208

January 12, 1864

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Jan. 12, 1864  The top of the ftpg. has column heads: "From Gen. Kelly's Department" "Another Rebel Attack Repulsed" "Gallant Stand Against Moseby's Command" and: "Freedmen of the Mississippi" "Their Condition & Necessities" "Defects of the Cotton Plantation Systems". The back page has discussion in the ... See More  

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Galapagos Islands, ten years before Darwin...

Item #678592

May 17, 1831

NEW YORK AMERICAN, May 17, 1831  The back page has nearly 2 1/2 columns taken up with: "Narrative Of A Mariner Left on An Island in the Pacific", being the Galapagos Islands. This narrative is a lengthy & very detailed account of this island, which would become more famous ten years later with the arrival of Charles Darwin.

Four pages, nice condition.

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Nice print of Tower Bridge when just built...

Item #638657

November 15, 1884

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Nov. 15, 1884  The back page features a nice & rather large print of: "London's New Bridge Across The Thames" which is now known as Tower Bridge, the iconic bridge so closely associated with any view of London (see). This is when it was just built. Much related text.

Sixteen pages, very nice condition.

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Gold discovery in Georgia...

Item #662327

May 19, 1830

HAMPSHIRE GAZETTE, Northampton, Massachusetts, May 19, 1830 

* Gold in the Southeast

Page 3 has: "Gold Digging In Georgia" which notes in part: "...the average profit of each hand, is a dollar a day & there are about a thousand persons constantly digging...".

Four pages, very light damp staining, good condition.... See More  

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Jefferson suggests raising additional forces...

Item #667404

March 01, 1808


* President Thomas Jefferson

* Message re. military forces

Page 2 has a message from the President to Congress, with his concern about rising tensions in Europe which may affect America, and with thoughts of raising additional military forces. Signed in type: Th. Jefferson.

Four pages, some creases, good condition.... See More  

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News from the Mexican War...

Item #675081

September 24, 1847

THE DAILY UNION, Washington, D.C., Sept. 24, 1847  Page 3 has; "The Battle of Mexico" as well as: "Latest News From Chihuahua" "Satisfactory stare of Things Between Americans & Mexicans--The Mexicans Adhere Rigidly to Col. Doniphan's Treaty" and: "From Santa Fe" with even more reports.

Four pages, very nice condition.

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Civil War reports from Arkansas...

Item #674934

December 22, 1863

THE WORLD, New York, Dec. 22, 1863  Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "News From Arkansas" "Rebel Attack & Repulse at Port Gibson" "Expected Assault on Little Rock" "Reported Death of Longstreet and Surrender of his Forces" (untrue; he died in 1904); "Battle at Bean's Station" and more.

Eight pages, nice conditio... See More  

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The Rebels at Manassas...

Item #676348

June 16, 1861

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, June 16, 1861  Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "THE WAR FOR THE UNION" "The Rebels At Manassas" "The Retreat Of 

The Rebels" "They Destroy All They Can" "Going to Join Beauregard" "Heavy Artillery Going" and more on inside pages as well.

Eight pages, never er bound nor trimmed, very ni... See More  

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America's first ventriloquist... Honoring Commodore Truxton...

Item #675070

November 23, 1802

THE BALANCE & COLUMBIAN REPOSITORY, Hudson, New York, Nov. 23, 1802  Inside has an interesting article headed: "Mr. Rannie" with nice text on: "The celebrated ventriloquist..." with much on him. A website notes that Mr. Rannie is generally considered to be the first ventriloquist in America.

The same page has a brief report: "Tribute To Valor" celebrating co... See More  

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The Treaty of Amiens is a temporary lull in the French Revolutionary Wars...

Item #666978

May 18, 1802

BALANCE &COLUMBIAN REPOSITORY, Hudson, New York, May 18, 1802 

* Treaty of Amiens signed

* French Revolutionary Wars

* Joseph Bonaparte & Marquess Cornwallis

Breaking news on page 7is headed: "PEACE! ! !" with the report reading: "We have received OFFICIAL INFORMATION that the DEFINITIVE TREATY WAS SIGNED AT AMIENS ON THE TWENTY-SEVENTH MARCH, by the Pl
... See More  

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Preparing for war...

Item #671563

July 11, 1812

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, July 11, 1812  Reports inside include: "Militia of Virginia" which mentions going to war against England. Also part of a continuing article on: "Paul Jones" being the famed John Paul Jones. Also: "Military Notices" and other tidbits which relate to early events on the War of 1812.

Sixteen pages, 6 by 9 3/4 inches, nice condition.

... See More  

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Making a case for war against England...

Item #677788

June 18, 1812

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, June 18, 1812  Much of the front page is taken up with a report which makes the case for war with England, which would be declared the date after this issue was printed.  Some related content inside as well.

Four pages, good condition.

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Did Jefferson Davis die?

Item #675350

September 04, 1861

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Sept. 4, 1861  Among the Civil War reports on inside pages are: "THE WAR FOR THE UNION" "Jefferson Davis" which is on the rumored that he had died; "Promotions by Gen. McClellan" "The Advance of the Rebels" "Kentucky All Right" "Neutrality to Be Abandoned" "The Victory at Hatteras" "Change of Confeder... See More  

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Uncle Sam & General Beauregard... Early Cincinnati...

Item #680029

May 26, 1875

THE DAILY GRAPHIC, New York, May 26, 1875  The entire front page is a comic print captioned: "The Big Man and the Very Little Frenchy Boy" being Uncle Sam and General Beauregard.

Inside has a full page on "Cincinnati In 1802" including several prints. Also a page with 5 prints of: "Incidents of the Fires in Western Pennsylvania".

Eight pages, nice condition.... See More  

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Jefferson and the Embargo...

Item #667478

December 22, 1813


* Thomas Jefferson and the Embargo Act

Page 3 has a bit from a Jefferson letter, datelines at Monticello, noting in part: "No man on earth has a stronger detestation than myself of the unprincipled Tyrant who is deluging the continent of Europe with blood...", presumably about Napoleon Bonaparte.

Pg. 2 also h... See More  

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Fort DeRussey... General Burnside on General Grant...

Item #678790

April 02, 1864

ARMY & NAVY JOURNAL, New York, April 2, 1864  As noted in the masthead this was the: "Gazette of The Regular & Volunteer Forces" and as such is replete with military news of all sorts.

Most of the front page deals with reports on the capture of Fort De Russey, near the Red River. Other items inside include: "The Staff" "Life Boats for Vessels of War" &qu... See More  

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On the eve of war with England...

Item #677787

June 11, 1812

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, June 11, 1812  On the eve of war with England, this issue has some reports relating to our relations with the British. Some articles include: "The Armies - Gov. Hull is to Command the Western Army" "Latest from England" "Indian Hostilities" and more.

Four pages, light foxing, good condition.

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Yankee Army parades before President Johnson...

Item #678945

June 17, 1865

ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, June 17, 1865  This famous British newspaper formatted much like Harper's Weekly has a half page American Civil War-related print within: "Grand Review of the Army of  the Potomac Before President Johnson at Washington" with a related article on the back page.

Complete in 32 pages, very nice condition.

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Troops hurry to the front in Tennessee...

Item #674894

October 24, 1863

THE WORLD, New York, Oct. 24, 1863  Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "No Further Pursuit of the Enemy" "The Radical Programme Extinguished by the President" "News From Tennessee" "Troops & Supplies Hurrying to the Front" "Results of Wheeler's Raid into Tennessee" and more.

Eight pages, nice condition.

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Sperm whale advertisement.... Insurrection of Blacks...

Item #675068

August 30, 1811

REPERTORY & GENERAL ADVERTISER, Boston, Aug. 30, 1811  A front page business ad for Winter Strained Oil includes a woodcut of a sperm whale. Reports inside includes: "Insurrection of the Blacks in Jamaica" "Improvement In Printing" "French Pirates" and much more.

Four pages, good condition.

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From a small mining town (Jackson) in Northern California...

Item #681304

January 24, 1880

AMADOR DISPATCH, Jackson, California, Jan. 24, 1880  

* Rare old West publication

Jackson was founded in 1848 around a year-round spring, settled by American pioneers and then gold-seekers upon its discovery at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada range. It was also a convenient stopping place on the road from Sacramento to the southern mines.

The back leaf has a 2 1/2 by 4 1/2 piece cli... See More  

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Supporting the cause of prohibition of alcohol... The first issue...

Item #674964

August 01, 1892

OAK & IVY LEAF, Chicago, August, 1892 

* Young Women's Christian Temperance Union

This is a small newspaper which supported temperance (prohibition of alcohol). This newspaper was the "Organ of the National Y.W.C.T.U." as noted in the masthead.

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Details of being confined in the Bastille, 6 years before the French Revolution....

Item #650131

July 15, 1783

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, July 15, 1783

* Bastille - fortress in Paris, France

Page 7 has an: "Extract from Memoirs of the Bastile", the famous Paris fortress that was used as a prison for political dissidents by the royals of France. Its storming in 1789 was the catalyst of the French Revolution.

The article has interesting details including: "...when a fresh victim is ... See More  

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