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Longest continuously published Mormon periodical...

Item #699166

August 01, 1892

THE LATTER DAY SAINTS' MILLENNIAL STAR, Liverpool, England, Aug. 1, 1892 

* One of the oldest Mormon periodicals

This periodical, typically shortened to "Millennial Star", was the longest continuously published periodical of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, being printed from 1840 until 1970.

During its 130-year history the Millennial Star varied from bein... See More  

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Mormon magazine...

Item #152998

January 01, 1893

MILLENNIAL STAR, Liverpool, England, 1893. This is an uncommon Mormon magazine from England, with content mainly focused on Mormon concerns. Note that the photo is "generic" and the issue you get will not have these specific photos or be of this specific date but will have the format as shown. About 9"x6", 8 pages.

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