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James Garfield's inauguration and inaugural address...

Item #656697

March 09, 1881

THE DESERET NEWS, Salt Lake City, Utah (Territory), March 9, 1881 

* James A. Garfield inauguration

* Inaugural address - uncommon title

Page 8 has: "The Inauguration" with some details of it, followed by: "Garfield's Inaugural Address" which carries over to take more than half of page 9.  Tragically, he would be assassinated less than 4 months later.

Comp... See More  

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From Utah, nine years before statehood...

Item #645949

January 19, 1881

THE DESERET NEWS, Salt Lake City, Utah (Territory), Jan. 19, 1881  

* Mormons - Mormonism

A notable newspaper from this Mormon community with a wide range of content both local & national. Complete in 8 pages, but it was never bound nor trimmed so it folds out to one large sheet. Great condition.

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From the Territory of Utah...

Item #615526

September 27, 1869

THE DESERET NEWS, Salt Lake City, (Utah Territory) Sept. 29, 1869  Among the articles are: "The Arabs of the Middle Ages" "Local & Other Matters" and much more. Published from 27 years before statehood.

Twelve pages, never bound nor trimmed, nice condition.

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The Jews & the Mormons...

Item #595842

February 04, 1885

THE DESERET NEWS, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory, Feb. 4, 1885

* Judaica - Jewish

* Mormonism

The front page has various: "Territorial Items". Inside has: "A Significant Movement Among Jews", followed by: "The 'Mormons' Are Not Gone Yet" (see photos).

Sixteen pages, never bound nor trimmed so it folds out to one huge sheet, staining at the ftpg. fold, ... See More  

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1880 President Hayes on Utah polygamy...

Item #588632

December 22, 1880

THE DESERET NEWS, Salt Lake City, Dec. 22, 1880  Inside has an editorial: "What Is To Be Done With Utah?" Other articles include: "Two Men Killed" "A Word or Two on Religion" and "The Utah Question" which includes: "The President is quite severe on Mormon polygamy & urges upon Congress the duty of abolishing that institution..." with more ... See More  

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Salt Lake City title with a Mormon flair...

Item #559576
DESERET NEWS (Daily, Weekly, and/or Semi-Weekly), Salt Lake City, Utah, 1880's  A lot of 5 issues, from several years before statehood with much local news of the day.  Articles with Mormon interest and perspective are sure to be found within each issue.  Typically 4 page issues, minor browning & dirtiness, but not pulpish.

If an image(s) is shown, it is only representative of the style and condition of what you will receive. Actual items will vary.

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Before Utah became a state...

Item #130049

January 01, 1880

DESERET NEWS, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory, 1880  Uncommon title from this Mormon city.  The issue shown is representative of the look and condition of what you will receive.  While actual dates vary, the issue will be dated in 1880 and will have the look/condition similar to what is shown in the image.  Due to the use of rag paper, the issue is in very good condition.  ... See More  

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From the Territory of Utah...

Item #130300

January 01, 1881

THE DESERET NEWS, the weekly edition, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1881 A very nice issue and rather early for Utah, from 15 years before it became a state. At this time it was known as the "Utah Territory". This 16 page issue contains a wide wealth of news of the day, certainly much from this Mormon stronghold with much Mormon-related content, but other news as well including local, statewide, and ... See More  

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From Territorial Utah, 26 years before statehood...

Item #130299
DESERET NEWS, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory, 1872  An early issue from this city founded by the Mormons. Utah did not become a state until 1896.

A complete issue in nice condition.

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