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1st transcontinental phone call in 1915...

Item #684545

January 26, 1915

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Jan. 26, 1915

* First Transcontinental phone call made

* Alexander Graham Bell & Thomas Watson

The top of the front page has a one column heading: "PHONE TO PACIFIC FROM THE ATLANTIC" with subheads. (see)

Sixteen pages, light toning, some margin wear, must be handled with care as such.

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Alexander Graham Bell's telephone in 1877..

Item #683247

February 08, 1877

AMERICAN SOCIALIST, Oneida NY, February 8, 1877.

* Alexander Graham Bell & T.A. Watson
* Invention of the Telephone
A small size newspaper from the famous Oneida Community in New York, an early "commune" in experimental living. Various religiously-themed content but a bit of reporting of news of the day as well. An interesting title from this interesti
... See More  

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The invention of the telephone... Alexander Graham Bell...

Item #677211

October 21, 1876

NEW YORK TIMES, Oct. 21, 1876  

* Alexander Graham Bell

* Invention of the telephone

Page 8 has a somewhat inconspicuous report of an invention that would change society forever: the telephone. From this humble beginning the world of communication was born (although the telegraph preceded this), one which dominates our world to this day.

The article, near the top of the page, is heade... See More  

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Death of Mabel Gardiner Hubbard Bell...

Item #673481

January 04, 1923

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Jan. 4, 1923

* Mabel Gardiner Hubbard death

* Alexander Graham Bell's wife

* Invention of telephone fame

The top of page 19 has one column headings: "Mrs. A. G. Bell Dies; Inspired Telephone" "Deaf Girl's Romance With Distinguished Inventor Was Due to Her Affliction" (see)

Complete with 40 pages, light toning, some margin wear, should be han... See More  

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Alexander Graham Bell...

Item #670572

May 02, 1903

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, May 2, 1903

* Alexander Graham Bell cover photo (nice for display)

The full front cover of the issue features a photo of "Alexander Graham Bell" which also features his signature below it along with an accompanying article inside. Within the issue is: "The Stanley Airship"; "Powerful English Locomotive for Suburban Traffic"; "... See More  

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Alexander Graham Bell & his telephone featured on the front page...

Item #669259

March 31, 1877

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, March 31, 1877

* Alexander Graham Bell

* Invention of the telephone

A front page report headed: "The Telephone" begins: "We have already laid before our readers accounts of the wonderful performance of Professor Bell's telephone, an instrument remarkable not merely for its phenomenal capabilities but also because of its having been brought t... See More  

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Johann Reis - inventor of the first "make-and-break telephone"...

Very early report on the "telephone"...

Item #661063

March 22, 1876

THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 22, 1876 

* Johann Philipp Reis

* Very early telephone experiments

Page 4 has a very early article on: "The Telephone" which takes most of a column. Although this article talks about the work of a "Professor Reuss", the inventor it apparently was actually referring to was named Philipp Reis. The Reis telephone actually turned out to be too ... See More  

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Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone...

Item #660382

March 01, 1877

THE REPUBLICAN, St. Louis, March 1, 1877 

* Alexander Graham Bell

* Telephone invention

The top of page 3 has:  "Voice Telegraphy" "Prof. Bell's Invention of the Telephone" "Another Practical Test of Its Merits" which is datelined from Salem & begins: "Lyceum hall has been crowded this evening with an audience of 500 which had assembled t... See More  

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Fire hydrant system... Alexander Graham Bell... Motion pictures...

Item #636677

June 04, 1910

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, June 4, 1910 

* Firefighting - firetrucks

The front page is captioned: "Fire Fighting Without Fire Engines" which shows the use of the new fire hydrant system (see).

Within the issue: "A Commercial Rotary Engine" "A Giant Ruhmkorff Coil" "How to Escape from a Sunken Submarine" "Alexander Graham Bell and the Tel... See More  

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Sitting Bull described: a powerful savage... The telephone wars...

Item #617251

September 18, 1879

THE AMERICAN SOCIALIST, Oneida, New York, Sept. 18, 1879 A article inside has the heading, "One Thing And Another", which states in part: "Sitting Bull is a powerful savage with a massive face-- as big, say, as a ten quart pail--and with plenty of room on it for the display of deep-plowed lines of decision around the mouth". Directly above this article is another which is notew... See More  

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Great for the telephone collector...

Item #588974

May 29, 1886

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, May 29, 1886 The front page has a nice print showing "Early Telephones" from before Alexander Graham Bell's invention, with each of the 6 models labeled by date, name, and inventor. Also a nice ftpg. article titled: "Early Telephones". Other articles are: "Badia's Improved Life Preserver"; "The Lemurs in the Berlin Zoologica... See More  

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Glenn Curtisss death... aviation pioneer...

Item #580707

July 23, 1930

MEMPHIS EVENING APPEAL, Memphis, Tennessee, July 23, 1930

* Glenn Curtiss death

* Aviation pioneer

* U.S. airplane industry

This 24 page newspaper has one column headings on the front page: "GLENN CURTISS, AIR PIONEER, DIES", "Appendicitis Operation Fatal to Famous Builder of U.S. Aircraft" which is a 1st report on the death of U.S aviation pioneer, Glenn Curtiss.

O... See More  

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